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Avatar: The Last Airbender Cheats for PS2
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Avatar: The Last Airbender PS2 Cheats

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Maker's last machine 100%
Description: After it stops,attack the sides. You can attack it or wait for it to stop attacking. If you attack it,it will not affect it. When it is done attacking, you must attack the sides. They will turn to red.
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Defeating the FIRE Machine 98%
How to: You must fight the FIRE machine to find Katara. Watch out for the fire bending. You can try running left to right, then right to left. Do this until you see a flashing light near it. When you see it,attack. Hit it with Aang. You can use a Chi attack but a plain attack should work OK, but it takes time. You will have Katara's brother, Saka, fighting with you. This will do double damage. After it has lost one fourth of its HP,it will start throwing fire around. Stay back from this attack. It is no real threat to you or your partner as long as you stay as far back as you can.
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Cheat mode 97%
Description: Select the "Code Entry" option at the "Extras" menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function:
Infinite healthUse "94677" .
Infinite stealthUse "53467" .
Infinite copperUse "23637" .
Infinite ChiUse "24463" .
Double damageUse "34743" .
One-hit dishonorUse "54641" .
All treasure mapsUse "37437" .
Character concept galleryUse "97831" .
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the prison guard 92%
Description: The 1st thing the guard will do is shoot fire balls at you. Don't stop moving and get closer to him. After close enough he will stop and try to hit you with his stick. Take several steps back and let him try to hit you. Move and hit him when he stops. Do this several times. When he kneels down hit him as many times as you can. He will quit fighting. After he gets up, do the same thing again until there is a short intermission. He will then attack you by curling up in a ball and swinging his bat in a figure 8 style on both sides. Hit him after he is done and then repeat this until you defeat him.
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Experience 90%
Description: While in battle you can return later to get more experience.
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Ifinite 77%

health 94677

stealth 53467

copper 23637

chi 24463
By: assassins(176)
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Moon Peaches 55%
To get the moon peaches for Appa you need to search beyond the village and go in the woods. While you're there go into Momo mode and every blue tree you see go to it and you will find 1moon peach each. Find 6 and you have to bring it to Appa with a person(DUH) and you have completed that Quest. )
By: Timothy91295(41)
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Easy Clothes Stealing in the Barracks 50%
When you get inside the barracks building, looking for the short soilders, go to the second floor. In the second room is where they are. Use stealth (works best with infinate stealth) and wait for them to come out of the room and follow them.They will go to the showers and just leave their clothes for you to take.
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Glitch at fire machine 50%
Go all the way to the left you will find some rock covered in snow it is within the monsters range but the rock deflect the fireballs
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Upsidedown Momo Look 40%
When you first enter the Forest Village go straight.You will see a black overhead gate,right past that is a tree (Momo Mode R1+circle) go into the black part of the tree and it will look like momo is flying into space. Then your Momo view is upsidedown. DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE KIDS!!!!!!
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Health 37%
Do heal twice and get unlimited health
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How do i get past the fire machine to get to auppa in level 2? 32%
There will be a rock to the left, hide behind it when the machine attacks ,when its done, run to the machine and hit the front of it.keep doing this until you defeat it!
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