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Pokemon Silver Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Silver GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Silver

Rating: 4.4/5 VOTE

Items worthy of cloning!!!!!!! 100%
Rare Candy
Master Ball
Any kind of TM
Red Scale
Dragon Fang
Any kind of evolution Stone
These are truly Items worth Cloning!
By: MarceloCisneros(23)
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How to get rock smash 100%
All you have to do is beat the wiggling tree.I would save before you start to battel him cause thats the only one in the capture it. then when the tree is gone, go to the man on the right and talk to him. he will give you rock smash.hav fun
By: mutindawg23(4)
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Easy Breeding 100%
If you capture a Ditto you can use that for breeding. The Ditto will act as the
female, so you wont have to get 2 of each type of Pokemon that you want the
baby form of it. For Example just breed a Ditto and a Pikachu, and you will get
a Pichu.
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Reset game 100%
By: charlooney(8)
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Duplicate Pokemon 98%
You can duplicate pokemon whether or not it holds an item. Get to a computer and
save it, making sure that you have atleast one more room for the cloned pokemon.
Deposite the poke'mon that you want to duplicate. Now change boxes, when you
change you will automatically save, so say yes when it asks you to save. When it
says "Saving, don't turn off the power", turn it off then on. When you gain
control, you will be holding the regular pokemon and there will be the cloned
pokemon in Bill's PC. Use this glitch at your own risk, as it is possible to
corrupt save data.
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Places for gifts 80%
Monday r40
Tuesday r29
Wensday Lake of Rage
Thursday r36
Friday r32
Saturday Blackthorn City
Sunday r37
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Duplicate pokemon and one item 75%
Go to the pc and go to change box. change to an empty box and deposit the pokemon you want duplicated. after you have done that change the pokemon box again. when it asks you to save the game say yes and then when it says "SAVING DONT" and then turn off the power immediately. if done correctly go to the pokemon box and withdraw the pokemon that you have duplicated. (to duplicate the item just give to the pokemon you want duplicated and then duplicate the pokemon holding the item). you will have the item and the pokemon after.
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Bliss-eiy 67%
If ya havin trouble evolving cheansy the the best way to do it is to

1. catch cheansy(near the sarfire in farusha)
2. go to the big mart at golden rod (the place with the sqiert bottle)
3. buy about 9 proteins, culciums, irons and carbos (if not then evolve on level 75)

