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Dragon Fable Cheats for PC
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Dragon Fable PC Cheats

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Dragon Fable

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Easy xp over level 8 only 86%
Go to amitvale and do the moon glow quest when you kill all the mosters you will get 2450 xp.Dragon fable rocks when your a member I will tell you a special cheat if you vote for me CMMOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
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Interesting Way to make money on dragonfable 84%
This method won't give you any experience, but in my opinion gives you much more money than Bounty hunting or other methods for farming gold.
Go to Warlic's Region and talk to Nythera. One of her quests, (the fourth in the quest chain) Potion Mastery, is a short game which takes about a minute to finish. Nythera gives you a junk item that is worth 300-500 gold when sold.
Then in Falconreach, the item(s) can be sold for gold. If you have unlocked Warlic's Reward Shop (in the Save Lymcrest quest chain), it isn't even necessary to travel to Falconreach. The items can be sold there.
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Some Easy Experience: Pumpkin quest 83%
How to: First thing to do is find Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go to Amityvale and then go to the right and keep going until you see the pumpkin sign with a pumpkin field in the rear. Now go in field to start the quest. This quest gives you 2,500+ experience points and a good bit of money. This quest is repeatable.

Another easy experience quest is to go to the right of Amityvale, then go to Yulgar's shop. Just do the mill quest and kill all the Seed Spitters to gain easy experience.
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Rich & Strong Beginners 82%
1.First,go to oaklore.
2.Go to the knight on the left.
3.Do the Sneevil Quests.(This is where the exp and money come in.)
4.Keep doing so till you get a weapon called "Nature's Call".(Essential for another quest.)
5.When you finally got it,go back to Falconreach.
6.Head over to the weapons shop and do the weapons quest.(Quest for Ore.)
7.When you got the required items,you can now make a weapon called:
Nature's Wrath(Sword for Warrior.)Nature's Favor(Dagger for Rogue.)Nature's Force(Staff for Mage.)
8.Now you have the option of keeping a powerful weapon or sell it for 2000 gp!

Hope you liked it.Good Luck and Have Fun!
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Correct Dragon Egg 82%
A lot of cheats have been really off. I will describe the quests fully.

Step 1: A Hero Is Bored. Just beat all the monsters.

Step 2: I suggest Sir Jing's Weapons for leveling in Oaklore. After achieving level 3 report to Rolith. He is on the right when you 1st enter Oaklore. (Level 3 is needed) After talking to him you will be protecting the priestess from a bandit leader named Drakath. After that a tiny creature called a Sneevil runs off with the Black Dragon Box(BDB). After that, you should have a Sir Jing weapon for your class if you have done the Sir Jing quest with the people in the catapult. Sir Vivor and Sir Castic.

Step 3: Go to the little Moglin you saw on the Dragon earlier and that you had the option to punt. He will tell you to see Robina. For a fast way, go to Serenity in the inn and go to map. Click Robina's zone. You will soon be at Robina where a cut scene will occur. Chat to her and do the quests. After that, you will fight Drakath yet again, and he will try to take it afterwards. After, you will find the box empty. The Sneevil will tell you it is at the Dumpsite. Off to Valencia!

Step 4: I suggest inviting people for this one and getting a fire weapon. Try the bandit camp. With Valencia, Robina, and probably Twilly, go to Valencia. Don't use the healing pad. It drains your health. Finally, do her quests and finish up. Go to Warlic. He will tell you to FIND things. I doubt any fighting should be done. Just go where he tells you. Come back with hopefully a water weapon. Face off with the doom kitten with your team. It will hit severe damage so use Defend, Shield, or Smoke. After that, just keep fighting. You will finally have your Dragon Egg at the end of the fight.

Step 5: Choose your egg at the secret cave by talking to Twilly. Don't worry, as since this is part of the main storyline, you can get it after the eighth. I suggest doing this soon, though. If this is too long, go ahead and use the crappy guides I read earlier.
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Tomix is better than Valencia, and anyone who disagrees clearly hasn't used him. 82%
Alot of people think that the duo of artix and valencia is the best, and I admit theyre good, but you could do alot better. To get a character called Tomix. You know how you feel super lucky and happy and tink that she did awesome when valencia does 24-32 dmg? guess what. Tomix is the same level as you no matter what. and has a triple attack. and no monster is his element, so he never heals or does 0 dmg to the enemy. To get the clearly superior Tomix simply go to Ravenloss(go south and then west from the center of Falconreach to see a purple portal next to the warlic statue, just get on the portal and you will be in Ravenloss, where you see Tomix standing next to an archway) talk to him and do the quest "Dusk Alley" and tomix will be in the Friend A slot, and as I said, he has a tripple move attack, commonly doing 10+ more damage than valencia's attack maximum of 32 dmg, each attack in the sequence does at least 10 dmg, so a guaranteed 30, but usualy 42 dmg. His element is evil, and tell me if you see a monster that resists the element evil. he is the same level as you, and matches your health and mana. he has 3 special attacks, attack strength and mana cost going in this order weave(25), cross(50),circle(50). weave does about 50, cross 70, and circle reaching a total of 90 in the past. Tomix is easy to get, and extremely powerful, but if you want to stick with valencias max dmg of 32 instead of tomix's minimum being only 2 less than that, then its your choice.
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How to get partners better than tomix 82%
To get a partner better than tomix, you go to yulgar and do the fire war. when you get to a quest called battleon burns. press invite guest and you'll get two people(xon vralin lvl 36 and cranix lvl16) then you do boss fight. when you are talking with this fire person, press option and press teleport to home town and there, you have them.
By: duke64(118)
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Killing doomkitten (Dragon Egg saga) 82%
I was level 10 when I had finished the saga. Go to Osprey Cove. Then head right. Eventually you will find a paw print( that means a pet shop) go in. For level 10s get the charko. It's the shark thing with the red turtle shell. Dragon Amulet people buy the great white charko. (Even Better)
The doomkitten has a water weakness. Thats why you get the charko. I used the charko and highest it killed on the doomkitten was 36.(Wow, right).
what ever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE ANY DARKNESS THINGS TO TRY TO KILL DOOMKITTEN! You will just heal him and get -whatever you killed him in.
Water is the best element to use. Light barley works and fire sucks. Ice= eh:so so.
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Cheapest shop!! 82%
If you are in falconreach, go to ravenloss.
go 2 times right and go into the card shoppe.
minimum lvl for swords: 14
minimum lvl for capes: 20
minimum lvl for helms: 25 See the video: Cheat Video
Dragon Fable cheat video Cheat Video
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Quick Gold! 81%
Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest "The Well." Just repeat it as much as you want! You will get guardian weapons and some others. They are level 17 and above and give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you do not want for some quick gold.
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Advanced CorDemi Codex 81%
To get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins (if you have any) go to Robina in the Surewould Forest East of Falconreach and get the bounty hunting list off of her. Next, go east again until you get to a crossroads and go north. Then kill all of the Outlaws until you get to a tent. There will be 3 people in it. Kill them all and the quest will be complete. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi Codex as a rare prize, but if not, keep trying!

P.S. When you click on the CorDemi Codex, It transforms into another type of weapon such as a sword or a staff. It's really cool!
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Not a cheat:but GREAT way to get money 81%
How to: Ok go to Amityvale and chat to Thursday:click on ''QUESTS'' and do the Crystal Clear Lake quest. I would recommend you have a fire wep. To aquire a fire wepon save up 500 gold and go to Oaklore and chat to the wepon guy and buy the legendary magma whatever: and do the quest. I got 20K in like 10 hrs.. (yes i DID have a migrain but I have like no patients:) Ok back to the game. Once you've started you might not know the way to beat it. When you start and win the 1st monster go to the next screen and there will be 1 monster and 3 path ways. Take the one to the bottom. Then go right. Then down and you will be at the boss (Lon). You should get a lvl 17 or 20 silver wepon.
The lvl 17 sells for 179g and the lvl 20 sells for 230g.
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How to get a dragon egg without a cheat engine easy 81%
First you do the robina the hood guests then valcenia or whatever her name is then once your are the warlic guests start off,if you want go into the tent he says about then your 1st mission it may say on the top Go! and if on the bottom it will say Back (if it doesnt the do the guest so you get to the 2nd one it will definetly have Back on it)okay since it has back click it,if it takes you back to his talking home page then do what i said in the ( ),then once you click back it will take you to your next mission if you click it again it will do the same the you keep clicking back until it says summoning time! you could either battle or click back and it would have a huge dragon egg on it so then go to twilly by the tree stump and he will say something about a secret cave so click To the secret cave!then you will see the dragon egg.
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Location: Go to the sir jings weapons quest.
How to: Beat all the elementals and get the weapon at the end. Then use it on the sea seapent it does well high attacks#
P.S. Attck the smallest ones first
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Easy 10,000 exp and Gold. 81%
NOTE:Should be Lvl 10 and up.

