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Big Overall Changes when played in different positions!!! 95%
When you try different players in different positions their not used to, they sometimes get a better overall than they were in their normal positions! Here are some of the players that I have found that get a big change when they are played in other positions!

C.Nervo (CAM) - Arsenal Reserves
80 when played in normal position. Play him in Right Midfield and he will go up to 86!!

P.Vieria (CDM) - Inter Milan
85 when played in normal position. Play him in Center Defense and he will go up to 90!!

M.Demichelis (CDM) - Bayern Munich
75 when played in normal position. Play him as a Central Defender and he will go up to 82!!

Owen Hargreaves (CDM) - Bayern Munich
84 in norm pos. Play him as a Left Wing Back and he will go to 84!!

Del Piero (CF) and Pavel Nedved (CAM) - Juventus
Del Piero - 87 in norm pos. Play him in Left Midfield and he will go to 90!!
Nedved - 87 in norm pos. Play him in Right Midfield and e will go up to 89!!

Cleber Santana (CAM) - Santos (Brazillian League)
70 in normal position. If you play him up front then he will go up to 79!!

Wesley Sneijder (LM) - Ajax
80 in norm position and goes up to 84 when hes played in Center Attacking Midfielder!!

I.Biscan (CDM) - Panathinaikos
74 in CDM and goes to 79 when in CB!!

L.Sanmatean (CM) - Panathinaikos Reserves
74 in CM and goes to 80 when in RM!!

L.Vintra (CB) - Panathinaikos
72 in CB and goes to 74 when played in LM lol!!

Kaka (CAM) - AC Milan
87 in CAM but 88 on the wing!!

J.Leko (CDM) - AS Monaco
73 in CDM but 79 when played as a LCB!!

Wiltord (RWM) and Juninho (CAM) - Lyon
Wiltord - 81 in RWM but 83 in ST
Juninho - 88 in CAM but 90 in LM

You may have noticed that most of the players there are CDM or CAM. This is because they tend to be good on both feet and can be played on either side of the pitch and in defense! But that is just some players I have found. I have left the rest for you to find! Yay! lol have fun! Try looking in the Premiership or in Spain!
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Crossing/Passing more accuratly 94%
Im going to mention that i use square to cross so what ever button your cross is just apply to that.
Now i found that when you just use a normal cross pass its sometimes not accurate to make them more accurate hold in L2 when you do so, i found this more accurate. It goes the same in passing but make sure that when you cross or pass that you make sure you know what footed the player is because hes going to bass with his stronger foot.
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Fast Unlockable Points 94%
Select Tournament mode and choose any cup tournament(usually shorter).
Select the highest rated team or replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another league.
Advance to Tournament Central and do a quick sim fpr all the games until you have won the tournament.
You will get unlockable points to use and you had to do very little.
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Money $$$ Money in manger mode! 93%
Before you start the season create some centre foward with the ovr all ablity of 99 put them at the youngest age then put them on the team u r goin 2 b in the manger mode then when it is the transfer season sell them they should be worth £53 million it also works with other players but they arnt worth as much
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Money $$$ Money 93%
How to: While playing as any team in Manager mode, purchase the best free agents in the transfer market. Sell them during the same transfer market window so you do not have to pay the high salary. Because they are free to you, once you sell them you can get the added millions to your bank account.
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Full team stamina 93%
How to: In Manager mode, save the game, quit, then load Manager mode again and all your players' stamina will be almost fully refilled. Repeatable!
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Goals 101 92%
How to: When one-on-one with the goalkeeper, press L2 + Circle to perform a finesse shot. This will trick the keeper from going from one side to the other. Example, fake right and shoot left. It will go in most of the time this way.

If you have the ball and are outside the area but not on your half, you can check on the map how far the keeper is off his line. Normally he is about 2 meters. You can lob him easily if you get the power correct.
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Free Kicks 92%
How to: It is easy as long as it is in a decent position then it can be scored easily, when ur player steps upto take the free kick then press and hold L2 then make the camera angle is nearly inline with the goalpost on the opposite side to which the goalkeeper is,
19m - very quick tap - should barely full 10% of the bar
22-24m - quick tap - should fill bout 20% of the power bar
26m - tap - sholud fill bout 30% of the power bar
28m+ - jus pass it 2 a better positioned player
i always do this & i usually scored bout 85% even if the fee kick taker is left footed he will still shoot with his right foot but probably still score
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Lobbing the keeper from the half way line 92%
When just in the oppositions half and the keeper is off his line run at an angle and press circle and L2 then the ball should curl round or over the keeper
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How to: When you are inside the center circle nearest to the goal make sure you are facing the goal press L2 and quickly after hold circle down until it goes right up on the bar. After a good practice it will go in 99.9% of the time
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Double Stepover 92%
How to: Cristiano Ronaldo and Robinho are 2 of the best dribblers. Use the Trick Stick with Ronaldo or Robinho to perform a double stepover. To do this press Forward, then rotate left and then right.
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Easy Money 91%
When it is tranfer season go to the transfer market and search for free agents players in any league. Buy the players on free transfer and then sell them.
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Players to buy 90%
Here are some players to buy who will become awsome:

