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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats for GBA
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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

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Warp to World 8 100%
Once you've got 2 warp whistles you can use them both to instantly end up in World 8.
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No More Dry Bones 100%
To make Dry Bones disappear, make him into a pile of bones and the walk across the screen until you can no longer see him. Then go back and he will be gone.
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Special Suit Trick 100%
Go to a mushroom house and pick a chest. If it contains a suit, get a game over. Now select continue. The levels you have beaten will not be reset, only the mushroom houses and the slot machine games. After continuing, go back to the same mushroom house where you've received the suit. No matter what chest you pick, you will always find a copy of the same suit. Repeat this trick to get as many suits as you want.
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Special World Endings 100%
Defeat the Koopaling at the end of an Airship (Worlds 1-7) while wearing either the Frog, Tanooki, or Hammer Bros. suit and receive a special message from the King.
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Lots Of Lives 100%
First go to level 1-2. Go about half-way through the level until there is a pirana plat by some coins in the air. Below the plat there are 2 bricks, smah the one with the P block and smash it. While the coins are bricks, run up and go to the right of the pirana plant. Jump and a 1-Up mushroom will pop up. Quickly grab the mushroom and go into the tunnel. When you come out of the tunnel, do this process over and over until time runs out and you will have a bunch of lives.
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Underwater Shortcut 100%
There is an easy way to win the ship level (after the tank level) in the final world. Just swim under below the ships. Keep pressing A so you won't sink too deep and die.
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Unlock World Selection Screen 100%
Win the game clearing every single level (90 in total). Once Bowser is defeated, save and you will be brought to a World Selection screen where you can jump to any of the 8 worlds. All locked doors will have been unlocked and you can freely visit any stage/bonus stage/castle/etc.
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Magic whistle 100%
On World One, Level One, get a red mushroom, and, if possible, a leaf (Just in case). Jump on top of the white platform. Hold down the down button until you drop behind the white platform. Then run, and don't stop even if you run into an enemy. You can jump if you need to. When you come to the black area, you will go behind it. You will go into a room, where you will see toad, and he will give you the magic whistle. This allows you to go to any of the next 3 worlds.
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Behind-The-Scenes 100%
In most levels, there are multi-colored blocks held up by screws. With the white ones, you can drop behind the scenes to escape enemies or find secret exits by holding down on the d-pad for 5 seconds. In World 1-3 towards the end of the level, drop behind from on top the white block and run behind the black curtain. You will uncover a hidden mushroom house which contains a warp whistle.
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Selecting Worlds and Redoing Levels 100%
Once you've deafeted Bowser, you can select your own world and redo the levels you've beaten in the past, but you can not redo fortesses and castles.
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Finding White Mushroom Houses 100%
If you get enough coins in certain levels, you will find a White Mushroom House back on the map. Here are the minimum amount of coins you need to pick up at the following levels:

World 1, Level 4 -- 44 coins
World 2, Level 2 -- 30 coins
World 3, Level 8 -- 42 coins
World 4, Level 2 -- 22 coins
World 5, Level 5 -- 28 coins
World 6, Level 7 -- 78 coins
World 7, Level 2 -- 42 coins

The White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 7 give you P Wings, while the White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 2, 4, and 6 give you Anchors.
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Secret Room In World 8-2 100%
To find the secret room in world 8-2, go to the 1st sinking sand, go in it and let your self sink. When you at the bottom you will see your self in a secret room with 2 pipes. Both pipes lead to different rooms. After you get out of one of the pipes you just went in, you will end up near the end of the level.
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Roto-Discs 100%
To defeat a Roto-Disc you will need to be wearing a Tanooki Suit. After you have got a Tanooki Suit, find a Roto-Disc and make it so that it is underneath you. Right before it hits you quickly turn into the statue by holding the Down and B button. Once it hits from underneath you as a staue, the Roto-Disc will be defeated. Incase you don't no what a Roto-Disc is, it's the diso balllike enemy that rotates around a metal ball.
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The 3 Magic Whistles: 100%
Here's where all 3 Magic Whistles are located:

Magic Whistle 1: In level 1-3, before the end, there will be multi-colored blocks with screws in them. Jump on the white one and hold down. It will take you behind the scenery. Then keep going to the finish. You will be warped to a room with a Box in it. Open that box to Reveal the 1st Magic Whistle.

Magic Whistle 2: In the 1st Mini-Fortress, After you pass the 1st part and are coming up to the door, make sure you have Leaf Power on, and Get yourself power and Fly above the area of the door. Press up at the end of the Passage, and you will be taken into a room with another Box. Open it to reveal the Second Magic Whistle.

