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The Sims 2: Pets Cheats for GC
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The Sims 2: Pets GC Cheats

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How to get pet points easily 100%
First make a new family with at least 2 pets, make 1 pet be a boy and the other be a girl. When u get a house and move in make sure to buy a pet house. when u can finally play the game go to 1 of the pets and go down to try offspring with - Ur pets will go into the pet house and when they come out a hot air balloon will come down, with a new kitten/puppy in it. When the kitten/puppy grows up (it only takes 1 day for it to grow up) then go back to ur pets and do Try offsping with - ur pets might go back into the pet house and a puppy/kitten should come down. When the kitten/puppy grows up, then go to town square and sell ur new pets at Pet Purveyors, and ur pet points should go up.

P.S. (if ur pets doent want to have puppies/ kittens
is probobly does not like the other pet, ur pet is in a bad mood or he needs to eat, sleep, needs social or any of that stuff.)
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Up your skills without wasting time!!! 43%
Buy a bookshelf then click on it in grab mode and push X. Choose add to inventory. Then go to the town square and go to family inventory and put the bookshelf down! Time wouldn't have passed when you get back to your house! When you leave the town square the bookshelf will automatically go back into your inventory.
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1. put a buguler alarm sliding glass door

3. move over alarm should be green

when sim opens door alarm will flote
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Easy Money 40%
Get your relationship to 100% with a sim that isn't already married and then ask them to move in with you then kick thrm out every time you do this you will get 20,000 dollars
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Money And + 6 Hours 34%
Ok 1st You'll Need The Gnome Cheat So Get It

Then Go To The Gnome Click It And Press

Up Left Down Right R1 Triangle Up Down Left Right R1

That will Get You Give Sim Simoleans And Advance 6 Hours
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Carry around a book 34%
In this cheat you need a book shelf and one dog or more. Grab a book from the book shelf and go to one of your dogs.Click on you dog and go to its name. In the name menu there should be a thingy that says GIVE. Then give the book to you dog. Now you will have a book in your hand when you do everything. You can't use it but its pretty funny.
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How to teleport 27%
First of all you use the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (ends here) cheat and shift click the mailbox and choose the "neighboorhood" (I think thats how you spell it) button and there should be a button that says "make me know everybody" choose it (it will work, just give it like 10 seconds) and go to your phone and choose "call" and then "sim".

Look for the ninja and invite him over. You'll see a purplish puff of clouds and he will jump out so quickly click him and there will be one option: learn to teleport.

But be quick because if you take to long he'll go away! If you ask him he'll ask you a question it might take you afew goes because it took me afew! if you get the question wrong he will go away so you'll have to call him again! :|

Some of these cheats are hard! Don't worry you'll get it!
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Get a wishing well 20%
OK, first you need the cheat : boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (ends here) and then shift click your sim, there should be a choice that says "spawn" click it. Then there should be a choice that says "wishing well" and if its not on the first list it will be on the second or third.

Hope I helped! : )
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How to get your dream job! 17%
Use the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (ends here) cheat and shift click the newspaper and choose adult\teen jobs (depends how old your sim is) and choose which job you want!

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Gnome and pet point 14%
Hey this is shayla and I got cheat codes for sim 2 pets

first to get the gnome you hit L1,L1,R1,XX,UP then go to the front yard and you should see a gnome,click it and if it dont say pet points do the cheat triangle,○,x,◘ then click it you can keep on doing it but when it disapear do the cheat over byeeeeee
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Earn Badges fast! 14%
Again you need the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (ends here) cheat and then shift click your sim and go into "spawn" and look for a choice that says "badge juicer" and a little thing that looks like a boat will appear next to your sim. Click it and then choose the rest!

Thanks for reading!
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The three penguins that elza wants 13%
The first one is behind the garbage near the vet shop the second one ust buy it in treasure what is that called never mind just buy the penguin in just $15000 the third one I dont know I will find the penguin.

here's a deal if you find the penguin just write here

i think that my hints help you
god bless you my readers!

ea!is the rock!
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