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Pokemon Gold Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Gold GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Gold

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Items from Time Capsule Pokemon 100%
When you use the Time Capsule to trade with the other Pokemon games, every Pokemon that comes from the Red, Blue, or Yellow versions will have an item equipped with them. Some will just have berries, but others have better things.
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Infinite Nuts, Ant. Nuts, or Conf. Nuts 100%
Go to the plant with the desired nut and take the nut. Call sum1 (it does not matter who), then take another nut. You can do this as many times as needed.
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Bruno 100%
Kaporea: Use Psychic or Grass type
Hitmonchan: Use Psychic type
Hitmonlee: Use Psychic type
Machamp: Use Psychic type
Onix: Use Grass type
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Female Mr. Mime (Gold version) 100%
Go to Saffron City before fighting Sabrina. Challenge Sabrina to discover that her Mr. Mime is female.
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Itkusi 100%
Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
Slowbro: Use Psychic type
Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
Jynx: Use Psychic type
Exeggutor: Use Fire type
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Koga 100%
Araidosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Venomoth: Use Fire type
Muk: Use Psychic type
Kuroba: Use Psychic or Fire type
Fuoretosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
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In-game reset 100%
While playing a game, press Start + Select + A + B to reset the game.
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The way to get a Lapras in this game is...
1. Beat the Gym Leaders all the way until you've beaten Morty.
2. Get surf and use it on a Pokemon.
3. Bring the surfing pokemon to Union Cave on a Friday.
4. Go down to the basement floor and go to the South.
5. Find the Lapras sitting on top of the water
6. Catch yourself a Lapras!

Hope you catch yourself a nice new Lapras,
Team Meaner.
By: TeamMeaner(246)
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Proferssor Oak Observes his own pokemon. 100%
After you get the egg from mr. Pokemon, and battle your rival, and also after you talk to the policeman, go behind Prof. Oak and talk to him. He will take the egg and then move to his desk to observe his own pokemon. (the one that wasn't taken by you or your rival)
By: KieranRules(7)
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How To Get Level 100 easy (Revised) 100%
What You Need:
1. Rare Candy
2. A Pokemon you want to get to 100
3.Know How To Clone

