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The Sims 2: Pets Cheats for PS2 Page 2
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The Sims 2: Pets PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
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The Sims 2: Pets

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Love cheat 57%
This has to do with food. get these ingreadents squidsmall sword fishgrapesstrawberry. when it's out the oven it's in the love.(figure of speech)have both sims try this. then your mood is also high.
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Walk faster 57%
SO you know where you have to go to the bathroom and your somewhere far away? well... just use the right spindle thing and zoom out and walk where you have to go. it works really well.
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How to upgrade the shops 57%
Get the cheat gnome to get loads of money then change it to pet points. you can either keep buying the stuff in the shops and then sell it, or buy a pet.
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Here are a few helpful hints by: hallie 57%
L1l1r1xxup is not the real money cheat. triangle up left down right triangle is.

the only pets you can have r cats dogz n hamsters.

to get a girl n boy animal to have puppies you have to play with 1 of em a lot 1st
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Ok now I know you CAN'T have a REAL vampire but you CAN have one that LOOKS like a vampire!

Step 1: Have a girl and change her clothes.
Step 2: Go to the pirate shirt in overshirts. (The shirt with the white poofy sleeves and red laced inside of the shirt. I'm sorry I can't tell you EXACTLY what shirt it is because it's 11:17 PM and my parents would kill me if they saw me.)
Step 3: Change it to whatever color you like.
Step 4: Go to pants and go down 3 or 4(Whatever row is on top of the last row) and go right one space.
Step 5: Click on that pair of pants and go to the last meterial.( I believe #8? Don't blame me if I'm wrong! I don't have the game on my hand right now!)(Figure of speech-The last part of that sentance) Also I don't have a dictonary either.
Step 5: There you go! A vampire with bloody red claws and a cool outfit too!

P.S: You can only have the girls have the claws. Not the men. If you want them to be like a vampire change them in all black clothes.
By: billybobjoe(187)
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Not going to the town sqare for a bath for your pet 55%
Buy a bath tub in pluming section click on it it will say take a bath but under it will say give pet a bath!(also if you dont like your shower delete it you can take a bath if you want)
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How to get Hitler 55%
Go to the place to make a sim. Choose male. Then go to the place for hair style. Choose the hair style thats kinda slick back (or go online to see what his hair looks like). after that go to facial hair. Choose the shortest moustache. After that go to hats and get the sailor hat. (the white, and black cap thing) The go to materials and keep switching until the hat turns black. After that choose his clothes name it hitler and theres hitler. And to get his dog choose a German Shepard and name it blondie (girl)
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Trees in your house. 55%
Hey, if ya'll want trees and stuff in your house, just remove a wall from your house and the game will think that it is outside and stuff. Once you do dat, buy a tree and shrubs and stuff and put as many as you want in yo' house, put a wall in that empty spot, and there you have it, a tree in yo' house. you could do that also in sims 2 if you don't know that.
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No bills! 55%
When you have a mailbox, the front is pointing twards the road. put a fence infront of the mailbox and the postyman can not get to it, and just stands there! i dont know, but this might only work at dogwatsit forest
By: Tobyatthemotor(6)
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A Recipie for 121+ Hunger!!! 54%
Go 2 the fridge and get a chicken, Dangleberry, Mini Swordfish and last but not least, lobster. It will give you 121 or even higher food level!
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Mimi's Ways 4 U... 54%
I had tried the garden swing 2 have mi sims get married, but woopsydaisy it didnt werk out 2 good. so I did it my own way. soon my sims fell in luv, they were both head over heels in luv w/ each oter....
SO...i dicided that I would get them married. if you r having truble getting them married, wait until there relationships get up 2 100, by kissing and hugging alot. serende doesn't really werk 2 good, so I wouldnt use that option in te game unless your sim has high creativity.
ANY WAYS...i made their relationships up 2 100...and the guy proposed 2 the girl and the girl exceppted.
TIPS...if you want your sims 2 get married, make them b happy AND have 100 relationships w/each oter
By: ForeverStallion(92)
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Sick And Tired Of Cleaning Puddles up when your sink/shower is broken? 54%
This is the easy way to do things call a maid then repair woman and then your job is sorted! hope it helped! xx
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Sims 2 pets cheats 52%
I never tried these two so tell me if tey works
Fully Upgrade the Pet Emporium in Town Square:
During game play press Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up.

Press Up, Left, Down, Right, R1 during gameplay in a house or a lot then select the Gnome to activate.

The following codes are entered by going to 'Game Options' and pressing the 'New' key.

Unlockable Cats

Unlock Cats - Bandit Mask:

Unlock Cats - Black Dot:

Unlock Cats - Black Smiley:

Unlock Cats - Blue Bones:

Unlock Cats - Blue Camouflage:

Unlock Cats - Blue:

Unlock Cats - Blue Star:

Unlock Cats - Deep Red:

Unlock Cats - Goofy:

Unlock Cats - Green:

Unlock Cats - Green Flower:

Unlock Cats - Light Green:

Unlock Cats - Navy Hearts:

Unlock Cats - Neon Green:

Unlock Cats - Neon Yellow:

Unlock Cats - Orange Diagonal:

Unlock Cats - Panda:

Unlock Cats - Pink Vertical Strip:

Unlock Cats - Pink:

Unlock Cats - Star:

Unlock Cats - White Paws:

Unlock Cats - Purple:

Unlock Cats - White Zebra Stripe:

Unlockable Dogs

Unlock Dogs - Bandit Mask:

Unlock Dogs - Black Dot:

Unlock Dogs - Black Smiley:

Unlock Dogs - Blue Bones:

Unlock Dogs - Blue Camouflage:

Unlock Dogs - Blue Dogs:

Unlock Dogs - Blue Star:

Unlock Dogs - Deep Red:

Unlock Dogs - Goofy:

Unlock Dogs - Green:

Unlock Dogs - Green Flower:

Unlock Dogs - Light Green:

Unlock Dogs - Navy Hearts:

Unlock Dogs - Neon Green:

Unlock Dogs - Neon Yellow:

Unlock Dogs - Orange Diagonal:

Unlock Dogs - Pink Dogs:

Unlock Dogs - Pink Vertical Strip:

Unlock Dogs - Purple:

Unlock Dogs - Star:

Unlock Dogs - White Paws

Unlock Dogs - White Zebra Stripe:

Unlock Dogs - Zebra Stripes:

By: jd1393(13)
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If your carpool just came wat are you gonna do? 52%
Well you just have to buy a blender put it on a counter then you gotta make somthing with all the fruit you harvested like chupa chupa dangle berry passoin fruit and some star fruit then put it in the blender and drink it and then you fun,sleep and comfort will go up:)
By: latintiger(15)
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Special dog treat 52%
Get a telescope stargaze till you get abducted by aliens then when you come back you will have special nutritious dog bones
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Free food? 52%
It is true you can get it free but you have to harvest it buy the fish tanks in mescheivios section and fish will apper in the tank after awile go to your frige and pick ingredients on the top there should be a fish net thing go to it and all your fish are there
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Easy pick recipies. 52%
If you go to the fridge, look at the recipies that the firdge already has, you want it, but everytime you look at the recipies you forgot what ingredient comes next. Ay man, some people dont know this, if you want the recipies, you could just click the recipie you want and that ricipie will be at those 4 squares where you put your food at. U cant do this on sims 2. If you want the recipie you got to mezmorize what ingredient comes after the next. But on sims 2 pets, just click the recipie, and you have it.
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The Kennel 51%
This is for the people who doesnt know about this place and just played or bought this sims 2 pets game. O.K., to go to this place, you have to go to the Town Square where all the pet stores and other pets be playin' at. If you go by the pet toy store, if you go up going towards the icecream cart, you will see a building with a chair and and umbrella picture in it. If you cant take care of a pet, just go to that place, pick how many days you want your pet to stay there(increasing days will increase pet pionts so be careful). Then, just leave and catch up to the things you need to do.
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Easy way to get married / have kids 50%
All you have to do is start with no pets start building your relationship as soon as you move
in then keep going till theres a proposal option then propose. to get kids as soon as your
married get a expensive bed then get both your sims to relax in it if it works there will be an option to try for baby and if you hear rocka bye baby your sim will be pregnant the baby will be born in 3 days it will become a toddler in 3 more days.
note: the aspiration may affect this and it doesnt always work hope it helps
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Just one favorite song or songs on ur stereo. 50%
If you are tired of flipping through the songs just to find your favorite song, go to the options menu, go to where all the sound tracks are all at, take away all the songs you dont like, and if you listen to your radio, only your favorite songs or song will play over and over and over and over and over again. (Does not work on sims 2 because there is no sound track menu on it, only sims games with sound tracks menu will work.)
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*~Im da cook~* 50%
Hello!! iv'e got 7 great recipies for you guys!!it will make your sim very happy so try them all!!ok..
#1 is=chicken,egg,onion,apple.
#2 is=beef,pork,tofu,ckicken.
#3 is=turkey,dagle berry,shark,milk.
#4 is=shark,cherry,tofu,beef.
#5 is=chicken,cherry,tofu,potato.
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The fastest way to make ur new pet to like you. 50%
Ay man, I've been doin' this all the time man. If you just started or bought a new pet, you could use play tuggle war and if you have the mailman kind, that's the best one to use. If you click play tuggle war, most likely your pet will be strong enough to pull it till the friendship meter goes up. Another way is just to play catch with the best toy the game has. Then, your pet will keep playin' till it's tired or whatever reason your pet wants to stop. Cats, you just got to play with it with other things. Dogs, you could play tuggle war and most likely, dogs will keep playing even if its friendship is on 100. I'm not sayin' this will work all the time when you just started or bought a pet, but sometimes it does work all the time cause it does for me.
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Want to have your own Zoo in your own front yard? 50%
First invite over people with lots of dogs or cats then make a fence with no hole for them to get out and run inside your house and lock the door (or buy a door a pet can't go through)
and you sill have lots of dogs or cats to play with! just remember to feed them and give them beds.

p.s. this works for me.
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The real chef that knows how to make 100 or more hunger.(Another good recipie.) 50%
Here's one recipie that I figured out that will be good:

1. Get ostrich

2. Get dangleberry

3. Get mangostean

4. Last thing, get eel

All this will equal to 105 and if you cook it to whatever you want, it's going to be a large amount of hunger points.
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The Couch Cheat 50%
When you buy a house on sims 2 pets PS2, make sure you buy a couch. When you do simply sit on the couch. Then it will come up with the options screen. Select search couch. Your sim will search and find money or a zombie monkey arm. The monkey arm will rise your sims happiness and the money will give u....... well more money!

P.S. Try it!
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How to get a leoperd 50%
First of all you have to go on make a cat then you click on leoperd skin put it on your cat then click on the tail and make it long and thin then click on the ears and make them pointy but not to pointy then click on the hight of your cat and make him/her tall but not to tall then click on done. and there you are with a pet leoperd it worked for me and im sure it will work for you.

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My Hint Of How 2 Earn Money On Sims 2 Pets 50%
OK. This should give you 99,999 Sim quids wotevr U call em.

1st you need to press and hold triangle for about 10secs. then U need to repeat this pattern twice:

circle,square,circle,r1,r2,r1,r2,l1,l2,x x x x x x x x x circle.

that shud giv ya Ur muny and then it might even tel U the 'unlock code'

it may seem like a lot but its worth it...............

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Make A Tiger 50%
Select cat
then brown tabby
change fur colours
(if you want change the patterns)

Thanks for reading:)
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Do your pets need to socialize? 50%
Maybe you are at work and your pets need attention that you don't have the time to give them, it's okay we all need to work, and there is a solution. Simply throw a party perhaps around 5 or 6pm by going on your phone and selecting throw a party. Ta-DA your friends give your pets all the attention that they need! :) Hope this helps.
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Detailed instructions for the money cheat 49%
Just do this: activate cheat gnome (L1,L1,R1,X,X,up) then activate time advance cheat (up,left,down,right,R1) Click on gnome and hopefully you can see Advance 6 hours then press triangle to get so you can move again and press up,left,down,right. You should now when you select the gnome see Give sim simoleans. Hoped that works vote if it did.
By: jimbobjones(194)
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Having children in the sims2 pets for ps2 48%
When you make your sim make it a family type under the aspirations and get 100 points with the oposite gender and get married. when you look at the family asp. you will see a stork with a bag. that proves you can have kids. Then relax in bed and woo hoo more than once I am not sure how many times
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104 HUNGER! 48%
I know a cheat to have 104 hunger. you need:

Turkey (in ingredients section of fridge)
Mini sword fish (need to the biggest aqurium and harvest seafood, same with the lobster)
Lobster (look up)
White truffle ( get cream coloured garden thing with wood around it!)

