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The Sims 2: Pets Cheats for PS2
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The Sims 2: Pets PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
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The Sims 2: Pets

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Friendship Trick 97%
How to: Quickly increase your friendship to 100. In the Object Catalog, go to "Seating", then purchase the "Garden Swing". Place the swing on your lot. Select the swing with X then place it in your inventory. Go to Town Square and place the swing on the lot and sit down. Call over your Sims and you will increase your friendship to 100 as long as your Sim is in a good mood. *** You do not have to place the garden swing back in your inventory -- it will itself.
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Collars 94%
Black Dot CatsZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQQ1IQ9QHA64
Black Smiley CatsZZZ11ZZQ9Z1AQ91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRQQZ1RQ9QHA64
Blue Camouflage CatsZZZ11ZZZHQ11Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZZQ1IQ9QHA64
Blue Camouflage DogsZZZ11ZZZHZ1AQ91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZZZ1RQ9QHA64
Blue Star CatsZZZ11ZZQ9Z11Z91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRQQZ1IZ9QHA64
Navy Hearts CatsZZZ11ZZZ9Z11Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQZ1IQ9QHA64
Navy Hearts DogsZZZ11ZZQ9Z11Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRQQZ1IQ9QHA64
Orange Diagonal CatsZZZ11ZZQ9ZA1Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRQQZAIQ9QHA64
Orange Diagonal DogsZZZ11ZZZ9Z11Z91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQZ1IZ9QHA64
Pink Vertical Strip CatsZZZ11ZZQ9QAAQ91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRQQQARQ9QHA6
Pink Vertical Strip DogsZZZ11ZZZHZA1Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZZZAIQ9QHA64
White Paws DogsZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Z91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQQ1IZ9QHA64
White Zebra Stripe CatsZZZ11ZZZHQ11Z91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZZQ1IZ9QHA6
White Zebra Stripe DogsZZZ11ZZZHZ11Q91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZZZ1IQ9QHA64
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How to get married 93%
For some cheats it says to buy a garden swing and let them talk for a bit - - and so on
for me it didn't work! so I had decided to do my own way so it may not work. What you do is you keep on interacting with the sim you want to get married to. Then go to nice and press family kiss and or friendly hug. If she or he lets you do that then now you go to romantic. There should be 1st kiss and 1st hug there. You can press either and see what they do but.. make sure that they are 100 because if they aren't then it will not work. After they do both things then there should be an option of purpose. PLease vote if it had helped you or if it didn't help you, THANKS!:)
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The Sims 2 pets Turning into a werewolf :P 93%
Oh, and you do not really need the trees x3 it is a myth, so inside joke from me xD

Yay, today I was so bored that I decided to make a movie where I made on of the Sims turn into a werewolf.. nothing special xD enjoy )

by vilacom
The Sims 2: Pets cheat video Cheat Video
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Give Simoleons Cheat 93%
Description: In a house or lot, do the following: Activate gnome cheat. Activate Time Advance Cheat Up, Left, Down, Right, R1. Select the gnome, then cancel the selection. Input cheat again while holding Triangel. You will now have the option "Give sim simoleons".
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The 4 cheats to survive 92%
1.Cheat Gnome:L1,L1,R1,X,X,Up
2.Pet Points:Triangle,O,X,Square,L1,R1
3.6 Hours Advanced:Up,Left,Down,Right
4.10,000 Simoleons:Triangle,Up,Left,Down,Right

P.S.The Pet Emporium and Max Motives cheat do not work! Trust me! I have tried them tons of times and they have not worked for me!
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L-O-V-E is in the air!!!!!!! 92%
This helpful hint might help you if you have 2 sims and want them to get married. The helpful hint is, go to buy mode and click on seating and buy a garden swing make on sim go over and sit on the swing then call over the other sim and just let them talk for a while. Then select romantic and then select porpose one sim will hold out an engagement ring and they will get married.
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Food motive 92%
Great recipe to use is: Dangleberry, Shark , Lobster and chupa chupa select prepare barbeque and then make barbeque on normal cooker if your cooking is good it can give about 200 hunger. Hope it helps vote if it did.
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Robbers 92%
If someone ever tries to rob your house make sure you only have one door. If you are asleep Hold L1 and wake up. Call the cops. Stand in front of the door so he can't get out. Wait until the cop is at your door and move away so he/she can get in. As soon as the cop gets in continue to stand in front of the door. The cop will catch the robber soon and you will get money.

PS: If the robber put anything in the bag you will NOT be able to get it back.
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Cheat gnome for money 92%
Cheat gnome for money!10,000 every time and this is how you do it!first press L1,L1,R1,X,X,up(on d pad)that will get the cheat gnome on your front yard the press Triangle,up,left,down,right if you o that next to the gnome it will say give simoleons its hard to do but it works everytime!(p.s. it also works at the place to spend pet points it will apper at 1 of the bathroms)
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Fur colors 91%
Light Green DogsZZZ11ZZZ9Q1AQ91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQQ1RQ9QHA64
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Bonuses 90%
Go to the Fur patterns
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Here are Some cool codes that work!! 90%
Gnome: L1,L1,R1,X,X,Up
( you need this code to activate codes)
Pet Points: Triangle,Circle,X,Square,L1,R1 Sooooo cool! :)
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The REAL Money Cheat 90%
The money cheat that says "put in advance time cheat, enter menu and do not press anything, blah, blah, blah:" DOES NOT WORK!
I have tried it. But, on another website, I found the cheat that does work, so I'll share it with you.

triangle, up, left, down, right

This one works, I have tried this one, too. I think it gives you 10,000 simolions, I'm not sure, I've never counted.
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Money $$$ Money 90%
How to: Enable the "Pet Points" cheat until you get up to 125,000 Pet Points.
Go to Town Square and buy several items from each store. You cannot sell the items from the bakery so do not buy any from there.
You will get upgrades on the store, but go back home when your inventory is full.
Place all the objects on the lawn and sell them to get money.
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Hint for money 89%
Get pet points buy somthing from the pet emporium and push start,then go to familly inventory and put it down then pick it up in grab mode and sell it and you get money i know i tried it
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Hello!! iv'e got 7 great recipies for you guys!!it will make your sim very happy so try them all!!ok..
#1 is=chicken,egg,onion,apple.
#2 is=beef,pork,tofu,ckicken.
#3 is=turkey,dagle berry,shark,milk.
#4 is=shark,cherry,tofu,beef.
#5 is=chicken,cherry,tofu,potato.

ok for like all of these you have to go use the oven.but dont eat them of these is super super good!!! i have tried all of them thats how i got injoy.
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Special Sparkle Food 89%
How to: Get the following ingredients out of a refrigerator: pork, chicken, tofu, and beef. Cook them in an oven. When it comes out, the food will sparkle. Once you eat it, you will sparkle and your stats will not decrease for a short time.
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Cheat Gnome 89%
While at home or on a lot, press L1(2), R1, X(2), Up.
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Alternate opening sequence 89%
How to unlock: From the EA logo screen, press X, Circle, Triangle
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Alot of cheats 89%
Hey guys, Alot of times on cheats you hear the words up left down or ight, those are on the D pad on your left of the console, but never joystick.