If you don't know how to clone i'll tell you. First save right in front of the computer. Now deposit the pokemon you want to clone. now change the box and say yes to the saving stuff and When "SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF POWER." Shut off power during the saving.You will appear in front of the computer. now you have two of the same pokemon. Now you Know how to clone. Now go in front of the computer and save. give one rare candy to the pokemon that you want to clone. when you are finished with the cloning look at the items and take them. you will have 2 rare candies in your items. Keep doing thist until you have 15 or higher. Make sure that you have 0 pokemon in your box that way you have room to clone a lot. Now that you have 15 or more rare candies. SAVE in front of the computer. Now use all your rare candies on one of your pokemon. Now deposit the pokemon you used your rare candies on. Now clone. You will find that you will have all your rare candies and the pokemon that leveled up is in your box. now get one pokemon from your party and deposite and then withdraw your leveled pokemon. now SAVE in front of the computer. and repeat. if you evolve while your leveling up the pokedex will not count the evolution. To aviod that, cancel the evolution by pressing B to startle it and then deposite, clone, withdraw and get exp by battling or go to the Elite 4. Then evolve, then continue what you were doing. that is the easy way of getting to level 100. (This also works on Pokemon Silver.)
By: Mattrock3r(128)
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Girl starder 100%
Start the game chose totidile thene save turn off power repeat 5-15 times to get girl starter.
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Secret gift 100%
To the left side of goldenrod city there is some water, go north of town and surf to the left. Go all of the way down and there will be 3 girls...when you defeat the third girl she will give you a secret gift.
By: Wizkid(26)
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Eevee 100%
Enter the cheat or hints here!There are 5 different forms of Eevee, excluding itself. You gain get Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolton by using the water, fire, and thunderstone. A new type of Eevee is Umbreon and Espeon, though there is no stone to evolve them into, get them by increasing the happiness rate, you can do this by getting your Eevee groomed by blue's sister in pallet town, by getting its haircut in the underground tunnel, and giving it items such as carbos, iron, protein, etc.
By: Wizkid(26)
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Find Pokemons 100%
Gligar - (South of BlackThorn City)
Snubbul - (West of Olivine City)
Ho-oh - Tin Tower (Deep inside)
Lugia - Top Right of the Whirl Islands
Sneasel - Go to Mt. Silver at Night in the grass
Staryu - Fish in the sea at night
Tyrogue - The middle cave @ Mt. Mortar (You have to surf to get to that place)
By: Wizkid(26)
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Get shiny ho-oh and lugia 100%
First get two wing's rainbow,silver rainbow wing make way to catch ho-oh silverwing make the way to catch lugia rainbow wing:to get rainbow wing complete golden rod radio tower to get it silver wing:to get go pewter city talk the old man to get it ho-oh in tin tin tower top floor lugia:in whiral island's find it so hard but don't give up now how to get shiny ho-oh: in top floor of tin tower save your game go close of ho-oh hold (a) pop out ho-oh apper many of times not shiny reset your game hold a,b,select,start don't give up reset many of times definatly a shiny appers (only) one chance to get it and shiny lugia is sam to sam
By: akbarsmk(51)
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Game Hint 98%
To make Togepi and Chansey evolve make them happy by always winning battes with them and taking them to the pokemon salon every day after a few days of this treatment Togepi will evolve into Togetix and Chansy will evolve into Blissey.
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Pikachu 98%
Transfer a Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow into the game. It should have an item directly translated to "Electric Ball". Equip it to any Pikachu, and its special attack will double.
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Annon Pokedex 98%
First, solve the Kabuto puzzle, which you should know how to get to. The rest will require the HM for Surf, found in Enjyu City, TM 08 (Rock Breaker), and the HM for Strength. Surf down by the Ancient Ruins (below Kickyou City) and solve the puzzle there. The puzzles should be somewhat easy. Just put in the corner pieces first. Now, go to the Connection Cave. Walk around and find the Pokemaniac. If you have not defeated him, fight him. Now, Surf in the waters near him. You will have to return here twice. Break the rock you find, and solve the puzzle. Then return, move the boulder, and solve the last puzzle. Catch the different Annon, then exit the ruins. Chat to the scientist near the cave and he will give you a complimentary Annon Pokedex.
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Lugia (Gold version) 98%
Go to Pewter City and chat to the old man. He will give you a silver feather. Now, go to the place where Lugia is located in the Gold version to find it..
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Three legendary dogs 98%
Go to the city with the fourth gym and enter the big house. Break the rocks and fall down one of the holes to wake them up. Now, just go outside and try to find them in the wild.
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Monorail ticket 98%
Go to Saffron City and chat to the girl copy cat. FLY to Vermilion City and chat to everyone in the house where you received the bike voucher. Someone will give you the Clefairy doll. Take it to the copycat and to get the monorail ticket.
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King's Symbol 98%
Go to the town where you had to rescue the Slowpokes from the Rockets. Enter the cave where you got the Slowpokes from the 2 Rockets. Use Strength and push the boulder, then Surf in the pond. Find the ladder, go to it, and Surf. Chat to everyone there in that part of the cave. Someone will give you the King's Symbol.
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Steelix/Haganal 98%
Equip the Metal Coat on Onix and trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Steelix/Haganal.
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Hou-Hou (Silver version) 98%
Go to Pewter City and chat to the old man that walks around. He will give you a gold feather. Now, go to the place where Hou-Hou is located in the Gold version to find it.
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How to get a red Gyarodos 98%
You go to the seventh gym and go up to the big lake and surf up and you should see a red pokemon it is a red gyrodos.
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Game Hint 98%
To get scizor equip a scyther with the metal coat and trade it to evolve evolve it before lvl 30 to learn metal claw or leave it as scyther to learn wing attack at lvl 30.
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Starting Pokemon (Gold version) 98%
Select one of the following to get your 1st Pokemon.

Chicorita: a Grass type, like Bulbasaur.
Waninoko: a Water type, like Squirtle.
Hinorashi: a Fire type, like Charmander.
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Togepi 98%
Defeat the 1st gym and go into the Pokecenter. Chat to the scientist and he will give you a egg. After 5,000 steps, it will hatch into Togepi.
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Slowking 98%
Equip Slowpoke with the Symbol of King, and then trade it.
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To copy Pokemon and Items 98%
Give the Pokemon an item which you want to copy (eg.Master Ball,Rare Candy)and go to the Pokemon center.Save the game in front of the computer.Turn on the computer and go into Bills PC.Deposit the Pokemon, and then change the box.when it says SAVING, and then turn off Game Boy.Turn on and you will have 1 of that Pokemon in the PC and 1 in your team.
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Gold Magikarp 98%
Breed the golden Gyarados with a regular Gyarados to get a golden Magikarp.
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Muchuru 98%
Breed Jynx with anything that has the same symbol while looking at your party to get Muchuru.
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Karin 98%
Burakki: Use Psychic or Fire type
Vileplume: Use Fire type
Gengar: Use Psychic type
Yamikarasu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Heruga: Use Psychic or Fire type
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Faster credits display 98%
During the credits, hold B.
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Bellosum/Kirehana 98%
Give Gloom a Solar Stone and it will evolve into Bellosum/Kirehana. *** You cannot evolve Bellosum/Kirehana into Vileploom.
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Tyrogue/Buruki 98%
Go to the city with the fourth gym. Now, go inside the 2nd cave, turn to the right and Surf. Go to the top and enter the other cave that is there. Make your way around the mazes and chat to the karate character that is there. Defeat him to get Tyrogue/Buruki. *** Make sure you have an open space in your Pokemon holder.
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Metal Coat 98%
Collect all 8 badges, then chat to Professor Utigi (the person from the start of the game). He will give you the S.S. Anne ticket. Go to the city where the Gym Leader was 1st not there. Go inside the house at the shore, the person will let you go through, and you will be on the S.S. Anne. You will meet a man that wants you to find his daughter on the ship. You can find her with the captain. Return her to her father, then go back and chat to the captain to
receive the Metal Coat.
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Gym Leader tactics (Gold version) 98%
Use the following Pokemon types to battle the listed Gym Leaders:
Hayato (for Wind Badge)
Pidgey: Use Electric type
Pidgeotto: Use Electric type

