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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cheats for PS2
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 PS2 Cheats

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Nike sponsorship 98%
Enter JUSTDOIT to unlock all regular Nike items.
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Adidas sponsorship 98%
Enter THREE STRIPES to unlock all regular Adidas items.
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Character building 96%
STEP 1- The easiest way to build your character,s stats to their maximum is to go into TEAM TOUR and spend most of your time unlocking other character,s.TRY to unlock everyone before you try any other modes.I have tried 2 different ways of building my character and this is the way i did things to get my character up to the highest level that i could achieve.By unlocking each character when you beat them you also get the choice of adding them to your team as well as gaining the most points to your stats.Make sure you watch the characters you choose for your team because some have special equipment that can be used with that character ,you can build their stats as well as yours but once you commit a character to your team stick with them. If you do change a team member you will lose any progress with that player and that just hurts you in the long run.It is better for you to use your 1st team member because you get used to the way that character hits the ball and you get through each challenge with ease.Even after you unlock other characters,you cannot add more until certain challenges unlock another slot for your next teammate and by this time your 1st teammate chosen,will have higher stats than most of the characters that you have unlocked by the time your 3rd slot opens.You get the chance to build your characters stats when you see a box pop up after you beat each apponent that asks you if you want to add the character to your team,click yes to go to your team profile. STEP 2-You can now add your 1st teamate and also add your exp. points to your characters abilities and upgrade your equipment.Pay attention when you add stats to your character because you can have up to 10 points max for each of your abilities, here is where you have to decide what you want your character to exceed in because you choose which 3 things your character will be the best at by leaving the 3 you want to have the highest stats on until the end of your character building.You want to leave the 3 choices because when you put the last 3 on they will have a maximum of 11 points. You get more experience doing this than you do in any other choices of game play and by doing this,my stats on my character maxed out on everything in less than half the time it took me on my 1st character,I kid you not.Pga tour gives you pretty good points for your character to "BUT" it takes a lot longer because you have to do all 18 holes of the course to get these points.Another down fall is your character has a very hard time getting the ball to go where you want it because your stats are to low and it makes it very hard to even get birdies let alone a par. The best thing to do after you have unlocked all of the characters is go into the realtime calander in gamemodes to get the rest of your exp. by doing all the challenges.This is better to do before PGA tour because they are all easy to do .Make sure you keep an eye on the skill level of your equipment because everything you use has attributes that inprove your abilities.TRY to find the hightest level possible in the lower left hand corner of everthing you unlock because some are as high as level 4 and will greatly improve your game.Once your character is maxed out you will have a very easy time with the rest of the game,hope you enjoy the game,good luck! TIP - try to max your spin,recovery and luck last if your interested in aces,double eagles,, or even just eagles. You won't regret it!
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Bigfoot in Sahalee 96%
At the 17th green at Sahalee, you can see Bigfoot hiding behind a tree.
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Taylormade sponsorship 59%
By: JB13(17)
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Tiger woods 07 access courses 57%
After much searching I found this sight and the word, proofthis,in small case letters does open access to locked golf courses, kawabunga, thank you cheatmasters.
By: ifldned(20)
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Unlock ALL Courses 57%
Enter Proofthis As A Password to unlock all courses
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07 Passwords 50%
guys are good
mr adams
just shafts
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Max your character. 48%
When you are buying stuff, did you realise that you can TAKE OFF the added bonuses?(Equipment modifiers)...
You get a club with power boost and power, you can take off the power, sould you buy another club, and put it on that....
Buy a Hat, and take off all the luck from everything else, and put it on the hat....
4star "Lucky hat".....
Same with everything else.
Put all your approach bonuses on the same item... say your shirt... that way, if you change clubs for a better set, you dont loose the equipment modifiers...
That way, you get all four on the same item, +10%, quicker.