Cheat gnome - L1 L1 R1 X X Up

Money (Simloens) - Triangle Up Left Down Right

and for petpoints and advance six hours, go to the Town Square and type in
Triangle Circle X Square L1 R1

If you want to live in the Town square, you actually can, these are the motives

Social - People who come
Bladder - Bathrooms
Hygiene - Fountain or continue washing hands over and over
Hunger - Water fountains, Vending machines or carts who sell beverages (Coffee, Ice cream and milkshakes)
Fun - Play with sims, Chess or football, and pets
Energy - Sleep on benches
Comfort - Relax in Town Square
Room - Th Town Square is filled with alot of room
For living in the town square, you might want to bring little things like chairs, But dont bring big things like refrigerators or Beds and Tvs.

These are some recipes I found put, But I suggest you to first buy a processor, a counter and a stove.

Sloppy Joe - Chicken, Sourdough
Calzone - Chicken, Sourdough
Ceviche Puree - Pork, Lemon, Lime, Olive Oil
Focaccia - Milk, Flour, Egg, Butter
Stir fry - Beef, Broth

If your sims are in bad mood, go home and make sure you have everything you need. Then turn into one of your pets and just wait for about 10 minutes or more, then your sim will be healthy.

Hate it when your pet chews on the newspaper you read? Buy the newspaper toy. It looks like a news paper but its out of rubber.

You really want a pet thats not yours? well then do this, Play with the pet that you want, and while you play with it, go to start and build a room around you and the pet selected. Put every need for the pet, and put the door that stops pets from entering/escaping. Now you can visit that pet whenever you want!
Stinky food

Hors D'oeuvres - Llama, Beet, Fauxelestra
To have free pet food, simly buy a food processor, and when you finish making something, make pet food out of it by selecting processor - make pet food.
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Answers to all questions !!!!!! 88%
In the questions/answers I have seen some questions come up ALOT, here are some of the answers to them.

Can I speed time up? Yes just hold R1 or L1, sometimes one of them won't work for you, so try both.

Can you turn into a werewolf/Vampire?No

Can you have a baby?No

Can I date the same gender? Yes

How do I get townies(This includes hilary duff)? Just be happy all the time.

How do I contact aliens? Get a telescope, point it outside a window, use it at night and wait for the aliens to take you :)

Whats the gnome cheat? L1 L1 R1 X X d-dap up.

Whats the money cheat?(Only useable AFTER the gnome cheat) Up left down right circle - All on the d-pad.(cept circle)

Whats the pet points cheat?(pet points are the cash you use in the town square to buy things for your pets). Triangle, Circle, X, L1, R1.

Can I get robbed? Yes, at a random time a man in a black outfit will come to your house and grab an expensive item, to stop him easily, have a burglar alarm, and then wrestle with him until the cops come.(Burglar will be shown in a camera on the top right of your screen).

Whats with the gnomes? They are harmless, but scary. They will multiple and move around your house, they will also scare your pets.

Whats a firecode? A firecode is when you have too many items, just delete some and it will go away.

Can I get married? Yes, just become really good friend with someone(even the same gender), and then start to flirt, then ask them to move in with you, if they accept. then the option to propose will come up.(They will refuse if they are married). BUT if the person has too many pets to fit into your house, they CANNOT get married to you, max population of a house is 6. So don't stock up on pets at the start if you want to get married.

Can my dogs/cats have puppies/kittens? Yes, just buy a doggie house, the tall square one. Then command your dog/cat to create offspring or whatever it says. Then they will go in the doggie house, then in a few seconds a puupy/kitten falls from the sky. It will grow up in a day(sims time).

Best food recipe? Well actually it depends on your cooking skills and furniture you have. If your cooking skill is at 1, your food won't be that good, if its at 10 it will always be good. Always prepare your food on a counter, this will make your meal much better! Get the best fridge/oven for a better meal as well.

Here are a few tips.
If your pets are getting to be too much for you, put them in the kennel for awhile. Then you can get your stats up without about your pets.

If you can't get your sims stats up, go to the pets cam for awhile, your sim will get thier stats up on thier own. To get to the pets cam, click either L2 or R2.

If you ever see your pets pee in he house, or dig, or chew on something, or scratch a piece of furniture. Go to them and scold them ASAP they will eventually learn not to do these things, smart animals will learn faster.

For your pets to go to the bathroom, you must have the right decorations, they needs tree's and flower patches to go pee(Flower patch works best).

To clean your dog, just get a tub and select wash pet and tada(make sure they are clean by using the pet cam, they sometimes get out early). You can also go to the town square to get them cleaned.

You CANNOT have any pets besides the dog and cat. Though you can make them look like other animals.

If your stats are low, to get one up automatically, is to sit on your couch then keep searching it until you find a monkey hand(It is only useable once though, so use it well).

I hope these answers helped you. If you have another you can message me it, I know almost everything about the game.
By: gymsock(624)
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Evil gnomes! 88%
If you have a some gnome they multiply(if you have 1 and kick it awile later it will teleport to another part of your house)the gnome multiply after time use the advance 6 hour cheat for faster time advance(or faster gnome multiply)
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The real simoleon code 88%
This is the real code for getting 10,000 simoleons, i promise. all those people who say it is the same as the advance time code are liars. i tried that over and over and it never worked. try this:

Triangle, up, left, down, right
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How to make a pet wolf 88%
I was bored again and I just got Sims 2:Pets for my old Gamecube:so I decided to have some fun while I made my pets.

in this, I'm gonna show you how to make your own pet wolf.

By MetalMusic91
The Sims 2: Pets cheat video Cheat Video
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View developers 88%
At the credits screen, press Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right.
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1.But a telescope (don't put it in a room put it outside k)
2.Use the telescope after 7 o clock and then wait (it takes a while)
3.Then, a alien will take you away (u will be back don't worry but it will take some time and you cant see them, bummer)
4.then when you r back the aliens might give you a little present (usually a special alien dog treat)
hope this helped!
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How to Make Sims Werewolves and Cure Them on The Sims 2. 87%
*READ* OK, just so everyone knows..You DO need the Sims2 Pets expansion pack to have werewolves.. Here is a thing on how to make Sims werewolves and how to cure them in less then 3 minutes! If you want me to do any other thing you do not know how to do on the Sims 2, you can suggest it on my page and I'll see if I am able to do it myself!

by Froggers284
The Sims 2: Pets cheat video Cheat Video
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How to make the perfect mate for you animal 86%
Switch to your pet and go to its personal info then go to the pet profile. At the bottom there is a code, copy the code and go to the Town Square the go to the pet purveyors then hit square it will make the perfect mate for your pet.
It should be the last pet for sell
By: Zander22(290)
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Real $$$ Money 86%
Ok I looked for money cheats on this for like 2 hours and none of em worked and i found a honest guy ok but 1st enter the gnome cheat and then do this cheat up left down right x triangle up left down right then check the gnome and it should say give simoleans and this cheat gives you 9,999 simoleans each time.
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6 cheats 83%
Description: You must enter these codes in 5 seconds or less. Have fun you cheaters! ^_^

Cheat GnomeL1, L1, R1, X, X, UP
Pet PointsTriangle, O, X, Square, L1, R1
Pet EmporiumRight, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up
6 Hours AdvancedUp, Left, Down, Right, R1
§10,000 Up, Left, Down, Right, O
Max MotivesX, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Down, Down, Left, Right, Right
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Goldfish as your pet 83%
This hint is easy just do these thing below:

1.Go to Town Square.
2.Go to Pet Emporium (I know if I write this wrong )
3.Buy the Goldfish there

PS:you must have a table for the fish bowl
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How to stop burglars (There are many ways) 82%
If you don't want burglars stealing your stuff, place a wall RIGHT next to the arrow(make sure to do this on both sides, because burglars can come from either side). Then place a Burglar Alarm on both of the walls. When a burglar comes, he only runs about 5 feet from the arrow before a cop comes! Then the cop will say,"You were lucky that that burglar didn't steal anything!" And then you'll get some money. If, by chance, a burglar does make it to your front door, quickly pause the game and take away all the doors so he can't enter the house(it doesn't matter if any pets or sims are outside because the burglar won't kill them or anything. Just because you can wrestle doesn't mean anything will happen, it just keeps the burglar occupied other than with stealing stuff). If I had items outside of my house, I would make a fence between my yard and the items. Also, try trapping the burglar with walls(that would be creepy if he could steal walls and it would also be plain stupid to me) so he can't escape. The only problem with that is when the policeman comes. Then you'd have to delete a wall, and then the burglar might escape. Also, another way (which is kinda stupid and funny at the same time, even though it's a waste of money) is to make a "wall" of items in your yard so that the burglar is occupied with stealing that stuff, and then the cop can catch up.

