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Dragon Fable PC Cheats

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Dragon Fable

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Easy money SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
First you go to shadow of the wind village.
Talk to the guy and do the race.
repeate 5 times and you get like 2k!

battle me at 35187231! Prepare to die!
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The code 4 free hats 50%
Go to Falconreach speek 2 Twilly ,click in minigame prizes ,enter the code kthxHat! and youll get free some hats with moglin faces (personaly I don't use them.there not my stile...)
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More... 50%
Go to twilly in Falcon Reach And Reaplay interduction.

Fight Taylor And see if you can win.
His ID is 21403264
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Easy Gold!! 50%
Go to Robina and talk. Click bounty hunting. Now go right north and there it is. As you can see there is a list of people. Keep on repeating it until you face Vaz Striker. This can repeated as many times as you want.
By: lololololol123(17)
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Infinete 50%
First download cheatengine 5.3 and then go onto df open up cheatengine and click the little computer thingy at the top and the click windows list and look for dfagonfable once you find it click it and press ok next go to a really hard battle that will get your health really low fight until your health is really low (get it at least 300) then you open cheatengine and in the hex box type your health x8 into it then click first scan minimize cheatengine and attack until the monster hits you and then take your new hp and times it by 8 then you type the new num in the hex box and press next scan and it should come up with 1 or 2 adresses double click them and they should go to the bottem then double click the value and type in your max hp x8 and then click freeze and minimize cheatengine and fight and your health should go back to full and now you are invinceble (fight me:ID15950109 levl 36
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Easy money 50%
Go to artix and press quests and do the quests and do quests a second time and you will fight trees. do it a third time and you will fight the trees again and near the end when you fight the big tree when you defeat him you will earn a lot of money
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Exp and money....and lots of it! 50%
Travel to lymcrest (not the way warlik takes you to do the quest.) by gryphin talk to the dwarf that you see when you walk in. if you need to, heal and potions then click onto level onee do it! get all boxes you can, if you don't have a dragon amulet some will be locked to you. you get lots of gold (about400-500gp) and 2k exp!
I reccomend that you team up with Artix and valencia if you have a dragon elementize it to nature-darkness or light (this way you don't get any handicaps as your'l be fighting elemantals!) GOOD LUCK!

BY PIE MAN companies registered ltd
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How to fly 50%
Got to the griffin and click on a place you want to go and run as you click and you will be flying
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Life Hack (Cheat Engine)..(Easy Kill) 50%
1.Open your Cheat Engine and Calculator.
2.Open the Computer Icon at the Upper Left.
3.Sign in your character and battle with someone (Any Battle Will Do).
4Calculate your opponents health and Multiply it by 8 and put it in the long rectangle near the Hex Box.............And Hit The First Scan
5.Damage your opponents Life and Multiply It by 8 again...And Hit the Next Scan..
6.There must be only one Address left at the Center Left...Double Click it.
7.Then It will appear Down..
8.Right Click It at Point the Cursor at the Change Record..And Description,Address,Type,Value and Smart Edit Address(es) will appear...Click the Value..and Change It to 0....


Sorry for my wrong grammar..Im a Filipino...
By: hamiel10(249)
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Easy mony and exp 50%
Go to necropolis (dragon amulet and dragon) and do save moonridge quest and strike from the skies on your dragon for each monster you kill you get exp and on the end you got gold and helms that you can sell
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Super easy gold 50%
Okay, this is the more easy way to get gold.You just need of go to Falconreach and click on free gold(this is a button on the upper right corner), then click on "view ad" then you ad, then wait and click on "reclaim your prize" and you had your gold!
P.S.:You will get more gold if your level is more high, for ex: in level 11 you will get 112 gold for ad.
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Easy strong weapons for players who have a dragon amulet 50%
Go to artix click on quest then if you get to a mission when you click ill do it do you have to do that mission I think eight times after you do it eight times you have to challange a boss I did it and I got two doom weapons for level 20 I tried it and it hits 150 and its highest for me is 412 try it its cool
By: daine(6)
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On your dragon 50%
If you ever wanted to go on your dragon in any mission now you can.

All you have to do is go the the shadow of the win village and compleete the mission Hondas revenge(not sure if that's the proper neme) then battle honda and lose Then heal and exit then you will still be on your dragon hopefully.

(may freeze your game sorry)
By: Masterhand2(9)
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1.Get Galanoth as team member B.

2.Go to Dragesvard and do the mission ''not so great escape''.

3.When unmasked Galanoth joins, he will join as team member A.

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Do to amplivine and do yaga circle quest (recomended 21+ team: Atrix, Valencia, and cannon or other pet) kill Guffer get weapon and sell it
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Weaker dragons 50%
When battling a dragon at sunbreeze grove it will be easyer if you don't invite any friends (trust me i've done it)