Magic Whistle 3: The final Magic Whistle is located at the end of World 2. Go to the very end of World 2, and in the top right corner, smash a boulder (Make sure you have a Hammer!) and a new Area will be revealed! There will be a Fire Bros. in that area, and you must beat them (There is 2 in the battle) to get the 3rd Magic Whistle
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Life Swapping 100%
This trick is only done on Mario and Luigi Mode. To do this trick find a small m or l on the map screen, press the A button on it and start swapping lives using the controll pad. Then press the B button to get out.
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Secret Warp Whistle In Fortress 1 100%
To do this you need to have a Racoon Suit. Once you have the Racoon Suit, go near the end of the 1st room you appear in. At the end of the room, you should see a door and a Dry Bones. Quickly take out the Dry Bones and go near the door and run so you can fly until you can no longer go up. While you're in the air, keep going right until you end up in a room with a small chest holding a Warp Whistle. Once you have the Warp Whistle you will not have to fight Boom, Boom. (the boss of the fortress)
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Warp Flutes 100%
Warp Flute 1: In world one, level three, go near the end of the level until you see a white block. Step onto this white block and duck, and after a while you will fall behind it. Stay behind the backround while going all the way to the end of the level.

Warp Flute 2: In world one's fortress, go to the area where the ceiling is open (it is just before a door with a skeleton koopa). Make sure you have a raccoon leaf. Fly up above the screen and then move to the end at the right. There should be a hidden doorway.

Warp Flute 3: In world two, go to the top right corner of the map. Use a hammer to break a boulder up there, and then continue to the right to find a hammer brother. Beat him to get the flute.
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Unlimited lives 100%
The game only allows you to have 999 lives but the best way to get the lives is to go to world 1 level 2 and make sure that you have the racoon tail. go to the part where goombas start dropping out of a tube and wait about 5 or 6 to appear. start decending slowly but hold a when you stomped on them. make sure that you don't hit the ground while doing this or you will have to restart.
By: zero56(357)
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Ability with the Full Leaf Power 100%
This is a useful hint.With this suit press Down + the B button to turn into a statue.This is very useful since nothing can hurt you when you are a statue.This is for a limited time but enough to escape from almost anything.....(Except for The LAVA)
By: thereaper05(9)
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Free 1-up 100%
On world 5, when you are going from the clouds to the ground, Do not enter the bottom warp pipe et. Go left, and hit the furthest left block with your tail. It has a 1-up in it.
By: mediumaster(1046)
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Finding The Hidden Flute to warp almost to any World 100%
At the first World Castle obtain a Leaf power. At the end of the first part of the castle DO NOT ENTER THE DOOR. Instead fly across the wall that goes up while pressing the RIGHT button. You will enter a passage which you cant see Mario in. Anyway just keep walking right and when you stop automatically press up. You will enter a hidden door. You will then find a chest containing a Flute.Collecting this also automatically destroys the castle.Then press L and you can warp to World 2, 3, 4. To warp to world 5, 6, 7 you should use the flute in world 3.Very useful trick.
By: thereaper05(9)
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Finishing The Final Fortress in World 8 100%
You need to have at least 5 Fire Flowers and Shell n' Axe Powers.When you meet BOWSER make him smash the blocks right down the middle Area he will die on his third one. Easy to say but tricky to do......
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The Angry Sun 98%
To defeat The Angry Sun, you must be wearing the Hammer Suit. Once you are wearing the Hammer Suit, throw a hammer at The Angry Sun and it will die.
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Many Tanooki Suits 98%
In World 5 (Cloud World), the 1st available mushroom house has a Tanooki Suit. Get it and beat levels until you get to the cloud part of the world by beating the spiral tower. The game offers to save your game. Save it, then get game over. When you continue, you keep the Tanooki Suit you got at the mushroom house, and the mushroom house has returned! All of the other levels remain defeated as well, though the spiral tower remains standing, so you cna beat it and save your game, get game over, and get another Tanooki Suit each time! The suits make good replacements for leaves, mushrooms, and useless items (like music boxes) in your item list. Glitch only works for World 5 due to the ability to win the spiral tower as many times as you want and save after each time.
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Have lots of powerups 67%
When you defeat Bowser,after the credits you can warp to the worlds and in the mushroom houses to get powerups you can get a powerup when you leave the mushroom house it doesn't disappear! You can keep on getting powerups until you cant hold anymore.
By: pokemon27(353)
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Dont die 50%
When your are about to die when you are falling down quickly press start and then press save and quit and you would be at the same place with same lives and you can redo it
By: ljbl(8)
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Glitch: Unlimited Items 46%
Ever wonder about getting alot of Items? Don't wonder anymore. Here's how you do it. Make sure to visit every Mushroom House in one level, and then die until you get a Game Over. Say 'Continue' and all the Mushroom Houses will be back, but they all will have the same items in which you picked last. So, for example, in the first Mushroom Home, before you get a Game Over, you got a Fire Flower. Every box in that Mushroom House will have a Fire Flower. The next Mushroom House you visited will have the last item you got in that certain Home. So, no more complaining about getting Unlimited Items.
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Hints: Unlimited Lives 33%
Alright, First Thing. create a new game and enter world one. Choose Mario & Luigi. Then Deposit Your Lives To luigi then save your game with a one life mario. The second time you play/ load your one life mario game, make mario lose his only life tyhen choose to continue. save your game again and deposit your lives to luigi again. do this as many times asyou can. this cheat also work for unlimited weapons. Do this cheat on world one but make sure you finish all of levels except for the level where you will kill mario and the last level of world one. if you want to finish @ world one, just left one or more space for the P-Wing. good luck!
By: gem115herrera(111)
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