1.Join up with Valencia,Artix and a pet.
2.Go to Falonreach,go to the portal and go to willoshire.
3.Go to the tower and get all the gems.
4.Unlock the door and once you've finished sell the weapons.

1.Join up with Artix,Valencia and a pet and do Bounty Hunting 5 prizes.
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How To Defeat Guffer 81%
Can't defeat Guffer?Maybe it is because you did not try this:Kill ALL witches and THEN you can kill guffer:If you have little health do not fear of witches=). You go to the LAST witch and stand beside the glowing pumpkin.Then Guffer will hit you with less damage.
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How 2 get easy gold in 2 ways 81%
You can either raid drakaths bandit camp and get so much gold for bounty hunting or go 2 willoshire and do the 4 gem keys quest(automaticly hapens wen u go down a coridor)and u will get high lv weons u can sell from 85 to 270 gold each. {s sincerely demon the guardian s]
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Guide To Finding Quad-Force (Video) 81%
Guide To Finding Quad-Force.

Dragon Fable cheat video Cheat Video
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Moglin Punter Mini-Game cheats 81%
DragonFable Mini game Moglin Punting.
Level. Angle/ Power
1. 46/57
2. 29/81
3. 64/89
4. 72/50
5. 39/75
6. 66/78
7. 65/86
8. 58/100
9. 9/80
10. 33/75
11. 32/85
12. 42/100
13. 86/53
14. 68/54
15. 53/95
16. 31/85
17. 72/54
18. 72/51
19. 12/51
20. 80/65
21. 61/98
22. 40/100
23. 30/100
24. 53/89
25. 86/100
26. 55/55
27. 79/71
28. 55/76
29. 50/100
30. 45/90
31. 82/62
32. 40/80
33. 50/90
34. 63/90
35. 45/85
36. 87/67
37. 83/77
38. 45/80
39. 85/95
40. 85/68
41. 3/100
42. 35/66
43. 78/79
44. 80/60 time it right
45. 80/70 time it right
46. 73/55 time it right
47. 84/52
48. 84/52 time it right
49. 74/73 time it right
50. 83/100 time it right
Bonus 51. 80/100 time it right and be good at the game Pong.
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Easy Experience 81%
Go to Amitvale and chat to Thursday and click on The Path? button, and do the pumpkin patch. If you kepp doing this mission you will get a lot of experience. You get 2500 experience for beating this mission once. PS:: bring a pet, Artix, and Valencia with you
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More staff I.D.# 80%

How to beat the Mummified Dragon:

Here are some I.D#'s that are all really strong(It says: Invite freinds by I.D,click on it)
Lv.40-268987(Has Doom Weapon)
Lv.26-191288(Has Doom Weapon)
Lv.31-2938924(Don't Know if he/She Has Doom weapon)
Lv.30-438423(Has Doom Weapon)
Lv.26-478572(Don't know if He/She has Doom Weapon)

Hope you enjoy!
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Yaga circle 80%
Go to amityvale and talk to thursday and do the yaga quest KILL! all the yagas before you go then the beast will be weak
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Royal Shrinkray 80%
There are 2 known ways to get it:
1.Buy it in Cyresos shop for 45 dragon coins

2. Do the ninja sneevil quest over an over again until you get it
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Sir Ano 80%
Most people join up with Artix and Valencia, But have you joined up with Sir Ano and Artix? To get Sir Ano:
1. Go to Oaklore
2. Talk to the guy right of the gate
3. Start the first quest
4. Teleport to home town, He will be Friend A
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Easy Gold 80%
Go to robina and ask for the bounty hunting list go right there should be 3 ways to go from here go up and you should see the list and how much gold you get from each guy the top guy gives you 600g it takes a long time sometimes but sometimes it doesn't it might help a little bit I got a doom wep. and still have 20,128g.
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Crystal clear lake route 80%
This is a route which i recomend as ive done the crystal clear lake quest 8 times now
1st route
you go south
then west
then south
then west to heal at the healing pad
then go east from the healing pad twice(or only 1s if u didnt go to the healing pad)
then east again
then south and then u will come apon a werewolf
once youve defeted the werewolf u can continue west to complete the quest
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Level up without cheating 80%
In amityvale do the quest for moonglow if your level 8 or higher and kill all monster and you will receive 2540 exp if you kill all monsters!
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Best way to earn doom weapons 17 and up (no cheat) 80%
Ok guys 1st you go to Amityvale this wil probally go faster if your level 17 and up but if you want to then whatever. OK when your at Amityvale do the quest crystal clear lake do it a couple of times untill you have a axe called shining duo you got to be lve 17 to use ok if you have a fire weapon use it against the monsters they are weakened by fire ok then when you get to the boss use the axe called shining duo and you can hit about 326 damage trust me I have then when you get the prize keep on selling it the shop buys the weapons for 128-230 and do the same thing for 2 days and before you know it you will have 28,000 coins trust me i've done it and now I have the twin blades of doom (the doom weapon dagger) and now I have 23,876 coins and the doom weapon dagger well good luck and rate!

p.s have fun killing monsters/people with new doom weapon bye!
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Invite some good friends!!!! 80%
Ash Dragonblade: He will be standing beside the inn in falconreach. Absoloutley the worst character unless you have a dragon amulet and make him one of your acounts and train him.

Robina: a bit better than Ash but still pretty suckish. You can find her in the surewood forest.

Valencia: Decent character. Go right from falconreach until you find a giant golden statue. She will be under it.

artix: Overpowered level three. find him at nercopolis or amitvayle.

Tomix: go to Ravenloss(left of south falconreach.),do one of his quest and invite him, the teleport to hometown. He copies your level and stats, has a bonus stat point of 100! very good.

Riadne:Do all of tomix's quest until you get to one called at the gate. when you get her, teleport to hometown. She also copies your stats.(just like tomix!) Best light type character.

Caravaner: Go to Vetervoche, keep on going frontwards until you see a house with a wheel and a barrel sign on it. Go to the managers office and do the quest then teleports hometown.

Xor Vralin & Cranix: Go to the battleon do the fire war series until a quest called batteon burns invite then, do the boss battle then teleport to hometown. Xor Vralin is level 36! Cranix is only level 16 though.

Aegis: Go to Ravenloss, finish all of tomix's quest. You'll get soul weaver class and Aegis as a friend. You have to wear Soul Weaver armor though. aegis is the second best guest you can invite.

Rolith: you can only invite him if you have a da. He is the best person you can invite. Í'm level 39 and he does around 240 to 360! Isn't that amazing! Get him in Oaklore.
By: duke64(118)
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Getting light, water and steel weapons 80%
Light: go to warlic and do the powerful light weapons quest complete it then go to his shop to buy the weapons.
water: go to aeris battlespire and get 1 trophy you will have novice rank then got to novice shop and buy a water weapon.
steel: go to amityvile and go to thursday then you must complete the crystal lake quest then you will get a steel weapon here is some advice take a fire weapon it will have more effect against the monsters in there

if you want more elementals advice rate this over 75% oh by the way ny name is:

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Good Money and exp 79%
Go to Falconreahc Inn and chat to the woman about the ghosts.
This quest takes about 20 minutes as a lvl 10 and gives 129 gold and 2900 exp
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Easy EXP points 79%
Ok, here's the deal, the easiest way to get exp is not doing the pumpkin patch quest, but doing the ghost in the inn quest in falconreach. I you manage to kill all the undeads, you can get 3020 exp!the pumpkin patch quest only gives you about 2540:so that sucks. the best way to win the quest is to get a "light" weapon from warlic's quests, and add artix as a friend because he can hit high on undead type monsters like spirits and wisps. trust me you will level really, really quick.

ps: if you wanna fight me (i'm level 12) my id is #8345502.
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Money $$$ Money and exp (4 reals no lies) 79%
Ok 1st go to amityvale and do the crystal clear lake quest (bring your best wepon) but dont fight all the monster because only go down and down and go left for a healing area if your on low health and then go right for the wolf and you have full health and its for everyone rouge=brilliant blade lvl 20 mages=rod of reflecition lvl 17 and warriors well most of them will be for warriors so enjoy and please reate
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Free heal 79%
When you are low on health change to a different armor then change back and you will have full health
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Easy experience for levels 1-13 79%
1.Get Valincia
2.Get out your best weapon
3.Get out your best pet (if you dont have one get Twilly or Zorback)
4.Go to Amitivale
5.Get Artix
6.Travel right until you get to a pumpkin patch
7.Do quest