ps:i'm level 18 so I should know
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Gold for free!!!!!!! 50%
Go to falconreach and clik on ballyhoo for free gold. Ive got about 20000 gold now
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Super Undead-Killing Weapon (For those who can't afford doom weapons because you can now purify it!) 50%
First, go to the Inn in Falconreach. Then talk to Serenity. Click Map. Then down there, you will see 3 Quests. Pick Crystal Cave. Finish all the monsters there. Then after that, you will get the crystal seed. Go to Warlic. Then you will acess a shop where there are Light element weapons that is the weakness of Undeads. Go buy something there.Then you have now Super Undead Killing Weapon!
For more XP, when you see two paths, choose the one down.
So you can beat them easier, equip a Wind element weapon.
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How to get 10,000 gold in 45 minutes 50%
Ok , go to Dr. Voltrabolts challenge. Do his quest in extreme don't worry his easy if you have a thunder(element) or water weapon that his weakness but use thunder you hit more. After you kill the mega junkyard or soda get money hint: the higher level you are the more money you get.Im level 42 and everytime I kill extreme I get 136 gold if I kill the bots in extreme.If your a low level this will not work cause he will give you less money.I recommend you being level 27 to 45 to do this to get a lot of money.I think for lv.26 you get about 70-80 gold per kill and there e
By: Emilio11(4)
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How To Be The Ultimate Warrior 50%
This will only work if you have a dragon amulet and your over level 12.Go to Lady Celestia and summon dragon.Then dismiss your dragon.Now you put on your dragonlord armour.Then you take it off and go back then you shood be in your dragonrider armour.
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Really high hp w/ cheat engine ^^ 50%
Guys I will share you the hp hack
step1: open cheat engine and calculator.
step2:click the glowing computer and find firefox or explorer.exe
(if you are internet explorer)
step3:log in dragon fable and battle any monster (even if its weak)
step4:times your hp with 8 and the answer will be paste in the cheat engine and click first scan(many address will return)
step5:atk the monter(your hp will be reduced) after that times your new exp with 8 and paste it again in the cheat engine
(1 address should return) if no found result repeat step 4 and 5
step6:if 1 address found double click it and change the value to 10000000 (7 zero's) and click the box on the left corner of the
cheat engine
step7:enjoy your cheat ^^
By: roshiann123456(2)
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Geting warlic on your team 50%
First go to warlics zone from (travel) then click on him click th button other quests click save lymcrest. do all the quests deafeat xan in xans fortrres then click on the quest again go left until you fall inside the trap door after faling just skip the talking and battle,heal,run away click run away and warlic will be on your team. and also the best combo isnt artix and valencia its warlic and artix you can also use him when you are battling the mummy dragon I used warlic and artix and my dragon and almost killed it but lost .
if oyu want to kill the mummy dragn put pyur dragon into dark type get warliv and artix and if you can get a dark good waepon ex.doom weapon.

warlic is good!
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Go to willowshire and face gorgok (make sure your dragon is energy or fire) when you have defeated it you get 400 gold! and 2000 XP (and some times you get gorkoks ring which you can sell for 200 or natures wrath for 350!)
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How to get the sliver 50%
Do the Crystal clear quest form Thursday
By: nitishh(11)
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Two Galanoth 50%
For two Galanoth go to dragesvard and invite galanoth as friend B and do the quest not so great escape and you will see galanoth he will go with u
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2 Have A Strong Weapon 4 Crystal Clear Lake Quest U Have 2 Go To Cyseros DC shop in Falconreach there you can buy a Sword called Full Silver (Warriors Sword) There's also Waning Silver (Mage Staff) And Waxing Silver (Rouges Dagger) They all Cost 200 dragon coins The Sword Takes off 35-55 Damage of The Staff And the Dagger Takes off 36-56 Damage Then do the Quest alot of time and you would be rich My Highest hit was 316 that's a Critical hit  
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Dragon fable hint 50%
If you play for long enough you should find a dragon egg.
If you can get it to hatch.
You will have your own dragon.
By: mymaddogmax(3)
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How to get a lot of exp! 50%
Note: You must have a Dragon Amulet.
First, complete the dragon egg saga. Then, get all the skills, and go to Osprey Cove. Finish the quests, and play,'something fishy'. You will fight an octopus named King Braken. He gives 3,001 exp everytime you kill him. If you repeat this a lot of times, you will soon level up easily.
By: david5436(30)
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I'm not sure about this 50%
They said that artix and valencia are the greatest friends,but I think that it must be artix and sir ano.Do you Know how to get sir ano as a friend(but not in a quest)? ok first go to sir ano,then go to any quest, if you are in the quest,sir ano is now your friend.wait!then quit the quest.sir ano is your friend
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Best gold cheat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
If you are a da owner go to the da only server and go to the sneevish woods do the gold fever quest and when you a goblin it gives you 150 gold!

hope this helped!

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Valencia is BAD-BAD-BAD! 50%
Most people will tell you carry Valencia on little levels (1-14) and Artix
and for big levels, they will recomend Warlic and Artix, levels (15-more)

but if you are level 10 or higher do not take valencia. go to Oaklore
the man with a pointed nose outside the gates of the keep (sir Ano) has a quest for lvl10 or higher, enter the quest, and instead of going to fight, just go back the way you came in
Sir Ano has double attacks ranging(9-32 in each), and has high critique attack (9-32), and has longsword ability, which isnt so great

note: you must go IN the quest, or else he will go away
you still have the choice to run back
and you still have the chance to carry old, poor, unlucky, attack missing valencia
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Level 20 Galanoth! 50%
Go to Dragesvard and do all the dragon slayer quest up to the second quest called Garry and it will say who you want to fight with. Pick galanoth and then you home teleport when it comes up with ice elves and dragons.
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Truly The Best Money And EXP Mission (DA Required) 50%
Step 1: Go To The Portal And Go To Willowshire
Step 2: Battle Gorok
Step 3: Win! :P

Not only does this mission ALWAYS gaurantee 400+ gold but there are two items that you can get that are pretty common Nature's Wrap and Gorgok's Scale. Which can be sold for 200 or 350, so for a possible 750 gold per mission. 0.0

Also your gauranteed a 2000+ exp, which isnt as good as Thursdays Pumpkin patch mission. BUT I defeat Gorok in 2-3 min which averages about half of the Pumpkin Patches' 3-4 min. D

Do what works best for you but this has to not only be the best combination of good Money and EXP mission in the game. Not to mention a spectacular time for completion.

Good Luck ^_^
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So you guys are right about doing the bounty quest thing right?

but sometimes it gaves you like advance cordimes and ..
a scrap that costs about 500 gol and some weapons(for n00bs)

hope you like iy MMMOOOORRREEEE..