Jesus navus (seville)
Freddy adu (DC united)
Robinho (real madrid)
Podolski (bayern munich)
Bojinov (juventus)
Essien (chelsea)
Fred (lyon)
Walcott (arsenal)
Messi (barcalona)
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Free kicks 89%
How to: When your taking a free kick aim near the post then put 50% of power then when the player is about taking the shoot circle both of the analog sticks and will be a goal
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Finding Giovanni Dos Santos 89%
How to: You can find Giovanni Dos Santos in Barcelona's reserve list. Even though he is only 69 overall you can edit his stats and make him as good as Ronaldinho. You will then have 2 of the best midfielder's in the game.
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Youngsters to buy. 88%
If you want a brilliant future team then buy:

Freddy Adu (D.C united)
Samir Nasri (Marsaile)
Kerlon (unknown)
Fransesc Fabregas (Arsenal)
Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
Phillipe Senderos (Arsenal)
Theo Wallcott (Arsenal)
Gonzalez (Liverpool)
Robin Van Persie ( Arsenal)
Wes Brown (Manchester United)
Stekelenburg (Unknown)
Ejide (unknown)

If "unknown" then when it is transfer period then press start and write that players name and select the player and there you go, good luck!.
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Recommended Team 88%
Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation:
GK: Cech
RB: Daniel Alves
CB: John Terry
CB: Ledley King
LB: Gihel Clichy
RM: Shaun Wright Philips
CM: Kim Kallstrom
CM: Frank Lampard
LM: Stuart Downing
CF: Shevchenko
CF: Sammy Eto'o

GK: Shay Given
DF: Steven Taylor
CM: Joe Cole
CM: Freddy Adu
CF: Peter Crouch

Another Team:
Try the following team in 4-4-2 formation:
GK: Dida
RB: Rio Ferdinand
CB: Allesandro Nesta
CB: Carles Puyol
LB: Roberto Carlos
RM: Cristiano Ronaldo
CM: Michael Ballack
CM: Deco
LM: Ronaldinho
CF: Hernan Crespo
CF: Wayne Rooney

DF: Fabio Cannavaro
CM: Kaka
CM: Beckham
CF: Shevchenko
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Preview ALL Unlockables 87%
How to: Buy unlockable items without saving your profile. After testing items, simply reload your profile to get back the unlockable points. By using this trick you can unlock and test all unlockables.
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Cheats 86%
Super Dribbling L1+R1.
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Argentine League 85%
How to unlock: To unlock the Argentine league in all playable modes you have to:

Start a manager mode season
Pick an MLS side
Play 5 Seasons with this MLS side
Then leave the squad for a Brazilian side
Play 5 Seasons with this Brazilian side
Then leave the squad for a Mexican side
Play the final 5 Seasons with this Mexican side

The Argentine league will then be unlocked, this also removes Boca Juniors and River Plate from the Rest Of The World section and replaces them with Spartak and Dynamo Moscow
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Best foward combination 81%
Ive found that the best forward combination in the game is wayne rooney and something podolski or somethin like that.
Rooney goes up to over all 97 after a year, and the same with poldolski.
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Easy Wins 81%
How to: When you are losing a match, press Start and go to Select Sides. Switch to the other team, then shoot at your own net and score goals for your team. Once your original team is winning by a descent amount, switch back to your original team.
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Penalty trick 78%
During penalty play,dont panic .Just watch your opponent player's head .you will notice that the player's head turns little by little to the direction of which he will kick the ball.
By: selasi(47)
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Pips free kicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 77%
When got a free kick in a good postion search for a good angle then call 2nd player hold L2 and x let go of them and the 2nd player will pass to you then take a long shot ive tried it and had a 99.9% you will score recommended player to take it: beckham or cristiono ronaldo by kaka523
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Clock the game 71%
Press up,up,square, triangle, circle
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Free kicks 71%
If you are on the edge of the box or a few feet back tap the select until there is an arrow pointing down then tap circle as lightly as possible and you are nearly Guaranteed to score.
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Score bicycle goal 71%
Tap cross then press circle
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The best formation 70%
3 - 4 - 3

CB: Terry
ST:Wayne Rooney
LS:David Villa
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Freekick auto goals 70%
If 25m out or less line the ball with the corner the keeperis furthest away from tap circle as light as possible. guaranteed goal!
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Easy way to score 67%
When you're one on one with the goal keeper instead of shooting straight away, just move the analog stick to the left or right side of the keeper. When you do that, he'll try to pounce on you but he'll be late because by then you've passed by him already.