You will get 2540 experience
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VERY easy elemental kill 79%
Use a fire weapon/attack on it!
Okay people if you realy want to know how to kill elemental easyly well if you know that Lighting kills water well ur WRONG,if you look in the eyes of an elemental you will see that like maybe your fighing a water elemental like monsoon elemetal(thats the name)
You will see its eyes are red,so red would mean fire type,so use a fire weapon/attack on it!(IT works exept for the fire elemental its weakness is water) BUT IT WORKS!
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Easy Way to get Pvp Trophy 79%
All you need to do is make a level 1 character in your account but if you dont have a space to create a character in your account you may also create a new account then Create Your Character and Get the Character I.D. Then Click the Character I.D. Button and write the Characters I.D. Of Your Level 1 Character and Now Your Battling Your Level 1 Character so its easy to fight. CONGRATS!
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Very easy exp (reccomended lvl 6+) 79%
Go to Ash and keep on doing the Doomwood quest. The skeletons give alot of exp, and the is a yellow healing spot right where you start. Hope this helps! ;)

P.S. It helps to bring Ash and Artrix with you!
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How to heal yourself in willowshire without exiting 79%
As soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right and there should be a blue flame on the wall got to it and it should heal you
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Quick money 78%
Join up with Artix, Valencia and Zorbak (or Twilly) and do bounty hunting from Robina Hood. You might get a kettle or sumthin" that will be called junk but you can sell it for 500g each.

P.S. Recomended for level 10+
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Tomix in your party 78%
Go to Ravenloss, speak with Tomix (there's no other guy there with white/gray hair and a goatie, i'm sure you'll find'im.. really..) then, pick "quests", not "random quests" but rather the one below it.. after clicking it, there wll be choices of quests that'll show up, choose any quest except the 1st one 'cuz Tomix won't load as your friend in that quest (only 3 quests are available while I'm typing this, other quests are still locked at this time, which means 2 choices, the 2nd one and the 3rd one.. well this part doesn't really matter, 'tis not important.. just continue reading) anyway, continue talking to him by clicking "more" until the screen loads for him(Tomix) to be joining in your team.. and~, there you go, Tomix is now in your party, you can leave there(Ravenloss) with him still in the team.. you don't have to proceed in doing his quest(s) anymore, well it's up to you if you still want to.. (and by the way, for me, Tomix is a more reliable ally, you'll see what I mean..) ---> I kinda submitted this info to other sites.. hehe..
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Best Friends 78%
The best friends are now Tomix and Artix. Tomix hits three time, hitting 10-30 Evil each hit he also has a skill that does up to 60+ Evil damage. Artix hits normally from 5-40 Metal but sometimes he does a 4-hit attack which does 50-200 Metal and he also has a move called Holy it hits from 50-200 Light.

P.S Tomix is found in Ravenloss and Artix is at The Necropolis and Amityvale.

By: AzureFlute(27)
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Easier Money Than Crystal Clear Lake 78%
Ok, to get easier money you will have to finish Nythera's Quest Chain up to the quest called Potion Mastery. Potion Mastery is a easy quest, is just like a memory game. After you finish the quest you will get junk items which you can sell for 300 or 500 gold.

P.S I have one acount and it has both Blinding Light of Destiny (Purified Doom Weapon) and Shadow Reaper of Doom (Doom Weapon) and I also have a Pridemaster which is a pet worth 10,000 gold

Wish I helped =P
By: AzureFlute(27)
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Strong Weapons 78%
Go to artix in falconrige and click QUEST! After you do his quests you will get a strong light weapon, artixs one. It dose 60-100 damege. You should get it. it is awesome. It did 276 the strongest with me and if you sell it you should get more then 5000 gold, GET IT!
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Team for easy fights 78%
Now everyone wants to fight monsters that are stronger than you so you can get up levels faster right?.. well now you can fight them and actually win. all you have to do is go to amityvale and go to the right and enter the cemetary there you will meet artix a very strong and reliable teamate averaging a 9 - 20 hit. thats usually good enough but you can find another companion to help you win those tough battles, valencia is a level 8 who averages a 8 - 18 hit you can find her by beginning at flaconreach and going right all the way down..she is the girl standing infront of the big gold statue.
well I hope this eases your trobles. if you want to check out my charecter he is a level 16 mage and his id is 3826073
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Quick Gold! 78%
How to: Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest called "The Well." Do it again and again, you will get guardian weapons (and others.) They are level 17 and above. The guardian weapons give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you do not want.
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Easy PVP Trophies 78%
Go to aries Battlespire and join a duelist tournament.
Go to battle ID and type in 9812417.
You will face a level one (never been used) FEMALE warrior named MANMAN. Just keep repeating this as many times as you want to. It may take a LONG time but it is worth it!

P.S. If you are a very high level, such as 18, this may not count as a win because it wouldn't be too fair.
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Ways to get gold and xp for low and high levels 77%
first of all, you have to do all the nithera quest, this may take a wile
when you unlock the "potion mastery" quest, its all the job done
u have to do a simon-kinda game, remembering the order of the elements
when you finish the quest, nitherya gives to you a random junk from all the game, these olny are for selling
there are about 7 of them that worth 500 gold, and 2 worth 300 gold, the quest (counting the time to walk to nitherya and the sell time later) its about 60-80 SECONDS (without mistakes)so its like 25000 gold (yes, 25k) per hour
i buy the twin blades of doom, then I purify it and then I buy it again just to have it in the 2 elements... in only 4 hours. so I think this is the best quest in all the game xD
the unique contra is that you dont get any xp for doing this... BUT U GET 500 GOLD!

2)high gold medium xp quest for low lvl (you only need to reach falconreach and you can do this already)
if you have a light weapon, good, if not just use the best (fire dont work well)
travel-->amytivale-->go right-->invite artix as friend b(u only need him)-->come back to left-->talk with thursday-->the path?-->well-->do all the quest using artix´s holy light-->before the boss, another artix will join as your friend a--> beat him using both artix holy light

this quest is quick, gives a razonable amoint of experience, high gold, and the most important thing, every time we get to the boss, artix "a" will refill its mana, so you can do this again and again using only "a" artix´s holy light (u can beat it at lvl 4 (lol))
the weapons sell for like 200 gold, so its great to start

3)high xp low gold quest for medium lvl: (lower levels may have troubles)
if you can, just use the 2 artix trick, other way is artix and valencia (they are the only good friends) in falconreach-->travel-->dr voltabolt´s challenge

u only have to beat the giant robot, it gives you great xp (there´s a 50% chance for the 2 kind of robots, one has more hp, and the other hits you harder)
if you press the button it gives you like twice the xp but also is twise hard, so its your choise

for low levels rogue-warriors I reccomend use smoke-defend-->attack-->distract-stun-->
then keep going as you like, but this gives you a lot of damage recieveng very little

4)medium gold and xp for lvl 18+ with strong light weapon (the best is destiny weapon , te get it you have to do all the quest of artix in necropolis, buy a doom weapon, go to artix and purify it, if not you can just use strong glint -buy it at warlics cristal cave shop- or the strongest light weapon you have) and the 2 artix trick
go to amityvale-->talk with thursday-->the path?-->yaga stone circle
well this is a uncommon quest, we can go directly to the boss witouth any battle... but for every yaga alive, the boss will be one lvl higher. short words, 5 yagas, 5 lvls higher than u, 0 yagas, your lvl. for lower levels kill him is almost impossible witouth kill at least 2, 3 or even 4 yagas. but at lvl 18 with te 2 artix you can win it really easy
first of all, go to the first yaga (the only alone in all the quest), battle her and do your final move (she have 150 hp, and light weackness, she dies :P)
then you go all the way up till the boss (dont fight any more yagas) and fight him
u have to--> smoke-defend-guard(he is stun resistant, dont try to stun him)-->critic attack(final skill)-->rapid-double-attack and he is dead oh, right also use the 2 artix´s holy light on the first turn and then just hit (they do like the 40% of the total damage)
if you kill only the first yaga and the boss you will have 300xp and a weapon sellable for about 200 gold, this quest (killing only the first yaga) is done in about 1 minute, so its good to get xp AND gold
this quest can be done really quick, and when you finish it you apears next to thursday (if you do the way I tell) so you can full heal and do it again really quick