I`M LVL 22)
By: raynehunter(17)
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Defeat guffer and get paladin armor skills up higher 50%
To defeat guffer 10-20 can have artix 1-10 should have velencia and artix kill all the witches and he will hit lower and to get higher skills in paladin do the save moonridge quest and you will get a undead slayer badge everytime you get that go to artix hit become a palidin the hit TRAIN ARMOR
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Fishing rod fighting 50%
If you have the angler armor equip it and leave with it on and you can fight with a fishing rod (to bad you can't get any skills in the armor)
By: freaya(22)
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Big level 50%
If you want to fight a level 41 with 905hp:go to aeris battlesphere and type in:21125794.
By: jarvoto(14)
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Dragon eggs for free 50%
Finish all the quests for Robina and Valencia, then go up to Warlic's camp. Talk
to him about the dragon egg, then keep selecting "Back" until you get the egg.
Select "Yay!" to get the egg.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy XP 50%
Go To falcon reach and talk to ash
then go to Quests and click on challenge and it
will take you to a mad scientist and clik on quest an
push the big red button and beat the big mega driller and
you get 800 XP and some money
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Molgin password 50%
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Fly While Sitting Down 50%
This is a glitch I found. Go to Falconreach. Click travel start to run and press where you want to go when your running and you'll start to fly! Without the animal. :):):):):) x)
By: cheatforyou(3)
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Best way to earn doom weapons 17 and up (no cheat) 50%
Best way to earn doom wBest way to earn doom weapons 17 and up (no cheat)
eapons 17 and up (no cheat)

Ok guys first you go to Amityvale this wil probally go faster if your level 17 and up but if you want to then whatever. OK when your at Amityvale do the quest crystal clear lake do it a couple of times untill you have a axe called shining duo you got to be lve 17 to use ok if you have a fire weapon use it against the monsters they are weakened by fire ok then when you get to the boss use the axe called shining duo and you can hit about 326 damage trust me I have then when you get the prize keep on selling it the shop buys the weapons for 128-230 and do the same thing for two days and before you know it you'll have 28,000 coins trust me i've done it and now I have the twin blades of doom (the doom weapon dagger) and now I have 23,876 coins and the doom weapon dagger well good luck and rate!

p.s have fun killing monsters/people with new doom weapon bye!
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Easy + quick 9000 XP 50%
1. go to osprey cove.
2. go to Rhubarb
3. click on his random quests
4. do the quest that says "A very valuable shipment of critters called Trobbles were swallowed by a whale. You can find the whale near the shore south of here" in the first speech bubble.
5. get the cargo, go back, but when you get to the tongue, turn back and heal yourself. this will allow you to go to the tongue as many times as you want, turn back, and you get a maximum of 9000 XP!
a lot, Right? make sure you have a fire weapon, though. recommended lvls 6+
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How to get 600 gold in to 2 minutes 50%
Go to valentimes day in dragonfable and kill the heart of obinium good luck
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How to get to falcon reach with out fighting the serpent 50%
Okay all you have to do is complete the prologue then head to olkahore then on the upper right of the screen it will say free gold click there then watch the vid then click return to menu then press exit then the searpent will be dead and you'll be in falcon reach

p.s. I  recommend that your level 5 before using this cheat.
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The way you get the skills for the Dragon are to go to the Priestess,select Dragon Training,
Select Summon,Then select Train.You will go into a quest where you have to fight a bunch of
Kaiju's and at the end,you will fight something named Togzilla.He is hard,but if you beat
him,you will get one of your dragon's skills.Hope I Helped!
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Moglin punter 50%
This has happenned to angle 13 and power 100 on lvl 29

twilly goes flying eveywhere!
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Easy 9000 XP!!!!!!! 50%
Go to rhubarb in osprey cove
click random quests
do the quest that says "A very valuable shipment of critters called Trobbles..." in the first speech bubble
get the cargo, go back to the entrance, but when you get to the tongue, turn back and heal yourself. battle the monsters again to get to the tongue again. turn back again and do that over and over again to get the maximum of 9000 XP!
fire weapon recommended + lvls 6 and up recommended
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CHIHCKEN cow power 50%
The ChickenCow class is now released in DragonFable!
To get it you must pass through the 100 room dungeon. Just click the travel button on the
top-right corner of the screen or go up the ramp to the Guardian Tower and go further right
until you reach the griffon. Click the 100 room dungeon button.
TIP: the dungeon is full of fire type monsters so I suggest you use ice type or water type
weapons. It looks pretty easy but its a long way to the finish line! At the end you will
receive the ChickenCow armor.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Mega weponsand xp tips and gold 50%
Go to warlic and go to fire cave make sure you bring a a good water or ice wepon lvl8 to 13 recomended at the end at boss when you finsh you get very high atk rate wepons at lvl 9 10 11 or 12 another is doing the well quest you get gurdian wepons nad you make alot of cash from random quest make sure its the deathknight one kill the deathknight 10 times ull get his sword kill him 5 you get trelix staff kill him10 you get stabina daggers....go to bounty hunt at end you may get a rare wepon if your lucky that is=).lvl14-18 rcomened go to pumpkin patch or do verman quest you get alot of xp...o doing haunted castle or some other of artix quest gives you ihis wpeon atk goes to 60 to 100 max is 300.....
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Wrong cheat! 50%
You cant find Breeze Bolt III in Amityavale or Willoshire. Go to valencia and do the bacon quest. You will get it from zeuster. Other facts are correct. Stronger than doom weapon(normal) and damge is 59-69 and sell price is 200 gold. Sorry!
By: RahulR(6)
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1000 gold for steam togs 50%
You know Dr. Voltabolts challenge? well get 10 scrap metals and if you have dragon coins go to cysero and buy the enchanted battle core (not sure how much) and build a steam tog.Then sell it to Yulgar for 1000 gold.Please rate this if you found it helpful
By: dfabledknight(26)
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Faster level up 50%
Go to falcon reach and then get artix and ash as your friends then get a pet
(optional). Then travel to amityville go into the weapon shop and do the weapon
quests kill all the gouls till you get to the barn and then beat the boss with
about 178 health. This quest will get you about 2550 xp and to do this quest you
should be about level 8+ cause all the gouls are levels 15-17.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Minigame 50%
Password for minigame in dragonfable is kthxhat!

