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Pokemon Trading Card Game Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Trading Card Game GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Infinite Energy Cards 100%
If you are low on energy cards and need more, go back to Dr. Ooyama's lab. There fight Mikasa (The man you fought in the beginning)and fight him again, again,etc. getting 2 boosters full of energy cards each time! Now you don't have to worry about if you don't have enough energy or not!
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Fire Club trade 100%
To get the Lv.9 promo Slowpoke easier, put all of your energies except one in temporary decks. Now, chat to the boy. He will reveal the location for only one energy.
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Look through your deck without it reshuffling 100%
To do this, you must have a Trainer card in your hand that enables you to look through your deck, to pick a certain kind of card, and then reshuffle the deck. Use this card, and then, instead of selecting a card, press A+B+SEL+START all at the same time, once you are done looking at the deck. This will Soft Reset the system. Choose Continue Duel from the menu, and you will get back into the duel with the same cards you had before you used this code. If you used Computer Search or another card that takes cards from your hand to look through the deck, those cards will be back in your hand.
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Promo Slowpoke card 100%
Once you have collected many energies, go to the Fire Club. There will be a person standing by the bookshelf. He will ask you to give all of your extra energy cards that you do not have in your decks. He will then tell you to go 2 spaces left of the bookshelf (at the picture). Press A to get a promotional Slowpoke card, which can use Amnesia and Headbutt. Amnesia calls for 2 Psychic Energy cards. Headbut does 10 damage and uses one of any kind of energy card.
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Familiar face 100%
When you go to the Psychic Card Club there is a person in green. He is your character in the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokemon.
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Faster card shuffling 100%
Press B if you do not want to wait for the cards to be done shuffling.
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Retry battle 100%
When you have a bad outcome or use a wrong attack in a battle, just turn the system off. This will save the battle, which you can return to and repeat your turn. This is useful when you do not want to lose a Pokemon.
Simply allow your opponent to attack, then turn off the Game Boy.
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Different cards in Challenge Cup 100%
When you are in the Challenge Cup, save the game after defeating the 2nd to the last opponent. After you defeat the opponent and win a card, if it is one that you already have or do not want, shut off the game and continue from the save. You should be at the very last opponent. After you defeat him there will be a different card than the last time. ***
This may be repeated as many times as needed.
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Charizard card 98%
Select the Charmander and Friends deck at the start of the game.

Get different cards from Professor Mason

Save the game before reading the e-mail from Professor Mason. Whenever you get a type of card you do not want, reload the game. The cards will be different when the game is resumed.
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Challenge Cup prizes 98%
Go to the top center of the game map to find the Challenge Cup. You can compete in the Challenge Cup located in the Challenge Hall after you obtain your 3rd and 5th medal. If you battle there, you will get a rare card.
It is hard to get in, because it is usually closed. Keep on visiting after every battle. If you enter, you will fight 3 trainers. The 3rd one will be Ronald if you did not win the game. After you win the game, Ronald will not appear. These are the cards that you can get:
Mewtwo Lv. 60: The one that comes with the Pokemon VHS

Mewtwo Lv. 60: Obtained if you went to the movies

Mew Lv. 8: Game Boy only

Surfing Pikachu Lv. 13: Game Boy only or Japanese card

Surfing Pikachu Lv. 13: Same as above, but a different number

Flying Pikachu Lv. 12: Game Boy only or Japanese card

Ivy Pikachu Lv. 16: Promo #1

Slowpoke Lv. 9: Game Boy only

Jigglypuff Lv.12: Promo #2 (?)

Pikachu Lv. 16: Obtained if you went to the movies

Electabuzz Lv. 20: Obtained at the movies

Super Energy Retrieval: Game Boy only

Defeating the 8 Club Masters

Gene of the Rock Club: Use a grass and water deck

Amy of the Water Club: Use a lightning and fighting deck

Isaac of the Lightning Club: Use a fighting and colorless deck

Nikki of the Grass Club: Use an all fire deck

Rick of the Science Club: Use psychic and lightning deck

Murray of the Psychic Club: Use a psychic and colorless deck

Ken of the Fire Club: Use a water and fighting deck

Mitch of the Fighting Club: Use a psychic and colorless deck

Card Pop! Specials

The following very rare cards are only obtainable in Card Pop!:
Lv.15 Mew HP 50
1. Mystery Attack (Does a random damage or may cause random effect)

