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Gallop Racer 2006 Cheats for PS2
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Gallop Racer 2006 PS2 Cheats

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Gallop Racer 2006 Cheats

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Gallop Racer 2006

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Save Game Exploit 98%
Before entering in a G1 race, you can exploit the game by making a save and reloading if you lose, or saving if you win. Simple and old.
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Racing Timing and tips 60%
Okay, after analyzing this A LOT, I have finally got a theory on the timing of this game. Here's the info I got, furlong wise and horse type wise:

Frontrunner: Frontrunners are pretty easy to ride, if you get a good start. It's vital with this type of horse that you get the best start out of the gate as possible, especially if they have the gate rocket ability. After you come out of the gate, give them plenty of encouragement, as they will need to be in front. If your horse has abilities like Solo Runner or Frontrunner, get them in front and away from other horses asap! Okay, now for distance. If it's a long race, keep them slow and easy to save your speed. If it's a medium race, you might want to go a little bit faster, but not much. If it's a sprint, you should keep the pace fast, but not too fast. Keep your horse nice and steady until about 2.5 furlongs. Then, let em' rip! If all goes well, you'll leave the pack in the dust!

Proceeders: These are possibly the easiest of all they types to ride. You need to get a decent start out of the gate. Then, encourage your horse just a bit, so that they're away from the pack and within 4 horses at the most of the leader. You wanna keep these types of horses right on the frontrunner's tails. Then, at 3 furlongs, move them out so that there's no horse blocking their way. Then, at 2 furlongs, give it all you got! If all works well, your horse will fly past the leaders and under the wire.

Pack: Okay, here's where things tend to get a little tricky. You still want a moderate start for this type. Position here is the tricky part. Try to avoid getting boxed in by going wide until the horses start to settle into their own places. Then, get close to the outside horse of the pack, and stay there. DON'T GO NEAR THE RAIL! THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY THAT YOU WILL GET BOXED! That's every jockey's worst fear getting boxed in. Well, at about 3.5 furlongs, start moving your horse out to that they have a clear path in front of them. Then, at about 2.5, let them run! If all goes well, you will pass the pack and the leaders to win under the wire!

Back horses: These horses are nearly impossible to win with if they don't have some sort of ability like Last To First or Spurt. Anyways, here is the only place where you can get a bad start. Avoid getting an excellent start, because your goal here is to be in last place. Throughout most of the race, keep your horse in last, within 1 or 2 lengths of the next horse. Then, at 4 furlongs, start to move your horse wide. Even if there are no horses in front of you, keep going wide, as they will move out and then block your way. At 3 furlongs, get your horse to run as fast as they can. You should pass the pack and be within striking range of the leaders. You really have to get your horse to go fast to beat those solo runners and pacesetters who still have energy.

Hope this is a help to all of you out there!
By: Cloudtail4ever(104)
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Make your own horses, notin the gallop stallion place!! 50%
To create your own horses without breeding and paying for them, go to simulation mode. Go to horses. Choose normal or Special, whichever you prefer. Then, choose a low ranked horse, Like E or F. There, you can change the name, rank, speed, color, uniform, and just about everything on the horse! You can make it be the best horse ever! Or make it a famous horse, Like Secretariat, or Big Brown! And, the best part is, you can ride them in theme park mode! So you can make and ride Secretariat!
By: Cloudtail4ever(104)
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