Unknown (for Insect Badge)
Metapod: Use Fire type
Kakuna: Use Fire type
Scyther: Use Fire type

Akane (for Normal Badge)
Clefairy: Use Psychic type
Mirutanku: Use Psychic type

Unknown (for Phantom Badge)
Ghastly: Use Psychic type
Haunter: Use Psychic type
Gengar: Use Psychic type
Haunter: Use Psychic type

Unknown (for Shock Badge)
Primeape: Use Psychic type
Poliwrath: Use Grass type

Mikan (for Steel Badge)
Magnemite: Use Fighting type
Magnemite: Use Fighting type
Haganail: Use Fighting type

Unknown (for Ice Badge)
Seel: Use Electric type
Dewgong: Use Electric type
Inomu: Use Electric type

Ibuki (for Raging Badge)
Dragonair: Use Fire type
Dragonair: Use Fire type
Kingudora: Use Fire type
Dragonite: Use Fire type

Lt. Surge (for Orange Badge)
Raichu: Use Fighting type
Magneton: Use Fighting type
Electabuzz: Use Fighting type
Electrode: Use Fighting type
Electrode: Use Fighting type

Sabrina (for Gold Badge)
Mr.Mime: Use Psychic type
Alakazam: Use Psychic type
Eifi: Use Psychic type

Erika (for Rainbow Badge)
Tangela: Use Fire type
Victreebell: Use Fire type
Vileplume: Use Fire type
????: Use Fire type

Anzu (for ?)
Kurobatto: Use Psychic or Fire type
Ariadosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Weezing: Use Psychic type
Weezing: Use Psychic type
Venomoth: Use Fire type

Brock (for ?)
Graveler: Use Grass type
Onix: Use Grass type
Rhyhorn: Use Grass type
Omastar: Use Grass type
Kabutops: Use Grass type

Blane (for ?)
Magakarugo: Use Water type
Rapidash: Use Water type
Magmar: Use Water type

Gary (for ?)
Pidgeot: Use Electric type
Alakazam: Use Psychic type
Exeguttor: Use Fire type
Rhydon: Use Grass type
Arcanine: Use Water type

Ash Ketchum (Final battle for bragging rights)
Pikachu: Use Fighting type
Efi: Use Psychic type
Blastiose: Use Electric type
Venusaur: Use Fire type
Charizard: Use Water type
Snorlax: Use Fighting type
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Snorlax: Use Fighting type 98%
Orange League Trainer tactics (Gold version):
Use the following Pokemon types to battle the listed Trainer.
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Lapras 98%
Enter the cave in the 2nd city and SURF. You should be able to see Lapras. *** There is only one.
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Anno'un Music 98%
While in the Alpha Ruins southeast of Kikyou city go to the Pokegear option in the menu screen. Go to the radio option and on the fourteenth to the twentieth channel you can find a station Called ??????. That is the Ann'oun Music. It can only be heard at Alpha Ruins.
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Breeding evolutions 98%
Breed 2 Pikachus to get Pichu.

Breed 2 Electabuzzes and you get Eleckid.

Breed 2 Clefairies and you get Pi.

Breed 2 Jigglypuffs and you get Pipurin.