PS, I haven't tried a few of these, some of them are ides, like the last one, so please don't get mad at me if they don't work. Thanks.
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How to get simoleons::::: 80%
Activate cheat gnome(L1L1R1 xx up)then enter::up,left,down,right,x,triangle,up,left,down,right.
keep pressing and you will get as many simoleons as you can
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More glorius food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80%
When your playing buy some garden hutches and trees and water them or call a gardener. harvest the food now and then. you can also buy fish tanks
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High energy food!!! 79%
If your hungar and energy are low their is a quick fix for this go to the fridge and select ostrich,llama,strawberry,lettuce(for quicker access use blender) it heeds 65 energy.If you have harvested animals it will heed more energy ostrich.strawberry,shark,eel it heeds 95 energy.

!The Hungar will vary with your cooking level!
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Shiny Recipe 78%
First go to your refrigerator then press it so now there is no recipe for this so just go to add ingridient select Beef,Eggs,Broth,and yogurt then press done and then when your sim takes out the food it is going to be sparkling then make it soup or something so tell your sim to eat it then when its finished then your sim's head will be sparkling too! By:WWE
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Heart food 78%
First go to your refrigerator then choose these items Lobster ,Red fish ,little sword fish and a shark then take it out now prepare it on the food procesor then when its done make it soup on your microwave and your food will have hearts all around By:WWE
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Hen as pet and get the golden egg 78%
Just buy the Hen with checker board on Pet Emporium at Town Square
and the how to get the golden egg is harvest it on that hen nest

PS:1.You can go to Town Square with select the arrow at side walk
2.The Pet Emporium is the shop with Goldenfish on fishbowl sign
3.Maybe you must defeat the hen on cheaker game to harvest the golden egg
By: Ravenart(213)
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The animal bathroom 77%
ALL cats need a litter box to go to the bathroom, male dogs need trees, female dogs need flowers.
By: gymsock(624)
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Tips 77%
In this game you cant have baby.but the dogs and cats can give birth
By: Asmaa(126)
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Take care of healthy dogs 77%
I have another great,golly hint! It's about pets.-D

1.okey!,this is my routine to get strollin' every morning in the garden.kinda boring right.:-P

2.after finish exercising,i feed my dog with it most favourite food.slurppp....:)

3.the third one is take a bath,first of all,i wash my precious dog,and after that I take my bath.

4.i always take good care of my highness face is cute and so cuddly.

---it's useful---

i'm asmaa and still in primary school,year 5,i was expert in games and I like this game.thanks a lot to Electronic arts(EA)for creating this game.
By: Asmaa(126)
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Wat is a d-pad?? 76%
Me and my bro were also saying what is a d-pad..... this is the best website to put cheats on the internet..... a d-pad is - directional pad .... or the arrows on the controller.... GOOD LUCK
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Have a cheetah as a pet 76%
First chosee a brown tabby as a pet in cat breed
But you must unlock the neon yellow colour for cats
make the body to 1/4 make he/her tail to 2/4
go to fur colours chose the he/her fur colour neon yellow
go to fur markings chose the cheetah type of marking
until 3 or 4 times I don't remember how many times
then go to morph eye an chose the fierce eye
go to the second morp it looks like mouth it is under the morp eye
chose a little bit long and go to the third morph then chose 2/2
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I don't wanna go to work to day 76%
Well if you don't wanna let your sim go to work just use the cheat nome's advance 6 hours cheat and enter the car pool and in like five seconds you'll come hom and be payed at the same time.
By: atlantis(367)
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How to REALLY have a Fox as your pet! 75%
Ok I have gamecube version but my friend has ps2 and it works fine.
1.Select dogs in build a family.
2.Choose the beagle
3. Change the snout to the longest snout youcan get. Then make the ears type 1. For body type pick 3. Make the tail/brush type 2. Now if you havent unlocked red for fur colour use light brown. Make the fur type 3 if you have brown and type 2-4 if you have red.
4. for fur markings change the black spot on the back to black legs. Ta-Da! A pet fox!
I hope it works for ou because it works for me! )
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Not just a sparkle a EXPLOSION of light!! 75%
Ok thn go 2 the fridge,
when selecting your ingredients get these items:
Ostrich,Broth, The weat dough thing and dangleberry

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Getting more pets 75%
Up, triangle,square,circle,down and left
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You have to have some food that is harvesed. the ingredents are Ostrish, Broth, Whole Weat Flour, and Dangleberry. then make a sandwitch. the food will be an explosion of light not just the twinkle of a christmas light.

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The actual way to get maried. 74%
I hate how these cheats on how to get married are all fake! all you have to do is get your relationship up to 100 and go to "romantic" and propose.
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$20,000!!!!! 71%
If you move out a Sim and then move them back in you get 20,000 dollars each time!
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Loads of awsome 71%
You want one or more of those cool pets like a wolf or a fox but can't have them all, well guess what, you can! First you create a "decoy" family where you start creating as many of whatever animal(s) you want then move the the family into a house. Then go to the personal info area of whichever pet, and copy the genetic (or generic, which ever one it is) onto something, then make another family (if maxed out the slots for the first one,which probably happened),but make this one the good one. After your current pets have run away, go to the pet shop in town square, type in the codes for the pets from the first family, and when the other(s) come back, you'll have a bunch of really cool looking pets. (Be warned, I have not tested this yet, because I have not tested the limitless cheat yet, this is all just a theory, but you're more than welcome to try it).
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Cheats that work 70%
cheat gnome:L1 L1 R1 X X UP
secret movie (when the EA logo appears after language select):X O TRIANGLE
pet points:TRIANGLE O X SQUARE L1 R1
advance time by 6 hours:UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT R1
n e way I hope these work cos they did 4 me
By: bananahead95(74)
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I've seen many people on this website saying that the "Advance 6 Hrs." cheat doesn't also unlock the simoleons. It does. You have to enter the code twice (usually), once next to the gnome (so that it's highlighted) and again away from the gnome (just run away from it for a little bit).

Up, left, down, right, R1

The 2nd one is easier and there is a difference of only 1 SIMOLEON, however it takes more time to reach the MAX using the 2nd code.

Triangle, Up, Left, Down, Right

Don't waste time entering BOTH codes because it doesn't give you two options on the cheat gnome.

Hoped this helped, I wasn't initially gonna post anything but I was tired of people calling others liars just because they (obviously) couldn't enter one of the codes either correctly or patiently.