360 sprint.
you can also score easily by rolling the analog stick around one on one with the keeper. When you do that the keeper will try to take the ball of you but he'll tackle you instead and it will be a penalty
By: kwasia(1358)
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Unlocking world XI and classic XI for free! 67%
To unlock these teams without spending your points, go to kick off mode and scroll till you find those teams. Go to the team next to them and quickly switch and press X. The switch must be fast otherwise it will not work. Enjoy using these good teams 4 free.
By Ch3at Ma5t3r
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How to make goal keeper kick far 67%
Pass the ball to the keeper stop the ball then quckly press squre and o
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1 on 1 with good goalie ( buffon, leham, van der sar, ect...) 64%
When 1 on 1 with a good goalie and he is coming out
just press L1 + and tap O, and it will go right over the goalie nd it will be a great goal
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Win all seasons 62%
Press start in a mach and press left left down x
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Easy way to score 60%
Make sure you have someone fast up front to out run the defence I use theo walcott. pass the ball back to your goalkeeper and then use chip through ball make sure you hold both buttons down for as long as you can so that the ball is passed to the furthest player away, usually the ball will go over the opposing defence and your striker if he is quick will out run the defence leaving you one on one with the keeper
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The real best team! 59%
If you actually want the best team, start with chelsea and buy all of these players:

GK: Cech - 95

RB: Castro - 96
CB: Sergio Ramos - 95, Pique - 95, Mertesacker - 96
LB: Kompany - 97 (he is actually a CB but plays better here).

CDM: Drill - 99
RM: C. Ronaldo - 98
LM: Robben - 94 (i know hes crap but there arent any other good LM's)
CAM: Messi - 99

RF: Kalou - 98
LF: Walcott - 99

PS. Upgrade your stadium manager to 10 and you will get 1/2 to £1m per game.
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Dummy 59%
To do a dummy you press circle + x at the same time
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When I a good position where ever you want turn your back to one of the defenders and wait for them to slide tackle you ilegally.
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360 58%
Using the right analog do a full spin and it wuold make a 360 spin
By: choudhury(8)
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A Team That Will Not Cost Much But Will Improve To Be Invincible 57%
At the START of the game, select Chelsea as your team to manage. In the FIRST season, you must sell many good players, they are:


With them gone you should have a budget of over £75 million.

Next, loan out John Obi Mikel

Now you must buy:

Micah Richards
Gonzalo Castro
Gerrard Pique
Sergio Ramos
Gareth Bale
Jesus Navas
Joao Moutinho or Javier Macherano
Sweinsteiger or Josť. A .Guardado
Dos Santos
Rafael Sobis

Now, they may not all have a great rating at the moment, but, after 3 seasons, they will all be 90+.

Note: They're all young and will last for a very long time.

Note: As when you buy them they are between 74 and 89, they will not earn mega high wages, sing them on for 5 years at quite low wages and you will benefit financialy.

Good Luck!
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There's this player called drill that comes out of the youth academy he will b eas good ass ronaldihno!
you should search his name after 5 - 7seaosns! and hes very cheap!
By: realmadridfan(36)
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FIFA 07 57%
Press up on digital control pad and go past defenders and press circle once to shoot keep doing it.
By: skate(225)
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Making the best team 57%
Create a lot players with overall of 99 age 16 put them on your team in manger mode.start all over. take out all your players in team at club tranfers put all players you made . your team should be the best team .
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Try to acquire these players on your 1st year of managerial mode. Most of them are 90+ on their 3rd/4th years.

GK: Kameni, Frison
RWB: Bocally, Eduardo
CB: Vlaar, Taylor, Luizao
LB: Bale, Marcelo
CDM: Matuidi
RWM: Veirinha
LWM: Erkin, Guardado
CAM: Ramon, Calikan
ST: Claudio, Vonlanthen, Mirallas

Have enough money to purchase young, highly rated players?
Try acquiring these future superstars...

