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Pokemon Blue

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Catching mew on your first visit to cerulean city :3 100%
Okay :)
you must have an abra in your party to do this. they can be found to the left of nugget bridge your left when youre playing it) in the patch of grass with a young lad standing in it :3 DONT FIGHT HIM!
okay. after youve obtained abra, stock up on pokeballs. mew is only lv 7 when you encounter it so have somee lv 10-15 pokemon with you. go back to the lad standing in the grass where you caught your abra. you must stand just out of his line of sight, so that he doesnt see you and want a battle. note that his line of sight is in line with the body of water to the right of him (your right while playing) so stand diagonal to the corner of the water. I hope you understand :s ahah
now get ready to press start, walk into his line of sight and IMMEDIATLY press start. if you suceed you will see the menue screen appear (: use abra to teleport you back to cerulean pokemon centre.
your games start button will now be disabled. this is only temporary, so dont freak out. now walk back up nugget bridge and turn right. (your right while playing, I think you get it now) stop when you see the bushes and trainers on the way to bills house. the 4th trainer is the trainer you want, a youngster with a lv 17 slowpoke. make sure when he 'sees' you that you are one step away from him. battle him, defeat him. then use abra to teleport back to the centre. your start button works again, BUT DONT SAVE! it will ruin everything youve done!
walk up nugget bridge, youll get about halfway when the menue screen pops up. press B and youll automatically encounter a Lv. 7 mew :3 pretty neat huh?
theres anther way to do this but it involves the HM fly and thats further into the game D: thsi cheat/glitch is on youtube. so check that out if you need a visual as well.
By: teepike3(9)
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Infinite health for cubone 100%
So someitmes whin I pley the game I make my cubone invinssible and hes rely cool, k. what you need to do is cetch a poekemone that ais lelvel 101 or more. if you don know how to do this ayou probably shouldnever play pokeymon. k so now you have youre lvl 101 or more pokimon and you feed it teh rare candey till its 255 and so go the water and surf. and find a cave and use esceepe rope cause its relly good. then you give your pokeman another rare candey and hes like invinsible. but dont let him to the pokey center cause the healing nurses make him vinsible (he can become dead). poshuns are fine but not max poshuns or full heal cause you will go crazy
But seriously my frriend tried this and o couldnt beat him cause his pokehman never died! theni did it and we fought and noone won cause we both had invinsible pokehymans! but then are pokehymens broke and I had the pokehymans blues.
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Pokemon "M" 98%
Go to Viridian City and chat to the old man. When he asks if you are in a hurry, answer "No". After he explains how to catch a Weedle, fly to Cinnabar Island. SURF on the side of Cinnabar that faces the Seafoam Islands to find the Pokemon "M". You may also find level 132 Mewtwos and Alakazams. *** Obtaining M can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that M be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

By using this trick, you also have a very rare chance of getting Mew.
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Missingno Pokemon 98%
The U.S. version of the game contains the following glitch Pokemon, which is obtained by using these steps. Go to Cinnabar Island. Enter into the building where the man makes Pokemon out of fossils. Enter the 1st room in the building with people that want to trade Pokemon. Trade with one of these people; it does not matter which one. Go back outside and move to the far right side of the building. Now, SURF up and down the side of the island while half on land and half in the water. Keep surfing until challenged by a glitch that resembles a microchip or barcode. He is part bird and part water type and starts on level 80. *** Obtaining Missingno can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

Store the Missingno Pokemon in Bill's PC. It will eventually turn into a Rhydon.
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Glitch City 98%
This cheat works for PokeMoN Blue and Red Version. I am unable to say if it has any effect on game data, but mine sems to br fine after I did this.

When doing this, make sure you've a PokeMoN with you that knows FLY. If not, you're done for...

