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Matrix: Path of Neo, The Cheats for PS2
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Matrix: Path of Neo, The PS2 Cheats

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Matrix: Path of Neo, The

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Zion Archive level 100%
Upgrade the icon in the 8 o'clock position on the Atman Principle to permanently unlock the Zion Archive level at the level selection screen.
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Bonuses 100%
Collect the hidden briefcases to unlock various bonuses. *** Some briefcases are given as rewards for completing hidden objectives.

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the Witch 100%
Use the Bullet Stop ability to throw the various items in the room at her. They each do a lot of damage. When she casts the Barrier spell, avoid her or your weapon will break and you will be stunned. Make sure to disarm her as soon as possible.

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Bonuses 100%
Collect the hidden briefcases and successfully complete the listed level to unlock various bonuses. *** Some briefcases are given as rewards for completing hidden objectives.

Machine Gun Kick combo: The Chase: I Need An Exit: The briefcase is in the corner of the market area behind the fruit stands.

Quick Kicks combo: Storming The Drain: Touch the top 2 platforms in the 2nd to last room.

Storyboard Sequence 1: Red Pill: The Key: Complete the bonus objective in the 2nd room by not using any guns.

Storyboard Sequence 2: The Frenchman: Kill the 1st set of enemies, go to the red cross in the dungeon, go to the right to find the briefcase.

The Beginning Of The End combo: Seraph's Apology: Return to the teahouse from the theater then destroy one of the tables and all 8 support columns.

The Codebreaker combo: Weapon Training: The briefcase is with The Operator's secret stash in the upstairs corridor when returning to teahouse.

The One combo: The Burly Brawl: Defeat 30 Agent Smiths and the briefcase will appear in the center of the level.

Ultimate Hyper Strike combo: Red Pill Rescue: The Security Guard: Defeat the SWAT team on the stairs within the time limit.

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Dojo: Dive through walls 100%
In the Dojo when finding the Killing Blow, you can get through doors easier without slashing them by diving through them with Square. You can also tell the difference between fake and real doors by doing this.

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The One mode 100%
Complete the 1st level (Lobby Dreams) without dying to unlock The One difficulty setting, which is the hardest difficulty setting.

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See through leaves 100%
In the intermission sequence in the garden, Trinity says "Keep your blade sharp". They turn to face the camera, and you can see Neo's hair through the leaves when they cover his head.

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Agent Smith 100%
To defeat Agent Smith at the train station, you must 1st weaken him. When you hear an announcement of a train approaching, grab a hold of him and throw him in front of the train.

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The Code Breaker combo 100%
Complete all training tutorial objectives to unlock The Code Breaker combo.

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Completion bonuses 98%
Win the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock the "Unbreakable Melee Weapons" and "Bullet Reflection" options. Win the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the "Vampiric Health" and "All Weapons" options. Win the game under The One difficulty setting to unlock the "Infinite Health" option.

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Unlockables 42%
Indestructable melee weapons, start with guns: Complete the game on Easy Difficulty(Disciple Mode)
Vampiric Regeneration, Infinite Ammo: Complete the game on Normal Difficulty (Master Mode)
Reflect Bullets, Infinite Health: Complete the game on Hard Difficulty (The One Mode)

Cheat: If you can't be bothered to complete the game 3 times, just complete the game on easy difficulty (or any difficulty for that matter) then redo the first level (Have you ever had a dream?) and do it on another difficulty, then quit the game, go on the last level with the big smith on, and kick his butt. Then you'll unlock the cheats for that difficulty as shown above. Hope this helps :)
By: danny0693(43)
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