GK: Cech
RB: Castro, Barragan
CB: Kompany, Sergio Ramos, Pique
LB: Mcevely
LWB: Taiwo
CDM: de Jong, Mavuba
CM: Debuchy, Sahin
RWM: Ronaldo, Jesus Navas
LWM: Robben, Barnetta
LM: Richardson
CAM: Anderson, Kaka
CF: Kun Aguero
LF: Rafael Sobis, Tevez
ST: Rooney, Torres, Thiago

Ideal formation is 4-1-2-1-2

Important Tip!
Fullbacks and wingmens tends to get fatigued quicker on this formation, so do have enough fullbacks and wingmens on your squad.

By: mykeez
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- LACHS (goalkeeper) he will reach to 92
- SERPA (striker) he will reach 97
- BORDI (defense) he will reach 93
- ASAMOAH (defense) he will reach 91
- WILLEMS (midfielder) he will reach 92
- KORZYNIETZ (midfielder) he will reach 93
- MESHKOV (midfielder) he will reach 92
- LIVERMORE (striker) he will reach 96
- LOPEZ VEGA (goalkeeper) he will reach 94
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The team tht wins everything for 15 seasons 54%
Well heres my team that won me every competions for the 15 seasons start off with liverpool

GK: reina and cech
RB: richards and finnan
CB: carragher, terry, kompany and metzelder
LB:riise shorey and cole
RM: pennant, c ronaldo and joaquin
CM:gerrard, fabergas, lampard, alonso and kaka
LM: Robben, j cole and vicente
ST: any one from, ronney, owen, walcott, torres, eto, nilmar, david villa and podolski

richard n shorey will gain alot n get 2 99 by your 10 season
there are also more players that I have brought and sold along the way also I recommend dixon whos age 16 from tottenham and claudio whos 17 n plays for palmerias there young stars that grow into the best in the world
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Pirlo at 90 54%
Pirlo he is 86 but play him in the Right or left Midfield he will be 90!
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Recomended team!!!! 100% unbeatable in stimulation 53%
If you want to be UNBEATABLE try this!: (i have put all the players of that possition to buy)

GK's: G. Buffon, P Cech, O. Kahn
LB's: A. Cole, G. Neville
CB's: J. Terry, Nesta
RB's: P. Evra, Grosso, Cafu
LM's:R. Giggs, P.J. Sung
CM's: M. Ballack, M. Carrick, Ronaldinho, F. Lampard, S. Gerrard
RM's: C. Ronaldo, D. Beckham
ST's: W. Rooney, T. Henry, S. Eto

( also i have not added but P. Scholes is a VERY good player but it is a sort-of glitch in the game that he is not put down as better because he will play like a "90" player. also fabrigass is rubbish to start but after the first season he becomes AMAZING so you MUST get him whilst he is bad because otherwise arsanal will not sell him)
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Easy money 53%
Before you enter manager mode go to "Club Transfers" and go to the Doncaster Rovers on the football leauge 1, and move Jonathan Forte to your sqaud. Now go to edit player and make all J. Forte's attribute 99, now make him as young as possible, begin season mode and put him up for Sale, Liverpool and Arsenal will offer you everything they have, around £45,000,000 up to £70,000,000, now if your a lower leagu team upgrade your medical staff to full, this will stop their stamina dropping rapidly from game to game.
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Signature techniques/moves 52%
Many players have signature moves,
These are some of them.
When running from left to right do these.
Blanco:Blanco bounce-Left, Right
Ronaldinho:Elastico/flip flop-Right to down, down to up
Cristiano Ronaldo:Double step over-The same as Elastico
And if your wondering how to control Rainbow which is the flick up... You Can't!
It's the same as the 360 except you can only do it with a player with high ball control
By: Ronaldinho2007(194)
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Wonderful young talent 51%
Rafael Sobis
Sergio Ramos
Freddy Adu
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90% chance of scoring a free kick 51%
When taking a free kick close to the penalty box slightly tap the shooting button.
before you do that put topspin on the ball by pushing the left analog stick forward until the shot is taken
By: Ronaldinho2007(194)
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Freddi Adu, short but helpful!! 51%
Freddi Adu is reely good at long range shots.
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Schnieder at 92 51%
If u put Schneider in RS then he goes 92 instead of 87
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To score straight from a corner, use a kicktaker whose preferred foot will allow them to perform an inswinging corner. move the direction of the player to face to the edge of the 18yard box (ot thereabouts, you can judge from practice). if you are using a right-footed player (must be taking corner from correct side, i.e. left hand side of goal or rhs of goal for a left-footed player). instead of using the normal cross button, use the shoot button (possibly anything around 60-70% power). once your player is facing in the right direction, angle the left analog diagonally down to the left (or right if it is with left foot). keep this pressed down as you power, and once the ball has left you will see an amazing curl effect. you can judge from this point how much you should try it next time around (i've scored twice and almost a few other times). after a fair bit of practice you should come close a lot of the time. i think it also depends how long you keep diagonally down left (or right) pressed after the ball is airborne aswell. go for players with good curling ability aswell to make it easier and fool the keeper more effectively.
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Score from miles out 50%
If you run with a decent player to the edge of the circle in the middle of the field hole L2 and and shoot for goal with full power you'll either score or hit the bar but if its done with a amateur player the keeper will simply catch it
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MY DREAM TEAM currently using arsenal :
toure, eboue, senderos, clichy
Van der vaant, fabregas, coco, C.ronaldo
F.torres T.henry/walcott


