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Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats for PS2
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Destroy All Humans! 2 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE
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Destroy All Humans! 2

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE

Tanks 95%
Description: Several tanks will appear after destroying the blimps. In Two Player mode, the player in the turret can shoot the tanks and the player that is flying can abduct hippies and drain power from the tanks.
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Swingin' Jukebox unlock 95%
Description: Complete the listed mission to unlock the listed music for the Swingin' Jukebox:

Albion Disguised Mission 10
Albion Hunted Mission 10
Albion Undisguised Mission 10
Back In That Room Mission 4
Bay City Disguised Mission 5
Bay City Hunted Mission 5
Bay City Undisguised Mission 5
Destroy All Humans 2 Theme Mission 19
Dirty Red Mission 21
Down In The Valley Mission 9
Help You Ann Mission 12
Long Road Mission 9
Moon Base Solaris Disguised Mission 28
Moon Base Solaris Hunted Mission 28
Moon Base Solaris Undisguised Mission 28
Pattern Skies Rage Of Aquarius side-mission
Pier 13 Mission 18
She Changes Like The Weather Mission 3
Takoshima Disguised Mission 16
Takoshima Hunted Mission 16
Takoshima Undisguised Mission 16
Tunguska Disguised Mission 22
Tunguska Hunted Mission 22
Tunguska Undisguised Mission 22
Turn It Off Mission 18
When You Touch Me Rage Of Aquarius side-mission
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Gallery 95%
Description: If you want to unlock the listed gallery entry under the "Archives" menu,finish the listed task;

Crypto's Back! Finish Gene Blend Crypto's Back
Desperately Seeking Natalya Finish Gene Blend Natalya's Secrets
Furons A-Go-Go! Finish Gene Blend Furons A-Go-Go!
It's the Sixties Finish Gene Blend The Swinging Sixties
Oh the Humanity! Finish Gene Blend Oh the Humanity
Popular Mechanics Finish Gene Blend Popular Mechanics
The Martians Err, Blisk are Coming! Finish Gene Blend The Blisk Files
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Quantum Deconstructor 94%
You can search around the village of Tarkovskoye (in Tunguska)to find the Datacore for the Quantum Deconstructor. Pox will send a message to you about the Datacore as you get close to it.
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How to defeat kojira the gigant lizard 93%
For this cheat to work you must be able to transmogrify tanks into ammo.since your saucer's weapons are too weak for killing kojira quickly and everytime she destroys a building her health regenerates you should get out of your saucer and use meteor strike on her until she dies.a lot of tanks will come to try to kill her so you just need to turn tanks into ammo and get the meteor strike ammo.this will be much quicker than killing her with your saucer.try to strike her when she is standing still or usemind flash to get her to stand still.
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Last Arkvoodle Cult mission 92%
You need to Collect 30 Alien Artifacts to unlock the last Arkvoodle Cult mission.
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B-Movies 92%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the listed movie under the Archives menu:

Closing Win the game.
Closing Animatic Collect 50 Alien Artifacts and successfully win the game.
Destroy All Humans Wrap Party Collect 10 Alien Artifacts.
Intro Movie Happy Mix Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Opening Movie Animatic Collect 20 Alien Artifacts.
Salad Days With Pox And Crypto Collect 40 Alien Artifacts.
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Cloning 91%
In two player mode if you both brain snach the same person than he will multiply into two people
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Mutants 91%
Description: Take out your Anal Probe and shoot it at Mutant. The Mutant will turn back to a human. You do not have to kill the human. Just kill the purple mist that comes out of it. Do not let the purple mist touch anyone else. To kill the purple mist use anything except the Anal Probe. The Disintergrator works the best.
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Defeat ugly russian alien on solaris 90%
On the level solaris, get to the VERY LAST LEVEL and you fight this russian commander made human/blisk (i forgot his name). to defeat him shoot off his plates (use zap o matic, disenigrator ray or gastro) and to get the ammo for them go behid the huge rock and destroy the cauldrons. once you done that keep on shooting him with the disenigrator ray (note he is pretty hard so shoot of the plate on his back first to get rid of a weapon)
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A good way to kill Kojira in Takoshima 90%
When Kojira reaches land dont mind where shes going just destroy everything in Takoshima city only in Takoshima city.But after that is completed go on the ground and use mindflash to get her to stop and then as shes stopped for a sec use meteor strike on her .Now when mind flash wheres out only use the ion detonator,zapo matic and the disinigrator ray.Now kick her monkey butt.
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Floating Human 90%
Before you talk to someone for a mission, take a human and use the dislocator on the human. Then talk to the person for a mission, you will see the human just hanging out floating in air without the dislocator disk making the human fly. (*** The human will fly in an unlimited amount of time unless you kill him/her or use telekinesis on him/her.)
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Flying 90%
How to: Play in Two Player mode. Have 2 players get on dumpsters next to each other. Use PK on each other's dumpster and press Up. You can have the ultimate flying or on-foot flying.
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KGB Boss 90%
How to: To avoid the 1st attack hide behind something or stay in motion. When he is done,use your Anal Probe an shoot him once. He should return to normal. If not, try again. After he is back to normal, zap the green gas and finish him off with your Disintergrater Ray.
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Additional Arkvoodle Cult missions 90%
How to unlock: If you want to unlock more of the Arkvoodle Cult missions finish main missions and Odd Jobs.
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Burrow Beast unlock 89%
Complete all Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock the Burrow Beast Datacore (super weapon).
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Abducto Beam cheat 89%
Grab a person with the Abducto Beam. Now select storeand release L1. They will hit the saucer with a loud bang.
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Hidden Movie 89%
How to unlock: [Pause Game] and select the Archives option, then choose the "B-Movie" selection. Now, hold L3 and press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X(2) to watch a movie with Crypto and Pox talking about the original Destroy All Humans!
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Pongsby 89%
Description: Before the fight,refill the Mind Flash gauge and load your Disintegrator gun's ammunition . When the fight begins, to activate Mind Flash,hold Circle . You will have a short pause where everything stops. Use your Disintegrator and blast away at Pongsby.
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Alien Artifact Detector 88%
Description: Complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Albion. The last Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion has 2 parts. Shama Llama will tell you to go back to Bay City and chat to The Freak and convince him to paint a poster for you. Once you complete that mission, go back to Albion and complete the last Arkvoodle Cult mission there to unlock the Alien Artifact Detector. The Alien Artifact Detector makes any Alien Artifact appear on your mini-map/radar (as a blinking red dot) when you are near one.
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Furotech Cell Detector unlock 88%
How to unlock: Finish all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takoshima to unlock the Furotech Cell Detector. It makes any Furotech Cell appear on your mini-map/radar when you are near one.
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Screensaver 88%
How to: If you remain idle,the screen will turn black and white.
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Fooling the Black Ninja's made simple 86%
Bluntly - make sure you got the Mind Flash ability by doing the main missions in Albion.

When you talk to the Black Ninja, you can speed through the dialog by just hitting "X" over and over. Pay no attention to the choices.

As soon as the cutscene is over, watch for the first pink square to pop up on the threat screen. Press and hold circle immediately. This will launch a "MIND BLAST".

It doesn't last long, but it turns it into a turkey shoot! The ninjas will still be activated and be marked one after another with pink squares on the threat scope, BUT THEY CAN'T MOVE TOWARD YOU.....

If you PK the wrong ones it still helps - because they get thrown farther away and it buys you more time. PK fast, and you will clear a lot of them out before they can do anything.

After the mind blast wears off, it's a walk in the park.
By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Hammer car. 86%
This is a hint.

use your PK to pick up a car after buying that cheat.

then snatch a body,it does'nt matter who,just take one.

in a public area pick up a car then drop it on someone's head.

they will be nailed to da gound.

i do this mostly on the cops.