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10000 simloans 70%
If the other 2 don't work try this: press triangle  while putting this in up,left,down,right,and R1 it worked for me and it should work for you
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$10,000 simoleons 70%
Unlocck cheat gnome:triangle,up,left,down,right.
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What t o do if there is a burgalar in your house! 69%
If theres a burgalar in your house here\'s what you do:
1. start/pause
2. build/buy mode
3. build wall
4. click fence/wall
5. build fence wall around your burgalar
6. call police
7. when police arrive, remove wall
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Aliens! 69%
If your pets are in a really bad mood and you just cant fix it, follow these steps...

1. Pause the game and go to object catalog
2. Go to the skill category and buy a telescope
3. Place it outside and begin playing
4. At night go to the telescope and select "stargaze"
5. Keep stargazing and after a while you sim will be abducted by aliens.
6. They will come back 2 hrs later and go directly to the toilet and barf.
7. When they return pause the game and go to the family inventory
8. There will be a gift from the aliens
9. Go to your pets and say feed pet treat and select alien
10. Your pet' s happiness bar will rise as soon as they eat it

P.S. don't worry if you have more than 1 pet you get 5 alien treats.
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Aliens! 69%
There are aliens in EVERY sims game, you just ahve to find them. In sims 2 pets, buy a telescope and look outside usuing the telescope at nighttime. Most of the time you will get abducted, if you don't get abducted just try again the next day.
By: gymsock(624)
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How to get at least $20000 69%
Get a family a man a women and a pet(s)
be the women and send the man out
by a house and everything
phone the guy and ask him 2 come over (you might have 2 phone him more than once)
be nice 2 him then ask him 2 move back in
simple as that ) xx

13-14? add ma msn ) xx
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The Great Pizza ; Hawaiian Pizza Supreme' 69%
Here's the recipe to The Hawaiian Pizza Supreme'!




4. Any FRUIT, harvested or from the selection.


1. Put in the OVEN.


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10,000 Simoeleons and 10,000 Pet Points 67%
During gameplay at your house or on a lot press triangle,up,left,down,right .If you entered it right a Gnome should appear near the sidewalk.Click on it it is called "Cheat Gnome" it should say "Give Sim Simoleons".Every time you click "Give Sim Simoleons" you will get 10,000 the max you can have is 999,999.

During gameplay at your house or on a lot press Triangle,Circle,X,Square,L1,R1.The Gnome should be in the same place except this time aswell as saying
"Give Sim Simoleons" it will say "Give Sim Pet Points.

I found these cheats because my little sister has the game and I got her these cheats and they worked,if they dont work for you keep trying until they do.

By jd1393,I use this username on alot of other sites.
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Not having to pay bills 67%
First get your bills out then go to pause and grab mode and click on your bills and sell them.
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How to get married the real way!!! 67%
Ok first buy a fireplace and call over the girl you want to works best if you're in a good mood. just sit there for about maybe 2 minutes doing nothing they'll talk on there own. and at the end of 2 minutes they should be at 100 then all you have to do is go to romantic and choose propose.
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Walk super fast!!!! (for those who want to run like super man!) -----------> 67%
In the game your sims usually need to go to the toilet and they go really slow, when you want them to walk faster hold down either R1 or L1 and start to walk your sims will walk really fast! It will go faster if you zoom out!

Hope this helps alot!

Run Sims,Run! :)

P.S. This is for real you have to trust me try it! )
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Best recipe in the world by ervin sabic 67%
First the dangleberry second put in the chupa-chupa therd put in the mangosteen and finally the starfruit.if you have a food processor or blender put it in eather and hightlight make fruit smoothie and drink!
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Cheatneon cheats and hints 67%
Need cheats come here
I have some hints and cheats for you

Cheat gnome:
L1, L1, R1, X, X, up
Pet points:
Triangle, circle, X, square, L1,R1
Pet emporium
Right, down, right, up, right, down, right, up
Advanced time 6 hours
up, left, down, right, R1
up, left, down, right, circle
I have a cool cheat
You write this in the EA logo press X,circle, triangle
Cheat hint: before you turn on the game you can practice the cheats
(all the up, down, left, right are using D-pad)

How to be dead
first you must make a wall with no doors you must make it square your sim must be in it (make it as fit a fireplace)
put a rug in it or a news paper turn it on wait it burns I hope it's work on sims 2 pets PS2 it work on sims 2 PS2 to.

Easy Job and promotions
You can get speed promotions by getting full mood

Getting Robbed
If you buy a thief alarm while your making
your house sometimes at night you get robbed if the thief cames
it rings it wakes you up quickly make a wall around the thief (don't get low sleep mood you have no time to make the wall) then call the police wait the police erase the walls the when the thief is out from your home make the wall again when the police came erase it again you can ovoid it by not buying the alarm

wash pets
Buy a bath tub then chose wash pet chose your pet name

cool brigde
you will find it in fish bone island at the map

Ghost maid
you must do the same as my hints at he top

bath in town square
When you see a fountain
click from the option splash
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Bill's bills 67%
If you have bills overdue and you don't have enough money build a fence around your house.SAFE!the repo man can't get in!also to sell your bills drop them to the floor and sell them!
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How to have the greatest live with a happy mood 67%
First just make your sims man (he must be wealthy)
Make the second sim woman (she must have an aspiritation family)
Make yor dog independent and sloopy
make yor cat friendly or independent and sloopy
Mke a normal house or your house
Make your wealthy sim have a job make sure you give a high salary you can search painting you can be an artist
If you have a dog make sure the dish is full when it is emty
if your sim is in a bad mood change to your pets in a minutes
Help full Notes: When you are going to work make sre your sims is happy. make all of your pets splies outside
By: sirnebger100(69)
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Have a pet skunk!!!!!!!!!! 67%
Start with the british blue cange the body type to 1/4 and the tail 2/4. then cange the fur style to 3/3 fur color to black. put the extra hair on2/2 then change the fur markings tothe strips on the back and chest( one down and three right from the O with the line throughit)
turn the color to white thenchange the snout both to the last one's. then thejowls to the small ones. change the eyes between the first and fouth ones. then scange the ears to 3/3.

p.s. sorry you can get a fuller tail!
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Uurrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh spouses 67%
If you ask someone who is married they wont mov out get there relashonship 2 -100
then go to special and then break up the person whom you ask will move out
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Alliens 67%
Look though the telscope for a long time then you get upduckted by alliens and you get a piece of food try it it works
By: 4myalika(258)
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Have fun i hop i helped \,,,/(\\\_-)\,,,/ 67%
Real Money Cheat
Put in the cheat gnome cheat which is L1 L1 R1 X X (d pad) up, and then while in gameplay, press triangle, (d pad) up, left, down, right, then go to cheat gnome press X and click on give simoleons (you must type in the cheat fast otherwise it will not work).

Horse as a Pet
Entry Location:
Breed selection

L1, R1, X, circle, square, R1, R1, X, X.

'Give Sim Pet Points' Cheat Gnome
Entry Location:
Input During Gameplay after inserting the Cheat Gnome Code

Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, R1

Fully Upgrade The Pet Emporium
Entry Location:
Input During Gameplay

Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up

Pet Cheats
The following codes are not entered into the cheat console. To enter one of these code go to Game Options and press the New Key to enter a code.