To get to Glitch City, you must complete the following:

1. Get to the Safari Zone
2. Enter and pay $500
3. Leave the Safari Zone, but say NO that you do not want to quit early
4. Get sent back into the Safari Zone
5. Repeat Step 3
6. Repeat Step 4
7. Save your game
8. Shut the console off
9. Turn back on (duh)
10. Start to walk out of the building until you are stopped by the man
11. Say no and walk out
12. Go to Cinnibar Island and surf up and down the east coast of the island
13. After 500 steps, you will be transported away from the island and to the Safari Zone
14. Exit

You'll then be in Glitch City. It's an baffling city with very strong Tentacool and Tentacruel. If you are to get stuck, FLY out of there to any other place.
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rare candy 97%
fly to cerulean city go to the house you get the old rod from go out the other door and keep pressing a untilyou run into a rare candy.
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Unlimited Money 96%
For unlimited money, place a gold nugget in the sixth item slot and get ninety-nine of them by using the "Unlimited items" trick. Sell all except one to increase your money. Use the remaining gold nugget to repeat this procedure. Go to any Pokemart and sell the nuggets until you have 999,999 coins. Go to Celadon City and go to the Game Corner. Go inside and chat to the man at the counter, who is on the right of the counter. He will ask you if you need coins. Say yes. He will give you 50 coins. Continue until you have about 7,000 coins. Now you can buy any item or Pokemon in the Prize Exchange house.

Using a Full Restore with the "Unlimited items" trick can also result in a large amount of money when sold.
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Infinite levels 96%
First put rare candy as 6th item and fly to virdian city fly to cinnabar island and surf were the land touches water on the right side youle [eventually] face missingo then after the battles over you over 100 rare cand y repeat unttil all your pokemon are l 100
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Unlimited items 96%
Find the Missingno Pokemon and defeat him. A design will appear in your sixth item. Deposit your sixth item individually until it totals 99. Then you can divide the items by fifty. If a no more room message appears, just withdraw an item and keep depositing the sixth item. Check the CPU when this is complete to find 2 groups of 99 of the same item. *** Obtaining Missingno can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

To get 99 of any item, 1st put the item to be multiplied in the sixth slot. Now use FLY and go to Viridian City. Chat to the old man almost all the way north of the town. When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle. After that, fly to Fuchsia city. Make your way south and, when you reach the water's edge, use SURF and go to Seafoam Island. After arriving, swim up and down the beach until you run into a Pokemon called "M" (a glitch like Missingno). Once you see him, kill him or run away -- do not catch him! After that, you should have 99 of your 6th item! *** You can do this code as many times as you want and you can catch "M" another time. Additionally, instead of "M" a level 128 Starmie (Red Version) or Snorlax (Blue Version) may appear. *** Obtaining "M" can keep the game from continuing correctly, including preventing linked battles, and other bad effects. It is recommended that Missingno be released unless you are just experimenting with the game.

Use the unlimited item trick with "Rare Candy". Once duplicated, use the "Rare Candys" on all your Pokemon that are at very low levels to quickly increase them. *** The highest level possible is 100.

Instead of having to fly back to Viridian to do the trick over again (if duplicating more than one item), the items may be switched if you stay in the water.

Use the unlimited item trick after getting 1 Protein, Iron, Carbos, and Calcium at Go to Celadon city. Put Protein in the sixth spot, duplicate it, then repeat with Iron and the rest of the items. Use them on your Pokemon to pump them up.

When trying to catch rare Pokemon (Mewtwo, the Legendary Birds, etc.) use the unlimited items trick and duplicate the Masterball. You will never miss catching a Pokemon.
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Finding money 95%
Walk around and press A in the Rocket Game Corner to find coins that people have dropped.
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Sandshrew/Sandslash 95%
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Hi level basic pokemon 94%
Okay ive only done this on blue so im assuming it works on red too. okay so once you get to cinabar island without talking to the olg geezer in viridian surf on the land on the east side of the island and you should run into the basic version of the monster on the game (red:charmander,blue:squirtle) and it was around level 167 or so
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Saving money 94%
Instead of repeatedly paying to get in the Safari Zone, save the game after entering. Now, instead of paying again, just turn off the Game Boy and turn it back on.
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Red version Pokemon 93%
The following Pokemon are only found in the Red version of the game.

