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Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption Cheats for PC
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Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption
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Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption

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Easy Zann Consortium Galactic Conquest 89%
Description: First make a fleet of StarViper squadrons, and a ground force of purely assault squads. Capturing Kamino makes this cheaper. Now, create a black market on both Rebel and Empire planets. After creating a black market buy the Buzz Droid upgrade and the Disrupter Rifle upgrade to make your forces all powerful. Now, fight your way to Dathomir no matter what the cost. Capture any planets in your way and build palaces on all of them. By doing this you will get more credits and a higher population limit. Once at Dathomir make a Defiler and spread corruption on the planet. This will let you gain something extra on the battlefield. Destroy the space station and any spaceships after you corrupt the planet, then send your "hired muscle" to destroy all resistance. Once you have Dathomir, start making Nightsisters and a space station to protect the planet. After making about ten to twenty Nightsisters (depending on how much population and money you have), send your space fleet whatever planet is closest to Dantooine, unless you already control them. With Dantooine you can make Vonskors to hunt Jedi and Sith. You should have capital ships and such by now. Make a few capital ships and destroy the Rebels if you created the Aggressor class, and the Empire if you created the Mandalorian Capital Gunship. With your capital fleet, most planets will fall to you with no casualties on your side if you just auto-resolving each battle. Destroy each space force and then destroy the ground forces with your Nightsisters and assault squads. Once you have destroyed all but the last planet's resistance, make Vonskors to hunt down the Force users, because they will most likely all on one planet for a last stand.

If you play the Empire in Galactic Conquest or multi-player mode (most likely) with the opponent with the Death Star (II), Corrupt all their planets. Iin multi-player mode, look for the Death Star (II) on planets. Make sure you have the 38,000 credits to destroy it first then sabotage it so that the planets are still alive. When sabotaged it cannot be constructed again.
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Easy wins 86%
In space battles as the Empire, put an Interdictor
cruiser in the little box when organizing a fleet. By doing this
you can send in your forces to a battle and stop enemy ships from
escaping to hyperspace using only the Interdictor. When your opponent
attacks the lone Interdictor, hyperspace in your reinforcements
directly on top of them. Imperial Star Destroyers work best for
this and provide a big surprise to an enemy player.

As the Empire, get the Death Star and a Scout Squadron. Use the
Scout Squadron and use it on the opposing enemy's space station.
First, bring it on the map. then use the Star Destroyer's special
weapon on it. Sometimes the enemy (in Galactic Conquest mode)
will go to hyperspace.

When playing as the Empire and you want to destroy planets with
the Death Star (II), use a Probe Droid to scout the planet. If
there are is no space units, blow it up. *** It is recommended
that you blow up the planets with units or heroes on them.

When building your space fleet, mainly use the fighters that cost
about 250 credits. An entire fleet of them can wipe out space
stations very quickly.

Use the following trick to win easily in Galactic Conquest mode.
Play as the Empire. They have the best fleets and the best fleet
heroes. For example, Grand Admiral Thrwan has a special ability
that makes the guns on his ship fire twice as fast with 50% more
power. Darth Vader has an entire Super Star Destroyer. Build your
tech level until you can get the Death Star. Meanwhile, also build
your fleets. Make them up of Imperial Star Destroyers, not the
Victory Star Destroyers. Once you have the Death Star, combine
it and your fleets and go hunting. By this point your fleet should
be almost unstoppable. Use your Star Destroyers to remove anything
in your way while the Death Star moves into position. Once it
is there, you may use it to destroy the space station and end
the battle soon thereafter, or you could just use your fleets
to destroy everything. After the battle, ground combat is unnecessary
due to the Death Star in orbit. You may simply destroy the planet
and take control of the system immediately. This is a good strategy
for when you are either at the end of the game and you want to
end it quickly, or you just got the Death Star and you want to
quickly boost your unit cap. If you want to actually take planets
on the ground, never combine your space fleet with your ground
fleet. You can lose a lot of ground units if they are accidently
brought into a space battle, because their transports are little
more than target practice. For the Empire, tech until you can
build AT-ATs. Once you have a few of them on the ground it is
pretty easy. They have great firepower, massive amounts of health
and armor. What the AT-AT cannot handle itself, the Stormtroopers
that you can drop out of its belly can.

