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Monster House Cheats for GBA
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Monster House GBA Cheats

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Monster House

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Hard Mode and Ruby Key 100%
Win the game once to unlock Hard Mode. You start the game over on the same file and a brass heart is added to the save file.

You also start with a Ruby Key. Needed to unlock the door at the right of the lobby that is said to need a "special key". It leads to a room with an arcade game that you can actually play. It's called "Thou Art Dead". Plays much like the old Castlevania games, except the character looks like a Golden Axe character, and the monsters are different.

Hard Mode - Win the game once

Ruby Key - Win the game once
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Doom Bringer 3000 DJ's best water gun 100%
Beat Skull's high score of 50,000 in Thou Art Dead to open a passage way to a chest with the Doom Bringer 3000, DJ's best water gun. Can be gotten as soon as you start your 2nd playthrough on the same file.

Doom Bringer 3000

Beat Skull's high score of 50,000 in the Thou Art Dead arcade game.

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The blue box 50%
Once you kill constance you will get a blue box. go to the main room where monster house used his tongue to pull you in. set down the blue box by the stairs. get on it. jump on the uvula and it will fall and a key will come out. get the key outside. go to constances room and go to the door with a lock on it then UNLOCK IT.
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Monster House 380445I finished 5% but now I can't get out of the basement with the brass key. Any ideas? Answers: 1
Monster House 271468Howdo you get rid of the tv's that shoot electric currents at you? Answers: 1
Monster House 518765Does anyone know how to open the dorr on the 3rd floor? it closes every time I get near it. Answers: 0
Monster House 764234I'm completed 8% in monster house and i'm stuck where you move a block whit a vase and a silver key,┐how I move it? Answers: 2
Monster House 474923How do you pass the arcade game...... i'm having troubles....... CAN YOU HELP ME? Answers: 1
Monster House 588495Where is the heart token. Answers: 0
Monster House 600984How do you get past the fat lady with the lamps? Answers: 1
Monster House 769679To find the special lock that the old man hid Answers: 0
Monster House 783322Im stuck in attic , at the twice door to get the elevator gear and a hole that jenny crawl there was a twice door the 1 I can open with brass key but the one cant be killed, why ?! Answers: 2
Monster House 869669How do I beat floor 1? I'm currently in the room where you have to push the 3 file cabinet things & they don't move far enough. Answers: 0
Monster House 891798What part of the attic is the gear? Answers: 0
Monster House 941383Where I can find chowder's syrup? please answer and thank you Answers: 0
Monster House 942773How to kill the pink lamp please help! Answers: 1
Monster House 945952Where is the 2nd boss at ? and how do I get 2 the 2nd boss ? Answers: 0
Monster House 950308Where do you find Chowders balloons and his cold syrup to get into nebbercrackers room? im really stuck ! please give me a full answer Answers: 0
Monster House 953625How to get the cool syrup? Answers: 0
Monster House 963586How do you stop from getting sucked by the furnace because it keeps on pulling me into it Answers: 0
Monster House 965049How do you push the blocks in the holes to get chowders balloon upgrade in the NE section of furnace map Answers: 0
Monster House 969345Why does the water balloons only give me one balloon when I got it? Answers: 0
Monster House 984166How to find chowders water baloons Answers: 0
Monster House 986411How can I find the blue key on chapter 3 please Answers: 0
Monster House 205657I'm stuck and need help. I'm in the 3rd basement and am at the part where there's 3 switches you pull out. I can't get them all out at the same time. What door does this open? Answers: 2
Monster House 309819How do you get into Nebbercraker's bad room in fourth floor to find the missing raplacement fuse for the water pumps in basement 3 please help me thank you Answers: 1
Monster House 146186How do you find the key to open the door on the third floor ? Answers: 0
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