NOTE:this does not allways work.
if in this situation,hit them again!
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Tunguska Goes Down 80%
This isn't't really a cheat but it's really cool. If you blow up the Tunguska power plant located in science town, about half of the whole town's buildings will fall right after it. this will really help on the first mission you do in Tunguska. hope this helps :)
By: lpcollin(32)
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Floating Man 80%
First Get a person and Destroy The person. Next you put a person on a car ( Has to have nobody in it ) then Pk the car and the person will be floating! Hope you have a good time doing it!
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Dupe a body 79%
In two-player mode, you can duplicate a body when both of the players are entering the same body at the same time. This results in two more bodies created from that single one.
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Coyote Bongwater 78%
You destroy Bongwater by going to old fort tunnel and to the purple line and then you see another tunnel, go in and Kill Bongwater by running to the back of the base, use PK to throw a barrel at him so it explodes and kills him.
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Change Agent Oranchov Back 78%
When you find Agent Oranchov he turned into a monster, get your Annal probe And and shoot him, He turns into a Human again but the gas hurts you so hit it with Zap o matic and kill the KGB with distintigrator ray.
By: daniej(560)
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Agent Oranchov 75%
When you find Agent Oranchov he turned into a monster, get your Annal probe And and shoot him, He turns into a Human again but the gas hurts you so hit it with Zap o matic and kill the KGB with distintigrator ray.
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Double Persons 75%
In two player mode if you both brain snach the same person than he will multiply into two people
By: daniej(560)
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Alien Artifact detector 73%
Finish all Arkvoodle cults in Albion to unlock Alien Artifact detector ( whenever you are near Alien Artifact it will blink red on your radar
By: Orthropox13(122)
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It's a sheld 72%
If a enemy is shooting at you pk a civilian and put him in front of you with him still in the air the enemy will shoot the civilian instead of you
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Floating humans 71%
Grab a dead body and put it on an exploded car, then PK the car but not up and throw it away and the body is still there floating!
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Enjoy their pain 69%
When you have the burrow beast go to a popular place(with a building easy to get on next to it )and fire the burrow beast go on the building and WATCH THEIR PAIN AND DEATH

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Trying to kill kojira? 69%
I found it easire to do with my brother because you have twice the fire power. also destroy all the buildings so that you can see better or dont destroy the buildings and stand on top of them. or just use your saucer
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Get QUANTOM DESTRUCTOR without wasting your freeze thing 68%
The quatom destructor is the biggest weopo for your saucer it blows up pretty much anything so heres where and how you get it, go to Tarkovskote in Tunguska, there is a road go across that and into the middle of the area and POX will say that he/she has found a datacore yabba yabba, and badda bing badda bom you have the QUNTOM DESTRUCTOR. have fun
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Blow up easily! 67%
On the bit in Albion, when you have to infultrate the KGB base with natalia, instead of doing it by foot, park your spaceship nearby, and when the mission starts, simply run to your spaceship, and start to blow things up easily. You can still pick things up, and it's really easy to destroy people, just abduct them! This is only if you didn't have the idea of this...
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Unlockable:final odd job 67%
Complete the game,go to solaris,get a disguise and enter the big dome.a cosmonaut is waiting to give you the last odd job
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Flying Blisk 67%
On a level with Blisk warriors kill one. bring it a few iches from your saucer and get in. Use the abduct beam to pick up the blisk and store him.
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Gymnastics 67%
PK someone on a building and kill them with zapomatic and when they do a backflip in the air zap halfway between the person and the ground and they flip again keep doing it and it looks like they are dancing in front of an alien!
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Secret music 67%
When you land (anywhere) stay under the saucer for an hour (maybe less) and the screen should go black and white and cool music should turn on
By: Orthropox13(122)
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How to kill ponsy furon style 67%
Try to hide behind something then use mind flash and then shoot him with everything (apart from meteor strike)when mind flash wears off use meteor strike.
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Army and kgb war 67%
R2r2r2 l2l2l2l1
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Stuck on the level where you have to get on the rock island? 67%
1) Have the jetpack upgrades and you can use the dock to fly over.

2) Or before that mission fly over and unlock landing zone.

3) If you don`t, just go over to the rock anyway until Pox tells you you have to land keep flying around randomly and you`ll eventually see a scene where you`re on land and doing the thing you`re supposed to then the scene ends and you`re back in your saucer it worked for me - mabye it`s a glitch I accidently found but try anyway.
By: MarvelHero977(103)
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The best way to cross fences in Tunguska 67%
Run up to the fence (For example - at the KGB town).