5)oh, sure, the pvp
well, I have the code of a mage lvl 11 with a sword (she cant attack) and -100 bonus to darkness (double damage)
so if you have a doom weapon this is too easy
in pvp, an unfair battle is a battle with someone lower than 10 levels so if you are 14, a lvl 3 is unfair, a lvl 4 no
(this mage works till lvl 21)

well I hope this helps and I dont speak english so sorry for the mistakes I can have
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How to be a necromancer 77%
First invite any friends you like then go to artix and click his quest then click the quest named save moonrigde then defeat all the monsters or undead then if you are done you will have a undead slayer bagde then keep doing it until you have 5 undead slayer badge then if you have 5 undead slayer badge then click again save moonridge quest then you will see "boss fight" then click it then if you defeated the undead one quest will be unlocked if you finished all the quest of artix you will unlocked the necromancer armor then if you want to use the necromancer armor go to artix then click wear necromancer armor if want to unlock all of the necromancers attacks getundead slayer badges the left side of the necromancers attacks are free but the other sides are requiring a DA then have fun with the necromancer armor
By: master81(56)
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How to never die in a battle 77%
Alright do you know how to get the cow and chicken armor. well not in a battle use equip it and then in a battle when your heath is low instead of using the health potion unequip it and you will have full health!
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Money $$$ Money: Well Quest 77%
How to: Just sell level 16 or higher weapons obtained from a repeatable quest. First thing to do is find Ash and ask him about Amityvale, then go Amityvale. Now head to the far right to meet up with a dog. You can skip through the intermission sequence if you want but follow the dog to the well and go down. You will receive cool level 16 and higher weapons on completing this Well quest. You can repeat this quest several times to get these weapons to go sell them. So just repeat until it bores you ;)

You can do the same thing if you are level 9 or higher and just go to Warlic's portal. Head out to the mountains and then go to the right to enter the quest. Same as before you can sell the items gain from completing the quest.
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Have TWO artixs on your team 77%
To get 2 artixs all you have to do is chat to the one in falconreach and add him as friend B it wont work if hes friend A. Now go to the one in amityville and say "team up" and he will be friend A and B.
the one from falconreach will be a little better
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Quik exp. 77%
Things you need:
A firetype sword at any level

1)Starting from Falconreach, go south until you see a statue with 3 people in it

2)A list of missions should appear, if it has, accept the quest: Ice Dragon War

3)Complete the quest and you should get 890 exp or less. If you are very very very lucky, I think you get more the 890 or just 890

Hope this helped :)
By: DarkVoyager(13)
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How to get 3 good helmets 76%
Go to twilly in falconreach go to the mogline punter game code or whatever and type kthxhat!
include the ! 2 of the hats are non DA but 1 of them needs the DA
By: dewi(17)
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GALLONS OF GOLD!(This is not a cheat!) 76%
Do you want to earn gallons and gallons of gold? Then follow my advice.
1) Click travel.
2) Fly the Griffin to "Warlic's Zone".
3)Go to Nytheria the half-dragon girl who is 17 years old and 200 years old in Dragon Years. She has been grounded by her parents for 1000 dragon years. Anyway, help her with all the quests until you reach the one called Potion Mastery.
4)Finish the memory quest and you get a junk item.Don't pass it. It's worthless.
5)Sell it and you will get 500 gold. keep on doing and you will get enough gold to buy a doom wep. And it only takes a minute or so. Hope this helps!
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How to have silver weapons 76%
1.go to Amytivale.
2.go get artix (if you need help).
3.then go see Thursday and click on the path. the crystal clear lake quest.
5.kill the firt monster and go down.
6.beat the second monster and go down again.
7.beat the humanfish and go right.
8.kill the two monster that are in your way and follow the road. will see the boss, his named lon.
10.beat im and go were the flowers are.
11.go on the yellow light and you will get a silver weapon.
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How to level up fast without hacks. 76%
Here is a way to level up your character in Dragon Fable without doing any hacks.
Dragon Fable cheat video Cheat Video
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How to hack more gold 76%
Here is a way to get more gold in Dragon Fable.
Dragon Fable cheat video Cheat Video
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I found a massacre cheat. Be at least level 12, best level 18 and follow the instructions. Make sure you read the WHOLE ENTIRE PASSAGE before you do it or look at another cheat. Some may know this quest from before when they were like level 4 or 5, but it has improved now that you are level 18+. Or 14+. 12-14 may be a little harder. Now, get valencia and artix. If you have unlocked all of warlic's quests, get warlic by doing the quest where you battle xan and instead of doing the quest, when he joins you, click Teleport to home town. But this is advanced. Don't worry if you do not know what the crap I'm talking about.

Go to Oaklore.
Go to Sir Casm.
Explore Ruins.

Do the quest. It gives 12 gold per foe! (for me I am level 23). And 220 exp. The battles do not last more than 7 seconds. I put it on my timer. But, I have shadowreaper of doom, so do not worry if you do it in 10-20 seconds. If it is more than half a minute and the battle's not over yet, do another quest. Make sure you can KO all their hp, cause they can do heavy damage if you aren't aware (for me its about as much damage as I do to them! I wish I had their weapon! Except for tuskmongers. Don't worry if you miss on a tuskmonger.
TRY THIS CHEAT its super fast and in 1 minute I got 1500-2000 exp and 60-70 gold. It will be about twice as less for about level 14 or 13. BBut, TRY IT! TRY IT! TRY IT! If you think its a bad cheat and tried it, it is probably because your level is too low and do another quest before you carry out this massacre cheat. But, TRY IT TRY IT TRY IT please! Try it before you judge it! Rate it, please, comments :)
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Want to be INVISIBLE 76%
2: Let it go untill the part where the face of the black dragon appear
3: Open the "OPTION" then teleport to hometown

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How to get 2 Artixes 76%
Ok 1st off heres what you do and this glitch is not fake,
1. go to falconreach and invite artix in your friend B slot
2. head towards amityvale
3. go to the graveyard and invite artix
do what you want with these 2 unlimited fun right there =P
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People to fight (Battle ID#) 75%
78902-zues (level 9)
78903-deratoga (level 2)
78904-sirren (level 8)
23894-edgemeister (level 9)
76538-eugene (level 8)
89023-sanoska (level 3)
89073-bob (level 1)
89374-sirluxon (level 1)
03234-treyce (level 8)
09782-gidro (level 29)
83045-dude (level 3)
34432-jun (level 3)
09823-deathbringer (level 29)
01000-fallensaint (level 24)
90832-elleke (level 2)
89323-vapo (level 7)
97823-sharpenededge (level 1)
23454-archzon (level 14)
79234-busterblader (level 4)
89034-jron (level 1)
23879-demistic (level 10)
90874-soiree (level 1)
89723-johnny (level 3)
89732-alex (level 4)
80723-benzie (level 5)
84762-fredrick (level 6)
98762-shadow (level 4)
97345-ifgar (level 7)
98753-arother (level 10)
98345-hurley (level 9)
65980-vergil (level 3)
10165980-sneaker (myself)
1005468-nilvil (level 2)
10054286-joker king (joshua)
7834598-rey (level 4)
897632-rigo (level 12)
783459-limmy (level 6)
7823473-khan (level 1)
9876243-sercan (level 1)
087435-montigue (level 1)
7834528-devilofyourheart (level 6)
973452-kumihuuli (level 5)
834583-green wiserd (level 2)
325783-death (level 8)
803458-hhhhh (level 5)
983764-f (level 2)
807345-vaipueemole (level 3)
42623-ivar (level 7)
246345-zeddicias (level 10)
983457-abel (level 4)
356243-sakura (level 1)
387453-amanda (level 2)
236234-smoothtalker (level 5)
234642-kh (level 8)
834562-frank (level 1)
654567-bluo (level 7)
987646-kail (level 5)
432643-huttset (level 5)
432564-kalden (level 8)
543453-dragoonslycool (level 7)
345234-kyle (level 4)
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Gold and Experience Farming 75%
So you know how people are always saying that the Gorgok quest is the best way to farm experience. DON'T listen. Always do the ruins quest. The Vurrmen always give you 11 times your level in experience. Say you're level 3. The Vurrmen will give you 33 experience. Also, with a good weapon, some battles can only take sixteen seconds.

