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Pokemon Yellow 291837Way won't it let me catch zapdos on pokemon yellow Answers: 9
Pokemon Yellow 241553How rare is dratini Answers: 8
Pokemon Yellow 294242Where is the card key in sliph co.? Answers: 3
Pokemon Yellow 299553Where do you get the water for the guards Answers: 5
Pokemon Yellow 462467How cane I open gym number 7 ? Answers: 2
Pokemon Yellow 241542Every time I go 2 cimmbar island and go 2 da gym its all ways locked how do I get in to the gym Answers: 6
Pokemon Yellow 285714How do l get into the viridian gym beacause the doors are locked so what do l have to do to unlock them Answers: 3
Pokemon Yellow 304137My Gyarados is level 23 and hasn't learned bite. Why? I used the daycare centre till level 20, it was still Magikarp, I levelled it up to 21 myself and it evolved but still didn't learn bite. Answers: 4
Pokemon Yellow 317529How do I get past the sleeping pokemon Answers: 3
Pokemon Yellow 433716How to get a bycle Answers: 2
Pokemon Yellow 449138I already have my 8 badges and already beat the elite four is there anything else to do after? Answers: 3
Pokemon Yellow 501913What do I do once I've done everything n caught mew two? Answers: 5
Pokemon Yellow 664403Where is tangela Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 938328How can I get my pokemon to evolve fast? Answers: 0
Pokemon Yellow 234601Where can I find the warden's teeth in The Safari Zone? Which zone? Answers: 7
Pokemon Yellow 241546Were is the key in the mansion on cinnbar island Answers: 4
Pokemon Yellow 297094Were is the mansion in cinnabar island is it the one next ot the gym cause I dont know how to open the door for the gym n I have already done the switch on the staue now were do I go Answers: 3
Pokemon Yellow 318101Where is the key for cinnabar gym Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 354852How do I use cut Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 355153Where do we get the TM Sunny Day? Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 391950How to go to saffron city? Answers: 7
Pokemon Yellow 432139Where do you find HM5 in pokemon yellow Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 454905How can i find a way through the victory road? Answers: 1
Pokemon Yellow 461904How do I get into the last gym ... Viridian City the one with the guy that says the owner is never there Answers: 3
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