Hope it helps you out :) always go for the young players on the game but make sure there overall is over 75 or something like that :) as u can see up there i used all the original arsenal defence and made them class, the rating for each of those players above in my 4th season with them is (FIRST TEAM ONLY) CASSILAS 92 TOURE 85 EBOUE 87 SENDEROS 93 CLICHY 87 VAN DER VAANT 96 FABREGAS 95 COCO 94 RONALDO 98 TORRES 97 HENRY 92 WALCOTT 90 NAVAS 94 QUARESMA 92 KAKA 92, wen u start a new season u should always by jesus navas or torres cas theyre cheap and ovrall are in 80\'s
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Players that will become amzaing 50%
Freddy adu d.c united
marlon king watford
wayne ronney manchester united
Aaron lennon tottenham hostspur
wes brown manchester united
christiano ronaldo manchester united
theo walcot arsenal
essien chelsea
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Master goalie for 1.4mill!!!!!! 50%
Forget buying realy expensive goalis like cech or buffon because this is an unbelievable thing I have noticed. when buying a goal keeper for your team the person you should buy is FRISON. (search his name as I dont know who he plays for). his market value is about 990,000. he doesnt need a high salary and he is 19 so you can keep him forever. people get put off because his overall is only 77. and although he is young his overal only grows to about 81. this is only to put you off! it doesnt matter what golalie you have at the time wether it be a goalie that is ovrall 90! I have had frison for 14 seasons and the most he has ever let in on 1 game is 3 goals against chealsea (although I still won). after 40 games he had a 32 game clean sheet. and in the other 8 games he only let in 1-2 goals per game. PLZ TRUST ME HE WONT LET U DOWN. HE IS INFACT THE BEST GOALIE IN THE GAME.
from: guy that will brong you more amazing loopholes soon.
i will try to enter a new loophole every week so whatch this space
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A few hints that may help 50%
Good but cheap players

If you're only going to be with a club for 1 or 2 seasons, but you need to improve the team, try finding players who are around 70+, but the age at least over 35. They usually cost at most maybe 1,500,000 mil. Depending on their age and overall, the price will vary.

Easy free kicks

I only read about this the other day, so I can't be sure whether it's that good or not (Although I've had a few tries). If you have a free kick around the edge of the box, turn the camera and try and get the center of it lined up with the post closest to you. When you've done that, hold the up arrow (or analog, depending what controls you use), and use around half power. With some practice and getting used to it, your free kicks should go in around the top corner.

Better overall for players

Most people probably know that some players overalls increase if you play them in a different position. A few positions changes that have worked for me are

RM into ST - This guy I had went from 64 to 70 (His name was O'Rourke [Something close that, he was in the MLS])

CAM into LM/RM - Some CAMs improve when they are played on the wing, they may only go up by 2, but it's still 2 better

CDM into LB/CB/RB - A friend told me about how some of his CDMs played better in defense, and he was right. I've had to play some in defense because my back-up defenders where crap.

