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Just Cause Cheats for Xbox
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Just Cause Xbox Cheats

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Just Cause

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Boarding the President's Plane 96%
How to: When flying the jet in the last level, You need to fly over the top of the plane. Try to hover over the front of the plane or one of the wings. Now jump out of the jet and let go. If you do it right,a "Jump to vehicle" icon will appear. Now enter"A" and he will grab on and you will instantly be in the plane.
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Star Wars Bald Eagle Persuader looking Boat 95%
Description: You will see a boat that looks like the Gungan submarine in Star Wars, Episode 1. It is called the Bald Eagle Persuader. It is extremely fast. If you go in a straight line for long enough it will take off and grow wings from the side. When you land, wheels will pop out. It is hard to control. You will see it about one in every 10 visits to the mansion near a safehouse. *** It cycles in the following order: sea, air, land. If you go from the air to the sea it will just explode.
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Taking over sites 93%
How to: You can use this trick when you are taking over a village with the guerrillas. Don't pay any attention to the enemies. Just charge the roadblock. Blow it up using grenades, a rocket launcher, or timed explosives. Blow up ever one and the "Capture enemy flag" will appear. Run to it and press A to win that area. Some villages do not have roadblocks. When a police car with a turret on the back shows up, go in it. Drive down the street and your partner will kill everyone. When instructed, capture the flag. Do not shoot at anyone on your team or they will probably kill you.
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Grapple hook 92%
How to unlock: When you finish level two,you will be able to take over territories. You will get the grapple hook after you take over about 3 of them.
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Dead road bloack and everything else 50%
Find a boxhead helicopter before going into a mission change weapon to missiles shoot at every thing in your way
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Inf ammo 31%
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Infite healt 28%
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