Breed 2 Magmars and you get Magar.
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Breeding Pokemon 98%
You cannot breed every type of Pokemon, although some are male or female (like Mewtwos). They still cannot be bred together.
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Gold Gyarados 98%
Go to the fourth gym and Surf right all the way. You will Surf in the water, where you should see a Gyarados. Battle it, and it will be golden.
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Haganal 98%
Equip the Metal Coat on Onix and trade it to another GameBoy. It will evolve into Haganal.
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Kingdra 98%
Equip Seadra with the Symbol of King, and then trade it.
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Enjyu City battle (Gold version) 98%
When you go to Enjyu City, go to the tower and your rival will appear, but will not battle. However, if you 1st heal your Pokemon at the Pokecenter, defeat the Ghost Gym Leader, and then go to that tower, your rival will chat to you and fight.
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Breed without the other half 98%
You do not need another of the same Pokemon to breed. Get the Pokemon you want to breed and put it as male or female. Get Ditto, place it with the male or female, and let the breeding begin.
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Set time 98%
From the Title Screen, press Down + Select + B. You will need to enter a cheat-password to change the time, based on your Trainer name, Trainer number, and money. The cheat-password can be calculated online at The PokeMasters or you can download a Windows 95/98/Me program to do it on your PC.
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Poke'ball/Master Ball technique 96%
When throwing a poke' ball press Up+B
when it opens and it will capture the poke'mon just as if you threw a master ball at it.
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Ash 96%
Create a Pokemon team with different types; Grass, Psychic, Devil, Fire, Water, and Steel recommended. Each Pokemon should be level 65 or higher. If not, make sure you have a large amount of Hyper Potions and Revives.
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Silver Ryhorn 96%
Go to the cave where you go to get to the Elite Five. You should encounter a silver Ryhorn.
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Gold Gyarados 96%
Go to the fourth gym and SURF right all the way. You will SURF in the water should see a Gyarados. Battle it, and it will be golden.
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Clone Pokemon 96%
Put the Pokemon to be cloned in your group, then deposit it in box 5. Save your game. Go to box 6 and save the game again. In box 5 your group will now have the 2 Pokemon that were cloned.
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Ampharos/Denryuu 96%
If you want a Pokemon rumored to be a pre-evolution of Dratini (Ampharos/Denryuu), do not try to de-evolve Dratini. Instead, go to the route after Kickyou City towards the Connection Cave, and try to capture the electric sheep, Meripu. Let it grow to level 15. It will evolve into a pink sheep. Train it to level 30 to get Ampharos/Denryuu.
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Yadoking 96%
Equip Symbol Of King on Slowpoke and trade it into another GameBoy. It will evolve into Yadoking.
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Hou-Hou (Gold version) 96%
Go to the city with the fourth gym. Go inside the house with another house beside it. Climb up and enter the other big house. Climb up until you get to Hou-Hou.
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Lugia (Silver version) 96%
Learn HM06 (Whirlpool) and go to the place where you received the fifth badge. Destroy a whirlpoor and enter the cave. Go through the maze and you will reach Lugia.
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Lance 96%
Gyrados: Use Grass type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Aerodactyl: Use Grass type
Charizard: Use Water type
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Game hints 96%
When you've got all the badges in Johto and got the Master ball from Oak go to Cinnar-bar island and go to the Missingo and get at-least 10 Master balls.

Kinds of Balls:
Poke ball
Great ball
Ultra ball
Master ball
Black Apricorn-Heavy ball
Blue Arricorn-Lure ball
Green Apricorn-Friend ball
Pink Apricorn-Love ball
Red Apricorn-Level ball
White Apricorn-Fast ball
Yellow Apricorn-Moon ball.

TM 01 Dynamicpunch
TM 02 Head butt
TM 03 Curse
TM 04 Rollout
TM 05 Roar
TM 06 Toxic
TM 07 Zap Cannon
TM 08 Rock Smash
TM 09 Psych Up
TM 10 Hidden Power
TM 11 Sunny Day
TM 12 Sweet Scent
TM 13 Snore
TM 14 Blizzard
TM 15 Hyper Beam
TM 16 Icey Wind
TM 17 Protect
TM 18 Rain Dance
TM 19 Giga Drain
TM 20 Endure
TM 21 Frustration
TM 22 Solar Beam
TM 23 Iron Tail
TM 24 Dragonbreath
TM 25 Thunder
TM 26 Eathqauke
TM 27 Return
TM 28 Dig
TM 29 Psychic
TM 30 Shadow Ball
TM 31 Mud Slap
TM 32 Double Team
TM 33 Ice Punch
TM 34 Swagger
TM 35 Sleep Talk
TM 36 Sludge Bomb
TM 37 Sand Storm
TM 38 Fire Blast
TM 39 Swift
TM 40 Defenese Curl
TM 41 Thunder Punch
TM 42 Dream Eater
TM 43 Detect
TM 44 Rest
TM 45 Attract
TM 46 Theif
TM 47 Steel Wing
TM 48 Fire Punch
TM 49 Fury Cutter
TM 50 Night-Mare
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Shiny pokemon 100%
The shiny pokemon the extremely hyperly rarest pokemon the pokemon colour is the diffrent for normal pokemon example:the red gyardados the apper lake of rage this shiny apper chance 0.410 from radomly select normaly apper you have walking greesy or cave areas the best way to find kill 999 pokemon to you have update the chance for 0.500% the shiny pokemon status spical,speed all the status extremely update normaly a normal state 10 and shiny 25 many of time normaly apper the shiny
By: akbarsmk(51)
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Best electric moves 100%
By: akbarsmk(51)
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By: akbarsmk(51)
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Delete HM MOVE'S 100%
First get a shiny gyardados and now go blackthorn city find move deleter's house go close of m.r.move deleter click for A talk move deleter descose who is the move delete click for A HM MOVE and move deleter work for 5 second and delete your move the hind work chance 60% for without get a shiny
By: akbarsmk(51)
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Shiny rattata with a new tip 100%
I update my knowledge I find the way I deside catch shiny rattata the way is tin tower I have already teach you for a shiny but forgot teach you a rare knowledge this khowledge is only a pokemon apper exemple: only a pidgey apper many of times to get a shiny pidgey I note this and go tin tower here only rattata apper so I encounter 30 rattata and I found a white shiny rattata
By: akbarsmk(51)
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Shiny tentacool 100%
Welcome back last time I show you how to catch shiny rattata with a new tip and now I show how to catch a shiny tentacool the way is right side of new bark town here only tentacool or tentacrul apper many of times shiny tentacrul/tentacool apper I test it is 100% real here 2% chance to catch a shiny
By: akbarsmk(51)
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Best team for unexprienable player 100%
I think you know what is unexpriencable example: a first time player now a best for player get a starter like totodile,cyndaquil and a zubat evolve it golbat or crobat teach it wing attack,bite,fly,meanlook 3rd trade a onix in violet city teach it STRENTH,rock throw,rock smash, a you knowledge possible to evolve it but you the trainner yourself 4th mareep evolve it flaaffy or ampharos teach it FLASH, Thunder,Thunderbolt,Thunderpunch 5th shiny gyardados teach it surf,waterfall,hyperbeam, or a ice move yourself 6th dratini evolve it dragoniar,dragonite teach it hyper beam,outrage,wing attack,dragonrage
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These are the most vital and key pokemon you will need to look good and be good
1. typhlosion (he can beat the whole league)
2.tyranitar (the coolest pokemon ever (very rare) and he can beat the whole league)
3.ho-oh (cool and is very powerful)
4.snorlax (can beat the whole league)
5.lugia (POWERFUL!)
THESE are the pokemon tht rule pokemon world belive me I have all of them lv 100
By: danny boi(605)
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Lugia 86%
To get lugia on gold you go to pewter city and talk to the old man outside the mart
he gives you the silvber wing
then go back to ghoto and go seaform islands
inside the caves there is lugia
(u will need surf whirlpool and strenght)
lugia is lv 70
By: danny boi(605)
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When aa pokemon is in day care it gets 1 exp every step you take
By: danny boi(605)
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Lapras is inside the cave right of azela town (not the 1 with the slowpokes in)
to reach it you need surf
it only appears on FRIDAY'S
deep inside the cave
its lv 20 and very strong when leveled up
By: danny boi(605)
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Master ball 80%
To get the master ball defeat the league and then go to prof elm and he will have the master ball for you. I would reccomend copying it like 10 or so times so you can catch Entei, suicune, raikou, ho-oh and lugia and some really rare pokemon