Black Dot Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1IQ9QHA64
Black Dot Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IQ9QHA64
Black Smiley Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1RQ9QHA64
Black Smiley Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQARQ9QHA64
Blue Bones Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZARQ9QHA64
Blue Bones Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1IZ9QHA64
Blue Camouflage Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1IQ9QHA64
Blue Camouflage Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1RQ9QHA64
Blue Star Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IZ9QHA64
Blue Star Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1IQ9QHA64
Green Flower Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZAIQ9QHA64
Green Flower Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1RQ9QHA64
Navy Hearts Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IQ9QHA64
Navy Hearts Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IQ9QHA64
Orange Diagonal Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZAIQ9QHA64
Orange Diagonal Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IZ9QHA64
Pink Vertical Strip Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQARQ9QHA6
Pink Vertical Strip Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZAIQ9QHA64
White Paws Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQ1RQ9QHA64
White Paws Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1IZ9QHA64
White Zebra Stripe Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1IZ9QHA6
White Zebra Stripe Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1IQ9QHA64

Pets Fur Colors

Blue Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZAIQ9QHA64
Blue Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQQ1IZ9QHA64
Deep Red Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQAIQ9QHA64
Deep Red Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1RQ9QHA64
Goofy Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1IZ9QHA64
Goofy Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZARQ9QHA64
Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQQAIZ9QHA64
Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQAIQ9QHA64
Light Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1RQ9QHA64
Light Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1RQ9QHA64
Neon Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQAIQ9QHA64
Neon Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQAIQ9QHA64
Neon Yellow Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQARQ9QHA64
Neon Yellow Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQQAIZ9QHA64
Pink Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IZ9QHA64
Pink Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1RQ9QHA64
Purple Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZARQ9QHA64
Purple Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQZAIZ9QHA64

Pets Fur Patterns

Bandit Mask Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZAIZ9QHA64
Bandit Mask Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQARQ9QHA64
Panda Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZQAIZ9QHA6
Star Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZARQ9QHA6
Star Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZAIZ9QHA64
Zebra Stripes Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZQAIZ9QHA64

Max all Motives
Entry Location:
during gameplay

X, X, triangle, square, square, ( D-Pad)-down, down, left, right, right. Now click on the gnome, and click on 'Max all motives' now all of your motives are restored.

Unlock all Breeds
Entry Location:
while choosing your dog or cat

(D-Pad)- up, up, down, lef, left, right, circle, x, x, triangle. Now all breeds of cats and dogs are unlocked.

Cheat Gnome
Entry Location:
During gameplay. Must be entered first to enter in other codes.

L1, L1, R1, X, X, UP

Unlock all Objects
Entry Location:
during gameplay

Triangle, circle, circle, x, x ( D-pad)- up, up, down, left, left, right. Now click on the gnome, then click on 'unlock all objects' now all of the objects are unlcoked.

Entry Location:
during gameplay

X, X, triangle, circle, (D-Pad)-up, down, down, left, right, left. Click on the gnome, and click on 'give money'. You will then get $10,000.

Unlock Clothing
Entry Location:
during gameplay

Tired of waiting to unlock every item of clothing for your pets? Well here is an easier way, all you have to do if during gameplay, type in ( D-pad)- up, up, down, right, left, right, triangle, circle, square, square.
By: brady waddy(21)
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Best recipe in the game 67%
If you use this recipe when you have 10 cooking skill you could satisfy up to 200 hunger.
Step 1: Go to fridge (make sure it is the most expensive one).
Step 2: Press "Pick ingredients".
Step 3: Press the Square button.
Step 4: Go to recipe list 10.
Step 5: pick Barbecued Sausage. (you will need a harvested ingredient).
Step 6: Go to STOVE not MICROWAVE and select "make barbecued sausage".

PS: Red hearts come out of this recipe.
By: sacconj355(30)
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Alien!? 67%
Use the telescope and start to stargaze at night and make sure your sim is in a good motive
By: Asmaa(126)
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Gnomes -.- 67%
Don't buy gnomes they will multiple and move into your house steal your furniture and scare your pets
By: gymsock(624)
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100+ Hunger (Good for your Sim & Pet!!!!) 67%
Go to the fridge and select
and have sparkles and good health!
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By: Asmaa(126)
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The real money cheat 67%
Trangle up left down right hope I helped you:)
By: josephgunn(5)
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Love food 67%
Lobster,Avacado,White truffle and Chuppa-Chuppa

I hope this works my hommies!
Peace out!
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Good recipe 67%
(This might not work) when you get food put in rye,lamb,milk and if you can prawns.
By: gymsock(624)
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How to Make your sim ready for anythings 67%
1. Buy a bookshelf, Chees, SynergyTrek Pro 9000, Wall mirror,and an electric guitar 2. Make your sim read a book chose any skills 3. Make your sims play chees 4. Make your sims use the Synergy Trek Pro 9000 Note: make sure your sim is on a good mood 5. Make your sim practice speak or any else in the mirror
6. make your sim play the electric guitar.
By: sirnebger100(69)
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2 Explosion of Light Recipes! 67%
1) Ostrich, Cheese, Oat Flour, Banana or coconut

2) Cheese, Cherry, Ostrich, Cherry
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Alternate opening sequence 67%
At the EA logo, type in X,CIRCLE,TRIANGLE.
By: Nate130(10)
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More dogs 67%
First you get 2 dogs ,one girl and one boy.
then you get a dog house.
then tell one to mate with one/you have a new dog/th dog starts out as a puppy
By: shark man(12)
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Okay so when you go to the pet Square place?
You get a saucer (I suggest a Smoothie saucer) When your pet finishes
DON'T THROW IT OUT. Once your done go home, And It will be in your family inventory.
Place it done, an it's full!
If you'd like Go to Build/buy mode, Press grab mode. Then Duplicate it (R2)
And another full one. Although it's a little bit of money it fills your pet's hunger and "fun" and put it in a better mood. Also if you choose the coffee one, it's less hunger but it Makes your pet's sleep go up a few.
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If don't have enough money to buy a shower then just buy a sink
By: shark man(12)
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To keep your sims happy and increase skills 67%
1.Use the toilet
2.Take a shower/Bath
3.Eat a "COOL" food (Chicken, Ostrich, Oat Flour, Llama)
4.And add the skills that you want
this hint only works if there 3 owner and 3 pets.
By: Always1st(87)
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Secret of open-faced sandwich. 67%
The recipes is "COOL"
3.Oat Flour
This food will increase your skills when the sparkle gone the skills will decrease try it because it works for me. :D
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Do you want to buy a rock pool or an expensive trampoline?well,for me thats just 50 bucks!Okey to get 10,000 get the gnome first,the cheat is L1 L1 R1 X X UP,then put in the
money cheat thats UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT CIRCLE then in two minutes you will earn 999,999 simeleons(sorry if the spellings wrong)Now you can buy anything without caring for you budget...dont worry about the bills if its 400 and above that meens that you need to close your plasma tv when your not watching.... well thats all! bye and I hope it works...
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If you accidentally fill some of your Sims wants and save, some of the "townies" may start reappearing. This may make you angry. They're like REAL unwanted people you can't get rid of. Ridiculous! If you have some fabulous work of art houses that are hard to rebuild, "cleanse" your Sims of E.T.V. (Evil Townie Virus) by moving them all out for awhile. Again, store expensive items in their inventory BEFORE moving and replace what can't be stored right away, while your memory is fresh in "Build Mode". Now the house or houses are ready to repurchase, but what about the "townies"? Make a new family of one, or delete all but one of an "infected" family (they will all be infected if the townies have been unlocked) and move them onto a vacant lot or unfavored property. You will probably need about 3 or 4 single-person families to get them all moved in. Make friends with all the townies and move 'em in with you. To be sucessful, unfortunately, you have to get your relationship w/the townie up to 100. Then they will always agree (unless they can't fit). Sell their pets a.s.a.p. for pet points & to get rid of them. When you have them all locked into a family, move the family off the lot and delete them. If the Sim was created just for luring townies, you can delete the whole family. Then you will have to delete and re-create all your other Sims, plus their pets (in the right slots with their money & belongings). There are different ways of doing this "cleansing" manuever...which is a last resort for a ruined game with cool, hard to re-build houses. Next time, pick an aspiration for each Sim (according to their character) that does not have alot of motives the Sim would be likely to fill....i.e. cooks & cleans alot?...Aspiration:wealth. Check their 4 wants frequently & NEVER FILL THEM. Change them as need to do what you want to do.
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Get FREE food! 67%
1. Go to Town Square
2. Wait for Sims to come
3. When a Sim gets an ice cream or smoothie, chat with them
4. Right after the Sim sets their food down, press triangle so that you don't chat
5. Pick the food up and enjoy!
(If the other Sim picks up the food before you, try again, unless you aren't determined to eat FREE food)
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Teach your dog 67%
Can't teach Fido to stop chewing or digging fast enough? Here are some ideas:
DIGGING:Get some food bowls, a bed, a fridge, chair, and a stove, and place them. Don't build you house. Your dog should dig alot, so scold it until it learns not to dig. It isn't neglect if you have things necessary for living! After it learns, you can build your house.