Highest abilities:

1-3 Solar Beam
4-6 Fire Spin
7-9 Hydro Pump
10 String Shot
11 Harden
12 Psybeam
13 See 10
14 See 11
15 Agility
16-18 Mirror Move
19-20 Super Fang
21-22 See 15
23 And 24 Acid
25 Thunder
26 Thunder Wave
27-28 Fury Swipes
29-30 Double Kick
31 Body Slam
32-33 See 29-30
34 Thrash
35 Light Screen
36 Metronome
37 See 4-6
38 Roar
39 Double-Edge
40 Double Slap
41-42 Haze
43-45 See 1-3
46-47 Growth
48-49 Psychic
50-51 Earthquake
52-53 Slash
56-57 See 7-9
58 Flamethrower
59 Take Down
60-61 See 7-9
62 Water Gun
63 Teleport
64-65 Reflect
66-68 Submission
69-70 Slam
71 Sleep Power
72 And 73 See 7-9
74-76 Explosion
77-78 See 15
79-80 Psychic
81-82 Screech
83 Slash
84-85 See 15

The remainder are the same attacks listed above.
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Raichu without a pikachu 100%
1st: go power plant clean all voltorb and elecdrode 2nd:beat/catch the zapdos 3rd: pick up all the pokeball/item last: now you start encouter pokemons 2.10% you meet raichu lv.? many of times lv.53 raichu
By: akbarsmk(113)
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Electbuzz 100%
On mew glitch fly fuchiya city enter the gym fight tamer fly back auto menu apper exit and now a wild elecbuzz apper
By: akbarsmk(113)
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How to find lv.145 pokemon, no gameshark needed. 88%
First fly to viridian city. talk 2 old man north of city. he'll ask if youre in a hurry. say no. he'll catch a weedle. then fly to cinnabar island. surf up and down on the east shoreline NEED TO BE RIGHT BY THE LAND! if you find missingo, beat him.hes easy. you may find lvl.139 golduck, and starmie( they can only be caught with a master ball.) but, there is a catch... if you put them in 1 battle, even if they get 1, exp. point, they will rise to lvl.100.your game will saay: ''*** ROSE TO LEVEL 100!''

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Different Pokemon next to Cinnabar Island 86%
If you find a pokemon in the wild, that pokemon and the pokemon in the same area can be found to the right of Cinnabar Island on the shoreline by going up and down. This might not work for legendaries.
By: justin1377(8)
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Hint 85%
If you win the elite 4 25 times you get ancieny mew.
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Blue version Pokemon 81%
The following Pokemon are only found in the Blue version of the game.
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Tree glitch 80%
Go 2 a cuttable tree.
cut it and stand where it was.
save game and cut off game.
turn on and you should be standing on the tree.*

*you migt be able 2 walk on other bigger trees if they r rite next 2 the cutabble tree idk tho. havent tried yet
By: luigigamer608(129)
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Grass cheat! never fight wild pokemon in grass again 75%
Cut the grass. the bicycle shop owner's uncle will pay you when you talk to him too! thi works in pokeyman blue and yellow but I dont know about red
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Dratini 70%
You could find dratini in the safari zone with a super rod!
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Infinite Master balls 70%
1. go to the old man in viridian.
2. talk to him and answer yes to all his questions.
3.after he shows you how to catch a pokemon fly to cinnibar island. up and down the right side and have the master ball in your 6th item spot.
5. as soon as you get done battling M or massingo check your masterballs.
DO NOT have you Bike in that spot.. it will be very hard to get ride of all of the bikes.
Hope this helps any one out.
By: DragonKing880(31)
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Mr. mime in blue 60%
To find mr.mime do the mew glitch and go past the s.s anne and battle the gambler that say's "win ,lose ,or draw beat him and teleport back to the town with nugget bridge and go on the bridge and you will find mr.mime.
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In game restart 56%
If you hit A B start and select at the same time in the game it will restart you from the opening screen dont worry you dont lose any data
By: DiabloBane(30)
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Level 7 legends and imposible to gets 52%
All you have to have a pokemon with sing and an abra. Sing the abra to sleep and throw a pokeball and continue with it till you caught it. You cant battle any people in the rocky area! And the person west of the nugget bridge. You must press start and use teleport to the pokA'center. you then batlle any person in the rocky area. When you finish the battle, teleport to the pokA'center and go to the bridge. I t will pause automaticly and you need to press B. You will then find a pokemon.( on the bridge! ) The kid with the level 17 slopoke will get you MEW! ( how cool is that?! )
By: MrCheatCode123(14)
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Choose Your Starter Pokemon Wisely... 51%
On Blue Version, one of the major delimas is choosing your starting pokemon. For starters, your rival will choose the other of the three with a type advantage. Also, your decision at Oak's Lab affect the outcome of your first Gym battles on your quest.

