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Family Guy Cheats for Xbox
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Family Guy Xbox Cheats

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Family Guy

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Glitch in Spooner Street Soccer mission 98%
How to: You will see an ice cream truck with 3 kids, 3 adults, and 2 cops after you finish the Porta Potty part in the Spooner Street Soccer mission as Peter. If you get killed by the cops during the auto save they will not show up again. You will be stuck and must start over. You need to kill all enemies to proceed.
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Description: In musical toots with peter, the 1st one is xabaxxx,the 2nd one is xabaxxaaaxyy and the 3rd one is xabaxxxaaaxyyxabaxxx.
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Helen Keller level 96%
When you are in the Helen Keller level, do not move. If you touch her you will lose.
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Stewie's Ray Gun upgrades 96%
Description: Collect the listed amount of Components to unlock the listed weapon upgrade for Stewie's Ray Gun:
Ray Gun and Spread Shot Lvl 1 20 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Spread Shot Lvl 2 100 Components
Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 1 200 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1 and Plasma Artillery Lvl 2 300 Components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2 and Shock Wave Lvl 1 400 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 1 and Shock Wave Lvl 2 500 Components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 2 and Heat Seekers 600 Components
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Hidden Components in Hospital 96%
Location: When playing as Stewie in the Hospital level you will find hidden Components . When you find the rooms with the pregnant women, jump on their stomachs. The 1st time you do this a baby should fly out but if you jump on her again, nothing should come out. If you jump on her 3 to 4 times, a Component for Stewie's Ray Gun will fly out onto the floor. Do this with every pregnant woman in the level, even the ones who shoot missiles out of their stomachs. Only one Component is in each woman.
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Familiy guy 37%
This cheat code works on the first level get all the genrators for stewie then press= xbb white black yybbxx then you will see loies naked
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All levels 30%
Go to the main menu,go to options,highlight extras and Hold down LT and RT and press a,x,y
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Udtouchable 30%
You never die
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