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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Cheats for GBA
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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore GBA Cheats

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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

The beast being killed 100%
After you defeat Ragule the beast will return. Make sure your all characters are level 83 and you are going to win surely without any one being even damaged because all his attack will miss.( or it will only give damage around 1 to 300 if your character is not master in any job).
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Master All Jobs Quickly 100%
After finishing Border Forest, go back to it from the east side (the one you exited from; do not bring any monsters). Rope your way across the pit, go into the opening in the trees at the top,t hen through another opening at the right. You will find 4 rocks surrounding a bush. Break a rock, then cut the bush to fall down into a room with Green Cores. These monsters give 2525 experience points each and appear in groups of 2 or three. They have low HP, but very high defense. First, fight a few battles and kill all your party members except for one. Have him kill as many Cores as he can before they run away. Use Chance Hit, Virus, or any other group attack spells except for Frost. For maximum effect, make sure the character has an attack power over 120 and has learned the Rogue skill Rapid Fire. This allows you to take out all the Cores in one hit. When the room is cleared, exit and reenter to find the Cores again. When a character has mastered all the jobs, revive another character and kill the first. Now, repeat the process. This is the fastest and easiest way to master all the jobs and will make clearing the Ancient Cave a breeze for Eldin.

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+50 HP 100%
If you become a knight(you have to become a master swordsman first) you can learn a skill, 'Miracle hit' which is very useful later on in the game(and in ancient cave). It allows to regain 50 hp as you hit your enemy even if you miss.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Best Weapon 100%
The Gaia sword is the most powerful weapon. You can find it on the 60th floor of the Ancient Cave. You will need some luck to get it. When equipped, the Gaia sword boosts your attack power a great deal.

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Alchemists 100%
During your adventure, you will need to search for Alchemists to learn how to create special items in the Blacksmith Building in Gruberik. The Alchemists are disguised as animals, people, and monsters.

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Easy Money 100%
Go to the town of Ordens. Go to the item shop and buy all the Blue Tea you can for 100, then sell them back for 150. You can buy 99 for 9900, but when you sell back 66 you gain back 9900 plus the other 33 that you sell. Continue to buy and sell until you have enough money.

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Sacrifice Glitch 100%
Sacrifice kills the enemy and the user. However, there is a glitch. If you use Sacrifice on yourself, you heal 999 HP.

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Infinite Nectar 100%
Go to the blacksmith in Gruberik. Make sure you have the ingredients for a Nectar (and found the alchemist). Make a Nectar. The blacksmith will make the item like normal, but you won't lose the ingredients! You can get infinite Nectars at no cost.

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Best Helmet 100%
The Divine Helmet is the best that you can wear. It is found on the last 2 floors of the Ancient Cave.

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Cores 100%
Cores are the most controversial DMs in the game with very low HP and extremely high Defence with decent Attack. It is found in different colors which defines their different stats. (Red, Blue, Green, Gold).
Cores are difficult to find and capture. The best/earliest way to do so is in the Ancient Cave. If you fuse with a core you get Anti-core(it can be captured later as well. However, it usually escapes in battle.)
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Best Support skills 100%
If you are a mage, then you can learn some of the best skills in the game, 'Enfeeble(reduce defence), Fortify(increase self defence), feint(agility increase), Absorb(absorb enemy apmust have skill), Mirror(negate enemy attacks for 3 turnsstatus affliction not affectedmust have skill). As you can see, these will make your life through Ancient cave much longer and easier. Also you get huge ap boost as a mage
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Best offensive skill 100%
If you become a fighter, you can learn a skill 'CHANCE HIT' which allows you to inflict random damage (multiples of 20 upto 200) to any monster regardless of their defence. Its really useful in the Ancient Cave during the 1st and later stages. (specially ground 60, 'big red jelly' who's got powerful defence)
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Useful ores 100%
You can use the elemental ores to increase the hp/ap of a character of that same element.
Fire Ore for Fire Dragon
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Handy skills 100%
If you are a thief then some good skills are 'Scan(let's you view enemy ap and hp analyze your attacks carefully), Pickpocket(lets you steal gold equivalent to exp gainedespecially in ancient cave's later stages Stole 32657 G from Djin).
Also as a rogue you can learn Rapidfire(it strikes all enemies and increases agility at same timeno ap needed gives xtra turn sumtimes)
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Skill Set List 100%
Ok, here's the final comilattion of must have skills for you especially if you're planning on beating the 60 floors of Ancient Cave.