As much as people say you should, do not farm gold off of the bounty hunting quest. Always do the potion mastery quest from Warlic's apprentice. There are no battles and it's a memory game. Also, there is a 4/5 chance you will get a sell item, level 0, that sells for 500 gold anywhere. The other times you get Junk worth 300 gold. All you have to do is memorize the order in which the objects on the shelves glow, then click on them in that order.
By: HippoMan(13)
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BEST party members 75%
Use artix and tomix... they do really good damage. artix sometimes does a really strong special attack about 50 to 250! he uses no mana. tomix does three attacks about 10 to 35 each time.
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Level 7 and up 75%
If you want to have about 600 gold go to amityvale and go to thursday and do the pust called yaga stone circle do it until you get a sword called flamestone blade and flamestone staff and get chillfury then go to a weapon shop and sell them all if you want and you will get over 600 gold

good luck on it and have fun from Nathaniel Fatu
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The easyest way 2 get 2 artixs (insted of using the well method) 75%
Hears an easier way 2 get 2 artixs (if youve got a house) invite artix as friend b then go 2 your hous and buy the artix statue and place it anywere you want click on it then it will give you an artix in slot a im doing this at the moment

ps if you want 2 face me my id is 21524805 (just try and beat me)

pps hope this helps
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Cheat for lvl 29+ 75%
This is a cheat for level29+. Go to Oaklore, go left ans speak to the guys in the catapult. Click 'explore ruins' and keep on using final blow ( warrior ) or any crit skill on the enemy. I can finish it in half a minute with my destiny weapon. If it takes too long, just get a doom weapon and try again. If you are lvl 29, you get 290 or 280 exp per foe, and lvl30 290 or 300 lvl31 300 or 310 etc. but just TRY IT! I am level 29 in 5 days! Just TRY IT!
By: david5436(30)
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Good exp and money 75%

go to amityvale with a good fire weapon and talk to thursday then go on quest then click on crystal clear lake.
the quick route is south, south, east, south.
then you have to kill a wearwolf. do this a couple of times to get a shining duo, keep it. everytime you complete this quest you get a silver weapon wich you can sell for 179-230G


go to oaklore and go west and talk to the guards next to the catapult. click on the ruins and do that quest. each npc you kill it gives the amount of exp of your lvl only with a 0 at the end. eg, I am lvl 35 I get about 350-380exp each 1 I kill. I get around 1500-3000 exp each time and I can 1 hit all of them.
By: me no she(7)
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Good way to get experience 75%
Go to Thursday in Amityvale click quests then goo to the yaga Stone circle.when you get there attack the weird witchs on the side. At the end there is a giant fluffy thing there attack it. Even though it's very hard it gives you good Exp for it
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If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic's portal. Go to the mountains,
then go to right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by
selling weapons. This should give you some good bucks, however you can also use a desired weapon if you want.
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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Cool Ice weapons and XP 75%
Okay first go to amityvale and invite artix as friend B then go to the Well quest. after you get the well quest beat all the monsters there and you will see the boss and artix. the other artix will be a invited as Friend A. Defeat the boss then you will get a cool ice weapon and 2000+ XP. The weapon can be used by lvl 17+ thnx . If you want to fight me my id is 31141477 okay gud luck!
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Easy Destiny weapon fully powered. 75%
K so the easiest way to make money is probably doing Nythera's Potion Mastery quest until you can buy a doom weapon. 28,000 gold is a lot of cash. Then to upgrade it once more, you need purification research materials for 5000 gold in Chaney's shop in the easternmost reaches of the crystal clear lake. However, beyond that you need undead slayer badges. You should play battle for moonridge, and if you are a fully trained death knight just keep using deadly strike, it'll kill anything in 2 turns max! If you're not a death knight, and don't want to become one, just keep using artix's holy strike, and unvite and reinvite him when he run's out of mana. Trust me I have a Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny.
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Mumragon 75%
Do you know sand sea? did you finished the all the quest till the distany tomb which you cant pass the boss with other people if you have a da then you can call people by id or get some other guys like artix or robina NOOOOOOOOOOOO ! JUST GET A PET AND SEE THE WEAK MUMRAGON ITS EASIER WITHOUT FRIENDS ONLY PETS PEOEPLE
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Good Way to earn pvp cups 75%
Go to the pvp place and click on the user id tipe in 100000 and it will pop up with a lev 1 it wont work if your a high lev like me I am lev 41 but it will if your under lev 7 so enjoy
By: bart allen(5)
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How to get wepons of amulet 75%
First I am going to ask you something when you fight in PVP did you notice somebody has a big red fire sword.
I can tell you where to get follow my instruction
Step 1 : go to warlic portal find Warlic and you will see a girl beside hom go to the girl do the first quest while you are doing the quest you will see a statue has a dragon sign on it
open the statue and you will find it
NOTE: you will need a dragon amulet to open the ststue.
And all the wepons cost o gold.
By: galanoth(16)
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Get some levels up![it`s free,trust me] 75%
Before doing this get a pet[ifyou dont have one get twilly]get artix[by going to Amityvale and keep going right]and get valincia[by going to Falcon reach and keep going right].:]

not do this if you are level 6 or under you will get killed by them!.Right go to falconreach and click travel, then click on the broomstick and it will show you places you can go to, choose Dr.Voltabolts, then when you get there ask him for quests, you will be taken to a place with a sign saying"dont ever push"do not push it,it gives them more hp and power.go into the house and a monster will attack you,if you kill it you will get 200-450 exp
By: darkdragon99(7)
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Easy exp. 75%
Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going
until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back.
Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going
until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back.
Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of

Repeat it as many times as desired.
If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar's shop in
Falconreach. Buy the static for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part
with the inn. On the top right of the map, click on "Challenge". You can get a
lot of experience points by doing this.

NOw level up, dude.
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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1. Dr. voltabolts quest when you hit the button for extreme mode!
2. Raiding the bandit camps with the bounty hunters list that you can get from robina
3. If you have a good fire weapon (optional) do the crystal clear lake quest that the girl in amityvale can give you as part of her chain

p.s. if you do her other quests you can shop for her things and sell the for about 100 gold!
By: MrDragon(19)
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Quick exp 75%
For this you have to be a mage. you have to be high enough lvl to use the staff strong luster and the attack mage fury. have artix on your team and do the pumpkin continuously you will get 2540 exp every time if you kill all the enemy's. if meet the above requirements you will be able to win every battle in the first turn but to do that if you are fighting a scarecrow use the normal attack and get artix to use holy strike and that will kill the scarecrow(that will also work on the boss). if you are fighting a raven just do normal attack but if you are versing more than 1 raven or a raven and a scarecrow use mage fury to kill the ravens and get artix to use holy strike to kill the scarecrow.
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As soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right and there
should be a blue flame on the wall got to it and it should heal you
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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Easy Pvp trophies for lvl 11-20 75%
When you arrive at the Pvp place, join a torny. click on enter I.D: 3229609. He's a lvl 15 mage, and all he can do is fizzle,( which does nothing), and heal. The only thing that can hurt you is his pet linus, or whateva its called.
P.S battle me too! my I.D is 20924781. Lvl 18 rouge and bay dragon!
By: Saltpot(1120)
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How to get a paladin amor 75%
First: go to Artix finish the saved moridge quest keep doing and you will get a undead bandage slayer go train it until it is fully train
NOTE!: do not wear the paladin amor until you fully train it
some times it is quite useless the best amor is yur own amor.=)
By: galanoth(16)
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PvP easy win for level 20 or higher DA only 75%
First get a bacon weapon then go to the girl at aeries battlesphere then do fight id then type in 2 you will battle zhoom that has 1005 health and has -350 for bacon. ( I suggest the necromancer armor.)
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2000 exp and 400 gold [ DA only!!] 75%
1. Go to Willoshire
2. Click on " Gorgok?"
3. Summon your dragon and defeat the divairs [ theres about six]
4. You will come across Gorgok theres a quick cut sence
5. Be careful when your fighting him he has like 65 I forgot the rest anyway after you defeat him, you will get this lvl 21 cape it sells for 350 gold!

Keep doing this until you get bored you are going to be so RICH!
by juman52
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Lv20+ best way to level/gain money 75%
Requirements: Have Dragon Mount well trained and DA Min: Lv20 Pref Lv24+

All you gotta do is go to "Osprey Cove" and do the quests until you can do "Somthing fishy" then you kill the "King Bracken" you get 3000xp and 400gold +a weapon wich sells for 150gold, I repeated this over and over got a doom weapon in about 2hours and hit level26 the rewards are the same as all the dragon fights but this guy has the Lowest hp and you have the Highest "Win" chance....