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Walking on walls non amulet 50%
Go to popsrocket go to pen pals do not click on the opions click away from opions and you can walk on walls
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How to be a good player-dragonfable 50%
By Theophius Liando

Get all Elemental 10-20 leveled woupnds get a pet and get a partner
and if you want to get a silver woupond you have to be on level 17-20
and go to cristal clear lake and finish all the questes don't give up.
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Easy pvp trophy 50%
1. create a lvl a new character
2. get the number of the new character(make sure you memorize)
3. go to aespire and compete
4. click the battle# and enter the number

its really easy ive already gained the master rank :) hahahaha
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Easy way to get light weapon 50%
Go to warlic and do the other quest,the letter.Just skip the cut scene and do the quest.The reward is random,but you will get a crystal shard,which is a TEMPORALLY item,so don't log off if you didn't use it yet.After that,go to warlic then it will say,CRYSTAL SHARD USED!,which then opens a shop of light weapons.You will need ALOT of money to get them.I recommend you have a good dark weapon when you do the quest(like a doom weapon or edgars blade,any level)cause the monsters there have a dark weakness.The light weapons ARE VERY USEFUL in/on the quests in the necropolis.

Hope this tips helps! =)
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How To Get Tons Of EXP 50%
Start at oakler keep go to the guy that shows you the quest explore ruins you get about 700exp and 50 gold
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HAVING TWO ARTIXS the over one WAS wrong 50%
Go to the grave yard and do the quest on the well and then when you fight the boss youll have two artix you go where ever you want! not the battlespeire kno!
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How to get rare items (easy) 50%
First go to Valencia and do the no horsing arond quest and you should get a rarity of about 50 or so.
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Best type (warrior Mage rouge) 50%
The best type is rouge. This is because you atack twice a normal attack.Wariors and mages can have a 100 amount of damage.The rouge will have the same but attack twice with that much.It will be 200 damage.
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Dragon egg 50%
Get velencia and arrtix and then go to the doom region and their will be an egg and then you walk up to it and a boss will pop up use light weapon and defeat him and the dragon egg is yours. (for levels 8 and up)
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Extremly easy money 50%
1-go to robina's place and go east two times you will reach a place where there are boxes and trees then go north do the quest it is realy easy after you do it you will receive a weapon keep doing the quest till you have filled your inventory and go sell them for each weapon about 90 or 120
By: navigatorss(5)
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Fill your health bar with out a pad or wasting your potions 50%
1:find a potion box
2:refill potions
3:go to backpack(look at the bottom left corner)
4:click on both potions twice
you should have full health if not repeat from step 1 till you do
5:after you have full health walk up to the potion box again and it will refill your potions
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How to get very good weapons fast! 50%
To get weapons fast and easy (May cost a lot of money or maybe not) go to Falconreach and go to the Blacksmith and train constantly. then buy supplies(this costs a lot) You should be lvl 20 and up to get good weapons. I got to lvl 35 blacksmithing in 10 minutes! versy easy with practice!
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Easiest way to get exp. 50%
People say the pumkin and ghosts quests are the best, but they're not. the best is the second pirate monkey quest. it gives you 3200+ exp. thats 200 better than ghost and 700 better than pumkin...
By: AverytheEnd(3)
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Go to sir ano at oaklore keep, and go to the nose for trouble quest. once you finish you can get a gargoyle tear worth 300 gold!
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Unlocking the Shop 50%
Go to and play pawn Twilly and finish the game.
you will see the code don't close that window.
then go to twilly and press shop and type the code
After you have a shop
By: t961005(3)
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Tip to kill the endead easily 50%
This could work better if you unlocked the ninja armor.if you didn't it will be a little comlicated.if you have a ninja armor equiped and you are challenging a skeleton(skeletons and lagoon goons are good for this tip),use the inbo attack if you unlocked it and you might do damage like 105 or maybe more.i posted this on the week when someone named ballyhoo let players test out a new armor.that armor has an ability like an inbo called final,that could work too
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Strong weapons for level 11 and up 50%
Go to anytmavale and go to Artix and do quest finish his quest and you might get his axe
that does damage 60-100 it's cool right
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EASY EXP!! (dragon amulet holders only soz!) 50%
There's a way 2 get 2000 exp and 400 gold in about... 5 mins
the answer is battling GORGOK. But make sure you have your dragon's element set to energy or fire and make sure it has learnt at least the first 2 abilitys then go to WILLOWSHIRE and find the 'Gorgok?' Button to face him.
NOTE: it may take a few tries but it is worth it"!

Good Luck!

ps. my ID is 140541094
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Easy exp and gold 50%
If you have a da and you want a good exp to lvl up and gold for doom weapons,your prayers have been answered.first go to osprey cove then do all the quests until somthing fishy apears.then fight the beast there amd get the wepon and the weps are lvl 33 and sells for 150 gp.and you get 3001 exp and 400 gp plus selling the weapon gives 150 gp for a total of 550 gp.
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3 great ways to train and pretty good cash 50%
Ok cheat #1
explore ruins quest im lvl 25 so I dont need help and I use final to kill them 1 hit =P and in the end you get about 1000+ exp and around 70-150gold.found in oaklore by the catipult.

cheat #2
the one every1 knows about pumpkin patch great exp and ok money (id prefere explore ruins)
cheats #3
go into oaklore diner and talk to guy and click lvl 1 quest then kill all of the hog things and you get like 900exp and some cash hope this could help.
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Moglin Punter Mini-Game cheats: 50%
DragonFable Mini game Moglin Punting.