By: charizardlova(73)
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Suicune, Raikou and Entei Made Easy! 80%
First go to Burned Tower. Use ROCK SMASH (notice it's a TM in this game...) on the rock to the left. Plus, here's a wierd glitch... After you defeat the Firebreather near the middle, he turns black and white! (he literally WHITED OUT!) Weird... Anyway, go down the hole in the center and SLOWLY make an approach... and they run. But WAIT! Notice their colors as they run... (it would be wise to have a cloned MasterBall at this time) Suicune is to the left of Ecruteak, and travels in a counter-colckwise pattern. Entei is at the right of Ecruteak, and travels in a clockwise pattern. Raikou is South of Ecruteak (we should all know which way South is by NOW) and travels in the order of the Cities on the Map (SUPPOSEDELY).Don't kill them, ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!? They are EXTREMELY worthy additions to your team, espcially Suicune, who knows GUST when you catch him. Suicune is also the fastest-I still have yet to even see him in my Silver...

This cheat is COPYRIGHTED 2008 by LORD OF MEW:)

Fine Print: If ANYONE copies this cheat, they MUST include the link to this CheatList.
Coming Next Week: Shiny POKeMON-Why they're unique
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Red 80%
Mt. Silver Final Battle:

Pikachu Lv.81-use ground type
Venusaur Lv.77-use ice/fire/psychic/ground type
Charizard Lv.77-use electric/ice/water/rock type
Blastoise Lv.77-use grass/electric type
Snorlax Lv.75-use fighting type
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HO-OH 80%
2 get ho-oh you need the rainbow wing
u get it by saving the director in goldenrod city
then go 2 ecruteak city go north from the pokemon centre
it leads to a house
go in then go down the stairs and it will lead you out the right hand side to a huge tower
work your way up the tower at the top you will find HO-OH (lv 40)
By: danny boi(605)
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LORD OF MEW'S Weekly Update! 75%
Good news, "Celebi Seekers"! As you may or may not know, I recently discovered a video alowing the "capture" of Celebi without the use of a Gameshark or 3rd Party Device (fancy talk for "cheat device")... At first, I was baffled at how I would get a "Bad Clone" without Pokemon Stadium 2 to test the cheat out... but when I double-checked the video (I actually took notes on it this time), I noticed the description described a way to do it on a regular GameBoy! I will test this cheat out, and if it truly works, I'll post it here! CheatMasters could get into the Top Cheat Site List! I could live up to my name! (if this works, I'll also be known as LORD OF CELEBI:).

Shiny Pokemon... where do they come from? I am still working on gathering information... but in the meantime, I'm still working on other exciting cheats, like Shinonix (shiny Onix) and Cyborean (a rumored 6th Eeveelution)

The elusive 251st Pokemon... next week, find out if the amazing "Celebi Glitch" is real!

