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Call Of Duty 3 Cheats for PS2
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Call Of Duty 3 PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Call Of Duty 3

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

A FG42 scoped 73%
Location: An fg42 scoped can be found in the Island mission.
First clear out the barn. Now go to the house next to it. Kill the 2 nazis on the very top floor. An FG42 scoped will be leaning on the wall behind the boxes.
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Unlock all Levels and bonus content 72%
How to unlock: At the chapter selection screen, hold Select and press:
Right(2), Left(2), Square(2)
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1st level-hint 72%
In the 1st level, after you go over the wall & take out some Gemans including the ones in the building at the far left, throw a smoke bomb in front of the entrance of the building next to the one at the far left. Now wait for the smoke and follow whats left of the squad.
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Great Gun 71%
Location: The 2nd mission is called , The Island.

How to: There is a man under the 2nd bridge with a FG42 scoped. That gun will get more ammunition every time you kill sum1. The gun starts with 96 ammo remaining and you can kill about 150 (plus melee). When you finish the 2nd mission you will have the gun on the 3rd mission, but you must save the gun through the 3rd mission to get it in the fourth mission and so on.
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No struggle 70%
On the night drop mission, if you get to the house where the flak 98s are at you have to fight a germen when you 1st get in house through window. throw grenade and climb in the house before it explodes. the germen will die instantly.
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Night Drop Mission trick 70%
How to: Meet up with the French rebels. Now you can to go left to the Flak 88s or go to the right through the house. Go left to the guns and kill all the Nazis around the gun and in the ditch leading to the next gun. After this blow up the 88 and move on to the rest of the guns. After blowing up all the guns you will be at the house you would have if you went right. Go in the house. There will be a Nazi standing in there waiting for you. Defeat him and kill all the enemies in the house. Fall through the burning floor and you will see your allies there waiting for you.
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Mp40 scoped 69%
In the last lavel right when you begin go to the left & there will be a house go inside and you will find a mp40 scoped assualt rifle!
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The mace 64%
After the guy on the machine gun dies and they talk choose to go right and you can get the fg scoped
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Good gun and ammo on 64%
On mission 9 laison river you start with lee Enfield scoped ! it has very little ammo but that can change throuout the mission some of your teammates will die. keep your lee enfield scoped and swap your other weapon for normal lee enfield this will give your leee enfield scoped lots of ammo. Then swap the ordinary weapon back and you got ammo for your lee enfield scoped.

Note: do not try to kill your teamates
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Unlock all stages 63%
Go to the chapter select menu and press hold the select button then press right right left left square square
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FG42 scoped on The Mace 63%
On The Mace after the Major talks to you go to the right and in a bunker you should see a gun up against the wall. It is a FG42 scoped and will help you kill germans.
By: leopardgeckokin(53)
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Scoped Kar98 55%
On The Island mission before you go into the trenches go to your right.Behind the last machine gunner will be an empty space, in it will be a Scoped Kar98.
By: rommelizer3(85)
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Lee Enfield Scoped 54%
To find the lee enfield scoped your dead the germans in the mission Fuel plant,the first mission in you use the Lee enfield,too lee enfield scoped in the bush. See the video: Cheat Video
Call Of Duty 3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Loads of kill on the last level 53%
On the last level when at the end where you have 2 blow up the armoured cars dont jump down out of the building stopat the bit whre you jump turn right and there is loads of sniper ammo get that then jump down and walk in2 the destroyed house and land loads of kills
By: joshkay(557)
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How to glitch ( crawl fast, slide around fast on your stomach ) 52%
Ok so I guess you might have seen player sliding around on thier stomachs as fast as if they were standing up and running. I got news for you. They were standing up and running, but their bodies were glitched. now once you get your body to glitch you can choose whitch position you want to be in. thats why you see players sliding around on thier feet or while they are squating. Some times however thier feet will be moving, I don't why or how they glitch and are squating or laying down and thier bodies are moving as they slide around, I guess it just happens sometimes. well here is how you do it.

press the x button to jump, and while you are in the air hold circle, this will make you lie down when you land, then the moment your feet touch the ground you will lie down, tap x three times and hold on the third this will stand you up and you will jump again, again while you are in the air hold circle. repeat these steps as quickly as you can. it help to watch your stamina meter as it will show you the exact moment you lie down after you jump. you want to tap x and hold as soon as you see the little white stamina meter version of yourself lie down and hold circle as soon as you are in the air.