Go to the oven and go till you see option make roast & veggies, choose that option and when it comes out it will be love-hearts and that note will see 104 hunger!
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Listen to songs while saving the game. 48%
Ay man, if ya'll are tired of listening to nothing while saving the game, first go to the soundtrack area, pick a song you want to listen to, and then save the game. Now, you could listen to a song while you are saving the game.
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Pet Fox 47%
A fox can be a great pet if you want it, so here are the directions:

1. When creating a family, choose a cat. Choose the American Shorthair breed.
2. Choose the options for its head. Change the shape of the snout to the longest you can find.
3. Then, make the ears long and pointy.
4. Go to the fur options. Change the cat's fur color to orange and change the extra fur option to number 2.
5. Go to the fur markings menu. Choose the first option and edit the narrow strip on its neck. Make the strip's color white.
6. Choose the second option and choose the legs pattern. Make them all black.
7. Finally, choose the third option and choose the pattern where the back of the ears are colored. Make them black.

You have now just created a pet fox. I understand that the tail couldn't have the white tip, but that's an easy sacrifice. Have a great time with your new fox!
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Forced love. 47%
If you like someone on any sims game, you need to make a food with hearts comin all out of it.( But you need to make this a group meal so you won't have to make another one.) Give a plate to your somebody that you like and I forgot, but I think you have to give urself a plate too. you dont have to finish your food, but if you see that the person that you gave a plate too is finished, put your plate down and socialize to that person and ya'll will be holdin hands and make out and all that stuff will be there. this is funny, if your a boy or a girl, give the heart comin out of the food,food, to the same gender as you are and ya'll will be holdin hands. So if your a boy and you give the plate the another boy and yourslef, ya'll will be gay. But, I think once the spell or somthing wears off, ya'll will be friends, enimies, or whatever ya'll was before ya'll ate the food. This is only if you just want to kiss that person or whatever, but I think if you really want to like that person, you have to do talk to them on your own.
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Not Hungry!!! 47%
This is the best food that your sim can have!!! It is the Sausage Barbaque. Go to recepies, then press L1 or go to page 10. The very bottom recipe is sausage barbaque. Make the food how it tells you, then eat it. It will give you HEARTS so that means that everything you do it will not take as long and it will come out better! Example: If you harvest fruit, veggies, or fish while there is still hearts around your sim, you will get better fruit/veggies,fish. XD Have fun with that one!!!
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100 plus hunger 47%
Okay this food is good all this ingredient needed to harvested okay after you harvest this go to the fridge then use this ingredient lobster,shark,dangleberry,white truffle then when you get this go to the counter and press hors,devurs or anything starts letter HH
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Super full sims 46%
Ok if your sim is like STARVING, you should do this. buy the fish tank, feed the fish, and after a few days youll have many fish. harvest the fish, then go to the fridge. there are different tyeps of food. take all the foods with the higest ammount of hunger filling you can get ... say like the shark,lobster,and whatever els then cook it. I once made a toco with 102 for hunger by doing this. I gaurntee it will make ur sim really full!

=] have fun!
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Easy money if you dont want a job 46%
This cheat is kinda boaring and anoyying but it il do.use the "get pet points cheat" and then go down to town square and buy a whole bunch of expensive stuff and fill up your inventory. for example CHICKEN CHECKERS and then sell them for 375 bucks each
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The easiest/best recipe to use 46%
Buy the most expensive fridge and make Sliced roast with Ostrich, beef, Lamb, and Llama
: D
By: 0KiwiBabe0(76)
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Real money 45%
Activate the gnome then HOLD TRIANGLE,tap in UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT R1 now you should have 10,000 simoleons
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Money does not always=time cheat. 45%
I have been playing this game for quite a while, and I like to see what other people have to say. Which leads me to this. Many, many people on this website have been misleading some people. To enter the GET MONEY CHEAT, you don't always have to put in the time cheat first. Depending on the Game I.D. Number, and how old your system is, usually is the affect of needing to do both cheats to activate one. I just wanted to point that out to people so they don't waste precious time, like a famous one said,
"Life is like a coin, but this coin you can only spend once,".
Hope this helps some people, new players or old.
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If you dont want a messy garden because of dogs ruinning your grass by digging holes
make a pen so they can go in remember to put there kenels treats and bones inside with them so they stay in or just keep closing the pen by buying 1 more piee and filling the gap instead of keep filling the holes in your garden again (LOL)*
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Cheat gnome 44%
While at home or at a lot press
By: initman(202)
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If you want to place pet supplies outside the pet stores in Town Square instead of your house. 44%
If you plan on going to the Town Square, and you know that you will stay and visit there for a really long time but if you do your dog or cat will be unhappy because there is no dog or cat condos to sleep or play in, you should buy enough cat or dog supplies and put them in your family inventory, then once you do that, pick the supplies you bought and you could keep and place them outside the Town Square to keep so you dont have to worry about your pet being sad because there is no food bowl and no good place to sleep at in the Town Square. I dont know if you could put house supplies in Town Square but if you try it, you might could just move in Town Square instead of a regular house.
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Clean the puddles and dog pii realy quick 44%
When your sink or shower is broken press clean and when they have started press triangle and it will be gone in a second.
submitted by Jay Usher
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Love the DOG 44%
You gotta love and take care of your dog to be able to keep it well if you dont feed it and give it attention it will run away and you wont have a dog and pretty much soon you wont have eny dogs and it gets sad so you have to go buy one then it runs away then your person evenyually dies and if you put the town for laurentowne specil stuff happens. well it dose for me!
By: sibarianhusky(30)
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Dose not work!!! 44%
None of them work I tryed all of the populare wans more then 3 times but it just makes a weard sound. DO NOT WASTE TIME ON THEM!
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How to make a baby!!! 44%
First you must have your relationship with a sim at 90,get married and go to the sofa then click "make out" and after that go to the bed and click "WOO HOO"then you will have a baby!
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Heres the money cheats :) 43%
Upgrade Pet Emporium
Press these buttons while playing
Cheat Effect
Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up Fully upgrade the Pet Emporium in Town Square