They will all run to the inside of the fence and shoot at you, so you run back away from it just far enough to use "FREE LOVE" on the closest guard.

Then run up and use "BODY SNATCH" on a guard or KGB guy on the other side of the fence....

You'll be IN LIKE FLINT and across the fence with a "CLEAN SNATCH" just like that!

Why waste time walking around to the gate in an army guy body when you can get right in there?

By: GreywolfHunting(151)
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Unlock Salad Days Movie 67%
Pause the game, go to the archives, and hold down L3 and put in

X, Square, Triangle, O, Square, O, Triangle, X, X,
By: CheatAgent101(361)
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Well go into tunguska or whatever its called the go into a little village called err.. tarkofskote (i think) then do the freeze where everything stops THEN pox will say "im picking up a datacore".. bla bla bla then vwala you have a rli cool gun for your ship
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Zapomatic 63%
Instead of holding down the trigger of the zapomatic try to tap it, this way people die faster, and it takes longer for the gun to run out of power.
By: PearsonSW(212)
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Roller Coaster 63%
In Albion go to canalside and keep walking down the street on the right,then when it starts to push you into the water jump and start to lean aginst the force wall and push foward and you will go crazy fast.I promise you will go fast IF you do it right only for ps2
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Crazy cheat 63%
Go and fly to a car and well you are on it blow it up and you wall go flying
By: thecheater9999(19)
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Invisible jetpack 63%
In londan go to the end of the screen and throw 20 people and two cars in and then use your jetpack it should be invisible
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Fight the cops or milatary when ever you want 62%
Body snach a cop and go to a phone and call back up the more you do this the more the alert level goes up
By: cypto138(20)
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Never-end Eddie 62%
In Albion there is a doo job that you can do. the guy you talk too is Eddie, after the you complete the mission you can body snatch Eddie, and nothing can kill him unless you use all of his life while in his body. But if you exit his body every time the bar blinks red and snatch him again his bar will be full again. Hope this helps :)
By: lpcollin(32)
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Slaughter russian mutants 61%
In order to slaughter the russian monkey mutants (ugly freaks) get is much amo for the awesome anal probe, and shoot them in their 1/2 monkey 1/2 alien butts!
p.s there is gonna be that groovy mist that will attack (take over) the other monkey water sacks, but you can anhialate it with your didintegrater ray.
p.p.s zap-o-matic works to... but not as well
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The giant lizard cheat 60%
Get in your saucer and destroy all the buildings in takoshima city (kajija walks around takoshima city alot) after that you get out and get as many weapons as possible and mind flash. and then SHOW THAT GIant lizard what you are made of !
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Furotech cell detector 60%
Finish all Arkvoodle cults to get Furotech cell detector
By: Orthropox13(122)
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The best way to cross fences in Tunguska 60%
Run up to the fence For example at the KGB town.

They will all run to the inside of the fence and shoot at you, so you run back away from it just far enough to use "FREE LOVE" on the closest guard.

Then run up and use "BODY SNATCH" on a guard on the other side of the fence.

You'll be IN LIKE FLINT and across the fence with a "CLEAN SNATCH" just like that!
By: Zander22(290)
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Man who can't die 60%
Warning: not tested

in takoshima when you finish the ood job where you have to destroy the executives car try and kill the executive he will not die
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Man who can't die 60%
Warning: not tested

