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Tales Of The Abyss Cheats for PS2
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Tales Of The Abyss PS2 Cheats

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Tales Of The Abyss

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Permanently get Asch in your party 100%
How to: In the OverWorld,open the disc tray and remove the game disc while there is no loading going on,then shut the disc tray. Now you can go anywhere in the OverWorld. Put the game disc back and close the disc tray when you get to where you want. Do this trick and you can get Asch on the Albiorl and leave Luke in the Mushroom Road. *** You will lose Luke if you do this.
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Tales Of Symphonia reference 100%
Location: After defeating Mohs in the Radiation Gate,you need to find Daath. Go into the Chapel and chat to the replica 2 times. He will say, Ze:los:Di..ed when you chat to him the 2nd time. He is saying Zelos from Tales Of Symphonia.
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Extra Costumes/Outfits 98%
When you are not in a mission,visit emperor peony the ninth in his chamber and help him retrieve his missing rappig. He will give you a spa ticket for the spa in keterburg. Visit the spa and each character will get a title. Next go to the menu and equip the character with the new title to change cloths. Try to visit the emperor some other time too. You can get other costume/outfit such as the superhero abyss.
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Completion bonuses 98%
Description: You need to finish the game if you want to unlock the Very Hard and Unknown difficulty setting plus "Game Record" and "Sound Test" options at the main menu. You need to start a new game with the cleared game file if you want access to the Grade Shop.
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Reference to Final Fantasy 7 93%
Location: The underworld is called Qlipoth. The Sephiroth are the trees that hold up the over world.
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Tales Of The Abyss 681266Here is my question... can anyone give me the steps and requirements in acquiring the elven bow of natalia... Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 487342How to use mystic artes? Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 743051How to save ion and natalia? Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 833476How to land the airship at Yulia City Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 862611Where do I find anise? Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 909010How do I find tears fonic hymns? Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 926491How can I find nebilim Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 928529How do I obtain lots of Gald without having to beat the game or battle too much? Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 947124Can't get earth cape and wizard hat in Chesedonia. How do I get them? Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 955363How do "search points" work how do I get a random item? Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 958701What do I equip to get 100% more gald, and where do I get it? Answers: 0
Tales Of The Abyss 174201Where can you see asch at in the mushrood road Answers: 3
Tales Of The Abyss 179412How to get all of change cloths Answers: 2
Tales Of The Abyss 176445Urm..i got 3 question.. 1-how to get to mushroom road..when I get close its says HEAVY MIST..plz help me..-) 2-how to get through all the climate,,like heavy mist..thunder..sandstorm..somebody help.. 3-how to get MIUE fire 2..i dont get it..i dont know about flower rose..somebody help..plz! Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 475052Does anyone know where to get the wizard hat for the collection book? I cant get it anywhere Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 147814I talk to the man in Yulia Road and freed him, but I didn't follow him to the rose, now I can't find him there to get mieu fire 2, how else can I get it? Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 241826Hey! I saw Tear using the ancient requiem mystic arte (Van's mystic arte), Jade also uses the big bang mystic arte (Nebilim's mysric arte) in youtube, how did that happen? And, how can Asch and Luke be in the same party? hmmmmmm? Answers: 4
Tales Of The Abyss 78798How to use FOF? Answers: 3
Tales Of The Abyss 154691Why I didn't meet the sword dancer after the choral castle had fallen to Qlipoth? Answers: 1
Tales Of The Abyss 115101What do you get from the sword dancer the last time? Answers: 2
Tales Of The Abyss 144776Where can I find all the catalysts? Answers: 3
Tales Of The Abyss 216874Ok so im going for the Superhero Costumes on the 2nd playthrough....and im at the end of the game so when I talk to the maid near Peonys chamber all she does is talk about the dumb rappigs...why am I not getting the costumes? _-_ Answers: 2
Tales Of The Abyss 80334Where can I do sidequests? Answers: 2
Tales Of The Abyss 96163How do I get more money coz most of the weapons and armors r expensive Answers: 3
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