Give your sim Pet Points
Enter during game play after activating the cheat gnome to bring up the "give sim pet points" option on the cheat gnome.
Cheat Effect
Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, R1 "Give sim pet points" option on cheat gnome

Time Advance Cheat
During gameplay in a house or lot, type in the cheat.
Select the gnome to activate
Cheat Effect
Up, Left, Down, Right, R1 Advance time 6 hrs.

Give Simoleons Cheat
In a house or lot, do the following: Activate gnome cheat. Activate Time Advance Cheat. Select the gnome, then cancel the selection. Input cheat again. You will now have the option "Give sim simoleons".
Cheat Effect
Up, Left, Down, Right, R1 Gives 10k Simoleons.
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Quick cash without the money cheat. 43%
If you want alot of money fast without the money cheat, make everybody in the family have a job that pays you alot of money and make sure they get promoted because everytimea sim gets promoted, their raise goes higher and higher until the maximum raise. For example: If you have 4 family members that has the same jobs and time everyday, and if they each make 360 dollars a day, your family will make 1,440 dollars a day. Another example: If you have 4 family members that has the same jobs and all got promoted at the sam time, and each of their raise is 1,240 each day, your family will make 4,960 dollars a day.
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Recipie for 127+ hunger 44%
Okay for only four simoleons you can get 127+ hunger all you need is a turkey, dangle berries, a mini sword fish and a lobster .
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Pimpin kats 43%
Get a simese cat
get sunglasses that are silver
get a black hoodie or shirt...your choice
or make it pimp urself!
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Food max ur motives 43%
Buy the best fridge ever and press group meal and press ostrich and jucie and boricolo and lime and cook it leftgrovrs then watch your motives full
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Money 43%
felfelé gomb+ Enter
By: Bia(5)
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Secret of the Treadmill. (If you dont already know.) 42%
If you think that only your characters could only run on the treadmill, dont believe urselves. If you click on the treadmill, you have the choice to run for urself or make your pet run. I figured this out the first time I bought the treadmill. It's fun watching your pet run on the treadmill too though.
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Forced friends at any sims game. 42%
If you want to make a friend but your to lazy to walk up to that person and talk manualy, just go to the pause menu and by a pool or something and go in the pool, invite that person over who you want to talk to, block the exits to get out the pool with objects from the buy caatogorie, and that person has no choice but to stay in the pool because that person cant get out of the pool. Once you think that the fiendship meter is on 100, sell everything you put to block the exit and when you go up to the person and talk ya'll should be best friends.
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If you want a free book case. 42%
This works on sims 2 as well. Just buy a book shelf, take as many books as you want out of that book shelf, buy as much tables you need to put all your books at, put all the books you tooken out on the tables, sell the book shelf(less than a day if you want a full refund), and if you want make a little room to put your books and tables so you dont have to put in your living room, and there you go, a free book without the bookshelf.
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The Wolf 41%
Ok I figured out how to make a pretty good looking wolf, first get a german shepard, or any other dog with that kind of shape, than make its fur white, take away all the markings and give it the the secodn extra fur, and BAM! you got a wolf.
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Money Cheat 41%
Use the gnome cheat (L1,L1,R1,X,X,Up), then enter Up,Left,Down,Right,R1 and select the knome, renter the cheat to cancel it come away from the gnome and press up,Left,Down,Right and VOILA you ow have the money cheat installed on your gnome.
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$$$$$EASY MONEY$$$$$ 41%
Enable the Cheat Gnome. Enable Pet Points Cheat. But an empty lot and do NOT build on it keep it empty. Withdraw 100,000 Pet points. Go to town square and fill inventiry with chicken chess from Pet Imporium. Then go home and fill up the lot. Just keep filling up the lot. When You are done move the family of the lot and into a home.When you do you will recive the value of the chicken chess, wich is $375 a peice.
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Pet fur colors 41%
blue dog-EEG2YRQQQ1IZ9QHA64
goofy cat-EEG2YRQZQ1IZ9QHA64
green cat-EEG2YRZQQAIZ9QHA64
green dog-EEG2YRQZQAIQ9QHA64
neon yellow cat-EEG2YRZZQARQ9QHA64
neon yellow dog-EEG2YRQQQAIZ9QHA64
pink cat-EEG2YRQZZ1IZ9QHA64
purple cat-EEG2YRQQZARQ9QHA64
purple dog-EEG2YRQQZAIZ9QHA64
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Become famous 41%
To make this work press l1 l2 o x x o r 3
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New born puppy. 40%
If you didnt know this, you could have a new born puppy. In order to have a puppy you have to get the same kind of dog. For example: if you have a big dog and your dog is a boy, you have to mate with a female big dog. If you have a small male dog, you have to mate with a small female dog. U also have to have any kind of dog house in order to mate. If you dont have a dog house go buy one, if you do have a dog house, tell your dog to um, I think its try offspring with... then click a name of your other dog. Once you do that, your dogs will bark and jump around and stuff. After a few seconds, both dogs will go on the same dog house and hearts will come out of the dog house, after a few seconds later, your dogs will come out the dog house and you will see a dog basket gently floating down to your house and now you have a new born puppy. You could hold it, do a finger wiggle, name it, and more! The only way to have a new born puppy is if you have enough room for that puppy to be in your family. I also think that you could do this to cats to. If you try it, make sure it's the same thing like a dogs thing, different genders and all that, but you dont have to worry about the sizes because all of the cats are the same sizes.
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Filling the fun, socializing,comfort, and the hygiene meter at the same time. 40%
If you dont have any time trying to have fun, talking, comfort, or taking a shower one at a time, here is what you should do, by a pool, a hot tub, or that thing where water be floating in the air, invite somone or some people over to the pool or whatever, stay there, and you will see all of the fun, socializing, comfort, and hygiene meter going up all at once without doing them one at a time. Another thing you could do is, turn on the t.v., make a plate of food that easily fills up your hunger meter, or if you want that takes along time to fill up, sit on the couch, and I think make somone eat beside you on the couch, and watch your hunger, fun, comfort, and socializing meters go up at the same time without doing those one at the time.
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First pick the cat that has stripes but I think theres one or 2 cats that have stripes so if theres to cats that has stripes then pick the one thats grey nexy go to body and make it fat then switch the body type of the cat to the one that has a fat body and a big head then put some blue glasses on him BAM! you have garfield
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Best way 2 keep your pet happy 40%
If you dnt have a pet, then go 2 the town and buy a cat/dog (your choice) but when you r lookin 4 what you want, buy the pet which is gifted friendly aggressive and most importantly, LAZY. If your pet is lazy then all they'll do is sleep and they'll be more happy because they r not outside or peeing all the tyme in the ouse. get wa i'm sayin?
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Go to the town square with some others like your pet(s) and go near the
coffee and Ice-cream machine then wait for someone to take their's
out the press x on them then talk>chat.
After that quit the chat then pick up the ice-cream and enjoy!