in takoshima when you finish the ood job where you have to destroy the executives car try and kill the executive he will not die
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Lower alert level 60%
Use mindflash during alert level orange
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Ponsaby is a dead man 58%
Use mind flash to temperaraly freeze ponsaby the use meteor strike on him then hit him with Zap-o-Matic or disinigrator ray till hes dead
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Easier furotech cells 58%
If you cant find any furotech cells or cant complete missions to get them, do the odd job missions and you will get lots of furotech cells for doing tasks.
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Anti- gravity field easy find 58%
First,head to albion with your saucer.then got to the park.go to every entrance to the park.i f you find the right one,pox will send a message to you about the datacore.since your jetpack cant fly that high,try getting on one of the telephone booths.then, fly up with your jetpack to get the datacore.once you shoot out this weapon from your saucer,it will suck up everything.just transmogigfy anything to get more ammo obce you run out.
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The disklocator game 57%
First you shoot a car with the disklocator.Next you wait until the cars life is low and pick it up.Thenyou smash it into sombody.FINALLY theyburn to a crisp
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Beat bongwater in 1 hit 55%
Walk into da room and pk an explosive barel at him and he should die if not do it again
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Amazingly fun! 55%
In Albion, go to the huge bridge, and hover/fly to one of the pockets on the side. If you do this right, nobody will see you. Then go to the very edge of it, and pk the next person you see. Pull them in and extract their brain. Do this as many times as you need to, to get full brain stun thingy. By this time, the police will have been alerted. drag one of them in using PK, and take control. There is no reason to use free love, because nobody can see you. Then go to the nearest phone thingy, and raise alarm. The alarm will instantly go red. Then run back to your pocket and wait for the bridge to fill up with tanks. If your host runs out of energy, take thier brains and dump them in the river. Now is the fun bit! Equip either meteor strike or the disintegrator ray, stop time, and blow up everything on the bridge. Return to your pocket, and repeat. I never get tired of this!
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Ultimate jump 55%
Destroy loads of cars and stack them and take a dead human and put him on the cars pile and throw the cars away starting with the top and down and the human will be where he was before so jump onto him and jetpack high as possible and see what buildings you reach
By: Orthropox13(122)
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Defeating Kojira the Giant Lizard (Plan 2) 52%
Since Kojira can regenerate her Lizard Body by destroying buildings, so just destroy all the buildings in the city before she does. She also uses her green missiles which is unavoidableto get hit so keep at the distance in which she will not be able to shoot you. 350 - 500 meters are good distance (1 block of a city to the other block = 100 meters). Keep your saucer at the highest distance it can get to because the tanks that shoots lasers can accidently hit you, or in the case of being an alient, hit you in pupose.
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Tower 50%
In takoshima go under the brige near the eiffel tower go under jus at the entrance an fire a meteor strike at the middle of the roof u'll see the tower fall throw the ground an not a mark left its kul try it
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Mmmm....dna 50%
Try taking brains from furon powered majestic ....ALIVE!. 100 dna or lucky 200
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Reset alert level 50%
Body snach a cop or military man and go to the nearest phone and press "call the all clear".
By: cypto138(20)
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Mutants like you 50%
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Cults 49%
When doing the white ninja cheats use the jet pack to fly above the leader then use your zap o mattik on the black ninjas in front of him about 3 times then use the meteor gun (if u have it witch u shood) on the building when its done u get a box with a full set of ammo for all guns(red box) or get the one with all wepons cheat in it (black one) then use telekonethel push on the 1 you choose it will open and u get it This is submitted by your cheat master on and hacker crypto and his friend pox of the sacred crouch. Enjoy!
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Weapon duel 46%
In tunguska on two player find duel 2 player by the bridge chose any weapon except for the (burrow beast and gastro) have one player stand on the edge of the bridge and then at the count of three have the one player standing on the edge of the bridge jump into the water as the othe player presses the triangle to start the game you should notice the one who jumped in the water in now laying on the ground dead then he will disapear and when you have to pick a gun to duel with press triangle any time don get the glowing triangle at the end of the bridge and you will have the gun you had chosen in the begining when you fell off you can use this gun to thrash your enemy (note you must have ammo or there is no use in doing all of this)
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Having fun 42%
While playing pk tennis in 2p mode why wait so freaken damn long until the other guy shoots just fly with your jet pack and shoot the guy which is the ball and kill him then you will hear a crackling sound and its your turn to shoot man you will feel proud because its your turn instead of waiting so long and bieng bored
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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Brains from buts 40%
Go to Solaris and at the Cosmanout Base there is a landing zone barracaded by walls. Fly over there and PK someone there. Kill them with Zap-O-Matic. Then while in the landing zone area (anywhere around the landing zone that is barracaded) extract there brain and instead of the brain coming out of there head. It will come out the arse with the head still there
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Kgbs help you 40%
Up down up down up down
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Get more ninjas to protect you 40%
Okay first. You know how you can make only one person to protect you? Well I know a way to get 5 ninjas to protect you or more.But you need to be able to make the ninjas to protect you first other wise it won't work. You can do this by abducting some people. But it only works at that place where there are ninjas. Okay first you need to find a gong a course. I would recommend you to find a gong that summons white ninjas. Because the black ones will attack you.When had found a gong hit it with the weapon that shoots fire or something, or use your PK to lift a person then push at the gong. After that, white ninjas appear. You can pick one of them to make them protect you. Okay once you pick which to hypnotized to protect you, kill the other 2 white ninjas. Then hit the gong again then hypnotize another one. See that you can be able to get to ninjas to protect you. Try to get as many ninjas to protect you. (this is a honest cheat I promise)
By: hurrcian(5)
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Cartoon maddness 38%
Any where where robots are you can do this.
first find a robot jet pack on his head dont jump off when he stomps cryptosporidium 137 will stand on air while the robot will be ducking.
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Floating Body #2 37%
To make the body float, get a car w/ nobody in it then kill a civilion or cop. Put them on top of the car then wait til' the body stops moving, Then PK the car but DON'T lift it! Because if you do you'll ruin the whole thing. But if you do it right, the body will be floating body.
-o---o- --o