Aka: easy 3000xp and 550g per kill
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Best gold farming 75%
If you want good gold this quest gives you 300-500 gold everytime
you go to travel: warlics zone
then go go to nynthera's quest choose potion mastery
you need a good memory
once your done you get 0 xp and 0 gold
nut it gives you a junk item that sells for 300 or 500 gold
By: flame lord(10)
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How to get the dragon egg step by step 75%
1.follow pritress then kill the gorillaphant.
2.then kill drakhath(or anything you spell his name)
3.level up to doing some quests
4.then kill the see serpent(u need a strong weapon you can got them at sir jing's weapon quests)
5.go to falconreach
6.then go to robina's zone(u can find this location name at the book) her quests
8.go to valencia do her dragon quests
9.then warlic's zone:(u can find this location at book)
warlic's tent:
just a cutscene
the tome:
fight with the monsters but you need a strong light weapon for easily kill the boss(u can invite artix and tomix for help)(how to get tomix:
scelect any of tomix quest not the 1st then when he come to your party go to warlic's zone)
bag of fire yarn:
stand outside of the warlic's tent then walk little left but make sure you r not going to another place then walk up and up then right and adventure there but go to the left street half of adventure
go right then up then right and you will standing front of earth cave
you're all wet:
go right then go down then left and pick the bag
ol' wind bag:
go to fire cave but don't go right go left and look under the floating cave(left side) and pick up the bag it look like the bag of salmon
the summoning:
there you will fight with the doomkitten but make sure you have artix & tomix because he is so dangerous
the egg:
warlic will give you the egg this time. with the little red moglin twilly.
11.go to the secret cave and put and customize your egg with twilly again and click the hatching last go to lady celestia and do anything you want
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Elemental adv 75%
Use a fire weapon/attack on it! Okay people if you realy want to know how to kill
elemental easyly well if you know that Lighting kills water well your WRONG,if you look
in the eyes of an elemental you will see that like maybe your fighing a water elemental
like monsoon elemetal(thats the name) You will see its eyes are red,so red would mean fire
type,so use a fire weapon/attack on it!
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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Easy Chaos Weaver Baubles (NO CHEATS) 75%
This has got to be the simplest thing ever to get tons of chaos weaver baubles all you have to do is load the war in Ravenloss and play the catapult challenge and fight Embodiments or Chaos Weavers and you get loads of them without entering the battle field and you can go to Pellow Village and exchange them for things from Murduk and he will give you soul weaver items for shards of the spirit loom and that is how to get easy and good items
By: furrycactus(19)
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Best gold and xp. tips 75%
1. do some amityville quests like moongloween forging and crystal lake and the yaga stone circle. You will get a nice weapon that can be sold for 150 gold too.
2.go to sunbreeze grove and talk with lady celestia. go to dragon training and fight kanu's(200-250xp) then fight togzilla(500xp).
3. Travel to dr.zolbats and fight his macheins. you get some great xp there.
4 also do the haunted castle at amityville with artix incredibly good xp.(sort of long and you get doom essence)
5. at osprey cove and shadow of the wind and sandsea, finish the story line you can fight a monster bss that can give you 5000 xp!(note almost impossible if your dragon is not fully trained/hard in genral)

1. Ballyhoo gives out heaps of gold to look at sponser videos.(gold varies at every 10 lvls
10-100gp, 20-200gp.30-300gp etc.)
2. bounty hunting helps alot too. travel to robinas zone talk to her and get the bounty list. travel to the bandit camp and fight bandits. once you find thier tent you will fight a boss worth 50-600gp varies.
3. doing certain quests can resault in a nice weapon drop worth a nice price. mostly yaga stone circle and crystal clear lake quests do nicely.
4.comeing across junk items help they sell nicely.
5. And finally the absolute best way to get money, go to warlics zone and talk to his apprentice. their is a quest called potion mastery. you have to do some other quests to get to it but what hapens is its a memory game. their are 4 lvls. the ingridients on the shelves light up in a order, after that you must reapeat the order that they glowed. lvl 1=3 glows, lvl 2= 4 glows 3= 5 glows= 6 glows. luckily for every lvl you get right you will recive a second chance. so if you loose a lvl you can retry. after the quest you will recive a junk item woth 300 gp or 500 gp every time! quest can take up to 3 minutes if your fast and carefull.(300-500gp every 3 min.!)

My account

i am a rouge named killer(lvl 28) I have finished all the story lines at cities. I have every class fully trained,my dragon is fully trained. I have the 2 best weapons in the game for my class, The legendary doom and destiny daggers fully health is 900 and my mana is 560. my ID is 107495. challenge me if you dare and I will garuntee you will never forget the day you fought me...........good luck..........
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Important truth 75%
Most people say that artix and valencia are the best, THEY ARE WRONG, and you will only do that if you are lazy. this requires little more extra work than getting artix. all you have to do I go to ravenloss(down and to the left from the center of falconreach) and talk to tomix. do the "dusk alley" quest, and tomix will be in your party. he has a great tripple attack that usualy does 40 damage, AS HIS NORMAL ATTACK. the other person is up to you, I usualy take artix for his holy, but you can take whoever you want, just DONT FORGET TOMIX
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Two attacks for Teen Dragons (dragon amulet only) 75%
If you have grown your dragon for 10,000 get someone as guest 1, then go into battle with your dragon as your pet, when you attack and you dragon does it will be your guests turn, on there turn click on your dragon amulet and click summon pet dragon then click summon guest Dragon then attack with your guest and after they attack your dragon will be able to attack as your guest.
By: fearshinobi(5)
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Get 300-500 gold easy quest 75%
Go to warlic zone talk with the girl do quest potion mastery.After the mission you will get a item worth 300-500 gold.Sell the weapon then you will get 300-500 gold no need fight.
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How to level faster without dragon amulet 75%
Go to atmityvale,then click thursday and click the path,choose pumpkin patch, play it until you gained bigger exp.
By: michael santos(4)
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Get other pets other than moglins and draco 75%
Go to pet shops but sometimes you can upgrade them like an ordinary linus can be upgraded in to a king linus or more but it requires some items
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Get Tomix in your party!!! 75%
Go to raveloss then talk to Tomix then go on a ravenloss quest then
click on the options button then click teleport to hometown
note:only works the Dusk Alley & Weaving quests.
By: DarkShadow2000(4)
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Gold! 75%
Go to nythera and do the potion mastery quest. The item you get sells for 300-500 gold
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Fastest Gold in Dragonfable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 75%
1st, go 2 yer quest log
2nd, click on Ballyhoo
3rd, click on view ad
how much gold she gives you depends
on how high a level you are.
i'm level 20 and she gives me like 184 gold per ad
hope this helps!
p.s. my id is 44598423
p.p.s. just try to beat me
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Strong IDs 75%
268987- element- ice
191288- element- light
2938924- element- fire
438423- element- darkness
478572- element- light

heres some fun for the da owners
Rolith- 35
Zhoom- 2
Artix- 22

my ID is 44598423
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First go to warlics zone
second talk to that girl next to warlic
third unlock the quest called potion mastery or somthing
forth beat the quest
fifth sell the item you get

                                  IT SELLS FOR 500 COINS OR 300 COINS I DID IT NOW I HAVE 2 DOOMWEPONS AND 23452 COINS!
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Good items 74%
To get awesome Items you must be level 13 or more [works for any class] Go to your
hometown in falconreach. If you people dont know where it is you will find it when you
log on. Go to place where you heal, where serenity is. Go to her and click talk then clik
on ghosts and then clik on investigate.Do the quest with the ghosts and beat every single
monster there or else if you skip some it wont work. After you beat the last guy go on
the yellow place and you will get 3000+exeperience and 135+ gold then you will get awesome
items that help you get protected in battle and awesome swords ,daggers, and staffs .
And the easier way to beat that ghost quest is if you have a strong weapon like the superior shimmer which is a strong light weapon for players of 20 and up. You get that weapon from warlic after you have beated his quest and have the crystal shard.
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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The Hunt for Greg : awsome temp weapon 74%
ONLY people lv 20 or above should do this. Go to the 6th floor (the quest) in the Lymcrest Labyrinth. Try to find the way and you will get to the 10th floor boss room. Go to the red wall. Then you will have a conversation with Greg. Talk,talk,talk... and then he dissapear. Now the objective is to find him in 10 quest around LORE which means EVERYWHERE!
1: The Worst Prank Ever ( Sir Prize at Oaklore)
2: Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star (Warlic's Region
3: What's mine is mine( Warlic: Random quest)
4: Reagent Search ( Reens)
5: Save the Mill ( somewhere in surewould forest)
6: Well, Well, Well ( amityvale)
7: The Mollo Tree (Sir Vey: talk to sir valance, finish all his quest)
8: The Traitor ( Sek-Duat XV's Palace, finish The Dynasty Tomb: Zhoom's Quest chain)
9: Noxus Fumes (Artix's quest chain in necropolis)
10: Stocking the Shelves ( Nythera's quest chain: Warlic's Region)

