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Great team 100%
First unlock a team of world league then go to your favourite team see the players of the team you have just unlocked go to club transfers and put the players of the team of world league into your favourite team and then go to my squads and make it the team like world league then your favourite team willbe the greatest team in the game.
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Preview unlockables 81%
How to: Buy unlockable items but do not save your profile. After you finish testing items, just reload your profile to gain back the unlockable points. By doing this you can unlock and test all the unlockables in the game.
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Unlockable points 80%
You need to select Tournament mode and choose any cup tournament. They are usually shorter. You can either select the highest rated team or replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another league. Advance to Tournament Central. Now quick sim all the games until you win the tournament. For this you will be awarded unlockable points to spend.
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Money $$$ Money 78%
How to: You need to buy the best free agents in the transfer market as you are playing as any team in Manager mode. To keep from paying the high salary just sell them during the same transfer market window. Since they are free to you, after you sell them you can put millions of dollars in your bank account.
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Full team stamina 78%
How to: You can save the game in Manager mode, quit, and load Manager mode again and all your players' stamina will be nearly fully refilled. Do this as many times as you like.
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Easy Goals - finesse shot 77%
How to: When you go one-on-one with the goalkeeper, perform a finesse shot. You can do this to trick the goalkeeper from going from one side to the other. Maybe fake right and shoot left or vice verse. Most of the time it will go in.

If you have the ball but outside the area and not on your half, check on the map how far the goalkeeper is off his line. He is usually about 2 meters. Get the power correct and you should be able to easily lob him.
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Recommended team 77%
Description: Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation:
GK Cech
RB Daniel Alves
CB John Terry
CB Ledley King
LB Gihel Clichy
RM Shaun Wright Philips
CM Kim Kallstrom
CM Frank Lampard
LM Stuart Downing
CF Shevchenko
CF Sammy Eto'o

GK Shay Given
DF Steven Taylor
CM Joe Cole
CM Freddy Adu
CF Peter Crouch

Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation:
GK Dida
RB Rio Ferdinand
CB Allesandro Nesta
CB Carles Puyol
LB Roberto Carlos
RM Cristiano Ronaldo
CM Michael Ballack
CM Deco
LM Ronaldinho
CF Hernan Crespo
CF Wayne Rooney

DF Fabio Cannavaro
CM Kaka
CM Beckham
CF Shevchenko
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Giovanni Dos Santos 74%
How to: You need to find Giovanni Dos Santos in Barcelona's reserve list. He is only 69 overall but you can edit his stats and make him a lot better. This will give you 2 of the best mid-fielders in the game.
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Easy wins 72%
How to: [Pause Game] if you are losing a match and go to "Select Sides". Change to the other team, then shoot at your own net and score goals for your original team. As soon as your team is winning by a good lead, change back to your original team.
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Free Players 63%
If you know that you are definately going to leave the club you managing in manager mode and you got good players on your side and if their contracts are expiring and they are worth a lot of money. Dont renew their contracs, at the end of the season they will become free agents. now you left your old club and you chose a new club. the players that were on your old side, they do not have contracts so they are free. just submit a good bid to that player and he will come to your new club for free.
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Free kicks guaranteed 63%
When you have chosen manchester united, if you get free kick behind the half line of the ground, then choose rooney, keep target exactly to the middle of the goal post. Now press cross button full and hold it until the ball goes into the goal post....:) :)..It works. U can try it with other great players also..
By: pandya21(57)
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Amazing Corner shot 62%
When you get a corner, place target straight to the goal post. i.e 0 degree. Now if you see the goal post, you will find only one pole from this location. Now if you get left corner, choose right kicker and vice versa. for example, if you choose right kicker, press very lightly and quickly right arrow 2 times and leave it. Now hold shift and press shoot button. After doing this immediately swing the ball to the left side by pressing left arrow and hold it. The ball goes directly in the goal post. Enjoy.
By: pandya21(57)
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Press the Trigger Run/Tactics Changer Button along with the Shoot Button
this will take a grounded powerful kick....although u'll need to practice
this a bit !
By: irishkurey(71)
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Mudar (christiano ronaldo) 59%
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Easy wins, no cheats 57%
Field a 4-3-3 formation with players of 80+ rating and quick sim it. after 2-3 matches you will start winning quiet convincingly. remember to play the best striker in the middle
By: mytharry(29)
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Easy keyboard tackle during gameplay: 54%
When using the key board to play the game,the easiest way to tackle is to press the
E and D keys simultaneously and continue to tap the A key with a finger. with this
you can ignore the directional keys but your player will continue to tackle and
eventually win the ball cleanly.
By: irishkurey(71)
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Easy Win 46%
If you are losing a match and go to "Select Sides". Change to the other team, then shoot at your own net and score goals for your original team. As soon as your team is winning by a good lead, change back to your original team.
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Easy freekick goals 45%
While playing in professional,world class or legendary level difficulty make your player (with ball) walk,don't run, parallel to the front of opponent's penalty box and don't get much to the wings.The opponents will tackle you down and you get free-kick in front of goal and you know how easy it is to score from free-kick in FIFA07. Trust me,i tried it and beat Chelsea in legendary level 17-0.
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How to transfer all the good players on to your team without paying(manager mode) 42%
Firstly go to the fifa 07 homepage .Now simply just go to team management ,then to club transfers .
Now you can select a team to search players from ,or by name and transfer them to your favorite team
By: mabon1996(18)
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Mohit 31%
When starting the kick off shoot towards goaly with a button and take the goaly outside the D
and press a
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