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Incredibles, The Cheats for PS2
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Incredibles, The PS2 Cheats

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Incredibles, The

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Various Codes 94%
Pause the game, select the Secrets option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function. *** Some codes are only available in specific levels.

Wish - Code

Health remains constant (not invincibility) - PinkSlip

Introduction sequence - Hi

Credits sequence - YourNameInLights

Battle mode - RotAIDalg

Deactivate all active codes - TheDudeAbides

Brightness/bright colors - EMode

Toggle HUD - bHUD

Some objects flash different colors - DiscoRules

Unknown - TheDudeAbides

Big head mode - Einsteinium

Slow motion player - BWTheMovie

Small head mode - DeEvolve

Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turret - InvertTurret

Faster game - SassMode

Fire Trail - AthletesFoot

Easier game - BoaPlace

Shoot beams temporarily - GazerBeam

Health appears more often - TonyLoaf

Findtrails and Superpunch - Kronos

Henchmen always launch death shrapnel - Dandruff

Refill 25% health - UUDDLRLRBAS

Infinite Elastigirl powers - Flexible

Temporary infinite Incredi-points - Showtime

Destroy all nearby enemies and items - SmartBomb

Superspeed Incredi-power while running - DanielTheFlash

Fast Running and Ramming Incredi-power - McTravis

Temporary infinite Incredi-power while playing as dash - DashLikes

Dash not hurt when running into objects - Gilgendash

Level select - SpringBreak
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Incredibles, The 833534How do you get to the cheat menu or special menu,does the special menu say ?, I cant get in there so please help me. Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 546609How does the plastic woman get out off the room (2nd level?) Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 488251Level 3, with Bomb Voyage, what is object of game? To dodge bombs or is there an exit from roof top? Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 743814How do you play as dash without having to play as other characters? Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 841233In the game of the level of BEACH. There are power in the high mast. How du I get over to a little island and smash the power thing, to get the power away. I had tried to jump, but are falling down in the water. I have to swing to the other side.? HELP Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 936302How do I defeat the plane attack Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 47079in the game of the level of beach landing how you supposed to swing to the other side. Answers: 2
Incredibles, The 47811How do I jump back along the poles when at looking for Mr Incredible check point level 3? Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 52591How do you get of island Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 187918How do I take the "FireTrail" cheat code off? Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 20349Is there an invincability code? Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 229823How do you pass the level with the big bolder guy that has three bars of health Answers: 2
Incredibles, The 631018How do I beat volcanic eruption Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 833947How do I get the special menu,i think it shows up like this: ?, I can not get in that. Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 66582What is the real level cheat Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 370916What is the full health cheat? if there is, is it uuddrrlrlrbas? Answers: 1
Incredibles, The 524813What is the full health code/cheat? Answers: 0
Incredibles, The 613682What does the code iliemiaow do? Answers: 1
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