Choosing Bulbusaur, your starter will develop into a champion pokemon at a faster rate than the other two. This is true because of its lower evolving goal (Lv 32). Also, Bulbusaur's moves come as a mixture of offensive and defensive moves. There are also helpful moves such as Sleep Powder and Stun Spore which help out in a battle. Furthermore, Bulbusaur gives you the advantage over your two first Gym leaders, Brock and Misty (Grass>Rock Water). This is a great heads-up which will allow access to a variety of pokemon in the surrounding areas of the gyms.

Picking Charmander as your first Pokemon is wise in many different wats. For starters (pun), Charmander, despite its small size, packs a large punch when its comes down to Atttack power. Some of its moves, such as Slash and Rage, have more power to them and a higher critical hit rate than the other starters, making Charmander the most offensive player. Lastly, fire type pokemon only come around so often in the game, so choosing Charmander as a starter is not much of a mistake.

Squirtle, as a starter, is a cute and cuddly turtle, but is hard as a rock when it levels up. Its defense increases in tune with its level. Also, it has an extremely high Special Attack which is useful against numerous enemies of the rock, ground, fire types. Also, Squirtle has a decent attack which pumps some iron into attacks such as Skull Bash and Bite. Squirtle will hep you in the fight against Brock, but Misty's battle is a whole other story (But you may have acquired a Grass type pokemon by then...).

Choose Wisely!

Hmm... Whoever wrote this page should know that Blue Version is for GameBoy, not specifically GBC...
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Game Givers 51%
If you go to the game corner you can ask the people in the row closest to the door and ask them from the back not the side and they will giv you free coins.
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Infinety 6th items 50%
For infinity 6th item go to the guy in varidian and talk to him. the go and fly to Ciniberg island and surf up and down the east side of the island.
By: taco(29)
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How to Get to Glitch City 50%
Glitch City is a part of the Red and Blue series of Pokemon games that occurs when a player does a series of steps to make the game do a certain thing.

You may not know this, but there are actually six different Glitch Cities in the games. I don't know where you have to be in order to get to all of them, I'm just explaining how to do it. You will have to try for yourself in order to find out where you go.

--Step Form--

1. Start out in Fucsia City
2. Go into the Safari Zone
3. Talk to the guy
4. Go into the Safari Zone
5. Walk around for a while and then save.
6. Exit the Safari Zone. When the guy asks you if you are leaving early, tell him no.
7. Repeat step 6
8. Power Off
9. Exit the Safari Zone, and the guy will ask you if you want to join the hunt, tell him no, and then fly to a city. Wait until the PA goes off.

There you go.