Mirror-Mage Negate attacks for 3 turns 8 AP
Chance Hit-Fighter Random 20X damage 2 AP
Miracle Hit-Knight Attack and heal 50 hp 3 AP
Absorb-Mage Absorb 15 AP 3 AP
Rapidfire-Rogue Attack all enemies, increase Agility 0 AP

Other skills can be learnt at your best interest too. Go for it
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy Training For Main Character 98%
After you can enter the Ancient Cave, buy yourself a suit of Bronze Armor and the best weapon that you can buy at the moment, kill off your party members and get have the main character train as a Swordsman. Get him to level 10 and enter the Ancient Cave, if you can defeat the boss on floor 9, you will get 6000 experience, make sure you have a providence because the monster on floor 12 will be able to do 80+ damage to you. I was level 25 and it was doing 97 damage to me. Repeat this process to gain levels very quickly. It's also a good way to master classes.

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20100 EXP In Ancient Cave 98%
In the Ancient Cave on the 17th floor is a floor boss called the Parasitic Cell, if you've learned Miracle Hit and are above level 23, you should be able to defeat it by using Miracle Hit every turn. It has 1250 HP so you will be fighting for a while. If you win, you will receive 20100 EXP.

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Using Two Characters In The Ancient Cave 98%
In the Ancient Cave, use a Cave Disc and capture a monster that you want to use there. The monster can also assist you in the Ancient Cave. The best monster to capture is Cyclops Dragon, if you level it up with Power Source. Teach Cyclops Dragon with Octo Strike and you will be invincible. Battling through sixty floors will be a lot easier.
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Lots Of Speed Sources 98%
If you find an enemy called Hawk, fight it constantly, it has a chance of dropping Speed Sources which boost your speed permanently by 2-6.

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Best Accessory 98%
The Egg Ring is the best one you can wear. If you wear it on your character, you can attack 2 times. If you attack with rapidfire, you can attack 3 times. Now, no one can stand in your way. You can find it on floor 59-60 or you can get it by killing the boss on floor 60, to win the Ancient Cave.

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Best Armor 98%
The Lucinia Armor armor is the best Armor that you can find. When the enemies damage your hit points, your HP and MP are automatically replenished, but sometimes it does not do anything. You will also see that miracle is being used. You can get the Lucinia Armor on the 36th to 60th floors.

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Easy Gold in Ordens 98%
Once you reach the town of Ordens go to the item shop and buy as many Blue Teas as possible for 100 gold each.

Then you can sell them back for 150 gold each. You can make between 50 and 4450 gold each time.

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Best Shield 98%
The Divine Shield is the best that can be found in the game. You need some luck in the Ancient Cave to get it. It is on floor 59 to 60.