CHEWING:You may or may not have done the thing above, but it doesn't really matter.
Anyways, don't buy any chew toys for your dog. When the mail comes, your dog will keep chewing the paper because it doesn't have anything else to chew. Don't worry about getting a job, you can wait another day or go on the computer.

PS I have tried and done these, so they work!
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Perfect life 67%
The best thing to do for your sim is to spoil the living hell out of them, Don't think much of OOH it wont match the floors or it Expensive just DO IT!.
Build a room or yard for the animals and put some furniture and practically build them a home of their own.
Also Make sure to buy lots of wildlife too!
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Gnome cheat 67%
Ok so people say you put it in alot of ways but you dont you put l1 l1 r1 x x up
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How to get family with 7 people 67%
First lock one up with a fence then when it want to run delete the fence then report missing pet then get a new pet and when they find your pet you will have 7 things in family
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Easy Marriage 67%
So you want your sims to get married, huh? All you need is 2 sims, female and male. Do the cheat to have tons of simloens (Triangle Up Left Down Right) and then buy all of this Romantic things, such as love seats and a Dreamers Rockpool which cocts 8,000 simloens. buys tons of sofas, too. But first, just get the Dreamers Rockpool. Put your two sims inside it. When they are completely inside, surround the Rockpool with sofas but also make sure that you put the sofas the closest you can to the Rockpool so that they dont get out. Keep them in there alone, and their friendship will slowly go up, as they chat inside the Rockpool. When their needs are low, remove the sofas and let them fill their needs. To know the cheat on filling the needs, look in my other cheat call Alot of Cheats. It is rated 100%. (To fill needs, turn into an animal for 10 minutes)Then, Get the male and make him sit in the love seat and call over his love. When the female comes, make them d all this stuff like kissing, etc. After that, make them socialize a bit (that means they are standing and talking) Make them kiss, make out and continue doing that until they have their friendship on 100. When that happens, there will be an option called "Propose", which means Marry him/her. Make them do that, and they are a sweet couple! Although you cant make them have babies, only WooHoo!
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Alot of cheats 2 67%
Hey everyone! Its Wolfy9018!
Here are the rest of the cheats that I found out, and I will also repeat the cheat gnome, money code, etc.
Cheat gnome - L1 L1 R1 X X Up

Money (Simloens) - Triangle Up Left Down Right

and for petpoints and advance six hours, go to the Town Square and type in
Triangle Circle X Square L1 R1

Hawaiian Pizza - Turkey, cheese, Sour dough, banana
Roast - Tofu, Cherry, Yogurt, Corn oil
Sandwich, Veggie Bread, or Dumpling stew - Broth, Soy flour, Beet, Soy Milk
Foccacia - Egg, Milk, Sour dough, Butter
Salad - Potato, Corn Oil, Butter, Water
Kebabs, Ceviche Salsa, Hors D'Oeuvres, Roast and Veggies, and Casserole - Chicken, Apple, Celery, Orange
For now this is all I had, had to go to bed
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Recipies 67%
Here are some more recipies

Hawaiian Pizza, Bread, Casserole - Turkey, Sourdough, Cherry, Yogurt
*Soup - Any fish, Juice, Milk
*Kebabs - Llama, Onion, Chupa Chupa
*Burrito - Any meat, Broth, White Flour, Avocado
Sliced Roast, Leftovers, Roast, Casserole, Bowl of soup, Slurry - Chicken, Broccoli, Juice, Lemon
Hors D'Oeuvres, Sliced roast, Slurry, Roast, Ceviche Salsa - Broccoli, Canola oil, Lamb, Lettuce

*contains harvested ingridient
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Home in fire!!! 67%
You must first buy a rocket bench, put it in your house if you have make a rocket then select lunch rocket and the home will be in fire :)
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Star food 67%
Want to max your energy? I thought so. Well, here is the reciepe for making food that does (btw if you have a better cooking skill, your hunger will go up more).
1. Lime
2. Peanut Oil
3. Eel
4. Halibut
And then put it on a counter to make Chieve (or however you spell it) and BABAM HAPPY FOOD :D Hope this helps!
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How to make real smoothie 67%
Get soy milk water a fruit fauxlestra and the best blender then select make smoothie
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Gnome cheat by devin 67%
L1 l1 r1 x x up for gnome if you dont enter all the cheats within 5 sec it wont work trinangle up left down right for 10,000 simsmilonns by devin eddlemon
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The real chef that knows how to make 100 or more hunger. 66%
Man, if you really want a good chef, well thats me man, here are the things you need for the good recepies:

Good Recipies set #1.

1. Buy the expensivest fridge they have.

2. Buy the best kitchen counter they have.

3. Buy a the best frood tree they have or the ones that have a dangleberries.

4. But a fish tank that has the Eel.

5. Get the ostrich.

6. Get the dangleberry.

7. Get the strawberry.

8. The last thing, get the Eel.

All that equals to 100 plus when you cook it which will be a 100 or more. Then just pick what kind of food you want and just make it. Later, you will have a 100 or more hunger plate to eat at your table.

Good Recipies set #2.

1. Get the best fridge.

2. Get the best kitchen counters.

3. Get the fish tank that has a shark.

4. Get the best frood tree with the dangleberries.

5. Get the ostrich.

6. Get the shark.

7. Get the dangleberry.

8. Last thing, get the liama.

All this will equal 90 plus when you cook it, then it will be 100 or more hunger points. Just pick want you want to cook and later, you will be eatin' good at your table.

Good Recipies set #3.