By: Lukario(1017)
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Best pokeymon team 50%
12 -- farfetch'd
13 -- 24 (but not 17--19) dragonite
17 -- kangaskhan
9 -- 10 and 4 Mr. Mime (with metronome)
1004 -- tentacool

and sometimes ditto (1--6) if you don't have your 4-12 range covered sufficiently. cause with ditto you can just make one.
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Getting MEW 47%
Have a pokemon that can teleport/fly.make sure you didnt fight the fourth on the way to bill's house
1.go to cerulean city
2.go across the nuget bridge and go to the cliff near the patch of grass(dont get caught by the trainer)
3.go down till the trainer is on your screen then go up 2 spaces SAVE,go right 1 space,go down 2 spaces,on your second space while you go down,press start and hold it down.if you did it right,you will be in his range,but he wont go after u. or teleport to the pokemon center in cerulean city
5.your start butten wont work,go to the fourth personon your way to bill's house with the slopok at level 17.
6.beat him and fly or teleport back to the pokemon center.
7. go back to the nugget bridge and few steps into the nugget bridge your menu will pop up then press b and you will batle.

P.S.befor u do this cheat,make sure you have a pokemon that knows sing and alot of ultra balls and after this cheat is over your start menu will work agin
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Find unseen things 47%
Make sure that you have a itemfinder
check out for vacant trees and use the itemfinder and press a volla you have instant items
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Get Mew 46%
OK to get Mew, you have to not have beaten the gambler near the underground road in Lavender Town or the kid with a slowpoke north of Cerulean City. Go to the gambler, but DO NOT FIGHT HIM! Go into the underground road, then come back out the way you got in near the gambler. Take one step down and press START. Fly to Cerulean City. If you press start at this point, the start menu should not appear. THIS IS NOT A GLITCH AND IT WILL NOT HURT YOUR GAME! If the start menu appears, you have done it wrong. Next, while in Cerulean City, go north, then East. Avoid the hikers, and fight the Youngster that says something about the S.S. Anne. He has a level 17 slowpoke. After you defeat him, fly back to Lavender town. Go left. When you try to exit the town, Lv. 7 Mew will appear.
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Colors colors 46%
If you playing on Sp when it shows the "Gameboy" hit up down left or right and it will change colors
By: DiabloBane(30)
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How to find alakazam 44%
You must have one pokemon with special-149
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Battel ant pokemon in the wild 43%
Fight selected Pokemon in every battle:
At times, the select Pokemon will be blurred, but proceed to the battle as usual. If the Pokemon and caught and used, it will not appear blurred. The level of the Pokemon should be the level the normal Pokemon would be at if obtained without the code. Use one of the following values.
00: ?
01: Rhydon
02: Kangaskhan
03: Nidoran Male
04: Clefairy
05: Spearow
06: Voltorb
07: Nidoking
08: Slowbro
09: Ivysaur
0A: Exeggcutor
0B: Lickitung
0C: Exeggcute
0D: Grimer
0E: Gengar
0F: Nidoran Female
10: Nidoqueen
11: Cubone
12: Rhyhorn
13: Lapras
14: Arcanine
15: Mew
16: Gyarados
17: Shellder
18: Tentacool
19: Gastly
1A: Scyther
1B: Staryu
1C: Blastoise
1D: Pinsar
1E: Tangela
1F: No Pokemon Labeled As Missingno
20: Missingno
21: Growlithe
22: Onix
23: Fearow
24: Pidgey
25: Slowpoke
26: Kadabra
27: Graveler
28: Chansey
29: Machoke
2A: Mr. Mime
2B: Hitmonlee
2C: Hitmonchan
2D: Arbok
2E: Parasect
2F: Psyduck
30: Drowzee
31: Golem
32: Missingno
33: Magmar
34: Missingno
35: Electabuzz
36: Magneton
37: Koffing
38: Missingno
39: Mankey
3A: Seel
3B: Diglett
3C: Tauros
3D: Missingno
3E: Missingno
3F: Missingno
40: Farfetch'd
41: Venonat
42: Dragonite
43: Missingno
44: Missingno
45: Missingno
46: Dodou
47: Poliwag
48: Jynx
49: Moltres
4A: Articuno
4B: Zapdos
4C: Ditto
4D: Meowth
4E: Krabby
4F: Missingno
50: Missingno
51: Missingno
52: Vulpix
53: Ninetales
54: Pikachu
55: Raichu
56: Missingno
57: Missingno
58: Dratini
59: Dragonair
5A: Kabuto
5B: Kabutops
5C: Horsea
5D: Seadra
5E: Missingno
5F: Missingno
60: Sandshrew
61: Sandslash
62: Omanyte
63: Omastar
64: Jigglypuff
65: Wigglytuff
66: Eevee
67: Flareon
68: Jolteon
69: Vaporeon
6A: Machop
6B: Zubat
6C: Ekans
6D: Paras
6E: Poliwhirl
6F: Poliwrath
70: Weedle
71: Kakuna
72: Beedrill
73: Missingno
74: Dodrio
75: Primeape
76: Dugtrio
77: Venomoth
78: Dewdong
79: Missingno
7A: Missingno
7B: Caterpie
7C: Metapod
7D: Butterfree
7E: Machamp
7F: Missingno
80: Golduck
81: Hypno
82: Golbat
83: Mewtwo
84: Snorlax
85: Magikarp
86: Missingno
87: Missingno
88: Muk
89: Missingno
8A: Kingler
8B: Cloyster
8C: Missingno
8D: Electrode
8E: Clefable
8F: Weezing
90: Persian
91: Marowak
92: Missingno
93: Haunter
94: Abra
95: Alakazam
96: Pidgeotto
97: Pidgeot
98: Starmie
99: Bulbasaur
9A: Venusaur
9B: Tentacruel
9C: Missingno
9D: Goldeen
9E: Seaking
9F: Missingno
A0: Missingno
A1: Missingno
A2: Missingno
A3: Ponyta
A4: Rapidash
A5: Rattata
A6: Raticate
A7: Nidorino
A8: Nidorina
A9: Geodude
AA: Porygon
AB: Aerodactyl
AC: Missingno
AD: Magnemite
AE: Missingno
AF: Missingno
B0: Charmander
B1: Squirtle
B2: Charmeleon
B3: Wartortle
B4: Charizard
B5: Missingno
B6: Missingno
B7: Missingno
B8: Missingno
B9: Odish
BA: Gloom
BB: Vileplume
BC: Bellsprout
BD: Weepinbell
BE: Victreebel
BF: The rest are glitches
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Catching Mew (Red/Blue) 43%
This glitch has been tested and will not corrput any previous game data. This glitch works for Pokemon Red and Blue.

