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Wayne Gretzky Hockey Cheats for N64
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Wayne Gretzky Hockey N64 Cheats

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Wayne Gretzky Hockey

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Ads at Options 100%
To get ads at any Options screen, press "Z" for an advertisement that will scroll across the bottom of the screen.

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Non-stop Fighting 100%
This is cool if you just want to fight all the time, because, in fact, you will be fighting every 2nd with this code on. Good to surprise a friend, maybe. During a game, go to the Options menu and highlight fighting. Then hold L (left) and press these C buttons in this order: RLLRBTTBLRRLRL. R=right, L=left, B=bottom, T=top. If you've entered it correctly, a string of zeroes will appear on the bottom of the screen.

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Trades 100%
Upon begining the game, go to Setup, then Options. Hold L down and push DDUUDDRRD (on the C-pad) then go to the Records, and then access Team Stats. Now press the C button up 10 times and a special Modify Teams menu appears. Skip using the analog joystick. Use the D pad to choose 2 teams, and then press A. By pressing A, you can alternate the teams on the left, and by pressing B, you can alternate the teams on the right. Once both names are highlighted, press A to trade. Press Start when you're finished. Like we said in the Super Teams Code, you can not play a full season with the super teams, but you can trade the super team players to regular seasonal teams (for season playing using this technique.

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Disappearing Players 100%
During the face-off before actual gameplay, pause and go to Replay. Make a player flash by pressing the L or R buttons, each time you press another player will be highlighted. While a player is flashing press the "Z" button. He will disappear, and if you want you can make all of the players disappear.

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Bonus Teams 100%
At the options screen, hold L and press C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Left. If you did this right , a "1" should appear on the tenth spot from the left. This will give you extra teams: Williams (I think it is the best), Canada, USA, and the 99ERS.

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Two-Player Practice Mode 100%
You need 2 controllers for this (duh). Make sure they are plugged into the 1st 2 ports when you switch on. From MAIN MENU, move the joystick to Practice mode. Now press A and hold it on both controllers, simultaneously. If you performed the code correctly, when you choose a team,

both player selectors will appear in the left-hand column.
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Adjustable Players 98%
At the options screen, either during the game or at start-up, press and hold one of the C buttons and press R. This brings up 16 zeros at the bottom of the screen. Use the inputs below to alter the players.

Head Scale: Bottom C+R at the options screen.

Body Scale: Left C+R at options screen.

Y Scale:Top C+R at options screen.

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