Use the following trick to win Galactic Conquest mode as the Empire. Go to "Galactic Conquest". Select "Equal Footing", then "Easy", then "Empire". Click "Advanced", then move the slider that controls the tech level. Move them to "5", then start. Make sure every planet has a mining facility. Click on Coruscant when you 15,000 credits. Build the Death Star. When it is 90% completed, click the Darth Vader symbol. When you 11,250 credits on Coruscant build the Executor. Then move the Acclamator and Victory Cruiser in the Coruscant fleet to the Death Star fleet. Build two Acclamators and a Interdictor. Move Admiral Piett or Thrawn into it and start conquering. *** Destroy capital ships or frigates that pose a threat to your Executor and use Booba Fett if possible to detect IG-88. He can destroy your super fleet and can protect against fighters. Also build at least level 2 space stations on all destroyed planets unless they are the capital ship producers (then make them levels 4 or 5).
lnela pbdtleye
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Winning space battles 84%
How to: You need to put an Interdictor cruiser in the little box when organizing a fleet when playing as the Empire in space battles. If you do this you can send in your forces to a battle & stop enemy ships from escaping to hyperspace by just using the Interdictor. After your opponent attacks the Interdictor, you need to hyperspace in your reinforcements directly on top of them. The best thing to use is the Imperial Star Destroyers. This will really surprise an enemy player. Good Luck!
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Planets destroyed by the Death Star (II) 84%
When planets are destroyed by the Death Star (II) their
ability (for example, T2-B tanks cost 20% less to build on all
planets) will not work.
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Zann Consortium 78%
How to: You need to corrupt,build a black market,enslave,or bribe on any planet you can. This will give you insight on the planets base and units,plus extra credits and will make the game much easier.
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Get multiple executer flag ships in single player. 60%
It is simple to get multiple executers I have had up to 7 vaders. First build the executer like normal. Then attack a enemy location with the executer and a second unit of your choosing. I suggest tie scouts. Lose the battle. this can be hard some things that help, attack large well guarded space stations, use the radar ping of the tie scout to bring the executer in on one side of the station, etc. After both the executer and the tie scout have been destroyed, you will here a retreat sound. The executer, even though destroyed will have retreated. and a extra one will now be on the hero line up in the top right corner of the screen. you can "order" them like this up to a few at a time. It is fun to bring several of them in nearly the exact location because it then looks like the executer is shooting 5 or 6 times as fast and spews 5 or 6 fighters every time you use the ability. Have fun crushing rebals.
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Easier Space battles with the Consortium 60%
You need at least a Consortium Level 3 space station. Press the "pause" button, click on the button that fires the base`s special weapon, then click on an enemy ship and then click on the base`s special weapon button again. Click on the "pause" button to continue the battle. Don`t click anywhere else until the base fires its special weapon. You should be still having the cursor with the Special weapon symbol, so click on an enemy ship again. The base`s special weapon will fire once more!
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Munny 49%
In multiplayer mod do shift+y to give your team more munny.o+shift for monny faster.
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Two best friends 43%
This hint is one of the coolest that I know. First you need a defiler then you need a droidica with shields that are upgraded to level 2 or higher. Then you through a bomb at the droid roll it eney where and hit the switch. If you upgraded the shields the driod will be intacked.
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Messenger 43%
You need to have a defiler then tyber zann bribe a squad of the enemy or use a droidica squad then throw a bombs on the whole squad or on a droidica a squad of droidicas might do the best so they wont get destroyed then go to a enemy or there base then blow the bomb up it will look like the droidica or squad was a messeger
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Yellow At-At 39%
I don't know if anyone knows this or if my computer is just broken, but if it does work, tell the people. anyway, you must be the empire. get the zann consortium to bribe an atat.
make sure you have the emporer and recorrupt the at at. It should turn yellow and will not take attomatic damage.
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How to make the star destorey 33%
Bulid a space station on kuat to lvl 5 then get lord vader then you have the super star destoryer
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Easy way to win space battles as the empire 32%
When you arethe empire, it is best to gather up at least 2 star destroyers, 3 victory class crusiers, 3 acclaimitors and 1 or more tie scouts or a strong fleet. when you do this you will have to get all the good ships and tie scout into the field. when you hav done this use the scouts to scout out the battlefield and have them be escorted by 2 units of tie fighters so they don't die when they come across enemy fighters. after when you've done this you will have to gather all your ships and rush them (attack with all ships at once). Also be careful of enemy bombers because they will try to take out your strongest ships first and then you will most probably lose. if you do this properly you should win the battle
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Easy wins for rebels in galactic conquest space battle 29%
Home one is hard to take down its sheilds are perfect you need that a huge fleet with a bomber squad to win any battle if your defending you only need two bomber and x-wing squads and hit the right spots for the big invading ships
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My personal stratagy for shielded places 25%
My pesonal stratagy would get many corrilian gunships for rebels or corrupt side ( if you can) and fly the fleet to an enemy fleet and shoot them down with missles....... unless the provent it then................... well atack with lazers or make the fleet have some back-ups ....... just in case like a few frigates or 2-5 capital ships!?!
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