Make sure you can/have/are able to:

1. Have a pokemon who knows the HM move FLY

2. Able to access Route 8 (East of Lavender Town)

3. You HAVE NOT defeated the trainer north of Cerulean Cith who has a Slowpoke

4. Quite a few Ultra/Great Balls or a Master Ball (Prefered for a quick snatch/steal)

To encounter a Mew, you MUST NOT defeat the Youngster with the Slowpoke north of Cerulean City (towards Bill's Place). Skip this trainer and continue with your adventure until you are able to access Route 8 which is East of Lavender Town. There, the most recognizable landmark is the row of four trainers facing which way. It you venture farther east, you will find a gambler who is distinguished by his black body and egg shaped head. Just to get a visual of his surroundings, look around him, but DO NOT get caught by him. If you do, you have messed up your chance.

After scouting out the surroundings of the gambler, fly to the other entrance of the Underground path way (I believe it's west of Celadon?) and come out the other side just to be outside the door (I just walked around the Gambler, but it was kinda tricky). DO NOT STEP OUT AT ALL FROM THE DOOR because here comes the tricky part. Get ready. Take one step out of the doorway and IMMEDIATELY press PAUSE. It will bring up the menu. Then, use your pokemon you should have that knows fly. Fly to Cerulean City. After your pokemon has the orders to, the Gamblers will notice you, but he will not get the chance to approach you. If he approaches you, you've done something wrong.