It will look like this!
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Protect,scan,freelove 36%
To protect press square until the cops head is red.
To scan press x Till you hear words out loud.
to Freelove press cirlce till everybody around you starts dancing.
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Floating cop 36%
If you kill two cops and have a car you put the cop on the top of the car and put the other cop on the cop and you push the car
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Wow! 36%
Ok go to a hippy and kill it and well you rur do ing it blow up a car and a lot of hippys die and plez ho plez vote yes plez
By: thecheater9999(19)
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Human Farm 35%
Use the 2p cloning glitch, but keep cloning. eventually you'll have a human farm. its best done in the first landing zone of bay city. and make sure the people cant get out. CONGRATULATIONS! you now have a human farm!
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Clean snach and more 35%
To get a clean snach you simpaly make them dance then snach a body becouse when you try to do it without thay allways notice youand them you need to make them forget you can allso do this to get boxes in misions withot being shot when there protecting
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Hit-N-Run 35%
After your health is blinking red run to a place near by. Your Health will go Back up
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Floating garbage box 35%
Blow up a car then put a garbage box onton of it look away for a while then the rubble of the car will go away and the box will stay floating!
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Roof escape 34%
Sumtimes when you jump at al wall you will get cout and be abel to jump on roof espeshaly when you see the tinyest stick out that you think you coldent stand on this is grate for geting away from huge groups of army men if you run out of amo and allsyou have is a crapy zap-o-matick p.s you can allways get away from tanks or other vichals that shoot this way p.p.s this trick is also good for geting around and geting those green shiny things
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Cool and fast way to kill every one nearby without taking damage 33%
For this to work you must have all the mind flash upgrades from the gene blender or you will have to get 4 brains and in less time. There are two ways to do this

(1)for this you can be any where just mind flash take 2 brains off pedestrians (esiest to extract) and the kill everyone then when mind flash wares off flash again and keep going

(2)for this you must be near any one you can use protect on. Mind flash and when everyone else is frozen use protect on the person near you and they should wake up and go Around killing all your enemys join him why dont you
By: gamer101(10)
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500cells 33%
At the main menu press R1 X L1 square X R2 note if you look at your cells you will see 500 of them if you did the code right you will hear a girl sceam
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Natalya always by your side 33%
Write cheat in game play:down,up,x,triangle,square,up,up
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Magic robot 33%
To simple just stand away from a gaurd robot(an online unawer robot)it will be white
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Eat his boogers 33%
Press r2 r2 l1 r2 up down left right
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Summon the ninjas 33%
Go to takoshima fing agong shoot it with the disinagrator ray or the anal probe or pk a person and push them in the diretion of the gong 3 ninjas will apper (can only use once unless you leave and come back) it can be a black ninja or a white ninja.
By: cypto138(20)
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Bye, bye doors 33%
Dont destroy a parked car use pk to pick up car throw it hell high and as it goes away its doors will dissapear
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