TIP if this doesint work then keep adding more of carbos and such

hope this helps! :D
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How to get all three legendary pokemon 63%
First before you get a pokemon save (let it save completely or this cheat will not work) then you get one pokemon from the three (I preffer that you choose the one on the left first (left:cindaquil middle:tododile right:chikorita) and as soon you get 5 poke balls catch a pokemon and put cindaquil in the pc then save and turn off as if you are duplicating the pokemon) then turn back on and you will be back where you started for getting your first pokemon and then pick tododile and you can do this as much as you like and you know what to do then and you know how to get all three legendary pokemon and you can have the most toughest pokemon set in the game and trust me it really dose work I did it and I have all three pokemon from Professor Rowen's lab.
By: war796611(66)
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Get All the Legendary POKeMON Easy! 62%
First you need to get all eight badges (I reccomend you save Clair for last). After you exit the last Gym (or Dragon's Den if you fought Clair last), Prof. Elm will call you and say, "(your name), I have something for you. Could you swing by my Lab?" FLY to New Bark Town and enter the Lab, then talk to Prof. Elm. He will then give you the Master Ball! Now, go to Cherrygrove City and perform the Item Duplicating Cheat (as seen farther up this page (NEVER USE LEGENDARYS OR YOUR GAME WILL ERASE ITSELF!)several times-for now, you will need about 10 of them (see my Fast Duplicating Cheat farther down this page for a faster method). ALWAYS save at least one ball to duplicate when you used most of them! Now check your POKeDEX for the current locations of Entei, Suicune, and Raiku. Go to those locations fast but be careful about FLYing! They're always at Lv.40-you can also try one of Kurt's Fast Balls, but a Master Ball is most recommended.After you have obtained them, go to Whirland Islands (Silver Version-Lv.40, Lv.70 in Gold) and keep going until you find Lugia (you need the Silver Feather for this to work)... you're on fire if you're falling down a waterfall (I haven't quite found the way yet)!... At least, you're doing better that me.Catch it on your first try with a Master Ball! Now let's go get Ho-oh! (you need the Rainbow Wing first) Go to Violet City and enter the Tin Tower, then give that guy the feather. Ho-oh should then appear (Lv.40 in Gold, Lv.70 in Silver)-in Gold, you get the Rainbow Wing from the Director in Goldenrod, and in Silver, you go to Lavender Town and visit their Radio Tower. You should now have at least 5 Master Balls left. Now it's time for Celebi! People often say that you can only get Celebi in the US versions through a Nintendo Event, but there is another way (No, NOT BY GAMESHARK!)First you must catch all 26 Unowns in ABC order. Then arrange some in your party to spell CELBI. Put Ho-oh last in your party, and in this EXACT order or the cheat won't work.(you also need all of the legendarys without a Gameshark, including Mew) Then go to the Ilex Shrine in Ilex Forest (DUHHH) and use FLASH (trust me, it WILL work). Celebi will pop out at Lv.5, so if you want, you can also try a Level Ball. Have fun with your new POKeMON! LORD OF MEW:)
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Hint: Changing Snorlax's Gender 60%
It's very simple. You will need:
TONS of Ultra Balls
A Machoke/Machamp that knows VITAL THROW
EXPN Radio Upgrade

First, Put the Machoke/Machamp first in your party.
Now go to the PokeFlute Channel and walk up to Snorlax. SAVE.
Press A in front of it. If it isn't the gender you want, use VITAL THROW and turn the game off JUST when Snorlax reaches a quarter of its HP drained. This shouldn't be a problem becuase VITAL THROW would kill it in one hit anyway.
when you turn it on and do this again, Snorlax SHOULD be the opposite gender of what it was before. This probably works with Soodowoodo as well. THIS PROBABLY WON'T WORK 100% OF THE TIME.

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Beating REd 57%
Beating Red is really hard because he has Level 70 and 80's For his Pickachu you can use afighting pokemonwith fighting attaks same with snorlaxe. then for his charizard you can use a thunder or water type, for venusaure use a fire type, and for blastoiste use a thunder type, also for Espeon you can use the same fghting type,
By: Eman00258(230)
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Lapras: 50%
Enter the cave that links to azalea town on fridays and SURF. you should be able to see lapras in the little lake at the back of the cave .NOTE: there is only one.....
By: zeero(28)
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Thunder karp!!!! 50%
Teach any garados thunder breed with onother an wala a magikarp that should know thunder
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Level your starter easy 50%
Go in the grass and battle then more there will be level four hoothoots this only works at
night I got my pokemon up to level 11 in 17 battles
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???? type attack 50%
If you catch a gastly from sprout tower and lvl it up with expshare 2 lvl 20 it should know curse type ?
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Hint: 50%
If you have a fire pokemon and an ice pokemon freezed yours use a fire move like flame wheel you'll defrost like yesterdays icecraem! :D
By: Jad Safwan(54)
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Machine part found 50%
When in the kanto reigon and you are in mistys gym a guy will runinto you you follow him to the bridge you battle he tells you his plan the guy says it is in the water in the gym it is in the one pool that is a rectangle bring it to the power plant and the manager will give you his zap cannon tm
By: wyatt(47)
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The easyest way to beat the first gym battle 50%
Well when you get to choose a pokemon from elm get the totodile and get it to lvl 9 then catch a pidgey train it to be a lvl 10 and when your battleing the leade of the first gym make 2 hits from totodile and quicly switch to pidgey use gust that is if you have it will take the pokemon out
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Remake 50%
Remake of silver in America 2010 released in japan go to youtube for more info in the 2 remakes heart gold soul silver
By: sonnythakkar(236)
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How to get hitmon top lee and chan 50%
First get tyrouge from karate master then get a ditto.. now get tyrouge to lvl 20 when it evolve breed it with ditto.. check stats buy iron and other thing 4 att from golden rod 4 hitmontop def and att should be same , more def hitmonchan att is lee hop this help
By: Dragonitelvl225(6)
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Easy Way to get find all the legendary pokemon 49%
Just get all the game systems for pokemon and have a link cable to trade it to.
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How to capture Snorlax 48%
Items needed : Radio