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Character building 48%
The information in the Character building section below is inncorect, you do not need to wait til the last of Character building to add the stats to the stats you want at 11, infact, that has nothing to do with 11's at all, to gain 11's on your stats, all you need to do is get to 10 in any stat, then by going to the pro shop and buying items with stat bonuses, take the stats from all that you buy and add them to the equipment you use, un till you have 4 of every bonus, ie if you want to have 11 power, gain all xp needed to get to 10, then buy 3 or 4 drivers with power bonuses, remove the bonuses from all the drivers and aply them to the driver you would like to use, when you have 4 power bonus you will have 11 power when you view your stats. do this will all your stats to have all 11, it is not limited to only 3 stats as stated below.( also after adding all the bonus you wont be able to see that you have 11's until you exit from game face, then return in after its saved.) Thanks (Brian)
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Level 3 EA sports Sponsership 46%
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Tigerwoods 45%
Enter the cheat or hints here!cobragear snakking command
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Get Sponsored by NIKE Cheat Code 41%
Go to the Cheats menu within Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and then Enter "justdoit" As A Code and you will unlock this special Nike sponsorship bonus.
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Win 33%
To beat tiger you will hit in the woods on the first shot and he will hit inthe 300 and you be able to beat him.
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 279400I got some sponsorships but how do I earn $$ for them everytime I play? Answers: 3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 300608When I enter the passwords they don't work why is that? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 431358How do you cut and fade the ball Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 475390Can you get unlimited money for tiger woods 07 Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 508671Is there a quick of earning big money Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 231644Everyone keeps talking about team mode having the players and courses unlocked. I entered all the cheats, however there is NO place to click on PGA tour team mode or anything of the sort. How do I play as a team with the stuff unlocked?! PLEAES HELP ASAP! Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 280494Does anybody know where I can get the music from the game? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 304547Pc 2 memory card, delete stored information Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 343401How do I get my power attribute up Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 348442TW 07 PS2 Power Boost issues. I turned off the Hole out assist but I still cannot get power boost to work?. Can anybody help me out? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 359864I can't move on in team tour because I only have 3 players and all the other competitors need 4. How do I continue? Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 361505I can't seem to get my shot to draw or fade with either swing style. I have tw 02, 04, 05, 06, and 07 and have logged hundreds if not thousands of hours. I prefer to use the shape stick as in 06 but on 07 I cannot get the cursor to go side to side. I have tried both styles. even on standard which is supposed to be like the older installments I don't seem to get draw and fade at least like the ones I have become used to on previous years. any help or info would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 405180What is the best Clubs, Irons, Wedges, and Putter to use in the game? Or are they all the same? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 410073How do I turn the shotclock off in 2 player mode? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 418799On Tiger 07 for wii, how do you put more power on for longer puts? Say the hole is 50ft and club only goes 40ft. Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 427409How do I get different equiptmwnt from the pro shop and how do I get there. also can I unlock nickLaus etc. Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 439762Where is the password prompt Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 456888How do you get sponsored Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 462171How do I wager? Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 477350Has anybody else had a problem with the turbo only working a few holes and then it does nothing. I've switched controllers and nothing. Only way it works if you turn off x box and then turn back on. Then it still only works for a few holes. The ball still goes red, but no extra carry on ball. Any ideas? Answers: 2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 498463Where is the cheat screen located Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 499465When you up the ante you can change your options to suite what the task at hand is for that specific event in team tour. The last item in upping the ante is to get you one special equipment modifier, and, alternatively, requires you to do two things, one of which for each given match. When you complete the correct one of these two things for that game you get one special equipment modifier that appears in the screen where you can apply certain equipment modifiers to peices of gear - you can only apply the special ones to certain equipment however, and the only ones I know of are: Putter: Melvin "yosh" Tanigawa Iron: Solita Lopez Driver: Mo Ta'a Vu and you can obtain these only in team tour. Does anyone know if there are other peices of gear that can use special equipment modifiers, or what they do? (they don't control how many times you can use power boost in one match - that is a lie) Answers: 0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 522646How do get sponsorships on tw 07 Answers: 1
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 522712How do I unlock all the courses? Answers: 1
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