This happened when I was having a ice-cream and some-else talked to
someone with a ice-cream they dropped it and I took it!

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Energy fill up n up n upfaster!!!!! 40%
Just sit in a couch n select power nap.You may don't like and prefer to sleep in bed, but I promise the energy motives fill up faster than sleep in bed
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Money$$$$$$$ 40%
Done a millon times!

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Soup thats 50+ hunger and sparkles!!! 40%
It is VERY good and it's not found in the Recipes Section of your Fridge. Here it is:
Step 1: Buy a Stainless Steel Fidge (if you don't have one,) and select Ostrich, Brocolli, Broth, and Juice.
Step 2: With your food processer, (not blender!) , select "Make Soup."
Step 3: When you are done making it, you can eat it, give it to another sim, or even make a group meal out of it if you'd like!
By: StarbucksBabe12(78)
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Happy all the time 40%
Press l1,l1,l1,square,r1,d pad up .
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Get lots o' money $$$$$$$$$$$$ and other stuff 39%
First get a cheat gnome (l1,l1,r1,x,x,up)

advance 6 hours:up,left,down,right.r1
money: up,left,down,right (enter as quick as possible)
pet points: triangle,circle,x,square,l1,r1

motives: x,x,square,triandgle,square,down,down,right,left,left
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How to become pregnant 39%
This is how you do it you have to get Marride and then kiss 15 time romanticley then you willl hear a lullaybye or the will start breathing hard I know it works i've done it 23 time it is cool
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If you want your dogs to not pee on ur carpet but u want ur dog inside the house. 39%
If you are tired of your dog peeing on your carpet, make its own little room with everything it needs and if you want, instead of puting a carpet or tile on the dogs room youve made, put a grass spread in it so you dont have to worry about dogs peeing on a good carpet. Even if your dog goes to your living or bedroom or whatever, there will be less pee in the living or bed room or kitchen and stuff. That will be less work to do. If there is pee all over the room youve made for your dog, you could clean it up or if your lazy, just pretend it's not there and go on about your life on sims 2 pets.
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Secret rock 39%
Go to the place that is for sale by firefly lake and go to a huge rock at the end of the lot and get really near the rock that you can see through the rock...a surprise...
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Easy pet friends. 39%
This is my way to making pet friends.Frist you follow the arrow on the sidewalk,then you teach a pet (or your pets)and you well make a lot of pet friends!
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A fossil in my yard? 39%
Go to Firefly Lake. When you press "Select" on your PS2 controller while you are playing, scroll around your yard until you find a big rock. Move over it with your arrow, and you'll see a fossil of some-kind.(I think it looks like a dinasour for some odd reason!)What do you think it looks like?
By: StarbucksBabe12(78)
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Foxy sim tips 38%
I got a pet fox! first get deep red as a DOG colour make it have pointy ears and a red body then get make it look like it has socks on the lightest colour you have (white) and white ears and a little bit of white on the tail and thats you done!

and aslo make a room and delete 1 peice of wall put a tree there and bang a tree in a house you can now put trees in that room and put a dog dish in it and a 2 no dog doors 1 no dog door make it lead to a room with a bed and a sofa in it and the other outside and when your fox comes in BANG lock the door leading outside and its trapped you can put in there for punshment or if its raining

or keep it in there delete the door that leads outside and in a while it will fant delete all the doors the man can not safe it and a goast fox! it will just be died you still have to feed it!
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Christmas tree in yo' house. 38%
Ay, if ya'll want a christmas tree in yo' house, like I said take a wall out of the house so the game will think that it's outside, go the the landscape catogorie on the buy catogorie on the pause menu, buy the pineco tree, put it in your house, put the wall back, and there you gooo! A christmas tree! Ay, even if you cant decorate that tree, you could still say it's a christmas tree cause it looks like one even without the decorations on it. Know what I'm sayin'!
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A hamster 38%
I dont know if it's a hamster or a gerbal, but if you dont know how to get it, and you already went to Town Square to look for one, you really have to go to the pause menu, go to the buy catogories, go to pet supplies and you will see it, it is I think the last item on the pet supplies catogories. I didnt know where it was either until I went to the pet supplies catogories. Also, if you want a goldfish, it's in Town Square at the I think the pet supplies, not the pet store though, dont get mixed up with the Town Square pet supplies and the pause menu pet supplies.
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Change Quicker! 38%
Ever late to the carpool and your sim still has to change into uniform and while your changing the carpool leaves you all you need to do is press l1 while your changing and look down at the bottom of the curtain when you can see youre sims feet he or she is done.
By: scarface(654)
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How to make a gangster dog 38%
1.Get a bull dog
2.Get a bandana
3.Get some sunglasses
4.Get a black shirt
5.Grab a camoflage colar
and...TADDA there you go its a GANGSTER
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Easier way to fill ur room meter. 38%
If you want to fill your room meter easily, instead of putting walls to separate the kitchen and the living room, make them into one room. Like, intstead of walls, put fences, but make sure you could get in the kitchen or living room. The more things in a room, the better your room meter will go up. In your bedroom, put alot of pictures in it and other things, but make sure you have enough space to move. Ur bathroom, just put whatever you need, and put alot of pictures in there too.
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A garden inside ur house. 38%
If you want a garden inside your house, instead of taking one of the walls away and puting trees in the house, take one of the walls away and put flowers in the house. Make a room full of flowers and other things you want, but make sure you could have space to water your plants cause if you dont, your flowers are goin' to die and your garden is going to look ugly with dead flowers.
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Every day cleaning with out touching enything? 37%
If you go to your phone and click on servises it will say all these names click on maid..they will do it for 10 simoleons a day if your rich and get alot a day I would consider this
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Sims not happy for work...and carpool is coming in a hour heres how to get happy 37%
Go to the town sqare and do these to get up your happyness:

bath:go to the fountain and cklick splash to get your clean up

bed:go to the beanch and click sit on click it again and it will say power nap

food:if you have no pet points to buy somthing go to drinking fountain and drink

restroom:restrooms are provded by the drinking fountains

amusment:go back to the bench click on it it should say play game under power nap

socail:if you need that up talk to somwon or play with your pet

(p.s.this wont make you completly happy because some dont go up all the way for some reason and the time on the bottem on the town sqare isnt right when you retern to your house you will return at the same time you went)
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Puppy dalmation 37%
If you want a puppy dalmation but there is not one, pick any small dog, make the fur white, add dalmation spots, if you want, you could add a black tail, a black spot on the eye, and I know that the name of the dog is not a miniature dalmation and it might say a beagle, the dog still looks like a puppy dalmation. You could do this alot instead of just a puppy dalmation, you could make a big beagle, small boxer, a big bull dog, and more, but, you have to look at the fur and fur markings and remember them in order to make these things like a boxer. You have to remember the fur color and everything to make the dog look exactly like the dog your trying to make it look like.
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No Puddles if your sink and showers are messed up. 36%
If you are tired of cleaning up puddles after a shower or if your sink is messed up, go to the buy menu, go to lighting(where all the lamps and stuff are at), get the floor light, and just place it in front of the shower or sink.If your sink or shower needs repairing after you wash yo' hands or after a shower, puddles won't appear like it normally does without the floor lamp or step light or whatever it's called.
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To get your pets motives up!! It Works!!!!!!!!! 35%
Go to town sqare and wash your pet!! it cost 10 pet points but it will make ure pet really happy!!!!
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Easier ways to fill your meters. 35%
If it takes a long time to fill your meter to use the toilet, sleep, eat, or whatever, you just need to buy the expensive fridges, beds, toilets, showers, and so on. This works only for rich families and not poor ones and works on any sims game.
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Have a horse as a pet 35%
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Real chef 34%
1)get ostrich



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Paper trained. 33%
If you dont know this and If you are lazy to get the newspaper outside, you could tell your dog to get the paper outside your house everytime you tell him to. I do this all the time ya know.
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Cheat gnome money(10,000) and pet points 33%
Cheat gnome,L1 L1 R1 X X UP.
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6 cheats that are pretty good! 33%
Quickly (less than 5 seconds) press these buttons to get these things and you will be up and running!

Cheat Gnome - L1, L1, R1, X, X, UP
Pet Points Triangle - O, X, Square, L1, R1
Pet Emporium Right - Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up
6 Hours Advanced - Up, Left, Down, Right, R1
�,000 - Up, Left, Down, Right, O
Max Motives - X, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Down, Down, Left, Right, Right

Have fun pressing these buttons. The key is learn them off by heart so you can press them really quickly, practice and then try your best shot!

From me, Bibble001 (I know the name is weird but I can type it quick and it is easy to remember because it is the name of my hamster)
By: bibble001(12)
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To make your sims be a werewolf. 33%
Make around your house lots of trees,wait until a dog (actually a werewolf)come into your house's door,greet it and be friendly with the dog.It will bite your hand,u will turn to a werewolf
By: Asmaa(126)
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How to make sim and pet get marrie 33%
This is pretty funny to make a sim marry a pet ok

1.make sure you have a pretty good relachinship with your pet

2.then feed the pet and cook somthing nice for you 2

3.go to the town square and go to the spa and go strait to your home

4.make sure you have pet points on the pet and a comment will say propose the pet with

1. if is a cat a mouses toy

2. if is a dog a dog chewing bone

3. if is a hamster a nice bottle

6. you will get marrie and you cant hiven have baby pet and simmies

7 if you want to have simmies and baby pet you need to buy a bed for de sim and pet
the control de pet will the sim is in the love bed make the pet go to the love bed and it will say play in bed and if you cip playing in bed you will have to abondonat make a pet run away or sell a pet becuas you will cip playing in bed and you will had a lot of pet

hint: it only how if you have a pet female and a sim male/pet male sim female hop you like bye
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The real cheats that work for Sims 2 pets ps2 33%
The cheat gnome codes:
L1 L1 R1 X X UP
6 hr avnce: TRIANGLE O X SQUARE R1
By: Gingerfrost(199)
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The REAL simoliens cheat 33%
Don't listen to anyone else about the money code! They're lying! This is the code:

Hold triangle and press:up,left,down,right,o. That is the real cheat!
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 33%
First enter L1(2),R1,XX,up.then enter Triangle,up,left,down,right.
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Sims2 ps2 33%
If you want to go buy somthing in the catalog just buy beds cuz it will keep yur mood up and up
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Puppy dalmations for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 32%
All you have 2 do it go to create a pet find a small dog like a chuawha and custamize it 2 make it look like a baby dalmation. They are so cute!
By: mw2525(28)
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Upgrade on any petstores. 32%
If you want to buy more things in the petstores in the Town Square, you got to buy alot of things in that store to upgrade the looks and more things to buy in it.
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Ur dogs stop digging on ur grass and ur dog or cat to stop pissin' on ur carpet. 32%
Ay, man, if you are tired of your dog digging outside, if you see your dog diggin', just go up to your dog and scold him. If your dog keeps doing it, keep solding your dog too. Later on, your dog will know to not dig outside. If you want your dog or cat to stop pissin' on your carpet, buy a litter box for your cat, if you want your dog to stop pissin', you could use my advice like last time make an extra room for your dog to piss on, or, you could scold the dog or cat too, just like you could scold a dog for diggin' outside. Oh, almost forgot, if your cat keeps on scratching your couch or carpet, just scold the cat like you do to your dog. I also think if you keep scolding your pet, your pet will dislike you more and more each time you scold your pet, so my advice is to everytime you scold your pet, pet your pet, hug your pet, play with your pet, give a treat to your pet, and so on.
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Filling up the fun meter without a t.v. or any games. 32%
If you dont have a t.v. or any games and you cant afford one but you could afford a painting, buy a painting that has a video game picture on it and buy the ones that be having an eight for the fun meter, place on a wall then view it, and you will see your fun meter going up. I also think this works on sims 2 as well.
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Black dot cats 32%
Zzz11zzz9q11q91zb1a or eegj2yrzqq1lq9qha64
for mor in formtion on sims 2 pets or on all cheats and games on consels ps2,ps3,xbox360,xbox,wii,gamecube.ds,gba,psp,pc please con tact me with your email at I will email you with the information you wanted and if I don't know I am very sorry and I will try to find out soon.
By: initman(202)
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Sims 2 pets cheats 31%
How to unlock cheat gnome:at the ea logo skreen and press L1,L1,R1,X,X,UP
By: RobbyFoss(32)
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Ok so,move to lemming point or fishbone island(if you already don't live there) and enter the "cheat gnome" cheat code, then go to build (next to object catalog) select grab mode4 then move your gnome into a room with nothing else in it press l2(to clone it) and clone it 10 times in the same room, then go in2 the room and click on any gnome and select unlock all lots! it really works! I tried it my self!
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Different types of pets 31%
Horse-8743N9F31891494138931934 or Y7433F8U2F238832FR
Spider-24727882Y827FR82727 or GG38F282FU2I2IF
Guieni Pig-F8QWF13IYU3 Or IUFE9EV29EIV
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How to stop your pet from running off 31%
Theres 3 ways

keep boardin em in da fingimobobi until you figer out th motiv cheat (i duno it)

wen you 1st start your sims hapi. keep interactin wi ya pet now an alweys chek on it in ya spare time.

by all th things that it ses ya pet wil liyk an bild a pet garden and a pet room.

hope a helpt CHEATERS
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The sims 2 pets (pst ) 31%
You are aloud to have you own farm with fences cows sheep and much much more by CORBIN
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The most Important Cheats you need! 30%
First of all here is da most useful and most common recipe that will give ya 116 hunger:
Turkey, Lamb, Beef, & broth! This will add up to $16

Cheat Gnome:
L1, L1, R1, X, X, (Triangle)

10,000 simoleons:
(triangle), ª, ©, «, ¨

10,000 pet points:
(triangle), (circle), X, (square), L1, R1

Advance 6 hours:
ª, ©, «, ©, R1

I hope these help!
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Take Snapshots 30%
In Gameplay Press L1,R1,x,x,Up,Triangle,Select,Start,Triangle And Go To Cheats gnome And Press Take Snapshots.
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Cheat to have a baby it is real 29%
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Make pizza 29%
Get white flour and get a egg and some chicken and corn oil you will be able to cock a pizza and it will be about 60 hunger filling
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Unlock all 29%
Down ,up,down,up
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Write Bios For Stuff 29%
At Anything You Can Write Bios About On The Sims 2 Pets For Personal Computer Enter x,Up,triangle,left,circle,sqaure,down,right And Bio Boxes Will Appear For What Ever You Were Able To Write Bios about!
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How to get everyone in town to like you!!!!! 29%
When you are on the neighbourhood screen select an area where there is no house and move in a family.first you must get the cheat gnome by pressing triangle up left down right triangle (do the up left down right using the d pad not the analog stick).now walk up to it and keep pressing x until you have at least $400,000.

when you are building the house do three huge rooms the front and at the back do another two large-ish rooms and a medium room. the large-ish rooms are for female bathrooms and male bathrooms, and the medium room is your living room. with the other three rooms the room on the left is gonna be like a restaurant, the middle is gonna be full of beds with a TV at the back, and on the right hand side, split it into two parts. one part with kennels and cat/dog toys, and the other part will be full of food bowls. in the restaurant put a friendship fence across the middle and on the side near rest the back of the room do a row of kitchen counters.on the back of the room you need a cooker, a fridge, a dishwasher , a bin, and a radio.on the front half you just need different sized tables and all the same chairs.

_ _
. !
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Make Hearts Fly of Food! 29%
Do this recipe:
1. llama
2. chicken
3. ostrich
4. lamb
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Money 29%
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Best Cheat Ever! 28%
This cheat allows you to do nearly anything and I use it non stop!

While on the neighbourhood view type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