Hope these helped!
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Recomended players 50%
Here r some players to get in manager mode that will turn into the best in the world.

petr cech (chelsea) 89-93
micah richards (man city)
steven taylor (newcastle) 70+-90+
sergio ramos (real madrid) spain 1
quaresma (porto) portugal
micheal essien (chelsea)
bastian schweinstieger (bayern munich) germany 1
wayne rooney (man united)
solamon kalou (chelsea) 84-90+
jesus navas (sevilla) spain 1
gareth bale (southampton-CHAMPIONSHIP) 66-90+
james milner (newcastle)
mohammed sissoko (liverpool)
N sahin (borussia dortmund) germany 1
ryan babel (ajax) holland
theo walcott (arsenal) 76-90+
d sturridge (man city)
phillipe senderos (arsenal) 81-92
ANTON ferdinand (WEST HAM)
james mcEveley (blackburn) 66-92+
cristiano ronaldo (man united)
francesc fabregas (arsenal)
arjen robben (chelsea)
lucas podolski (bayern munich) germany 1
carlos tevez (west ham)
aaron lennon (totenham hotspur)
james morrison (middlesbrough)
anderson (porto) portugal
klaas jan huntelaar (ajax) holland
gonzalo castro (bayern leverkusen) germany 1
kieran richardson (man united)
lee cattermole (middlesbrough)
johan volanthen (red bull salzburg) austria
guisseppi rossi (man u-newcastle-parma) eng-eng-ita
terry dixon (totenham hotspur)

P.S: dont be fooled by geal clichy (Arsenal) because he only goes up to 86/100

submitted by x tremely fit tom
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Perfect corners 50%
To score from a corner 95% of the time. when you get a corner put the best player with the opposite foot to the side of the corner i.e use a left footer for a right sided corner and vice versa. then power the bar up to about 80% and make the ball swing away from the goalie.
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Play it short 50%
Short corners1call a lay off man , tap x to pass it press and hold down o to deliver an instant cross near the post!
By: initman(202)
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Best team eva 50%
This is the real best team seriously. 3-5-2
Gk Ochoa/Carson
Defence. sergio ramos, kun aguero, cloutier
Midfield- fabregas, nasri, messi, sahin, kalou behind the strikers
strikers- goeke, walcott

this is the best team when u pass de year 2014/2015
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Free kick 50%
Its simple !!! just place a bar almost in the middle of the screen not fully middle just 75% middle . it all depends on the distance
if its 19m just tap the kick button( a very quick tap)
if its 23-24m just hold tap if its 29-30 half bar its veryyyyy simple!!!!
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Best Team 50%
The best team to have is:-

Terry, Nesta, Ferdinand, Lucio
Lampard, Gerrard, Totti, Ronaldiniho
Toni, Podolski

Subs: Coupet
R Carlos
Beckham, Fabregas
By: footballnutter(307)
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Buy these players when u first start manager mode. 50%
Samir nasri @(marseille)
theo walcott (arsenal)
jesus navas (sevilla)
mertesacker (werder bremen)
carlos eduardo (unknown)
marcelo moreno (unknown)
micah richards (manchester city)
if a players club is unknown, when it is the transfer market go into it and press start enter the playeers name and the player should come up.
After 2-5 seasons you can buy a player called cloutier. he will be 17 years old but his overall will be about 95.
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Good cheap striker 50%
For a good cheap striker go to liverpool in transfer season and by john arne riise
his a LB with a 79 ranking. put him up forward he goes to 86 you can put him at LM and he goes to 84 or CM and he goes to 83
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Earning quick easy managerial money 50%
Create a player full stats and everything, make him 16 yrs old and when at manager mode sell for an average amount of $50,000,000
By: Phargo(17)
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Rocket 50%
When you are in your own half while your player is running with the ball press square and circle together, that is your player is facing the goal.
By: scrapspak(12)
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Easy money (The Short Way) 50%
Go to club transfers and bring the best players in the world to your club then sell them it doesnt cost through club transfers so however much you sell the player for is the proit you hav made! HOPE U FOUND THIS HELPFUL
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Easy goals from coner2 50%
Chose a RIGHT OR LEFT player if it is on the right side chose a right footer and press your directional button and the square together or the L3 if you are using analog the charge should be 90% or 95% then try pressing circle to head the ball the ball will hit the cross bar and the ball will be directly to your players head and into the goal
By: scrapspak(12)
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Easy goals from coner 50%
All you need to do is to chose a left footer in the right side press the directional up, right,down together like rubbing it together
By: scrapspak(12)
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Great team 50%
Go to transfer club.transfer all the best player you want to pick in manger mode and pick new manger pick the team but your is better.
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Long ball 50%
When taking a goal kick pass to nearest player then give back to the keeper then hold L1 + triangle the ball should go near the other side of the pitch.
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Millions of money and wins 49%
Pick a team any team go to club transfers and get da players u want
then go to edit players/team then put u team up to 99 on everything
go to manager mode then sell the players you dont need