This news was repported by LORD OF MEW:) on Sunday, August 3, 2008
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How to get sodowoodo(gold) 75%
Wen you beat the secent gim leder in the cyte with the radio towr go to the flower shop. talk to the fiste laty you see thene all ofasdenly she will tern talk to her i'll let you take it from here.(P.S. sodowodo is the wobole tree at rout 107 nere the uwnknown cave.)
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ADORABLE Dancing Clefairys! 75%
Take a POKeMON that knows Rock Smash with you. At night, FLY to Pewter City and go to Mt. Moon-but go down the ladder instead. When you find another ladder or another exit, go in there. When you get outside, you'll hear different music, and if you go to the left, you'll see two dancing Clefairys in the gate. Then they'll see you, and they'll lollily dance away. You'll notice they were dancing around a rock. Smash it! Sometimes there will be nothing, but other times you'll find rare POKeMON, including Clefairy, perhaps Clefable... I'm not sure what else, but maybe you'll find a Wigglytuff, and maybe even Mew! Someone post if they see a legendary!

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Starter pokemon tip 75%
Just a TIP
if you us your starter pokemon and only your starter pokemon in every trainer battle leading 2 the pokemon league then your starter will be around lv 65-70 so the should be able 2 take out most of the league
By: danny boi(605)
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The best starter is cydaquil
because when you get to the pokemon league he has flamethrower and you can tech him thunderpunch
with these 2 attacks he can beat the WHOLE LEAGUE
because he is super effective against them all
By: danny boi(605)
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Red gyarados 75%
Red gyarados is at the lake of rage north of mahogany town
its a more powerful form of gyarados so catch it
By: danny boi(605)
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How To Get to Level 100 Easy 75%
First you need to know how to clone pokemon with them holding a rare candy. clone about 20 and then take the item from every one and SAVE. Chose a pokemon you want to go to level 100 but to only one at a time.after that deposite it and chose a different box and SHUT It off when it says Saving...Don't Shut Off Power. Then You will have 20 Rare Candys but the starting pokemon deposite it and withdraw your same pokemon with the higher level and repeat. Level 100 easy
By: Mattrock3r(128)
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EXP share 75%
To get experience share (very useful item)
catch or kill the red gyarados in the lake of rage (better 2 catch him because he is powerful)
when you catch/kill him you get a "red scale"
take the "red scale" to the professor above "cherrygrove city"
he will trade it 4 EXP share
By: danny boi(605)
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How to get to Kanto (Gold Version) 75%
The moves needed to get to Kanto are surf, whirlpool and waterfall. Surf as far right as you can from New Bark Town and you should see a man standing there. he should come up to you and say "Do you know what you have just done? You have taken your first step into Kanto" , but he wont battle you. If you go deeper in, you will see a cave. Waterfall and whirlpool are needed to get through, as well as surf.
By Emma
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How to get a lvl 100 bulbasuar with a rare item without trading(the item is worth 20 000 in the game) 75%
Mate ditto with sudowodo at daycare wait 4 them 2 lay a egg.then when they lay an eg get it and put your sudowodo in the pc and leave your ditto, comeback later your ditto disapears go to the daycare lady and Get the bulbasaur it holds an item called teru -sama
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Breeding 75%

Requirements: You must be in goldenrod

Step 1: If you don't have a ditto, catch one.
Step 2: Get the ditto, and a POKéMON you want a baby from (Aka you want a baby Lapras, get the ditto and the Lapras.
STEP 2, version 2: If you have 2 pokémon you want the baby from, and they're opposite genders (AKA you want a baby Lapras, but you have a Male Lapras and a Female Lapras) Better yet! Get them both -- If they both know a move, or the father has a HM/TM the baby can learn, they'll be passed. How? Read on.
Step 3: Put them both in Day-Care. Then Walk as many steps as you desire. **SOME POKéMON CAN'T BREED! ALL THE LEGENDARIES CAN'T BREED!**
Step 4: Check if they have an EGG. If they do, pick up the egg.
Step 5: Walk 1100 to 11100 steps (Depending on the POKéMON, Magikarps will take 1240 steps to hatch =P, while Snorlaxes will take 10000+ steps! omg!)
Step 6: The egg will hatch, and you'll get a level 5 version of the POKéMON you got at its lowest evolved form.


Lapras: level 5 Lapras
Raichu: level 5 Pichu
Entei: Can't breed, since he's a legendary!
Any of Eevee's evolved forms: Eevee
Golduck: level 5 Psyduck

What moves the baby will have:

Go trough 4 steps:

The baby's starting move (Let's take Lapras as the example, shall we?)

Lapras is an excelent POKéMON, witch is why I'm using him. Starting moves:

Water Gun

Step 2: Look at what the parents have. On this example, I'm using 2 Laprases. A male and a female.

Both of them have: Surf, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump (!)

