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Family Guy Cheats for PS2
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Family Guy PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Family Guy

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Stewie's Ray Gun upgrades 84%
Description: Collect the amount of Components to unlock the listed weapon upgrade for Stewie's Ray Gun:

Ray Gun and Spread Shot Lvl 1 20 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Spread Shot Lvl 2 100 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 1 200 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 2 300 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Shock Wave Lvl 1 400 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 1 and Shock Wave Lvl 2 500 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 2 and Heat Seekers 600 Components
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Helen Keller level 83%
Do not move while in the Helen Keller level. If you touch her you will lose.
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Glitch In Spooner Street Soccer mission 81%
Description: After you finish the Porta Potty part in the Spooner Street Soccer mission as Peter, you will come upon an ice cream truck with 3 kids, 3 adults, and 2 cops. If you get killed by the cops during the auto save they will not show up again. You will be stuck and must start over because you have to kill all enemies to proceed.
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Hidden Components for Stewie's Ray Gun 81%
Location: When playing as Stewie in the Hospital level, there are hidden Components in pregnant women. It the room with the pregnant women you jump on their stomachs. First, a baby should fly out. Jump on her 3 or 4 times to get a Component for Stewie's Ray Gun. Do this with every pregnant woman found and even the ones that shoot missiles. Only one Component is in each woman.
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Getting past peters level 35%
You have to kill everyone but don't hurt jesus. Kill the police man and everyone that is in your way.Collect the food to get power ups.
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Stewie's Ray Gun upgrades (Family Guy) 35%
Ray Gun and Spread Shot Lvl 1 20 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Spread Shot Lvl 2 100 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 1 200 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 2 300 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Shock Wave Lvl 1 400 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 1 and Shock Wave Lvl 2 500 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 2 and Heat Seekers 600 Components
By: steveboi11(75)
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This isa funney cheat 32%
In the hospatil levl when stewie must go in and out of slots one of the slots has the gay guy who likes Chris.When you enter that slot it will be dark,but when you come out the gay guy will have exploeded and stewie will make comment.From mitchell Boessen.
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Unlimited health 30%
R2 L1 x x circle circle square down arrow key right arrow key L2 R1
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Patient Path 30%
In the hospital where stewie has to try to get out with the patients on the platforrms that go in and out of the boxes go to the bottom right and press the button, a clown will come, run inside the hole before the clown goes in,you will be in a black screen and you can see everything in the hospital, have fun!
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How to make sturie fly 30%
You have to get all yellow things and it will say you can fly
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Stay with full life throughout the hole game 25%
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Stay at full life 25%

no hints just use this cheat and never bloody die
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Penta potty 25%
The farting sound is singing mary had a little lamb.
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Unlock all levels 24%
While playing the game press Left, Circle, Triangle, R1, L1, Square
By: jesus3815(234)
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Jump high 23%
Nerse will throw the shoots at you jump and let the shoots hit with you in air
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Oll guns 17%
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Family 13%
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Family Guy 274173How do you get the files and get out of the dor at the police desks I keep getting caught Answers: 4
Family Guy 284245Is there a cheat that keeps brian invisible Answers: 4
Family Guy 469027How do I beat the Knight in level 20? I have pressed the sequence of buttons many times but can never passed it. Is there sometype of cheat I can use to get by him? Answers: 5
Family Guy 197941How do I defeat all of the louises in peters brain? Answers: 8
Family Guy 373559Can someone help me get out of the morgue please? Answers: 1
Family Guy 398637How do I get stewie past the liposuction part? I just cant seem to work my way around the room... Answers: 1
Family Guy 469199I have been trying to navigate the hazard, but with the strong current of the blood flow, I can't seem to jump on the blue side to jump on the spinter to open the brain. Please help.................................................. Answers: 1
Family Guy 768879Umm you know when peters a robot ninja and the black knight boss how do I kill him Answers: 0
Family Guy 789379How do you get past the lazors in the hostiple Answers: 1
Family Guy 234533How do you jump real high Answers: 3
Family Guy 237059How do I eliminate the zapping clown Answers: 2
Family Guy 492551When your in the dressing room at the 2nd room how do you pass the 2 ladies and get the 3rd tape Answers: 2
Family Guy 241059How do we get past the sene when im floting thru the blood vesles and there are thoes black holes and little things shooting at you just b4 you get into the brain? Answers: 4
Family Guy 314775How do you get past the dressing rooms.i tryed and tryed and tryed and tryed AND TTTTTTRRRRRRRYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD Answers: 3
Family Guy 315580At the racetrack how do you get past the 2 cops biocking one of the tikets I tryed craling under the post things I tryed CRALING PAST THEM AND I CAN'T GET PAST THEM.PLEASE HELP ME! Answers: 4
Family Guy 361803When I navigate the hazards to get into the brain how do I open the sphincter? Answers: 1
Family Guy 385371How do you open the door in the bathroom Answers: 1
Family Guy 371748Wen I get to the people on the beach with no special wot do I do Answers: 2
Family Guy 374059How do I get past the snake pit? Answers: 2
Family Guy 385454Is there any way to skip jolly farm review? Answers: 2
Family Guy 428999Whats the quickest and easiest way to get through THE DARK NGHT im compleatley stuck hes just not dying [peter} Answers: 4
Family Guy 429059How do you defeet giant bertram Answers: 1
Family Guy 444976Ok so we have gotten to the end of the part where Peter is in the Cheesie Charlies in the torture chamber. What do we do to get past the electric band members Answers: 2
Family Guy 445966When you get 2 evil cheesy charlies and it says defeat all enemies and you do what are you supposed to do after that Answers: 2
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