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Privateer Cheats for PC
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Privateer PC Cheats

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Cheats 91%
1.) begin a new game and buy some stuff to a certain amount of credits, eg: 1596cr, 2000 is too usual. Now save the game and go into debug at the privater dir prompt.
2.) You want to look for the hexidecimal number that equals to the credit amount you have. ie: 1596 = 06 3c, but you must flip the numbers like so 06 3c = 3c 06. Search the save file for this string. Once you get to it do the following. (you can find the string you want in at 0:400) Type: ecs:0400 Then hit the space bar until you get to the 1st set of numbers in the string you are looking for. it will look like this 3c., space again and at the 2nd set of numbers type 06.ff (type ff after the period) Then space again, and after the 3rd set of numbers enter 7f after the period. When you are done, press enter to end the edit and then type "w" to write. this will automatically change your string. When you are done with this type "q" and start the game over and enjoy you new life as a filthy rich privateer!!
:-) Just a note, this got me over 8 million credits, more than enough to buy the best the game has to offer in ways of ships, weapons and such. I hope this helps for those needing a little edge in this game!
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Privateer 1.03 cheat for alot of money!!!!!! 50%
Do the following:
The reason I'm giving this to you is that I was tired of doing tiny jobs for hours and hours just to buy little things, about 2 week later of playing. I decided to get into the program and find the money file well I found it so to save you hours of nothing, not including being destroyed time and time again here you go.

1-Go into main privateer file folder (program file.)
2- From there find (New_Game file (about 297 kb in size)).
3-Open it.
4- From there, microsoft word pad will pop up on it's own open that.
5- At the the top you will see Gemini/Troy^2050.0^taursus.begin .
6- The only thing you have to change is the (2050) this is your money to start.
7- Put about $10,000,000.0 do not go over $2 billion, this will freeze your game !
8- Hit save at the top left corner and that is it.
9- Then go into a new privateer game very rich have fun and good luck!
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