1. Get the best fridge.

2. Get the best kitchen counters.

3. Get the fish tank.

4. Get the frood tree with the dangleberries.

5. Get the ostrich, always gotta have the ostrich know what I'm sayin'.

6. Get the strawberry.

7. Get the dangleberry.

8. Last thing, get the Eel.

All that will equal to 100 again and if you cook this it will be over 100 hunger points. Man, I never get anything that is under 100 on the junger points. After this, you wont be hungry for a long time. This is so much hunger points, your sim might not even finish their food know what I'm talkin' about man. I'll show ya'll some more recipies when I find out about more recipies that are over 100 hunger points.
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How to get 10 pets 65%
To get 10 or more pets you bring all your pets to the town square and board them all in the boarding house.then go and buy as many pets you want.want more?put those pets in the board house.
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I bought the Shifty Sam Garden Gnome. I had bought 5 for all around my house. When you get to0 m,any gnomes your house becomes a fire hazard and you cannot buy anything. They multiply I started out with 5 they multiplied so much I had to move-out of my house. It was to the point where I couldn't walk anywhere anymore. If your Dog sniffs the Gnome the Gnome will give an EVIL-SMILE and then go back to normal,Soon your DOg will become afraid of the Gnome BUT it will still sniff it over-and-over again. I had it to the point where they were looking in my windows lined up. The popped up in my Bathroom while I was taking a shower. So the truth about these Shift Sam Garden Gnomes is they were created by Evil-Clown-Scientists. They move around to look at you. It also said be careful THEY'RE WATCHING YOU. If you would like to expierience this I recommend you delete some of the Gnomes before it's t00 late! Trust me! Hope this helps!
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Burgler 64%
You should get a burgler alarm because at night when your sleeping (only sometimes) a box will show up with a guy in black and white carring a black bag and so you know its not the garbage man but instead of letting the burgler alarm do it you could get up and it will show the guy running away!
By: sibarianhusky(30)
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The Zombie Monkey Hand Helps!!! 64%
So you buy a couch and sit then search the couch until you find the monkey hand and it will randomly fill one of your bar things
could be blater,shower.....
hope tis was help full
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Sims pets raining money 64%
Cross triangle (d pad) up right left right
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Easy way 2 make sims happier 64%
Buy a dog or cat and stay on the pet camera thing. your sims will automatically make itself happier by doing what it needs. it has always worked for me!
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How to get a small panda!!!!!!! 63%
First if you do not have panda cat type this code ZZZ11ZZQHQA1Z91ZB1A. Then choose cat and scottish fold and then go to body go to fur markings and choose the panda cat one change the fur markings to black go to tail and do 3/3 tail and go back and go to head morph its jowl to the big ones and the skinny ones do it to the big one closer then go to snout do the big ones and the bigs ones. Then you have a panda!
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The Cheat Gnome:HOW TO 63%
Ok people when you are at your house go to the front yard and stand there, and in less than 5 seconds press L1,L1,R1,X,X,up[on the d-pad] That will get you the Cheat Gnome. Now to get the 10.000 simoleons you have to go up to the gnome and press [in less than 5 seconds] triangle,up,left,down,right. And there you have it! Hope you have fun! ^_^
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Love heart food 63%
Ok thn guys,
this is a recipie to make love hearts come off your food :
llama,cheese,tomato and a a fruit of your choice
its always works 4 me
try it if ya want
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Fun Stuff 63%
1.View Developers:Right,Left,Up,Right,Down,Right,Down,Right
2.EA Logo:X,Circle,Triangle

Have Fun,you guys! -samgirl112:)
By: samgirl112(235)
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Shops grow bigger. 63%
Go to a shop in the town square then buy lots of stuff. walk out of the shop and then after a couple of seconds the shop will grow bigger and there will be more supplies in the shop.
note: you can only do this twice on every shop.
By: 09cheat(87)
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The Lamb Chop Supreme 63%
OK, you wanna make somethin' delicious? Try our new and improved "Ta Da!" recipe,try to give your sim the smilies! Go to the refrigerator right now and try the following: TOFU, BEEF, LAMB, BROTH! It'll make your sims feel good about themselves by just merely being in its presence! TA DA! (P.S. Hearts included!)
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Heart food 63%
To get a heart food you need to go to group meal ingredients then get llama, broth,then 2 fish. go to the "paladin" food processor and click on make carpaccio soup you will tell that the soup has hearts flowting above it, eat it. your sim will start coughing then he/she will have hearts flowting above them then it will automatecly fill one of your needs.
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$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$$$WAY$$$$$$$$$ 63%
this cheat will work alot!all you have to do is triangle,up,left,down,right!
then a little gome will pop up go over there and click it till all you want!oh and its only for ps2 none other good luck!oh and never do it twice or it will be gone for ever well till you do it again good luck bye!
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Run faster!!! No more 1 mph sleepy walking! The sim will go like 2 to 4 mph! 63%
To run faster, move the camera to above your sim, and then hold the stick that way! Yay! Run sim, run!
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$$$$$$$$$ we love money 63%
Well to get money on sims 2 pets (ps2) just go to youre you're house and press these buttons TRIANGLE,UP,LEFT,DOWN,RIGHT trust me it really does work
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Pet points 63%
If you want pet points READ THIS if you don't want to cheat just get or do what your pets want
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How to be abducted by aliens 62%
Press start and go on to object catalogthen go on to the skill area and purchase the astrowonder it anywhee outside. At night time select stargaze on the telescope. Stargaze for 1 hour in the game (fast forward time to speed it up). A light will appear above you that will be the mothership. It happend to me before but I did'nt time how long it took for me to come back. NOTE:I tried this more than once but it only worked the first time(after you come back you will have alien pet treats which will do wierd things to cats and dogs). BY:Matthew stronach.
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Buy a telscolpe then star gaze until you get abducted then feed your pet the treats that the anials gave you then there EYES WILL GLOW GREEN.
By: sojiaboy101(28)
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How to get a miniature dachsaund code 60%
First go to the create a family screen press square and enter this code make sure when you enter it you enter it to pin point exactioncause other wise it wont work:


then create your dachsaund it worked for me so I hope it works for you cause I know how it feels to spend ages looking for a cheat and then entering it to find out you have been ripped off :'(
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Cheat nome cheats 60%
Code: Result:
Right, Down, Right, Down, Right, Up- Advance time six hours
Press X, Circle, Triangle at the EA logo. -Alternate opening sequence
Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, R1 -Give sim pet points
Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up- Upgrade Pet Emporium
Press Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right at the credits screen. View developers
By: belly123(13)
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115 to 120 hunger!! 60%
First, grab a book from any bookshelf, then study about cooking when your sim's knowledge is full, start cooking these recipes: Broth,lobster,mini-swordfish and shark when your finished cooking 115 or 120 hunger! enjoy!
By: Tmcgrady(27)
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A great life! Just a few steps away!!!!! 60%
To have a great bond between Simkind and Canine or Feline, just follow these easy steps IN ORDER! Note that you should do this every day to increase the bond!

1) While creating a sim, choose clothes for that sim's personality. Like, my sim is wealthy, so I gave her a black top, Ellen's hair,( well, if you don't know Ellen, scruffy hair sort-of,and it's blonde) white jeans, and a gold diamond chipped belt.

2) Since I have a wealthy and clean sim, I made my dog,(white chihuahua, Beverly Hills Chihuahua fans) Cloe, snooty. Snooty means clean and sort of tough.

3) Now, the part of bond. Do these things in order to keep your sim and your pet healthy and happy. 1: Make your house like your personality. If your sim is wealthy, though, just go with a normal house for now. 2: Get a job right as the mailman puts down the newspaper. Find a great job, and if you're wealthy, get the job with the most money. 3: Eat right after waking up, and then feed your pet, then clean the house if you don't have a maid, then take a shower if you have time. If not enough time before work, go potty instead. If you have some more time, say goodbye to your pets or pet before going to work. 4: When you eat dinner, leave a little bit on your plate to put in a food processor. It will help your sim on money and hunger. But, it also helps your pet's hunger. 5: Every day, play with your pet and train it at least partway. 6: Go to the Town Square as much as you can every day. You and your pet might meet some interesting friends. Also, buy stuff for your pet as much as you want.