by Jack Garratt
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Good young players 49%
Claudio,rooney,c.ronaldo,adu,nilmar,aguerro,and clautier.clautier is the best he is only 16 and is overall is 89
By: fifafan(342)
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Best striker ever 49%
David Villa is a very good striker if you put him in as a central feilder
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Fee kick with power and accuracy 49%
There are two types of free kicks in this game,the Beckham type bend and the Gerrard type power kick.Now for this you gotta use a power kicker,line up the player with the post on the side of the goal you are standing on.i.e if you are closer to the left side of the goal line up with the post on the left side of the goal as you see it.Push up on the lift stick and shoot so lightly that you get hardly any power bar at all,the ball will then go nice and fast so far into the top corner that the keeper will never reach it.The more you do this the better you become,I can now do this so well that I get no power bar at all and I have learnt to bend it so slightly that not only does the keeper have no chance but the KEEPER HAS NO CHANCE.Try not to rate this just yet,play 4 or 5 games first,give yourself a chance to work it out.It is so good you'll be saving the replays every time you have a free kick.
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More Accurate Shooting 49%

Shooting in the game was the most difficult part of the game when i first started playing it,i was so frustrated and confused but now that i have over 750 games under my belt i found out some hints. :)
First before you kick off press start and go to kick takers and look to see each players stronger foot. Mainly memorize the forwards and CAM's(center attacking midfielders) But if you know you have some other mids that are known to score focus on them aswell such as S.Gerrard(LIV) F.Lampard(CHEL) If you play with the club a lot its crucial to memorize there stronger foot to score numerous goals.
Okay let me say from a player that has played this game a lot ive known others to play this game and never tell me the secrets of shooting, obviously because they didnt want me to know and they want to know something that others dont. Now im not going to tell you eeverything i know on shooting but ill let you know some tips this why im writing this. And another thing i havent told anyone these tips not even my girlfriend whom i play lounge mode with. So you should understand im giving pearls here :)
Alright obviously scoring with a higher skilled player such as Rooney, Ronaldinho, Shevi etc. makes shooting easier but what about scoring with some striker for a 2 and half star club? well yes it makes things much harder Oh and this reminds when you play start of in semi pro if your a higher ranked footballballer start on professional everything well be easier to accomplish in professional and world class, this helps a lot. Okay another thing you must remember that this will take a lot of practice to perfect so give it time.
So lets say you have a break away and its you and the goal keeper you have some choices one fake kick(hold shoot button then quickly and i mean quickly press the pass button in any direction) which is quite difficult. You can also do a finesse shot(L2 shoot button) but the best way to finish this shot is to go to the opposite side of the players stronger foot(EX: right footer go to the left and vise versa) then power a shot about 80% to the opposite post. This works best when the goal keeper has just begun to come out to block your shot, make sure to get as close as possible but not to close. I cant stress enough that to complete these tips is with a lot of practice..when you become well at this you will know in every position when the right time is to shoot. Now how about those tricky top of the penalty box corner shots aye? yeah i know they suck the best way to accomplish these shots is to get as square as possible to the 2 posts of the goal then simply press UP on your direction key while you shoot a 60-70% power shot(practice, practice, practice)

I have many more answers but im getting tired of writing sorry but if you took the time to read this you can get ahold of me on AIM my screenname is mannykills too
if you have any questions about the game i will be glad to explain them to you. Or email me but mind you i dont check it to often but soon as i do i will get back to you as soon as possible. By knowing your type of skill it will be easier for to explain what would work best for you. I hope what i gave to you helps you like it did me.

manny rodriguez.
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Old players 49%
Most player (even old ones) have to play for your team to reach their highest rating. For example, I bought S. Kalou from Chelsea in the 8th season. He is 28 years old and is 92. When he came to my team he went straight up to 98. When I went to Player Growth it said he should of been 98 for the past 5 seasons. So if you're thinking of buying an old player but worrying that they won't get any better, the chances are, they probobly will!
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How to do easy freekicks 49%
All you have to do is when you take a freekick and your near the box just hold circle very slowy then prepare your goal!
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Good team 49%
Play 3-5-2 cuz dats da best formation n at the back have pique, kompany and sergio ramos in da middle have C ronaldo, nasri,castro (even tho e plays defence put im in cm) ssi and wallcott.for these players to get gd then u have 2 wait about 9 seasons oh n get jon obi mikel, kalou, g dos santos, and nilmar. in nethave petr cech cuz he is top.
there is 1 player u need 2 get called livermore he is a player dat cumes frm a youth academy but you should get him.
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Good Cheap Players 48%
Some players play better in different positions

Gil (LF) is 77 overall but goes up to 90 if played on the wing and he is very cheap