Let's take witch moves, that both parents have, that Lapras can learn by leveling up: Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump

Water Gun
Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Step 3: Egg Moves

Some POKéMON can learn abnormal moves if the father has it (Mareep Thunder is an example)
However, since the father (IT HAS TO BE THE FATHER, PERIOD.) does not have an egg move, it can't pass it down. Boohoo.

Step 4: HM/TM

Let's see if the father has an HM/TM that the baby can learn... Oh, It's surf!

Water Gun
Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Hold on, POKéMON can only have 4 moves at once, and this overpowered Lapras has 7.
So we push the top move:

Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Nope, still has more than 4 moves. he has 6 moves. Push the top one again?

Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

One move left. Push it again, like a Sumo!

Body Slam
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Look at the baby Lapras! Seriously, think about a baby Lapras, level 5, with these moves - And you're not even sharking!

However, the baby Lapras can't breed with any of its parents. No, not even when it's level 100! or less, for that matter. Boohoo.

Now, why did I choose Lapras-San? Because I'll also list how to get him: In union cave floor 3, at every Friday, there's a lapras-kun there. Catch 2 Lapras-Kuns, different genders, on different Fridays, and you'll be ready to get a lapras-chan.

Note: -San is something like "Sir", -Kun is something like "Adolescent" and -Chan is something like "Child"

Now, if you want that overpowered Lapras, but you only have a male one and ditto?
Sorry, you can't. Here's what it'll look like:

Father Lapras: Surf, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump
Genderless Ditto: Transform **Two dittos cannot breed!**

Moves that both parents have, and that the baby will learn by leveling up:


Egg Moves:


HM/TMs that the father has, and that the baby can learn too:


So, the final Lapras would look like this:

Water Gun

However, it still has surf.

Tired of reading this long-arse cheat or do you want more information?

OK, another example:

Two Kadabras, with the following moves: Psybeam, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

The baby will be abra.

Starts with Teleport, as you know.

Now -- Abra can only learn Psybeam by leveling.


Egg Moves:

Darn it, another one without egg moves.


Abra can learn all of the parent's punches. So:

Ice Punch
Fire Punch

This dude has FIVE moves. Push the top one like a Sumo:

Ice Punch
Fire Punch

Did you notice it's moves ended up exactly like it's parent's moves? And at level 5, for crying out loud? That, my boy, is the powar[sic] of breeding.
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An easy way to get a Celebi, though time consuming.

1. AN EGG THAT WILL KNOW BEAT-UP AS ITS THIRD MOVE. to do this, you need to raise two sneasles, male and female, and raise them to level 52 so that they learn beatup as their third move.

2. A BAD CLONE, PREFERABLY OF A WEAK POKéMON. A bad clone is made using the box cloning process, which is a process in which you switch boxes, then turn the game off after you select YES to the saving stuff, before any of the "SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER." comes up, because, you know, these games make you save when you switch boxes. Your box can't be full, because then it's unable to make bad clones, but to increase your chances of success for a bad clone, (which is really just a manner of luck,) you should have about 15 to 18 pokémon in the box.

3. FIVE WEAK POKéMON. This is probably the easiest one, as you will probably have five clones of that first pokémon kicking around from when you were making that bad clone.

Now that your ingredients are all here, here's the recipe...

Step 1 - deposit the egg into a PC box. The five other Pokémon and the bad clone have to be in the party.
Step 2 - go to the daycare and ask the man to raise the bad clone. take it back from him, and it will be a ?.
Step 3 - Next, put ? at the top of your party and go to the Computer.
Step 4 - Using the "Move Pokémon without mail" option, move the pokémon from the cloning failures from a PC box to the top of their party. Its name should become your playing name, or the name of its original trainer. You will now have 7 Pokémon (OMG) in your party.
Step 5 - Next, go back to the Daycare man and ask him to raise the ?. Then, return to the Computer.
Step 6 - Back at the Computer, deposit the 1st and 2nd party Pokémon.
Step 7 - Using the "Move Pokémon without mail" option, move the egg from its PC box to the top of your party.
Step 8 - Next, deposit the next four Pokémon, but not the egg.
Step 9 - Take out any Pokémon that he or she didn't use for the trick.
Step 10 - bike around until the egg hatches into a Celebi. However, the Celebi is unplayable.
Step 11- The Celebi will hatch at level 0. Due to how stupidly the game handles Pokémon, allow the daycare couple to raise the Celebi to at least level 2. After this, it works nice and normal like.