Lv.64 Venusaur HP 100
1. Pokemon Power: Solar Power (Cures both Pokemon from an effect)

2. Mega Drain (Does 40 damage, removes damage equal to half of damage of the defending Pokemon)
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Imakuni 98%
Imakuni can be found at either the Science Club, Water Club, Lighting Club and Fighting Club. After you beat him, he will give you 1 of each pack of cards. Each time you beat him, you must save and reload your game to make him appear at either one of the Clubs again. He will not be at the same club as the previous time you met him.
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Finding Mitch's students 98%
In order to fight Mitch of the Fighting Club, you must 1st defeat his 3 students. They are all training at different clubs. Jessica is in the Lightning Club, in the room on the left.
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Imanuki card 98%
Go to each club lounge until you find Imakuni. Now, battle him to get 4 booster packs for each victory. However, he may instead give you his Imakuni card. Repeat this until you have most of the cards needed to build a healthy deck.
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Walk faster 98%
While walking, hold B to move faster.
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Grand Masters victory 98%
When you defeat the Grand Masters, go to the deck machine on the top of the screen before you get the cards to build a strong deck. If you do not do this, the game will proceed to the credits and you will have to battle again.
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More cards from the Grand Masters 96%
After defeating the 4 Grand Masters, go back and fight them again to win more cards.
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Ishihara's disappearance 96%
After you trade Ishihara all the cards she will disappear. Go to the Rock Club and a woman will tell you that Ishihara left.
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Get heads on coin 96%
When the Pikachu coin is spinning right on Pikachu's face, press A. ***
This requires precise timing.
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Ronald 96%
After you defeat the 4 Grand Masters, you will battle Ronald. He got to the cards one step ahead of you. Ronald's deck already has the 4 legendary cards, and thus is difficult to beat. Use Hitmonlee's (Lv. 30) Stretch Kick and knock out Ronald's benched Pokemon one by one. This is best done when he has his Kangaskhan on the arena, because he will need 3 energy cards to retreat. Since this kick does not apply resistance on the benched Pokemon, they can still be hurt even if they have resistance to Hitmonlee (Fighting).
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Ronald's revenge 96%
After you get all 228 cards, go to the Challenge Hall and the last person you battle will be Ronald.
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Booster packs from Professor Mason 96%
Professor Mason will give you a booster pack after every e-mail he sends you.
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Chris is in the Rock Club 96%
in the same room. The last student, Michael, is in the Grass Club just as you walk in. He will be next to the plant. After you defeat them, they will all return to the Fighting Club.
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The Right Decision 96%
If you accidentally made the wrong decision in selecting an attack,don't worry, just simply press A + B + select + start simultaneously and you will be back in the main menu. Choose "Continue Duel" and you will see that it's your turn again.
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Get heads on coin 96%
Press A when the Pikachu coin is spinning right on Pikachu`s face. *** This requires precise timing.
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In-game reset 96%
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play to reset the game.
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Unlimited energy cards 96%
After you defeat the 1st person, go and defeat him again and to get a booster pack full of energy cards. You can repeat this trick as needed.
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Get tails on coin 96%
Just before the opponent's coin is displayed when battling an opponent, press Up. If done correctly, it will land on tails most of the time.
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Free booster pack 95%
To get a free booster pack, go to your PC.
Energy booster pack After getting your own deck, go to Sam and offer to play a real duel.

You will use the same practice deck and the flow of the game will be the same as during the tutorial. If you win, you will get booster pack full of energy.
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Get tails on coin 94%
Press Up just before the opponent`s coin is displayed when battling an opponent. If done correctly, it will land on tails most of the time.
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Saving 69%
Save before you battle. if you lose you can redo the battle.
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Get mail and free enrgy cards 47%
When go 2 a club and talk 2 a club master then go 2 the computer and read your mail you will get info on that club master and you will get a free boster pack with ever mail you recive
By: williamakabubba(18)
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Traider 38%
As you know that a boy in the fire club wants alot of energy cards but then you need to give away alot of energy cards here is a trick that will help you make 4 decks with 59 energy and 1 basic pokemon you,ll lose less energy cards but you still lost them then the boy will tell you about the promo slopoke card PLESE RATE
By: 319oscar(42)
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Pokemon white version 12%
99 rare candies
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