finish all and then RETURN BACK TO that hidden room again where you had a talk for Foam Rolith's Hammer lv 1 dmg:69-71 element: metal. If you want greg as a pet wait and I will post something else.
By: Bii(227)
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Quest walkthourgh 73%
The first quest to help is the save of need artix and your own dragon pet in light elemental.then battle the boss.the boss name arqua his weaknees is light,be sure to have some good light weapond like the weapond from the quest of warlic buy to 100 then battle not put extreme mode you will lose even with dragon amulet.then just attack him do not fear.but be a lv 9 or more then lv 10. next the powerful one, be a lv 14 mage rogue or warrior with artix and your dragon light alway atck if you have lower hp use potion(just train your potion in the potion shop)they give you an item lv 35.cost 12 if you sell it.then the skeleton,be sure to have plenty of lv and have artix and your dragon and your poweful light weapond.then battle some flying ball then see the custine then heal yourself and battle.(WARNING WARNING, you have 9 turn before he kill you. just atk not powering your atk not let him sleep and dont stun him just waste of turn.and that all.(i will make more cheat tomorrow)
By: picolou123123(13)
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Easy lv 17 + weapons 73%
Equip a pet and some friends first of all!Then just go to amityville,go right,go right again,go right again past the pumpkin patch quest,keep going right until you get to a split path and go along the bottom one and you will meet a little dog called diamyo which will take you to a well.At the well speak to artix and go inside.Keep going right defeating all of the undead and at the end you will see artix with a undead monster.Simply defeat the monster and you will get a lv.17+ weapon!The quest will give you 30 gold and 570 exp.P.S if you want 2 battle me me my id is 18594454 and I am lv...... [submitted by connor sam otoole]
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Fast money and good weps 73%
First go to amityvale and do the crystal clear lake and bring a fire wep and kill the the first monster and go down and kill that monster and keep going down until you see the lagoon goon in the middle of the path and after you defeat him go right and kill those 2 monsters and go down and kill Lon and you will have pretty good weps and if you dont like them sell them
By: dfhelper(10)
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Easy fight with a lvl 40 in PvP Arena 73%
Here's a lvl 40 Warrior with nothing equipped on him, anyone would get an Arena Trophy winning against him:16758962
You can probably beat him if you are a lvl 10+ any class and equip a pretty good weapon
By: Warclock(25)
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Easy exp 73%
Ok you guys first need to go tofalconreach.get your best friends like artix and tomix.then go down and again go down. you will see a warrior,mage and a the quest ice dragon war{if you are level 17 or above and have a fire weapon}

Have fun!
By: aryanrawlani01(18)
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Quick Gold! *Dragon Fable* 73%
Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest called "The Well." Do it again and again, you will get guardian weapons (and others.) They are level 17 and above. The guardian weapons give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you don't want.
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Best place to train (Level 20-30) (DA ONLY!!!!) 73%
Okay first go to ospray cove and talk to Rhubarb do his quest chain and do Somethings fishy titan battle on your dragon it will give you 3001 XP and 400 gold DO NOT fight selpechure you will get OWNED Just do somethings fishy over and over.
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Good Money and "ok" Exp (Dragonlord Only) 73%
For this Quest you have to be a Dragonlord with most of the dragons skills. Go to willowshire and click on "Gorgok" you will be taken to a cave and you have to summon your dragon. Just kill your way through all of the Dravir's, then face of against Gorgok the dragon. If you kill him, you will get 2000xp and 400gp.

Oh and my ID is: 12717311
Weapon: Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny
Cape: Ghostly Green Cape
Necklace: Gorgok's Scale
Belt: Dragon Molt
Pet: Braydenball (AWESOME PET!)

hope I helped :D
By: bacon2477(9)
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How to unlock exp 2000+ 73%
Goto amityvale and goto the weapon shop do the quest for moonglow
defeat all enemy and you have 2000+ exp
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Temporary frozenclaymore 73%
Ok,first you need to go to Yuglar's shop and fight akriloth but when you are in the quest you must click runaway.
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How to get good friends. 73%
Ash: Go to Falconreach and Ash will be standing beside the inn.
Robina: Go to Surewood forest and invite her.
Artix:Amityvale or Nercropolis.
Zhoom: Go to Sandsea, do all of Zhoom's quest until Sek Duat lives again. Then you'll have him as a helper. And then go to option and teleport to hometown.
Warlic: Go to warlic's zone then do save Lyncrest(You'll need 10 elemental essence to unlock it.) Do it until Xan's Foretress. Then you'll have him as a guest. Then teleport to hometown.
Xor Vralin VII and Cranix: go to fire war and do it until Battleon Burns. Then press invite guest. Then do boss battle. press teleport to home town and you'll have them.
Tomix: Do any of his quest then telport to hometown.
Riadne: Do Tomix's quest at the gate and then do it until they appear as their guest. Then teleport to hometown.
Aegis: Unlock Soulweaver class and then invite him.
By: duke64(118)
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The Most Experience! 73%
Okay, ignore what everyone says about the pumpkins or ghosts at the inn being the best way to get experience. the best way is to actually get alchemy ingredients to level up your hp potions. when you go in to collect, gather your ingredients then fight every single creature in there (including ambush creatures). I did this, and got 5577 experience. give it a go! (i am not 100% sure this works for the exact amount, but it is always very high)
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Good Weapons lvl. 20-35 73%
1st, go invite Rolith (DA only) or Tomix and Artix.
2nd, go to Amityvale.
3rd, go to Zorback. He's a little blue moglin, standing by the fountain.
4th, do his quests.
They're pretty easy. Just bring a good light weapon.
P.S. The weapons you get from the quests will most likely
be darkness weapons. They won't sell forvery much gold.
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High exp for high lv 72%
Do the Haunted Castle quest in Amityvale. Do all of the rooms. By the time the quest is
finished, you should have about 8100 EXP acquired from that single quest.
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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Need An Ice Weapon Fast And Two Artix At The Same Time? 71%
Go to Amytivale and go right add Artix as friend B the keep going right until you see a fork path you will get two Artix and a Lv 15+ ice weapon (Some of them are for DA holders but some aren't so if it is a DA weapon that means it has purple writing sell it and do it again!

Hope it helps

My battle ID is 15389805 (I'm Lv 25) Enjoy!
By: ZaxtarRox(55)
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How to get 8000+ exp and 400+ gold for real and without cheating(DA ONLY) 71%
Ok listen up fellow Dragonlords,if you want 8k+ exp and 400 + gold then do the following:
1.Go to Artix and Amityvale
2.Do the "Haunted Castle" Quest
3.By the end of quest,u get 8k exp and 400gold.U also get unlucky doom essence!

NOTE:I recommend you to be a high-level character.(I'm level 31)Make sure you invite friends especially Artix.Also,get a good light weapon and temporarily change your dragons element to light.
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Easy money 2 ways 71%
If you have a dragon and a dragon ammy go to willow shire and fight gorgok elementalize your dragon to energy or wind

if you don't have a dragon ammy go to warlics portal talk to the girl there and do the quest potion whatever and sell the item they sell for 300 and if you do good you can get 500 coins
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Password - Moglin password 71%
Go talk to Twilly and at the botton-right corner is the minigame prizes.

By: rhandy344(276)
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Plot spoiler bag answer 71%
O.K go too warlics zone then go too water fall (need D.A.) go too the cross road (looks like this>- ) go up go to bag and it says R_bi_m_g_t_ea_r_i_nc_e_s_s! it actually says Robina might be a princess!
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Easy way to win in pvp 71%
Do you want to easily win a PVP trophy in Aeris Battlespire? All you have to do is just copy down your ID! ( You can see it by clicking on your name space at the bottom... it will show your ID at the bottom right corner!) Then, you do a Duelist Fight. Click on " Battle ID" and type in your character ID! You'll end up fighting yourself... equipped with only normal weapons!
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Best Friends 71%
Some hints say to get friends like ash and Artix, or Robinia and Valncia. WELL DONT LISTEN TO THEM!!! Always make your friends Artix and Valncia are the best. They both have a special and i have proof of their strengh.
Proof for Artix: Artix has hit a 94 for me, and a 162 for my friend!!!
Proof for Valincia: she hits 8 to 20 for me with an occasional 32!
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Well it works on all guest 71%
Well you see I was on this really hard qesut when I found out I was gunna lose ...
and then I (somehow) beat the monster but artix was dead. so ... in the next battle artix had 0 hp but can still fight... so just ssaying that you can still fight with the undead :)
By: darrenyau(12)
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Stronger friends to equip 71%
If you really want to win than you better need tomix and artix. To make tomix a friend you have to do the first quest, well you really need to have artix the first quest, after completing it. Then do second quest the weaver one then tomix will be atomatically equiped as a friend and then you leave the quest. So tomix will be on your side and the best part is that he is level 11(500 life metre) he also looks cool in fighting stuff and his hit points are about 50 or something. Bythe way if you really want create a character then choose rogue or warrior class and thats the best it has been offered.
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Soul weaver and Technomancer knowledge 71%
Soul Weaver: You have to complete all of tomix's quest to get it. If you unlock it, you can also get this very very epic friend called Aegis. 2nd best guest you can get. Soul Weaver relys on tons and tons of mana, so you should train your wisdom stat at captain rolith. But it is one of the best class!

Technomancer: Absoloutley the epicest class I ever had!You have to be at least level 30 to get it. go to Popsproket and talk to Yix. He says you will need a charged tog or something like that to unlock it. Technomancer has this this epic move called mana grenade, It delts damage based on how many mana you have. so I also recommand you to have have high mana to use it.