once youve done that go onto your family and shift click on the newspaper it will allow you to get any job, job level and any career awards! shift click on the mailbox and theres a million other options now try shift clicking on your sim! it will have loads of options once again! click on tombstone of life and death and you can get you sim pregnent even with itself and if your a man ! then you can speed up your pregnency or even set your sims birthday ! you can also drag your mood bar, relationship bar, personalty bar and interests bar! you can also do other options with any item in the house! enjoy!
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Sim farts 26%
First you need to become best freind4s with another sim. Choose jokes then choose fart!
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The only cheats that actually work on ps2 25%
Why is it that the only cheats ive put in that actually work on my ps2 are
the gnome wich is L1, L1, R1, X, X, ^
the 10,000, and the advance 6 hours. the ones that say unlock city and promotion dont work. someone even came up with a cheat that can get you a rental car and that junk doesnt work for me. I need help! please. lol. am I not putting the codes in fast enough. or do they just not work?
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Fill all motives 25%
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Makes all bars go up for PC cheat 25%
Okay so put up the cheat bar which is [Ctrl Alt and then C]
But without the [] And so just press down those buttons
So a bar should come up right? Then type in maxmotives
and then you wont need the eat shower or anything untill the bars go down or unless you wanna do the basic stuff on the sims
And this is for the Sims 2 ---> And like nightlife, Pets and all Exspanion pack's
By Dannnniielleee G
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An Easier Way to Get Sims Married!!! 25%
First get their relationship points up to 90-100, Then go create a food that produces red hearts
(ex.strawberry,bannana,lime,cherry(for faster results put in blender)),Have one sim eat the food
then switch to the other sim and start using romantic options until "propose" appears then select propose,And "BAM!" their married.
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Need a good way to never run out of,vegies,fruits or fish again?try my way(not a cheat) 25%
I like to make the best foods, as a fully skilled cooking sim.But for that I need a lot of ingredients for every time ime starving.most of those ingredient I can only find in my
backyard.Ime gonna let you in on 2 of my bestest strategies that I have as a profecional cooking sim.First of all,my sim lives in the house alredy made in dogwood forest,it may be a little house of 2 rooms and a big living room,but it has exaclee wat you need(a huge backyard).In my back yard I have:4 tanks of fish of eack kind,8 fruit trees of each kind and 6
gardens of vegies of each kind.once you buy them you must water them every 2 days or they will dry up and youll have alot more work to do by re-planting them.

a realy good recipee I made up:

this recipee was made up by me,but johny e. kapahalab ( my sim ) cant stop sucking his fingers after eating a well made will satisfy your sim even more if your skill of coking is at 10 (youst like johny) well here you go and injoy:

*lamb , shark ,rye,dangel berrie.

this is better wen you make it as a group meal,especialee in will make 200 hunger if your skill is at 10.


johny kapahalab(sim) and MimikimeMaster (player)
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Hints 25%
You know that if you try to create 2 families on one memory it won't work but if you combine the two families on one game then you can make the other family move out but then you need to go to the Real Estate Office and move one person into a house in witch nobody lives then have that one person talk to a nother personin the family that got kicked out then have that person move in with you and keep going till all of the one family is moved in then you will have two families ine one memory card.
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Raining horses 25%
(d pad) up left up down cross triangle
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10K=up left down right R1 up left down right R1
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The real money cheat (it works i use it every day)!!!!!!! 25%
Most people think that its like triangle up down blah blah blah , but I know for a fact that the real cheat is, this is it, it really works to this is what you do: put in the cheat gnome cheat ( L1, L1, R1, X, X, UP) and then type in : UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, R1. then select the gnome (it will have advance 6 hrs on it that is good) dont click on anything when the cheat menu on the gnome pops up just exit out of it and type in : up, left ,down,right and R1 yes its the same cheat again but if you did it right then when you click on the gnome the 2nd time it should have give sim money so there it is it should work..... this cheat only works for PlayStation 2 enjoy expensive living!
By: Nate130(10)
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To Have a Sim Baby!!! 23%
To have a baby press: R2,L1,R3,L1,square,circle,triangle,left,down,left,down.But first get a gnome.Then,type in your cheat(up above)and click on your gnome and volia` you have a sim baby!
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Have a Meirkat 23%
1: select cat=Egyptian Mau
2: fur colour gold(4th top row)
3: fur marking colour darkish red(6th tpo row), mark 3rd bottom row
4: ears 3/3
Fur style, body type, tail, face & extra hair all fine!

pow you have a meirkat
By: Sean W
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Max all motives 22%
While in gameplay enter:

Hope it works for you!
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Max Motives 21%
Try this code for max motives:

X X square triangle square Down down left right right

*type it REAL fast, it wont work if u take your time.
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Leting pet live without sims 21%
Making pets live freely, you can control them, and make them walk around like the sims. You can walk to where ever you want to like into a forest, and meet stray dogs or stray cats. You can be friends with them or fall in love with them. Also you can find food anywhere you go, and other things that sims do, like keeping your hygine up, intertament, and sleeping.
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Live in a bum house but your pets stay 20%
W0t you do is you have your house your dog/dogs/cats etc and
u put a fence on one side of the house and the other side too.
now I know it doesnt go all the to the fence that you connect on
so0 w0ot yhuu do is put a long bush beside it and your pets cant get out.
And by the way delete to front door. =) =) =) =)
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Having a happy sim in everywhich way(hunger,fun,energy,etc.) 19%
1.Click Shift then ctrl and then c and at the top of your computer there will be a writing space
2. Type in max_motives and ya got it!
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THE TRUTH... 19%
The truth is.....sorry....

1) you cannot get married in the Sims 2 Pets for PS2, but you can propose.

2) you cannot be a werewolf in the Sims 2 Pets PS2 either.

3) you cannot have a toddler in the Sims 2 Pets for PS2.

Sorry, but I just wanted to let everyone who's confused know.

By: starbukks64(49)
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Ok like almost everyone I was scolling though the cheat websites and I came acrossed how to have a pet horse I WAS LIKE WOW I GOT IT U SHOULD 2 18%
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Pet Tiger 16%
I figured out how to get a baby tiger, get a cat, and pick the one to the left of the first one, its some kind of short hair. go overto fur color and jus change it to orange, and walla uve got urself a baby tiger
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The sims 2 cheat: UNLIMATED BABIES ps2 11%
Press [L]+[R] and triangle toghether when you are in the bedroom and 3 babies will come at a time!
keep pressing untill you have a max of 21 babies
you cannot sell or get rid of them so be careful of how many you pick
By: ellieo2132(4)
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Have Twins 8%
Do you want to have twins? Ok, this is for you Sim 2 lovers open cheat box (Shift, Control, C ) then type in -twinzr2cute- or -twinsr2cute- or force twins-

Good Luck Sims 2 Lovers
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Keeping you Sims happy without doin' anything 7%
Press: CTRL+Shift+C

And type down: maxmotives
As many times until you Sims Motives are full.

Then type in: motiveDecay off

and you motives should NEVER go down, only when you go places it will.
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Fill motive 4%
Enter the cheat or hints here! fill motive
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