Level. Angle/ Power
1. 46/57
2. 29/81
3. 64/89
4. 72/50
5. 39/75
6. 66/78
7. 65/86
8. 58/100
9. 9/80
10. 33/75
11. 32/85
12. 42/100
13. 86/53
14. 68/54
15. 53/95
16. 31/85
17. 72/54
18. 72/51
19. 12/51
20. 80/65
21. 61/98
22. 40/100
23. 30/100
24. 53/89
25. 86/100
26. 55/55
27. 79/71
28. 55/76
29. 50/100
30. 45/90
31. 82/62
32. 40/80
33. 50/90
34. 63/90
35. 45/85
36. 87/67
37. 83/77
38. 45/80
39. 85/95
40. 85/68
41. 3/100
42. 35/66
43. 78/79
44. 80/60 time it right
45. 80/70 time it right
46. 73/55 time it right
47. 84/52
48. 84/52 time it right
49. 74/73 time it right
50. 83/100 time it right
Bonus 51. 80/100 time it right and be good at the game Pong.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Best weapons 50%
Although some say that the doom wepons are best...
their wrong. The best wepons can be bought for high ammounts of Dragon coins.
Cyseros defender sword-staff-dagger (58-72,58-72,60-68) Electric
Gravitron ,dagger (57-67) dark
singularity ,sword (50-74) dark
event horizon ,staff (48-76) dark
however the cyseros defenders are all lvl 40!
and the other three are all lvl 38
so for anyone below that get a doom wep!

P.S they all cost high ammounts of dragon coins so they are quite expensive
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To very high level player 50%
First join artix,valencia or glanoth.elemtize your baby dragon in water or in ice.go to to doug and click the quest and do it level 1.go right then up then right then go up.and it a very strong killed me in one attack.
By: Eran11111(2)
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Hard pvp aeris tournament trophy 50%
1:join duelist tournament then battle i.d then put 11013045
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DF pvp staff I.D.'s wit special weaps 50%
Ariel Black~165507
Captain Rolith~35
Randor the Red~160093
Shaider Haran~948
By: 213(66)
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HOW to defeat doom kitten 50%
FIRST you will need to unlock novice shop in PVP it only cost 1 trophy after that by one of the water weopn.
SECNOD: if you have finish all warlic quest expect for the doom kitten equip the water weopn that you have just buy and it is good against dom kitten and you and hit up to 100+.
By: galanoth(16)
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A way 2 get money really fast!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
Go 2 valencia .then do all her quests.then do her get all the boxes 4 the gananana quest.then after you beat her you get a really high level dagger.if you r not that level or you dont have a dragon amuluet you can sell it and it will go 4 alot of money!
By: isaiahtheplayer(2)
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3000exp+ 400g as well as a water wep lvl 33 sells for 150g 50%
Be level 18-20
DA required
have dragon with at least pierce abil

go to ospray cove talk 2 rubarb do all quests up to something fishy
do it and win and you will get 3000 exp the water wep and 400g
By: nwelch95(2)
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How to get a pet 50%
If you really want a pet then go to falconreach then go to the right untill you se footprints from an animal - inside the house is an old lady enter the "pet Quests" and when you have finnished the quest then you have to push the petquest one more time and choose the same pet and then it says "get pet"
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Easy secret place 50%
In falconreach go teleplrt to warlics teleporter go past warlics shop and go until you see a rune at the top of the screen turn right at the yellow lightthen make a left there you will find a waterfall, click on it.

Note:you must have the aumlet to go in the secret place.
By: ssteve(3)
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Fish 50%
Most of the fish are listed below:
Jumbo Shrimp
Rainbow lakefish
Peanutbutter Jellyfish
Undead Trout
I will get more as I remember their names
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Rare but low level 50%
First get artix then go to a hard level if artix has holly use it might do 100 damage but the atack comes in 4 times artix is lvl 3
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How to find the weakness of ANY monster 50%
Right, so when you battle a monster and you see its MP and HP bar next to its name. next to that there is a little button with a question mark "?" on it. Click on it, and it displays the monster's weakness! for example:
-100 light
this means the monster has a weakness towards light, so you gotta use a light weapon to fight the monster.
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Stay as monkee! 50%
Click on monkee war from falconreach... Wan't to be a Ninja monkee or Pirate monkee? Click one of them and quest... Then go to options and click teleport to hometown and you stay like a ninja/pirate monkee!
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How to win battles very easily. 50%
Ok so everyone wants to win battles against higher level monsters. so all you have to do is invite Artix as friend A and then when in battle use his attack called Holy it does a lot of damage and hits about 4 times.Have fun!
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How to get max money in bounty hunting!!! 50%
This is very very simple and a great way to make gold
1)get artix, vacelina and a pet
2)go to robina
3)get the bounty hunting list from her
4)start bounty hunting
5)continue until you get to the top of the list

the other hints of mine are better
By: DF12345(16)
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Eagle flys and you float!!! 50%
Now, go to the travle butten and click it. Then, you have to click anywhere on the screen ( I would click the brige.) and while you are still moving, click on the town you want to go too, and thats it! the eagle is flying and your in a sitting possision, floating! Sometimes, you will hop on the eagle while you are floating. This will end when you get to your town you clicked. You can do this repeatedly. Oh, my Id number is 16083260. I am a warrior lv. 18.
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Read this plz 50%
First go to Warlic and talk to him. Do the crystal quest and buy the shimmer sword.
must have at least 100 gold coz that's how much it costs. Then go to the inn place
with the mug sign out front. talk to the girl and click on "ghosts" do the quest and
u will get heaps of exp and some gold. it really helps if you are level 7 or 8 and
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy way to win a pvp trophy 50%
Put the id 22934535 she is level 2 no items.
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BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
Don't get Atrix and Valenica or what's her name. Get Antrix and Sir Ano.
Sir Ano is in Oklanoke. You probably aready know how to get Atrix so here's how you get Sir Ano:

-Go to Oklanoke
-Ano is next to the big gate that stands between Falconreach
-Ask to go on his quest even if you're not level 10
-Once you click on it, click Nose for Trouble
-Wait until the button say quest!
-Then go to options and teleport to home town
-Sir Ano has officialy joined you team.

Ano does like 30-40 hits so he'll probably help you
By: abbit16(87)
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Easy 2000 exp and 400 gold 50%
This is a way to get easy money and exp. You need to be atleast lvl 17 lvl 18 is ideal this requires a dragon with atleast the breath power. Ok this is how it works go to the portal in falcon reach. Go to willow shire and click the option gorgock? . Go to fight gorgock and easily defeat his dravier on your dragon . Finally you will come to gorgock. you have to options either battle or extreme battle (Recomended for high lvl players only) Select Battle. If you defeat gorgock you might get an item but you will get 2000 exp and 400 gold.
Extreme mode will give you richer rewards and more exp. Do this long enough you get money and you lvl up fast.
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EASY AS PVP TROPHYS (LVL 5 - 16)!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50%
In falconreach, go to travel in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will see a griffin, walk up to it and it will be able to take you to heaps of places. Take the first one (Aeris battlespire) and walk up to the girl. Click on the first button and it will have an lightning bolt thats says battle by ID#. Click on it and type in 9812417. There will be a lady called manman. Kill her 5 times and then you will get a trophy. Hope this helps!

P.S This cheat/glitch only works for lvl 1's to 16's
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How to become dragonslayer 50%
Go to dragesvard talk to dragonslayer and do the ramdon quest but you must have artix and achknight to do the quest when you are done with the quest press become dragonslayer keep pressing more and then there will be train dragonslayer . press it and do the quest . when you are done go press become dragonslayer and then keep pressing more and there will be wear armor. press the wear armor .

By: galanoth245(5)
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Easy money 50%
Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where meet
up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the dog to the
well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 16 and higher
weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons can be sold at
shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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HOW TO KILL BASSAULT IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES(if u want don't unlock the death knight armor but it's easier like that way) 50%
First:you must be lvl 23 or higher

Second:you must unlock the death knight armor(better if you have DA and you must fully train necromancer and paladin armor)and fully train it

Third:use an at least lvl 17 weap. and a pet of any element exept fire

Fourth:get the two artix's or valencia and artix

Fifth (optional):train your alchemy in case of critical damages

Thats all,it's really esay not?
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Best weapon for lv4 50%
Go to Yulgar's Shop. Go to the weapon called "Static". It hits over 10 and only
costs 6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Travel in falconreach with out riding gryphon(glitch) 50%
Ok here is what you do to travel with out riding the gryphon:
when your at the center of falcon reach, in the upper right corner youll see
some options, click travel
after you click travel, youll be near a cliff with a gryphon.
again in the upper right corner youll see some options, bunt dont click anything, just choose(dont click!)where you want to go and remember its location in the options
click the end of the wooden thing in the end of the cliff
so that youll run there, but before you reach the end of the wooden thing,
quickly click the the place I told you to remember earlier, and youll see the gryphon running without you riding it but youll still be transported to place you wanted to go!
its really werd!

have fun traveling w/o the gryphon =D
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For the lvl 16 and under 50%
First get valencia and artix in team then go to amityvale go left till you see a sign with a pumpkin on it.
go there and beat all monsters you get 2540xp and 64gold you get rich and you level up fast!

p.s. this is no cheat
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Easy $$$ 50%
An easy way to get gold once your a high level is to go to ballyhoo, since there is no limit on how many times you can go in one day it is very easy to get alot of gold in a very short period of time
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Ok all you need to do is get valencia{shes hit a 46 for me once}and atrix{this dudes a beast he hit 78 96 57 and a 90 with holy once}so go to the portal and enter the willowshire castle.get all the gems and keep all of the stuff.put the gems on the big door and beat the dude at the end.there you go gold and exp!{if you want more gold sell the items you unlocked}
By: amillicar(2)
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Double Artix if he's not in Falconreach 50%
Go to Amityvale, then add Artix as friend B (not A, it won't work but only replaces him). Talk to Thursday and go to the quest titled "Well" (the quest which you'll see a dog in the beginning). Finish the quest, and you'll battle Badbones with two Artix(s)!
By: fsharp7(4)
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Easy Guffer Kill 50%
Use the cheat engine one hit kil hack.
ALSO use the hp hack.