Both classes do not need a da, so I wish they come in handy!
By: duke64(118)
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How to beat Akriloth 71%
1. Do the Fire War quests ahead of Akriloth.
(there are 2 quests called Akriloth. I mean the
2nd one.)
2. when you click the quest, you will talk, talk, talk, and then
it will give you a bunch of options. click invite friends by id.
3. type in the 1st slot 268987. a character named farmboy
will show up as a friend. his element is ice (Akriloth's weakness)
and he's level 70. he's also a soulweaver. (soulweavers are very
Hope this helped
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Full health 70%
If you have a Dragon Amulet, buy the Chicken Cow Armor. Whenever you are low on
health in a quest and you do not know when the next heal pad is, equip the armor
then unequip it. You will have full heath. Do not forget to equip your weapon and
other items again. This does not work during a fight.
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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Easy EXP!!!! 70%
If you have a DA(dragon Amulet) and have a dragon go to Lady Celestia and click on dragon rider then dragon training(level 10+) and fight all the kaijus. You dont have fight the boss if you dont want to(if you do beet him he will give you an upgrade for your dragon) go to him and run away. Just do this over and over again. I have got up 8 level doing this. Happy Training!
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Level up 69%
Go to amityvale go to the pumkin patch quest
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Moglin Punting Password 68%
Go to Falconreach (if you arn't there) talk to Twilly and click Minigame Prizes and in the password thing type in kthxHat! yes you NEED to put in the ! also.

-Twilly punting Hat
-Twig Punting Hat
-Zorbak Punting hat

they're all for free! Wear them!
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1000 gold and exp! 67%
Heres a way to get 1000 gold and lots of exp

1.go to dr.voltabolt and fight his monsters

2.keep battling his monsters until you get 10 scrap metal

3.once you have 10 metal create a clockwork tog

4.then sell your tog and you will get 1000 gold for it!

After you do all of that you will have 1000 more gold and lots of exp!

P.S. bring a powerful friend like Artix
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High hit hint 67%
You need a chickencow armor.When you got a chickencow armor equip it and use the skill chicker(not the runaway chicker)and you deal 12 hits.Each hit does 20-23 dmg.If you hit all hits then you are damaged enemy with 200-300 dmg
By: cheat5000(7)
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Zhoom As Your Partner 67%
First go to The Sandsea and talk to Zhoom and do the quest Sek-Duat Lives Again. Fight the Sunspikes and Anubis Knights unti you get to Sek-Duat. When he is finished talking and you are finished gagging from his horrible face then click RUN AWAY on the screen. I know that it will take a while but it is worth it to have Zhoom and his pet Zixcy on your side.

p.s. Zhoom is better than the new Artix
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You must do this 67%
( Rec.lvl 6+if warrior)(lvl 7+rogue)(lvl 9+mage) Heres a good glitch. Go to Artix in
Amityvale and talk to him. invite him so hes on your team then go to the far right, when
u come to a fork in the road take the bottom path and will enter a quest.a dog will come
and talk to u. you will have to go save Artix, after you fight a bunch of lv.19undead you
will find artix next to a boss(dont forget to go through doors to get potions) when you
fight the boss you will have 2 artix on your team to fight with. after you defeat the boss you
will go back to town and you will still have 2 artix on your team. have fun and try out
adventure quest and mechquest. )
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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XANS WEAPONS+money+xp 67%
1. First get a water or ice weapon
2. get a dragon amulet and make dragon element ice
3. get to level 27(easier)
31/2. unlock all big dragon skills
4. do warlics random quest 10 times
5. go to other quests then save lymcrest and unlock 1st quest
6. once you get to the end? quest beat all the little dudes then battle XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN(titan version) he does 300-400 damage fire and does a 3 or 2 hit attack
7. CONGRATS! You beat XXXAAANNN. if youre a warrior get Xans Revenge mage Flaming skullstaff rogue Jaanizs Blades
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Quick xp 67%
Ok.If your level is 16 and up,take Artix and Ash with you than go to oaklore,go to the left,talk to the guy with the cannon and do the quest
ruins.The higher level you r the more xp you will get how it works:)
By: Dandy guy27(14)
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Password for twillies mini game 67%
The password to Twillies mini-game prizes is "kThxhat!".
By: gamerstormz67(5234)
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How to get sir ano as a partner 67%
(To get sir ano you have to be level 10 or higher) to get him you have to go on any of his quests and then abandoned the quest when you abandoned the quest he should be your partner
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How to do easy money!! 67%
The first thing you need to do is to is get the natures call you can found it in ani of snevil quest then go to battleon and change it for a Nature's Wrath(Sword for Warrior.)Nature's Favor(Dagger for Rogue.) or Nature's Force(Staff for Mage.) the you sell it and taaadaa you have 2000gp in you bag
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How to kill the mummified dragon in the sandsea 67%
U need a powerful dark wep and dont bring any guest but you can have a pet. when you have guest the dragon has about 5445 healt. but with out guest only 1123 health.
By: cooly2(21)
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Where to get "Ninja Amour" 67%
Go to "Shadow of the wind village" (Make sure you have 3500 gold$$$) then go to the weapon shop and buy the "Forbidden Scrolls" then go to Tython (Ninja Standing near weapon shop) and click "Become Ninja" then click "Give Tython Scrolls" then keep doing his random quests and get wind scrolls to unlock the skills then click wear ninja amour!

Hope it helps!

My Battle ID is 15389805 (I'm Lv 24) ENJOY!
By: ZaxtarRox(55)
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Quest the pit 67%
Hi guys and gals!I want to tell you something about dragonfable.first you go to amityvale talk to thursday click quest.Then click the pit.when you do find all of the red roses and when you do go to the wall that you see at the begining go to it and it will give you a weapon.I hope you like your weapon.oh and if you guys want to battle me my battle number is 12344380.good luck I am level 32 and have a dragon amulet
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10,000 doom wep easy :) 67%
Ok you will need dragon amulet and cheat engine ok do the nan in cheat engine then go to necropilis and beat every quest then do extra credit it only takes fivteen seconds to win and you get 3001 exp and 400 gold do the math in about 12 min or more its hello doom wep custon armour or anything that is expencive
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How to level up easily from lv8 to lv20 67%
First thing,is that you must have patience.REALLY!
Then do all the quests for Artix.
you know the man standing in the place called necropolis.
OK.when you reach a certain quest which you find really hard,Just do the quests which are easy for you.
the best quest is the 4TH & the 8TH one.
Each time you win you win you get 1990 exp &570 G for the first one that I have written & 2343 exp & 487 G for the second.

9500+12344=21844exp & 4533+2143=6676.
By: troin(2)
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Funny Cutscene 67%
Finish the FireWar quest chain in battleon up to Final Battle!. During the first talking part, go slowly and when Cysero said "I have a sponge" click on his head. Now you will see a very funny cutscene of him, saying I wanna _____. Fill this up by yourself :)

By: Bii(227)
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Easy Money and Exp for Dragon Amulet Owners 67%
If you need a fast and easy way to get money and Exp (like I did) this is the right strategy for you. First if you don't have a Dargon Amulet please dont waste your time to read this. SO the first thing you need to do is go to Osprey Cove and click on Quests (NOT on Random Quests). Then if you didnt finish the Chain of Quests, complete them all ( the last official quest is Red Betty's Spell). After you completed the quests two opptional quests will be avaliable, so click on Something Fishy. Once you click it a small secne will be shown. Then it will ask if you want to fight it so click Summon Dragon and then click Fight. It's a pretty easy titan fight. King Braken only has 12060 Hp and 10120 Mp. His only attacks are a tentical swing attack and a ink spit, which will reduce your chance to hit. Each attack does around 900-1200 and ONLY has 20 point of resistant to Immobility. This battle should only take about 2-8 minutes, depending on the Dragon Skills you have. Once you defeat him you get 3001 Exp and 400 gold. Then you get a really strong water weapon that can be sold for 150 gold. I hope this has/will help you get what you need want. Please post comments if you need help about anythind else, want to thank me, or improve this strategy.
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How to battle quickly. 67%
To verse a monster in dragonfable,to make faster is to go to options and press low then battle a monster and it will be quicker.lll
By: Bibi1q1(5)
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Defenders medal 67%
I'm not sure if this is a DA only game but I dont think so.Anyway.Need defenders medals for your gaurdian armour or items?Well ourside of oaklore keep there is a man in dragon lord armour standing next to a dragon.Do the game and you get a defenders medal.Rate me if this helps.P.s. this game is 20 rounds long and can take a long time.
By: dfabledknight(26)
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