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Power Stone Cheats for DC
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Power Stone DC Cheats

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Power Stone

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View Endings 100%
Page 14 of the Power Stone Collection is viewed after the 1st time you win the game. You can use this to view each character's ending and the credit sequence.
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Other Secrets 100%
To get other secrets in this game,win the game with any character.Beating the game once with any character,opens ONE extra option in the "The World of Power Stone" book (located above the "Arcade" option at the main screen) and the 1st time you win the game, you will also get the "Extra Options" option. To get 2 of the secret options, download the 3 games downloadable at the "WoPS" book. Earn at least 2000 coins in any of the games and you will be treated to a music option and an art book option with exclusive preproduction art work.
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the Final Boss 100%
Win the game without using a continue, on any difficulty level. Now, go into the Collection Menu and go to the 12th page. You will see a picture of the final boss. You can only use him in VS mode, and only one person can choose him per match.
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Kraken 100%
Win the game as every character and Kraken will appear at the character select screen.
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Easy win on final Valgas 100%
To easily beat Final Valgas just go under his armpit and keep on punching or kicking him. he'll shoot missiles at you but you will kill him before he kills you.
submitted by Pedro
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Valgas 100%
Win the game as Kraken and Valgas will appear at the character select screen
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Extra Items 100%
There are 4 extra items in Power Stone. To get each, just win the game with 4 characters. You can get an extending pole, heavy chain gun, ray gun and a shield.
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Copy Save Game File 100%
To copy the save game file for Power Stone from the original VMU to another, boot the game with the save you want copied and then enter a battle with any character. When the battle begins pause and then swap the original VMU with the destination VMU and then quit out from the pause menu. Upon quitting a new save will be written to the same VMU slot with the original intact on the original VMU. This may work with many games as SEGA made VMU's hot-swappable.
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Bonus VMS Games 100%
To obtain 3 VMS games, win the game 5, 6, and 7 times with different characters than the extra items. You should only have 1 character left to win the game with after this. The 3 VMS games you will get include Fokker's Plane Chase, Ayome's Ninja Star Throwing and Gunrock's Slots.
submitted by Foo0IlllI
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the Transformed Valgas 100%
After beating the game with Valgas (after you get him) play versus mode with 2 players and only one player can be the 2nd Valgas(the transformed Valgas)
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Invincibility 100%
Go to extra options (once you win the game with sum1) and turn transformation damage to 0%.When your in a match get 3 jewels and once you transform don't use any attacks just throw things,this way you can not be hit.
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Clean Pause 100%
[Pause Game] and press X + Y.
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Virtual Mode 100%
You get this mode after you obtain Valgas, it is page 5 in the Power Stone Collection. This mode has the camera following behind your character for the whole match. (*** You can win the game this way and see the character's ending, but it will not be saved in the game settings). Just go to the page with this option and hit "A".
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Dual Virtual Battle Mode 100%
Just win the game normally with Valgas to unlock his ending and this mode. This is a Split Screen VS mode using the Virtua Battle system. Just go to the page with this option and hit "A". It is page 6 in the Collection
submitted by Foo0IlllI
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Alternate Colors 100%
To choose another color costume/outfit for your character just hit "B" when selecting them. The "A" button will select their default color.
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Art & Music Museum 100%
First you need the VMU games...Earn 1000 credits - You will receive art museum, Earn 2000 credits - You will receive Music/Sounds from all characters and levels.
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Playing Tip 100%
To do this trick, you need 2 controllers. Every time you are close to dying, START start on the 2nd contorller. Once you win the 2nd player you will have another chance to face your computer opponent. You can do this as many times as you like.
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the Bosses 100%
To play as the Bosses of this game, win the game with each character once. Also, note that beating the game with any character opens up one extra option in "The World of Power Stone" book.
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First Strike 100%
This trick works against everyone except Ayame, Kraken, Ryome, and sometimes Galuda. during a one player game, before the fight starts take a couple steps in your opponents general direction. They should walk toward the whatever object is closest to them. If they did freeze and get ready to jump because they are going to kick it at you. just jump and kick them and look at that, you have 2 stones. This works on any difficulty but is less effective the harder you get. Flacon falls for this every time so practice on him.
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Manipulate the Victory Camera 100%
When you get a victory, you can manipulate the camera using the following:
A: zooms in when pressed, zooms out when released. This can be activated at any victory screen.
X,Y,B - same as A, but only activated after A is pressed.
Digital Pad & Analog Joystick: rotate the camera around the victor.
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