you should only have to do this 2 or 3 times. jump lie down jump lie down or jump lie down jump lie down jump lie down . to make sure your lieng down after your glitched stand still then lay down then press x one time to stand up. NOTE! if you jump while glitched you will not be glitching ne more. falling off of stuff or squating or laying down will not stop you from gliching nore will pressing x to stand back up only if you jump, get in a vehicle or die, respon, swich teams. ANOTHER NOTE while you are glitched pple cant see you over walls, on your screen you will be standing up on thiers your laying down. HAVE FUN!
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Trench gun it level 3 52%
Before you blow up the first german supply warehouse go into the room near it. in it will be a trench gun with 15 rounds.
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Aiming master:how to get awesome aim 51%
When you are needing your gun to stop moving when your close-up aiming is in 3 steps. 1:turn on close-up aim. 2:move aimer thing on target. 3:hold L3 and then shoot. Hope it works its called "hold breath".
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Sniper ammo 49%
When you have a lee enfield scoped switch your secondary weapon for a lee enfield and switch it back you will get loads of ammo this works with all sniper rifles apart from the springfield 03
By: joshkay(557)
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Kar98K Scoped 49%
In the mission called, The Island, you can find a Kar 98K Scoped. After going through the homes and out into the field, you will get hit real quick and breath heavily. A tank will try and gun you down to. I think you know what I'm talking about. Before entering the bunkers, you will go right and kill three people before you go into the bunker and the MG42 noise slows down. Go left before that right hand turn and you will find a side bunker. Your squad doesn't follow you into the bunker. Three people will be here. 2 on MG42's and one other one in the bunker. Kill the three Germans and keep walking in the bunker. Turn left real quick and in this little space will be a Scoped Kar98K.
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Wise actions 49%
Never melee with five or six germens cause unless you teammates are close you are a goner and for long range targets always use a rifle
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Call of Duty 3 Sniper hints 48%
For the FG42 scoped and The Kar98k scoped to get ammo for them you have to pick up a gun of the same type.
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Getting the guns from your allies 47%
-if you want a weapon from your friends, you have to shoot them, how?
it's very easy!, you just have to point them with the iron sights but you'll have to do it pretty far away, then shoot them, it's more easier if you shoot them in the head.
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Want team weapon? 47%
Go Up To SECONDARY TEAMMATE (teammate who can be killed by jerries) rifle butt him on head a few times and boom he's dead pick up weapon (riflebutt=R3, Pickup weapon=square)
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Blow up tank with granade 46%
In the chambois level in the 2nd checkpoint get close to the tiger and crawl under it, oh make sure it stopped moving or else you will die, then throw a granade so the granade is at the end of the tank then run like hell.
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Scoped kar98 2 46%
On the island mission go left when you start off and behind the last machine gunner there will be a scoped kar 98.
By: rommelizer3(85)
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Save it. 46%
Save your ammo by just shooting the nazi head, if you are a pro.
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Panzerschreck 45%
On the level falaise road while your in the wherehouse and the panzer brakes through the brick wall there will be a panzerschrek to blow up the panzer tank.
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Never run out of bullets 43%
Hold r1 + circle 3x than press x
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Hiden mg,two smoke grenades and boozka on the last level chaibos 42%
On the last level at the last bit there are two big guns,the left gun there is a open door behide the gun,inside there is two smoke grenades and a boozka, upstairs there is a allied man standing next to a mg on the window but your squad will be inside so the germans will go up the stairs behide you so watchout Connor Chapman
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Ulimted snipeing on the last level until you run out of ammo 42%
On the last level where you your suposed to snipe the moter crew kill the motor crew close't to were the trucks come in and go to the raling near the stars dont go on top of stairs scoot to the to the wall and you will see a window. kill the last too motor crew at the window. get yoour springfeild and ejoy. sorry if you donen't work for you.
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Unlimted ammo 41%
Press square square triangle circle x x R1 R2 L2 then it will ask you for what weapon select first weapon as it doesnt work on second
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Airplane 41%
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All enemies dead 41%
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Call of duty 3 40%
In the allies guns section hold select right ,left square,O for an M16 assult rifle (for the ps2)
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All wepons 40%
Xx up down
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Get a jet pack 40%
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Scope on all guns 39%
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Smoke grenades and scope on guns 39%
Get smoke Grenades
whiles playing the game, press R1, circle, R2, L2, square.
to get the skoke grenades

