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Gothic 3 Cheats for PC
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Gothic 3 PC Cheats

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Gothic 3 Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.60.29 by: Caliber Sep 8,2012

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Gothic 3

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Cheats 96%
Locate the ge3.ini file in the directory /Gothic3/Ini and open it in Notepad. Search for the string:



And replace the word 'false' with 'true'. Save the file as an INI file (not a TXT file -- something only Notepad can do) and boot your game. With such a minor change to the INI file, you can safely change the value back if your game crashes.

American and European Key Boards have slight differences in the arrangements of the Keys. The _ key (underscore) and the ? key (question mark) are exchanged so when you try to get the NTSC cheat codes to work, they do not work in PAL unless you replace the underscore with question marks.

An example would be give Cat_Armor would have to be changed to give Cat?Armor instead.

Once you boot Gothic 3, you can drop the dialogue box using the TILDE key (next to numeric 1 on the keyboard). Input the following codes for kicks:

give all : all items gained

give $item : gives player item specified in $item value

idkfa : give 100 of each item

god : player invulnerable

invisibility : no target mode toggle

kill : NPC entities in range all die

teach all : all skills are learned at the cost of setting player stats to zero

spawn $object : spawns specified item or creature set in the $object value

Submitted by shuma_313

Correction by TheCrimsonBlade
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Cheat Codes 95%
*** This cheat procedure involves editing a file! Please create a backup copy of the file before editing it to be safe.. Use a text editor to edit the "ge3.ini" file in the "/gothic3/ini" directory. Look for the following entry:


And change it to:

When playing, press ~ to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the listed cheat function. *** Certain codes do not work if the game has been patched.

Cheat Code
God modeGod
Invisibility modeInvisibility
Restore healthfullhealth
All armorsgive Cat_Armor
All weaponsgive Cat_Weapon
All artefactsgive Cat_Artefact
Learn all skills; lowers stats to 0Teach all
Kills selected targetKill
Spawn listed itemGive [item name]
Spawn listed itemSpawn [item name]
Get listed amount of gold; Give gold [number]
Get listed amount of gold; Give money [number]
Get all items and skillsidkfa
Show commandsHelp
Control charactercontrol
Control camerawatch
Set strengthteach STR [number]
Set dexterity (hunting skill)teach DEX [number]
Set intelligence (ancient knowledge)teach INT [number]
Set alchemy skillteach ALC [number]
Set smith skillteach SMT [number]
Set thief skillteach THF [number]
Set healthteach HP [number]
Set manateach MP [number]
Set energyteach SP [number]
Set learning pointsteach LP [number]

Additionally, the following keys are also activated:

Windowed mode[F2]
Quick save[F5]
Fast time[F6]
Slowdown time[F7]
Reset Character[F8]
Quick load[F9]
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Cheats for Gothic 3 by Nachitou 75%
Teach LP # (
Teach STR#
Teach HP#
Teach MP#
Teach SP#
Teach DEX#
Teach INT#
Teach SMT#
Teach THF#
Teach ALC#
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F 11 67%
If you click F11 you will be able to make as many birds as you want.
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Money Cheat 45%
Give It_Gold 10000000
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Gothic 3 593162How do I execute an orc or human after I kill them? Everytime I get them to 0 health they always get right back up. Answers: 1
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Gothic 3 267377I was in the cave with Ortega when he killed me then the Gothic 3 screen appeared and I pressed the load game but, instead it saved.Now when I load it one hit kills me.What can I do to stop this? Answers: 3
Gothic 3 313545I have changed the file line to true yadda yadda. I can pull up the cheat box with ~ but it does not show dialogue. It only shows gold and grey boxes. I can get some of the cheats to work but I can't read any info in the boxes only colors. Any ideas? Answers: 2
Gothic 3 611016Where do you learn regeneration? I have the strength but where or how do you learn it? Answers: 2
Gothic 3 710965How do I change me ge3.ini it keeps saying access denied? Answers: 2
Gothic 3 280204Hello I have recently started playing Gothic 3 and have aquired the skin animals skill but I can not seem to do it can someone please tell me how to do this? Answers: 1
Gothic 3 325838Are the orcs strong in gothic 3? Answers: 2
Gothic 3 378585My console works. I can type the codes. I press enter over and over and nothin happins can someone please help Answers: 2
Gothic 3 648034The attribute training cheats are not working but others(god, give all etc) are what do I do?!?! Answers: 0
Gothic 3 678877What do I have to do to make reputation whith orcs(50%)? Answers: 1
Gothic 3 728436How do I make all a town forget about a theft please answer Answers: 1
Gothic 3 732837Ive searched all over the internet and no one even mentions it, ive been searching for the dang ge3.ini file in the Gothic3/Ini folder and cant find it, which folder is it suppose to be in? or is it a patched folder Answers: 2
Gothic 3 742605Cheats not working Answers: 0
Gothic 3 911192I did everything to bring up th console cheat in windows 7 for gothic 3 enhanced edition but nothin plz help.. Answers: 0
Gothic 3 912776What to do at the quest hunter tells plater to kill Answers: 0
Gothic 3 913729I am unable to enable/open the console in my copy of Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition v1.74.14 (AFAIK the latest patch available). I am running it on Windows 7 64bit. I edited the .INI file as posted I even tried the "marvIn" (i could be spelling?) Any help for this situation? Maybe It Could it be a comparability issue or the version? Answers: 0
Gothic 3 927184I see how to spawn most items through the cheat console, but can't find how to make more of the RARE kinds of chests (old, solid metal, heavy). Does anyone know the insert codes for these kinds of chests, if they exist? Answers: 0
Gothic 3 950378I have completed all the quests in Mora Sul and only have 80 rep can anybody help me? Answers: 0
Gothic 3 965369Cant read text in gothic 3 Answers: 0
Gothic 3 971107Where is cave of Troglodytes for Undigested Fire Nettle Quest, in G3 Enhanced Edition. Did appear once at Reddock but never seen again on game restart. Answers: 0
Gothic 3 187671I libarated all the cities in Myrtana and went norht.I found Xardas, and he told me about the five artefacts, and that I have to go to Goldren and ask the Orc Shamans there fo more info,But the shamans are DEAD!I've killed them while libarating the city ?!?! Can I still find the Artefacts ? Answers: 3
Gothic 3 220557Is there any way to make one's reputation higher with cheats!? I seem to have completed all quests for the orc mercenaries (I killed stray wolves before knowing about the task and now the mercenary from the farm doesn't recognise that I finished the job) but still I have only 67% reputation in Montera and cannot enter the castle... Answers: 1
Gothic 3 79475Need to find zuben and kill for staff.been looking for days,help Answers: 1
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