Kehl (CDM) is 78 or something overall but is 85/86 when played in defence and is also very cheap

If you want the best team and can't find a decent left footed left winger then buy decent strikers and play Lionel Messi on the left wing as he plays great there and there are plenty other top strikers!
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All players 99 real or made up! 48%
Get all the players you like and put them on a team (I chose manchester united)then go to team management chose a player go into the last two sections press L1 twice then you have primary skills or somethin then make them all 99 press R1 go to secondary skills or somethin make 99 Press Start and save and do the rest you want 99!!!
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100 rated player 48%
Start off your manager mode making sure you have Sergio Aguero in your team, upgrade all your staff and continue to give him gave time. After about 6 seasons he will have a rating of 100 as a CM, even though he is a striker
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Players to buy that rocket in price 48%
Search in transfer window and all these go up in price bought bale £8million now worth £19 million
sturidge is the best buy a few million from man city had him 3 seasons now rated 92 and worth 51million
also try and get them out of your youth acadmey i got r.livermore and his expected growth curve by 10 years is expected to go to 93 he is only 75 now but already worth £17million

my dream team i currently use on fifa 07 currently managing chelsea (i did buy these players)
lennon-dos santos-robben
c.ronaldo(now in injured till fa cup final) -reserve players
rooney(51 goals now in injured till fa cup final)-fernado torres-bojnov-jerome-ashton(23 goals)
hope it was helpful
ps make sure you do buy the players i listed as on my career they are worth millions and have high rating yet payed so little.
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Super team 48%
This is a great way to make a great team. create 11 players and put all ther skills up to 99 so they are all 99 overall and then put them all on a league 2 side ( i used MK Dons) then when you start the season, put 2 or 3 of them on the transfer list and arsenal will almost always offer the money u want for them, i got £41 million for one of my strikers.
then you can quick sim every game and you will definately win( except if u play prem teams in cups n stuff u shud visual sim cos the prem teams will prob win if u dont) if u keep going with your team but u use the money from transfers to buy ace young players who will become awesome then u will have a brilliant team in a few seasons
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Real life transfers 48%
Tevez - west ham(shirt no 32)
mascharano - west ham(shirt no 16)
gallas - arsenal(shirt no 10)
a.cole - chelsea(shirt no 3)
reyes - no 8)
baptista - arsenal(shirt no 10)
kilbane - wigan(shirt no 8)
By: aleclufc(415)
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Barcelona best 11 48%
Goal keeper
victor valdes
Left back:sylvinho formatin 4-3-3
right back:zambratta
center back:turam
center back:puyol
By: manu100(341)
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Frison team 48%
Frison plays for Trivso in italian serie B
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Enter to manager mode and choose any goos team like barcelona, real madrid, inter, bayern, etc, then in temporary period, sell all the old players from 26 years, you will get a lot of money and also you wouldn't pay for their high salary, then buy young good players who grow really good, thats it, you have a good team that doesn't have a high salary but you have money, a lot of money, i dont speak english so well so you wouldn't understand this so well but i tried to help
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Team 48%
Best team evr!!!
GK:ocha (91)
subs an reserves
dos santos(91)
the team is still growin yet lik bt it ant lost or drew a match 4 2 seasons by quick sims!!
buy the players when ther young 2 ul gt them cheaper!!
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Unbeatable team!!!! 48%

Buy Podolski he goes to 96 straight away then sell him for more! you get about 46 million for him!

marley dowsett
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Good American Player 47%
Buy Landon Donovan from LA Galaxy. He's a really good Central Midfirelder and is really cheap!
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Best Youth and Scout Player 47%
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101 overall player 47%
Go to mananger mode, then pick chelsea as a team, then put Robben in LCB, you will the formation 4-4-2. it comes up on the screen as 101, I think its a glitch you can only edited players to 99 .
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Salomon Kalou!!!!!! 47%
Salomon Kalou plays for Chelsea and starts off as an average good player.

Buy him first season (manager mode). He will cost between £18 and £20 milllion but turns out after 4 seasons at a skill rating of 98!

He will score loads of goals and if you wanted to sell him at this point, he will get you lots of money!
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Easy freekicks 47%
Anwere from the edge of the box to a few yards from the box is perfect for this trick. move your aim into the far corner away from the keeper, get your aim just in the goal by the post an as gently as possible tap shoot until the power is around 7%. the chances of scoring is around 85%. this works on any difficulty.
good luck.
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One on one 46%
When one on one with the keeper, press L2 and circle which is a finesse shot and it places it into the bottom corner and 9 times out of 10 you will score
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