Scope on all guns
You can use your binoculars as scope by using the centre of them as sight.
Caution: If the object your're shooting is not in the middle you'll not hit the target.
By: kwasia(1357)
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Cheats 39%
At the icon on the dextop,click RMB/properties,then in a PATHthere will be writen the directory of the game.
...exe. to activate the cheats,add a line -CHEATS,so it looks like this:(for example)
"C:\Game Files\Publisher\Game.exe." -CHEATS

in order to make cheats working,put ,,-CHEATS`` O U T of quotes
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Call of duty 3 39%
To get a M16 assult on call of duty 3 go to the allies guns hold select and press these buttens right,right,square,O this only for the PS2
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Head down. 39%
Keep your head down, if you are a pro.
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You never die 38%
R2,l2,r2,l1,o,o,o,o,r2, l1
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Guzzo 38%
When you go to save guzzo in the last level throw three smoke gernades one close to you 1 half way to guzzo and 1 on guzzo then run to guzzo and wate for sarg to get guzzo then go to the rally point and you will get no damage
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Call of duty 3 38%
Infinte Health circle2,right1,sqare5
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You are 10ft long 38%
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Shoot while driving 38%
On the hostage level on the first bit your in the jeep on the gun shoot the gun and when you drive you can shoot it mite not work on some people.
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Kar88 with scope 38%
On chapter the island there will be a little stone base and look around the corner and there will a enemy with a scoped kar88 kill him and then press square and hold it down and that will pick it up.
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Fly 36%
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Regain health 36%
If you get shot at the screen will go red just hide for a bit and you wil regain your health back
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Last level detryoed the tank 36%
Once you enter the pitch where the german headed toward your area, you be give a objective that say destroyed the tank by any meanin. On the right side you see a door, use your smoke grenades you should see a bazooka.
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Unlimited grenade 35%
Use all of your grenades and then press Triangle, Square, Circle and X all at the same time. Then left twice. You will have as many grenade bombs as you like.
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The mace hint 34%
When your through the enamies line duck at all time because theres fast fire tanks
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Unlimited ammo and health 33%
When in a mission or playing pause and hold select and click r1 square circle and triangle
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Call of duty 3 ps2 cheats 33%
Begin the game with a new profile (you,ve got to delete your old profile first.) rename the profil: "doggy", and you will have a completed game, and you can play the game from the first with a godmode (invincibility).
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Realod 33%
Always realod to stay alive
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Starwars123456 33%
On the first level when prv.guzzo lifts you up through the wall go through the right and then you will kill most of the enemies from that location.
By: starwars123456(220)
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How to get more ammo on lee enfield scoped 33%
On laison river some of your teammates will die then swap sten to lee enfield and more of your teammates will die collect all the ammo then here you have it more ammo for lee enfield scoped WARNING: if you like sniping then this is only for sniper!
By: Ps2fan78(93)
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Never run out of ammo 29%
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Infinite Health 29%
Just Press O(3)
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German secret 29%
Use up your m1 grand bullets pick up a mp44 shoot a couple of germans and get there ammo use your thompson and find a kar15
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More Trench Gun Ammo on "Hostage!" 29%
As you probably know, on the eleventh level, Hostage you run out of ammo in your trench gun pretty quickly. Well when you save one of the maquis fighters, not Maj. Ingram you could find a trench gun. Of the threetMaquis you save, the one where the trench gun is here is a garage across the way and it has a room that is on fire. Also, it is usually the one you go to last. In that room with the fire, you will notice a gun mounted up against a wall. Jump on the little coffee table, so you don't get burnt by the fire. Then jump to the gun and get out of the fire. You might get nipped real quick, but don't worry.
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Unlimited ammo 29%
Use r1, r2,l1,l2 then grab the first gun that you see on the floor and you will get unlimited ammo
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Fly away 29%
Press x x o triangle triangle x x square and jump and you will fly
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Head shots 26%
Head shots kill quicker
By: joshkay(557)
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Freindly fire 25%
Make sure not to shoot your freind or you will repeat game to your last checkpoint
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Slide on foor 24%
L1 R2 L1 R2
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Auto Matic Beat the Game 24%
At the chapter selection screen, hold plus and then press right,right,left,left,2,2 to unlock all levels and bonus content.
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Flying radio 23%
Well,if you want to see a radio fly,then...go to the level "the forest" and, you know when sargent dixon kickes down the door after you blow up the supply bunkers? if you do,go in there,and after that guy runs, you go in the other room you have to go next, and, you know that desk to the left? that is wair the radio is. it is righ infrount of that cornor to the right,and then, shoot the radio towards the conor that the radio is infrount of. (if this doesnot work,comment.)
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Jason's chetcoods 12%
Invansubaluty                                      9907

shotcuns                                             8872

oneshat onekell                                   3342

airforce                                               11234
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