i killed him in 30 seconds flat
By: TheRegiKing(866)
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How to get a PVP Trophie-----Mages only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masive cheat 50%
Ok for this trick to work, you have to have to be lev. 18 or up, it helps to have a really powerful wepon. When you see it's a worrior or rouge, never fear, they have a weekness! Use blind on them, it makes them miss you and that makes them hit you less. then when you think your ready, make them go to sleep and on the last time before they wake, hit them with a Crit.
By: abbit16(87)
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Floating in Air 50%
Click "Travel" at the top right in Falconreach and before you click where you want to go, click the end of the dock and then quickly click where you want to go. And you will be flying through the air without the eagle thing.
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Easy money 50%
Now when you can go over to warlics zone and do NYTHERA'S qests until you get to POTION MASTERY. you will need to be good at remembering orders. everytime you finish you'll get a prize worth either 300 or 500. I got 20000 in ten minutes
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Easy Pvp trophies 50%
Go to the character selection screen. Make a character level 1 and get its ID #.
Go to the arena use the "Battle ID" feature. Enter in the ID and keep defeating
it to get trophies.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy sea serpeant kill (warrior only) 50%
First you need to get atleast 200gp then go to the weapon shop on the right of captain Rolith and the buy a legendery magma sword but first you will need to unlock the path to falconreach by talking to Rolith and click the priests message and then battle Drakth. After that go to falconreach and then battle renagade ambusher but don't worry the are only 3 12 health and then teleport to oaklore then heal yourself by Rolith then go back to falconreach and then use it on the sea serpent as I hit 120 when i'm only level 5!
(hit the smaller ones first becase they hit more.)
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How to get easy potions in quest!! 50%
1. go to amityvale

2.speak to thursday

3.go to quest and click on haunted house

4.keeping going west until you come to 2 sets of stairs

5.go up the stairs

6.go up to the first bookcase

7.your potions are now refilled

its a great trick!
By: chelseafc966(16)
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Getting Sir Ano 50%
Go to oaklore and go outside to gate you will see A dragonlord,and a knight without helmet ,talk to him,choose quest , select nose for trouble,and sir ano will be your friend ,go to that quest when you in that quest go down and , there are a warning"do you want to leave this quest" choose yes,and sir ano will in your party!
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How to get exp and gold coins fast 50%
Go to shadows of the wind villege go talk to the ninja in front you and go to guest go do the frist guest if you die exp and gold coin contine. ID 26753531
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Yulgar's quest 50%
Go to the right of town. Then, go to Yulgar's shop. Enter do the mill quest.
Kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Secret - good experience lv.10 -18 50%
1.go to dragesvard.
2.go to galanoth press random quests.
3.cancel if he doesnt tell you to kill a dragon.
4.if he does accept.
5.defeat quest
By: Aznboii(2)
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Easy gold 50%
Ok first go to the popsrocket thing the war and play undead minions ( the 3rd option ) and every time you corner him you get 50 gold and a defender medal!
By: david5436(30)
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Having trouble beating Gorgok? 50%
The best way to beat gorgok is to use energy on it by useing energy I mean by elementizing you dragon to be energy.

Sign up for cheat masters if you have any good questions or answers register now.
By: brucy246(10)
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Easy money 50%
Go to ballyhoo and view the add. keep doing this until ballyhoo says that you have viewed the add enough for the day and you can do this tomorrow
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Find the Enemy's Weakness 50%
The monster/enemy information is displayed on the bottom right with the name, level, type, HPs, and MPs. To the right of the MPs is a small question mark. Click the question mark. The details for this enemy will be displayed on a pop up screen. It shows its strengths, defense, offense, and is resistance and status. At lower levels the resistance is usually blank. In higher levels or particularly with evil and elemental creatures the weakness will be shown with a negative number and its resistance with a positive number. Attack with a weapon using the same weapon type (i.e. light, stone, fire, etc.) as the negative number. If you use a weapon the enemy has resistance to, you will get 0 HP damage or negative adding HPs back to your enemy.
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Simply and (very) fast exp for lower levels (around 7) 50%
One extremely simple way to get fast experience is in Oaklore over by the infirmary, to kill Vurrmen. Each Vurrman gives around 80 exp, are pretty weak, and only have like 47 health. They're very easy to kill and I tend to kill them in two rounds. The end boss is very easy to beat, gives 100 exp. Last run took me 3 minutes max and I got 370 exp. Not so great for farming gold but a good way to get exp fast when you're training up to beat that Doomkitten! To get there just talk to the knights hanging out by the infirmary and hit Explore RUins. Added bonus: the knights chill out by where you can get potions and healing so no stops, just go back and forth as many times as you want!
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How to fly when traveling 50%
Ok alll you do is go to the griffon and click beside the place where you want to go then right after quickly click on the place then you will fly instead of sitting on the griffon
By: unit957(7)
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Easy PvP Awards 50%
Go to the Battle ID# search and type in a arndom high number I mean like hugher then 100000 and you should get a level 5-13 and you can kill them realy fast because they have only starter weps and gear. it usualy works for me to get a low level. if you are level 1-10 you can type in these 2 mumbers to get a level 1 warrior with 889367 and a level 1 rogue with 889364
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Easy Experience 50%
Go to falconreach.Go into the dragon coins shop.Go right.Go near the books.Click the button.Do the quest.You get about 1611 experience.

P.S Get artix on your quest
By: Meraj99(11)
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A good combo to kill people in PvP 50%
First use Stun or Sleep whatever you have that makes people not move then use the one attack thing then do Double attack then Triple then do Final Blast thing it looks like a brown Skull and hit the person she/he might be dead already if they arent use the thunder thing if your type of person is a warrior though well, ALL WARRIORS HAVE FUN!
By: vic99000(70)
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Getting fast exp and monny 50%
I am dracony a lvl 32 dragonlord and I got some hints for you

getting fast exp and monny (DA only)
put your dragon element on energy or fire
go to willowshire
select "gorgok"
slay the dravir and gorgok
getting 2000 exp (FASTER THAN OTHER QUESTS) sell your reward for ~ 300 gold