Get next to Snorlax and change channels on the radio. You will then awake him and he'll fight you. Fight him up and throw a Pokeball. Gotcha! Snorlax has been added to your Pokedex.
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Breeding tip 46%
Get a ditto and a male version of the pokemon you want an egg of put them both in the daycare and come back in about 10 miniutes there should be an egg keep walking around and soon the egg will hatch!
By: mcrfreak(57)
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Get a baby pokemon you want from daycare 43%
If you want a baby pokemon but dont want a random 1 just take a pokemon you want a baby of for example if you want geodude get another geodude or a evolved form of geodudeof any gender and put it in with a ditto, because the ditto will morph into a geodude and the ditto is both genders so when you get a egg you know whats in it
By: cooltoye(39)
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Best pokemon teams for silver 40%
1.alakazam/stealix/pigeot/lapras/ho-oh/(pokemon of your choice)
2.snorlax/luigea/suicun/enti/riokoih/(pokemon of your choice)
3.grass type team,maguim/venesaur/bellosom/vileplome/skimploom/sunflora type team,tyfloision/chazard/magmar/ho-oh/enti/flareon
5.water type team,feralagater/blastoist/vapreon/polewirl/closter/dewgong
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Money cheat 38%
If You own a meowth & evolve it in to persain you will earn the pay day move and then You can make money that way. NOTE if you go up and battle a little stronger pokemon You will earn more money.
By: GameBrane13(10)
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Master ball 35%
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Beat brock 30%
When you only got pikachu isz batle for aalong time or the alternitive isz capturing any bug pokemon it acually works
By: travis07(14)
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How to duplicate item only 29%
Housand of masterball duplicated just go to vermillion city and go to gym then
go out side again you will have thousand of masterballs
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Clone items 27%
Put a item on your pokemon and then clone your pokemon
By: cooltoye(39)
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Easier shinys! 25%
To get a higher chance of breeding a shiny, you must breed to shinys. (A male and a female of one, or a male of the selected Pokemon and a Ditto(all shiny))
By: mcrfreak(57)
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Clone a Pokemon 25%
Put two Pokemon in your party.Switch to an empty box in your PC.Put the Pokemon that you want to clone in the empty box.When you switch,it will save the game.About a half second after the phrase," not turn off power,"switch off your game.When you turn it on,you will have the cloned Pokemon in your box and your party.
By: cooltoye(39)
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Beat the league 21%
Havin' fun? Want to be the champ? Be the hero? Be the world's greatest trainer ever?
Well.... to do that you got to beat the league. Prove you got power. To beat the league you will need to have lots of hyper potions max revives full restores reg. revives full heals, and escape ropes.Save before you go in. But after you defeat the 4 don't save because then you can't get out. that stinks I kno cuz' I did that be4. All you have to do to get out is lose.
But then he will laugh at u. Thats sad. The league champ was hard.... I wish I didn't have to face him. But I did and guess what!?!?! I won! He is very hard to beat tho. So remember only you can beat the league and be the champ of the pokemon region!
By: empoleongirl101(263)
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Where to get Ho-oh and Lugia 13%
Tin Tower and Whirl Islands
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