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Best rouge skill rapid fire for your DMs 100%
To teach rapid fire you need monster called pucci. It is found in mera volcano. It has low hp but high agility. Catch it and go to hunters guild and teach the move to your best monster. It is better to teach this move to aa dm which have high attack and speed but low defense but use it with your style
By: phurbahyolmo1(102)
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The mysterious ! 75%
Ever wonder what does the ! in the attack menu does well i'll tell you it allows to fuse with your pet monster the fusion lasts for 3 turns you can't get hit in them and the attack is powerful try it !
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Item Duplication 75%
After you get Bau, when you visit the road to gruberik later, you can enter the old man's house and forge items there. If you talk to the grandmother, you will get the items. However, you can use your hammer to hit repeatedly and gain items infinitely.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Ancient Cave Hint(Rune Ring) 75%
Rune ring is a very useful equipment in the game which allows you to absorb the enemy's AP(huge amount) after getting hit(also casts vampire). Its really useful in Ancient Cave(floors: Parasitic Cell[after his ap is 0. he can't attack], Dark Guardian[meditate heals above 300 hp], etc). To make a rune ring you have to find the alchemist in your house first, then get a sacred branch in ancient cave and forge a rune ring in Gruberik. It can also be sold for a hefty amount of 30000 G
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy Money everywhere 67%
Once you have the ingridients for Nectar And found the alchemist go to the Blacksmith in Gruberick and make the Nectar you will not loose the Items So you can make lots of Nectar Free of costs and then you can sell them

By:Guest 2
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The number 1 great monster 50%
Go to the 3 to 6 floors and catch baby dragon if you train him well the baby dragon will attack up to 70 plus.
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Easy job master 50%
If you wanna master any job in 1 go then the best way is to have decent equipments and enter the Ancient Cave.
If its a low level job such as Priest then you can master it in just 1 battle(ground 60, Big Red Jelly). However, Higher level jobs might take longer than that but if you begin from floor 1 you'll master them before reaching even halfway through
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Cheat de lufia 38%
(M)aster code:
E3692E5E B1B3B047
D6026C92 6DAAF51F