go to Valncia and select bacon origin and than outnubered
slay the monsters and the 9 heads of the hydra and gets lots of exp
By: dracony(2)
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GET A long sword as a rouge or mage free 50%
Go to Artix talk to him click become a palidin then wear palidin armor
your weapon now is a long sword!
By: Jasonzou(11)
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How to have a dragon egg 50%
First complete all robina and valencia quests then go and do warlic quests then go to twilly and he will take you to a secret place where you can choose your egg soon it will hatch and you will become a dragon lord
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Funny hats 50%
Go to twilly in falconreach open shop using kthxhat! with ! to get twilly,twig and zorbak hat
By: cheaterwizard(5)
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Want an easy doom essence? 50%
Go to the haunted castle but only do half of it because the key you need is on the right side so only do the right. You'll get like 5000 ex and 300 gold
By: dumbass(3)
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Best pet! 50%
All other pets suck, but the baby dragon which you can get from Lady Celestia after a whole pile of quests is the best because you can make him stronger by yourself and he has many cool moves. The best stat to train first is fighting, but make sure you train magic to lvl 41 first, THEN train fighting. Once your fighting stat is max, continue to train magic, and then train any other stat you prefer with your remaining stat points.

PS: Training dragon is LONg because you can only feed him once a day. If you have DCs, then you should buy the Super Special Dragon Chow but they make take a lot of DCs so be patient! (They pay off really well)
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Quick money 50%
Go to falconreach and press on free gold ballhoo or somthing like that press watch ad and watch the ad at the end it will say get prize and you get gold
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Best quests 50%
1 Pumpkin patch - amityvale
2 Give till it hurts - robina's zone (only exp)
3 Fiery heart of mount. shining star - warlic's zone
4 Wind temple (bring Artix, a pet, and Valencia) - Ash
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EZ train dragonlord 50%
Ok all you need is chicken cow armor wen you begin with the quest you shood put in the chicken cow armor then take t off then you have your original armor on so you have better attacks and if you beat the quest you stil train the armor
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How to be a ninja 50%
Get 3500 golds and go to shadow of the wind village and muy the itchy itchy paradise
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It's easy! just do any random fire war quest and then when you comlete the quest bang your invisible. NOTE: ONLY IN YUGLARS SHOP
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Dragon egg!!!! 50%
Press the fourth egg then you will see (the egg glows in the dark) that is the real dragon egg
By: ninjax(2)
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How to get lots of gold 50%
Go to robina press bounty hunting go north after your done the quest you will get 50-600 gold
and a weapan that you can sell for 50 gold
By: pokemonmaster16(2)
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How be kid artix in saved moonridge 50%
Its not easy it happen to me like 1 month ago
first step: invite valencia and artix
second step: go to necropolis
third step:quest the save moonridge
forth step: click attack waves and click artix fast so kid artix will battle by your side
fifth step: your kid artix your damge is 2-3 damage
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2 Artixes(updated 2009)Recamendid lvl. 9 & up 50%
Forget Valncia, now you can have two Artixes! 1. Go to Amityvale 2. go east to Artix 3. invite him to be friend B! Ya I said B! 4. go back west and talk to Thursday 5. click the path? then do the well quest 6.get through 5 skeletons (3 bone fire,2 shake spears) through You and Artix talking and he'll join your team 7. beat Badbones (boss) with 2 Artixes!
By: roach394(3)
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Awesome gold and ESP 50%
Okay go to falconreach and travel to dr.voltabolts place. Keep doing the quests and you keep getting an amazing amount of Exp and Gold. I'm lvl 48 and I get 127 gold no button, and like 2000 exp no button. My ID is 24952542. Fight me if you wish but you'll die.
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Alot of gold and exp 50%
Firs get the power center sabre(da requiered) then go to ash and do the challenge you will take away 69-162 hp from your enemy and you get 100-1000 exp and 35-100 gold(this gos faster if you hav artix and velencia and a pet)
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Easy EXP levels 8- 50%
First get artix in your party. Then go to travel and click Dr.voltabolts select the quest and click the button that says dont ever push.After that use artix to help you defeat the EXTREME MEGA DRILLER or MEGA DOOM COLA MACHINE.The driller has 210 exp and cola machine has 350 they are both level 7 and the gold is low but the exp is good to me
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High damage with mage 50%
If you wanna hit more than 100 dmg you need to be a mage and unlocked skills:power and ice.Firs use power up then use ice and then use fire an you hit 120-270 dmg.I hitted 300 dmg
By: cheat5000(7)
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Where to get Galanoth statue 50%
FIRST: go to dragesvard then enter the shop where it has a sign of a house.
Second:you will see the coin shop and the gold shop click on the coin shop go all the way down and you will see a statue of Galanoth.
NOTE:you need a dragon amulet
THE statue cost 100 coins
By: galanoth(16)
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To get both easy exp and gold get artix and valincia for your friends and get a pet (get your dragon if you can) if you choose your dragon make it a fire element. go to amitville and talk to thursday. go to paths? and choose the crystal clear lake path. do the quest. here is a list of directions to help you out:

go south
then west
then south again
go west for the healing pad
head east once or twice if you went to the healing pad
east again
then south

you get to the werewolf and kill it. continue west to finish the quest. this goes by really quickly if you have a fire weapon. sell the weapons you get and you get easy exp and gold. I did this 10 times and ended up with about 15000 gold. doing it 20 times you can get a doom weapon. hope this was useful =]
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Easy Gold 50%
Ok, this is very easy. Or maybe EXTREMELY easy. Ok, so first you must be lvl12+ and then go to Amityvyle or whatever you call that and then click on the girl, and do the well quest. When you complete it, you will get a weapon and the shopkeepers will pay you alot of gold for it just repeat it and in 5 hours see how much gold you have! If you do it for 1 month, you can buy the doom weapon, and buy another one and change it to the destiny weapon like me. But TRY IT TRY IT TRY IT TRY IT no joke it does work!
By: david5436(30)
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