At Cerulean City, venture north to meet up with the Slowpoke kid. Battle him and win (Which should be easy duh). After you've beaten him, don't take another step. Fly directly to Lavender Town. There, travel east towards Route 8 again. Once you've reached the small opening between the town and route, your menu should suddenly pop up. If it does, do not react. This is a good thing. Simply exit out of your menu, and automatically, you will encounter Mew. It will be at Lv 7, but it will be tough trying to catch it.

Have fun Catching 'em.
By: theworks21(195)
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Pokemon Blue Pokemon 41%
Here's a quick tips for all you PokeMasters who 'gotta catch 'em all!'

There are, however few there may be, specific Pokemon you can only catch on a specified version Blue Version is no exception.

The Pokemon you can only catch on Blue Version that are not available on Yellow or Red Version are:

1. Meowth
2. Persian
3. Magmar

Pokemon you are unable to receive on Blue Version are:

1. Ekans
2. Arbok
3. Oddish
4. Gloom
5. Vileplume
6. Mankey
7. Primape
8. Growlithe
9. Arcanine
10. Scyther
11. Electabuzz
By: theworks21(195)
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Easy,Medium and hard 40%
When you chose your starter think carefully.



By: gamestatus(973)
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Surf city 38%
Go to Safari Zone, walk around until you find a 23 Nidoaran. Go out and fly to Cereulan City then ride your bike to the house where team rocket broke into, talk to the man.He'll give you a Lv100 Togipie. Fly to Cinabar Island. It'll be surf city.
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Glitch your pokémon with no gameshark 33%
Im not sure sometimes it work somtime it dont. now get a pokemon that will learn a TM mve. lets say gyarados. now teach it hyper beam. then train it so it can learn hyper beam. but do not delete the hyper beam that you taught it. now sometimes it can be glitched and sometimes it will teleport you to the mewtwo part of unknown dungen. well if you risk good luck!
p.s. if it not work do not get angry! do more expirmenting with other pokemon.
By: Gamemaniac1360(438)
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The easy way to beat articuno 33%
Surf ti cinibar iland south of pallet town. then do the duplicate master ball trick. surf to the exit of seafoam island and enter. keep going until you reach water. surf in it and the current will sweep you than surf to articuno and catch with 1 of your master balls. then use escape rope or dig.
By: Gamemaniac1360(438)
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Hack away for ungrass path 33%
Must have a pokemon in your party that knows cut.

go up to eny pach of grass and use cut.

you can do this as meny times as you want.
now you shuld have a path 2 spases thick both wase.

sorry I cant spell well.
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How to Get Mew 25%
Getting Mew is a complicated series of steps that requires speed and good reflexes. I'll show you an easy way to get Mew. It is best if you start with a new game, but if you don't it is still all right.

--Step Form--

1. Start by stocking up on items such as Great Balls, Super Potions, and Revive.
2. With a Pokemon that knows fly, go to Lavender Town.
3. Go west until you see the gambler right below the underground tunnel that leads to Celadon City.
4. Go right up to the door, but do not go into the house
5. Save the Game.
6. Step down and immediatly press start.
7. Fly to Cerulean City
--If you did it right, the gambler should get the ! above his head, and you'll fly away.
8. Walk up going towards Nugget Bridge
9. Walr right towards the Youngster with the hat facing north.
10. Walk up at least one step above him.
--Like this X =You , - = Space T =Trainer
11. Battle him, and win
12. Fly to Lavender Town again
13. Go west.
--Your start menu will pop up, just press "B"
14. You'll battle Mew
--I suggest you have a Pokemon that can inflict a status condition, so it will make Mew easier to catch. If Mew faints, you'll have to start over.

By: Lukario(1017)
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How to catch bulbesour, charmander, and scqurtal 15%
You need two gameboys and a cable. 1 pick your pokymon. Then on the 2nd gameboy pick a pokeymon then go on the 1st gameboy and defeit brock and on the 2nd gameboy go and defeit brock then on the 2nd catch a pidgy then go in the poky center and tradethe pokymon for a pidgyok turnof the 2nd gameboy and get the pokymon that you dont have and do th same thing.
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