Now you have it, a great life! Enjoy!
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$$$ MONEY HINTS!! 60%



By: Asmaa(126)
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Recipe 60%
This is a Little Tip for When Your Sim is Really Hungry. Buy Ostrich, and if You Harvested Them Get Shark, Lobster and Dangleberry. It's a Really Good Recipe and Either Make Carpaccio or Prep a Barbequeue and make it. It Gives You Loads of Hunger Points.
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Great recipe 60%
Take turkey rye broccoli and an apple go to the oven press make cheesless pizza usually gives you 100 or more food points
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?10,000 60%
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Money 60%
Enable the "Cheat Gnome" code, then press Triangle, Up, Left, Down, Right
By: belly123(13)
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Good food 60%
Pick pizza then instead of tofu us shark & instead of lama us lobster
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Get rid of unwanted townie characters not made by you. 60%
These pre-made characters are ugly and stupid. To clear them out of your game if they're unlocked, you may have to start over. If you don't want to rebuild all your houses, move ALL your Sims out and remake them. (Put expensive items in their inventory while you do this. Rebuy the rest.) Pros know how to recreate Sims & keep their money and inventory. (Always save one of the originals while you redo the rest, then remake & delete that one too) TIP: Townies get unlocked by filling your Sims MOTIVES. Never fill these. This is easier than you might think. To make it even easier, give them all the knowledge aspiration...since it doesn't really matter what you put in & it's the one with the least motives a Sim might fill by accident. Check your Sims motives often (they have four at a time) If you need to do something that would fill one of a therapist to change them until you get rid of that one or go to sleep and get right back up (this changes them too). Keeping "townies" out makes the game more fun and you have more room for your characters and pets.
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Best recipe 60%
The best recipe is:
trust me it has a shineing comet inside and you need a stainless steel
frig by farhand
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Crayfish, chupa chupa and ostrich
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The sim that did not sleep 60%
If you grow fish, and feed them like once every two or three hours, it will give you fish to eat, just go to the refreagerator and go to (get ingredianse) you will find in the ''fish section'' the fishes you have grown, almost all of them decrese the need to go to sleep, so if you order at least one kind of fish in your food when you order, you will decrese the amount of the need to go to sleep by at least 42%! but be careful, fish increase your need to go to the toilet by almost 21%!
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Loads of awsome 60%
You want one or more of those cool pets like a wolf or a fox but can't have them all, well guess what, you can! First you create a "decoy" family where you start creating as many of whatever animal(s) you want then move the the family into a house. Then go to the personal info area of whichever pet, and copy the genetic (or generic, which ever one it is) onto something, then make another family (if maxed out the slots for the first one,which probably happened),but make this one the good one. After your current pets have run away, go to the pet shop in town square, type in the codes for the pets from the first family, and when the other(s) come back, you'll have a bunch of really cool looking pets. (Be warned, I have not tested this yet, because I have not tested the limitless cheat yet, this is all just a theory, but you're more than welcome to try it).
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The Sims 2 Pets 60%
If you want to make a real fox get a small dog then you turn it tan then make their paw black and make the ear pointy and make the ear point black
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Great Houses! 60%
To Make a Great House:
1. Try to make the house even with the mailbox and garbage can
2. Make spacious rooms, especially if you have lots of pets they take up space
3. Choose the best floors and wallpapers, or the ones you like best
4. Make sure to have lots of windows and lights
5. Choose furniture based on your Sim's personality (ex, lots of expensive items for wealth, lots of electronics/things used at parties for popularity, lots of artsy things for creative, etc)
6. To get all these things, use a Cheat Gnome Gnome-L1, L1, R1,X, X, ^ and Money-^, , Triangle, ^
By: rainygirl3100(20)
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Why you have to answer the telephone 60%
Sometimes they give you money and when they the grease is on spoon I repeat the grease is on the spoon that is signal that a robber will come
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Super awesome recipe for 100 + hunger!!!!!! 59%
Get a turkey, mini-swordfish, lobster (both from aquarium), and white truffle.(frood orchard) make roast and veggies! in oven thingy!
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A new puppy pppshhhhhhh 59%
You dont have to have the same kind of dog to have babies but you cant have a cat and dog have a baby like the one unregistered person said you need the same kind of dog well for ps2 you can have a diffrent type of dog and a dog that had a baby with one dog can have one with another!
By: sibarianhusky(30)
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Cheat Gnome and more!! 58%
Cheat Gnome-------L1,L1,R1,X,X,up
10,000 Simeloans--triangle,up,left,down,right
Pet Points-----------triangle,circle,x,square,L1,R1
Time Advance-------up,left,down.right,R1
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Easy relationships/and some problems 58%
Everyone knows the garden swing one right? Where you sit there until your at 100 in your relationship and then propose. Well it works great but you still can't romantic kiss/tender kiss them right away. It won't work if you get back on and they may not even let you cuddle with them. So talk to them, joke with them, give them back rubs, and gradualy move up through the romantic options(DON'T SERENADE THEM, IT MAKES YOUR RELATIONSHIP GO DOWN) and you should then be able to do whatever you want with them
By: 0KiwiBabe0(76)
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It is raining cats and dogs!!! (And a few more things too!!!!) 58%
Here are some cats and doofys (I meant dogs) and what buttons to press to get them and a few other things to!

Light Green Dogs ZZZ11ZZZ9Q1AQ91ZB1A or EEGJ2YRZQQ1RQ9QHA64

Pretty good, eh? Here are some more stuff.

Bandit Mask Cats ZZZ11ZZQHZA1Z91ZB1A, TB6IPB1IAFDMRIQT6DG, or EEGJ2YRQZZAIZ9QHA64 (a choice of 3!)

Pretty good? Well, I should have some more dusty ones at the back of my head somewhere, I'll get them out, ah. There they are!

Cheat gnome for money! 10,000 every time and this is how you do it! first press L1,L1,R1,X,X,up (on d pad) that will get the cheat gnome on your front yard the press Triangle,up,left,down,right and if you do that next to the gnome it will give simoleons! its hard to do but it works everytime!(p.s. it also works at the place to spend pet points it will apper at 1 of the bathroms)

From the EA logo screen, press X, Circle, Triangle

That is enough for today folks but I'll come back and help kids in trouble with games. Just call me "The cheat master in disguise!"
By: bibble001(12)
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How to get married 58%
Dont worry I have tried this millions of times and it always works I promise you :)

first of all dont have any pets what so ever otherwise it it will be alot harder for yourself..

as soon as you move in start to build your relationship always do nice things and not always joke and all that.. as soon as you get to 100 propose to her but before that you must do a friendly hug and kiss on her and then propose she will say yes and hug you once you change into your new clothes there shall be an congratulations for you!
By: hols16(10)
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Making your pets have green glowing eyes momentarily 57%
Okay buy a telescope from the skill department and the telescope is called the ASTROWONDER TELESCOPE. then just look through it and most the time you will get abducted by aliens and you will come back and then go to your pet and feed him/her a treat and it will say ALIEN and then momentarily it will have green glowing eyes.
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Super easy money 57%
1:type cheat gnome(L1,L1,R1,X,X,UP then ^,o,x,square,L1,R1)
2:get 300,000 pet points
3:go to town square's pet emporium
4:buy chicken checkers(or most expensive product) stand outside store and sell them it works I got 75,000$
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