Max Gold:
FE8A251C 716F9E5C

15 Egg Rings:
BC166D82 B17EE60D

99 Life Sources:
0818FACA 601DB699

1 Providence:
B8550180 0AB06401

99 Magic Sources:
9BBC034F 491C8122

99 Power Sources:

99 Speed Sources:
79F8B70E 8CB05747

99 Mind Sources:
695FB4E1 17C6A22D

99 Ex-Magic:
3258103C 8E63F298

99 Sacred Fruits:
745C4C46 509B2831

99 Sacred Fruits:
745C4C46 509B2831

99 Dark Fruits:
FE30ED57 EB86F833

99 Earth Fruits:
980F6A2C 68597919

99 Wind Fruits:
E429BD1C FB45A1E7

99 Flame Fruits:
728B1594 3EAB1B28

99 Aqua Fruits:
1BD3791E 06067B07

99 Iris Water:
14165690 82D7C33B

99 Rose Seeds:
51740DA1 1E42BC77

Octo Strike for Eldin:
9138857D 28C77880

15 Gaia Swords:
68F941BE 2894C67B

15 Lucina Armors:
0D794EB0 4A57DC41

15 Rune Rings:
30E64DA2 2E3FC66D

15 Advent Swords:
CBC98710 497A1E68

15 Kappa Spears:
6377AF0A 7FBB6C2A

15 Adamant Axes:
9A9ED879 161642BE

15 Ice Boomerangs:
0AC748F5 409E2AAB

15 Egg Swords:
46BD4007 4C34B085

15 Phoenix Staffs:

15 IceMaiden Blades:

15 Heavenly Whips:

20 Tail Rings:
724E5575 99D4EACF

20 Dark Tattoos:
A5A93D2A 6054A29E

20 Light Tattoos:
14C9770B 6B0A58A3

20 Water Charms:
3C9F27CD 310C1E90

20 Fire Charms:
35AA1635 86E91696

20 Earth Charms:
A9A209DE 073C7117

20 Wind Charms:
2FAB864E D27A409B

10 Erinite Dress:
C0681A2F 9B15E5AB

10 Wind Armor:
26D4B1C8 BF4CD995

10 Dark Armor:
487306CB 1F8244E8

20 Water Armor:
0B9D625F B99F1731

10 Earth Armor:
E3D335C9 DF79DF6B

10 Fire Armor:

10 Bright Armor:
8981D1D9 4A902265

2 Magic Scales:
5C51D732 BBB65A54

12 Wind Shields:
12160D66 7E59980A

12 Bright Shields:
766AA649 F536E5C7

12 Fire Shields:
4FEED43C 69026AA0

12 Water Shields:
F110886C F94CE432

12 Dark Shields:
AA56B649 8F031EF9

12 Poseidon Shields:
EFFE1B41 3A25F661

12 Mirror Shields:
90269860 F5843E8D

12 Divine Shields:

11 Spiked Helmets:
DF45D10A E52F85EA

11 Thornlets:
24E39165 B622ECA8

11 BeastKing Helmets:
69274234 F8545A93

11 Sea King Helmets:
CE586C20 AED5D8F1

11 Halos:
A3AD4757 9C6E62AC

11 Rainbow Veils:
9E06EE73 D3DB1A01

11 Holy Helmets:
B33F2BC7 9F8C48E1

11 Wedding Veils:
BA58E014 ACFB5040

15 Zircon Axes:
9E7F7A49 49C1302F

15 Zircon Swords:
D1468E3C 5670F458

15 Zircon Armor:
16D2808F 686B7B8D

15 Zircon Helmets:
CEC58021 E31C1BBA

15 Zircon Shields:
D49BF5A4 0F516A42

99 Source Aspirin:
3239E7D1 9D8636B3

99 Hi-Potions:
DA63EC56 F4060B14

99 Platinum Discs:
BC73A1E5 73DAB812

15 Inferno Swords:
EE288454 53D0099E

15 Flying Axes:
C503C472 BC686020

15 Sacred Swords:
B1FCF469 A18C02D6

15 Dragoon Armor:
46472441 6223BA2E

15 Spirit Armor:
A9CA7F27 9970A558

15 Apollo Shield:
E6FF2EBE B5042823

15 Pegasus Shoes:
262E859A F09F61F9

15 Witch Rings:
49769DEE 136EF433

15 Dragon Jewels:

15 Dragon Rings:
2D67BF39 279338CD
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With torma 33%
At Lufia and the ruins of lore when you are with Torma at the beginning train a lot and make sure that Torma and your beginning player's level is 36both( because in the ancient cave you need a lot of level of your player). And when Torma has left you at the beginning at Gruberik because of Cashwell's son. (After Torma will return with you her level will be 45 sure).
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Guest 2 7%
Must be on(Master code)
E3692E5E B1B3B047
D6026C92 6DAAF51F
max/inf gold (99,999,999) FE8A251C 716F9E5C

99 Sacred Fruits 745C4C46 509B2831
99 Dark Fruits FE30ED57 EB86F833
99 Earth Fruits 980F6A2C 68597919
99 Wind Fruits E429BD1C FB45A1E7
99 Flame Fruits 728B1594 3EAB1B28
99 Aqua Fruits 1BD3791E 06067B07

99 Life Sources 0818FACA 601DB699
99 Magic Sources 9BBC034F 491C8122
99 Power Sources CFE62DE3 DAE4C6D2
99 Speed Sources 79F8B70E 8CB05747
99 Mind Sources 695FB4E1 17C6A22D

1 Providence B8550180 0AB06401
99 Ex-Magic 3258103C 8E63F298

15 Gaia Swords 68F941BE 2894C67B
15 Advent Swords CBC98710 497A1E68
15 Kappa Spears 6377AF0A 7FBB6C2A
15 Adamant Axes 9A9ED879 161642BE
15 Ice Boomerangs 0AC748F5 409E2AAB
15 Phoenix Staffs D1DB63BA C4D25CEA
15 IceMaiden Blades 2A7B6BF2 2CFFFB53

15 Lucina Armors 0D794EB0 4A57DC41

15 Egg Rings BC166D82 B17EE60D
15 Rune Rings 30E64DA2 2E3FC66D

Octo Strike for Eldin 9138857D 28C77880
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