Have fun with your Celebi,
Team Meaner.
By: TeamMeaner(246)
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How to duplicate item and pokemon 70%
First step go to the pc on anything pokemon center and save your game in the pc deposit pokemon in any box and change in another box :WHEN ITS SAYS DONT TURN OFF THE POWER: then you turn off and then turn on your game boy : ENJOY YOUR CHEATS"
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Hard To Find POKeMON 67%
Pikachu: Route 2 visit AT NIGHT (or morning) and turn on POKeFLUTE or POKeMON March and walk in grass near Pewter City. (Shiny:Orange with yellow cheeks)

Raichu: MUST EVOLVE give Thunder Stone to Pikachu

Pichu: MUST BREED breed two Pikachu/Raichus, one Pikachu/Raichu with Ditto hatches from EGG

Wobbufett: Dark Cave enter from Route 45 DO NOT USE FLASH walk around one should appear (at night in Crystal) (shiny:pink)

Mantine: Whirland Islands (near entrance/exit) SURF near island (shiny:light blue)

Ditto: Route 32 walk in grass (preferably at night) (shiny:sky blue)
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To clone pokeon and items you have 2
1. get 5 pokemon you want 2 clone in your party and attach an item to them (if you want to clone the item)
2. TIP :clone a rare cqandy or master ball
3. save game whilst standing at the PC
4. go on the PC
5. deposit the pokemon uu want 2 clone
6. then "change bbox" (to any other box)
7. when it says "SAVING DON'T TURN OF THE GAME BOY" switch it off then you will have cloned them
By: danny boi(605)
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Breeding evolutions 67%
2 Pikachus to get Pichu.

Breed 2 Electabuzzes and you get Eleckid.

Breed 2 Clefairies and you get Pi.

Breed 2 Jigglypuffs and you get Pipurin.

Breed 2 Magmars and you get Magar.
s here!
By: jumper1214(4)
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How to catch a ditto 67%
Go to the third city in the grass
By: 8er(4)
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Duplicate Pokemon 67%
Put the Pokemon to be cloned in your group, then deposit it in box 5. Save your game. Go to box 6 and save the game again. In box 5 your group will now have the 2 Pokemon that were cloned.
By: Jeruel(3)
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How toget all three starters no gameshark no nothing only beginning of game 63%
Ok first you get your starter but before you pick save it. then you go through the game until you face your rival for the first time. after you win go back to the lab give your rivals name. then get your 5 pokeballs then give your starter 1 pokeball and then you catch a pokemon then you put your starter in an empty box then change but when it says saving dont turn off the game right when it says saving dont turn shut it off then go back to the continue then save and do it again because you will be back at the place you take your first pokemon you pick a diffrent pokemon starter (because if pick the same one you will have 2 of the same pokemon )because you will have the first starter you picked the start you will have it in your pc
By: isaiasfigueroa(6)
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Awesome Starting Screen Glitch 60%
First, go to Goldenrod City and enter the POKeMON Mart. Go into the elevator and pick BF1(basement floor 1). When you're in there, approach the Machoke and save. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T SAVE IT WILL FREEZE AND YOUR CLOCK WILL BE FROZEN! Talk to the Machoke and open your CoinCase. The game should now reset itself upon pressing USE. When you get to the starting screen... you'll be able to see the actual Ho-oh at the starting screen, not just its shadow! Sadly, this glitch doesn't work in Silver, but maybe Crystal... I'm not entirely sure because I discovered it by accident. Try it, it REALLY WORKS!


PS: Please try this on Silver and Crystal as well-I didn't get the blocked items in my Gold version, but I did in Silver, so please verify if I'm wrong.
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Traded pokemon 60%
If someonein real life or on the game wants 2 trade pokemon with you then do it because
a pokemon recived in trade grows levels ALOT FASTER
(it gets boosted exp points)
By: danny boi(605)
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How to get to starters 57%
First catch a Ditto and than go to the day care center, put in the Ditto and your Stater Pokemon than wait about 5 Min and Go to the day care and the man outside and he'll give you an Egg. Get the Egg to hatch and when it does hatch you will get a stater Pokemon that you started with. This Pokemon is only Lv 5 so if I were you I'll give it a Exp share or put it at the top of your Party and when your min a Battle swith it with a Stronger Pokemon.
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Special Trainers 55%
Special Trainers
There are six extremely helpful Pokemon trainers in Gold/Silver whose telephone numbers you should definitely keep in your Pokegear. These six will randomly give you tips on how to find rare Pokemon and steer you towards areas where certain Pokemon are currently "swarming."

Fisherman Ralph (Route 32): Helps you find Qwilfish
Hiker Anthony (Route 33): Helps you find Dunsparce
Bug Catcher Arnie (Route 35): Helps you find Yanma
Schoolboy Chad (Route 38): Helps you find Snubbull
Fisherman Wilton (Route 44): Helps you find Remoraid
Hiker Parry (Route 45): Helps you find Marill
By: gamestatus(935)
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Pokemon you cant catch on gold 51%
Gold Version: The following Pokemon are not available in Pokemon Gold and have to be traded from Silver, Red, Blue or Yellow:

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur
Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise
Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard
Kabuto and Kabutops
Omanyte and Omastar
Vulpix and Ninetales
Meowth and Persian
Phanpy and Donphan
Ledyba and Ledian
By: gamestatus(935)
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The best starter mesa tinks is Cyndaquil cause he is dabomb against the leugue. I have defeated the league like 50 times with a typhlosion level 91
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