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1701 A.D. Cheats for PC
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1701 A.D. PC Cheats

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1701 A.D.

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Cheat Codes (European version) 90%
Rename your warehouse to one of the following case-sensitive names to activate the listed cheat function:


100,000 goldBonanzaCreek
Warehouse filled with toolsLinlithgow
All (current) research completed when you build the correct buildingSiliconValley
Warehouse filled with all custom goods your people need to stay happyParadiseCity
Plant trees and other plants using the pipetteMariaDelTule
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Cheat codes for 1701 A.D. (US) 54%
Click on your warehouse and click on its given name and set it to one of these


BonanzaCreek 100,000 coins

Linlithgow 100 tools

SiliconValley All current tech

ParadiseCity Custom goods maximum

MariaDelTule Plant trees with Pipette
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Destroy 32%
Rename A Troop This And Ta Da! This Will Destroy Anything In A Second!
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Questions & Answers
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1701 A.D. 516976I just reach to the settler's level and I can select the clay pit from the buidling menu, but it won't let me place the building near the Clay area or anywhere else. Why? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 680892How do I get cattle to indian in senario 5 Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 357920How do you move from one island to another? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 847196Where do I enter the cheat codes at?! Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 888532How do you get peace with the pirates without an alliance Answers: 0
1701 A.D. 899419I renamed my warehouse with "BonanzaCreek" but dont effect. money are still low. dont change. no money. my version is Anno 1701 v 1.02 patch Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 910757“Not possible to edit city name” message appears when I try to edit warehouse name. I noticed the names of vehicles can be changed. How to cheat please help? Answers: 0
1701 A.D. 950591Scenario 9 stuck Answers: 0
1701 A.D. 962415Can I change my screen name and keep same island Answers: 0
1701 A.D. 239165How Can You Destroy Madam Nadasky? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 320729I have tried changing the warehouses name and it won't change. Is this only good for the UK version? Also how do you change the name of the town? Are these cheats good for any version? Do I need to update the patch for these to work or what? Thanks for any kind of assistance! Answers: 3
1701 A.D. 383737How can you move all your armies of the same type at once? Example, all howitzers 9wk Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 385643How do you kno if you have the european edition Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 486017How do you turn pioneers into settlers? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 110400How do you rename warehouses? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 74371How do you retrieve something tossed overboard? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 10552How do you open the console in the game? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 379951How do mine gold Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 384881How do you sell cows, hops, sheep ect. in this game? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 396283How do I build a clay pit? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 58589How do you display the console window? Answers: 1
1701 A.D. 186564I have looked and tried but it still won't let me rename the warehouse? How do you rename the warehouse? Answers: 2
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