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Call Of Duty 3 Cheats for Xbox
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Call Of Duty 3 Xbox Cheats

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Call Of Duty 3

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Easy completion of Night Drop mission 84%
How to: You have a choice when you meet the French rebels on which way to go. Go left to the guns, then kill all the Nazis around the gun and in the ditch leading to the next gun. Continue and blow up the Flak 88 and move on to the rest of the guns. After you blow up all the guns you will reach the house you would have if you went right. When you go in the house you must defeat a Nazi that is standing there waiting for you. Kill all the enemies in the house and fall through the burning floor. You will see your allies there waiting for you.
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Level select and bonus content 79%
How to unlock: At the chapter selection screen, hold Back and press
Right(2), Left(2), X(2) to unlock all levels and bonus content.
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Good gun in The Island mission - scoped FG42 79%
How to: There is a man under the 2nd bridge with a scoped FG42 in the 2nd mission, "The Island". That gun will get more ammunition every time you kill sum1. The gun starts with 96 ammo remaining and you can kill about 150 people with it (not including melee). After completing that mission you will have the gun on the 3rd mission, but you must save the gun through the 3rd mission to get it in the fourth mission and so on.
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Get in the truck in The Island 44%
When you see the truck go in the back jump 2 times and your in the truck
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Tank 33%
Up Up left right
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Infinite ammo 31%
While playing, pres a,x,y,y,b,a,x then you should have infinite ammo
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Infinite health 24%
During game play, press right, left, up, b, left x.
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Call Of Duty 3 222688The mortar question with the barricade was already answered. I got the right angle first time by aiming up the hill and then down, but now I can't seem to get it, the mortars just keep hitting behind the trucks, is there a way to aim up or down with the mortar ? Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 474353How do I blow up the 2nd Panzer Tank ....i keep getting killed before I can reach it....!? Answers: 2
Call Of Duty 3 694984Why is it rated t for teen Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 568271How do I check my level on call of duty 3 Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 590805How do I get past the motar part in cod3? Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 619179How to kill the guy behind door in level 1 Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 629774In call of duty 3 how do you get to the Maqis Courtyard Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 647761How do you beat level 5 Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 684638When ever I try to join a game (Ranked or Player) it brings me back to the main menu. Do you have any advice Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 693943How do you pass level 5 Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 780512Howdo I get to vineyard where major ingram is being held Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 800176I got to the part where you shoot the mortar at the trucks but whenever I hit the closest truck nothing happens! What do I do!? Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 816198How do you keep your rank in multi player mode in one battle I have 3 on the rank thing in the next I have 1 again Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 798309How do you blow up tanks Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 826542How do I get the panzershreck to destroy the panzer Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 893226How do I do split sceen Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 909271In mw3 how do you get the remote mortar strike? Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 918256Having trouble capturin Volk b4 he gets in the car I have to climb a ladder and godown halls and round corners and only get about 20 secs to do so any suggestions? Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 935114Do you go in a buncker Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 956596Can you drive germen half track in multiplayer Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 998804How do you use the binoculars (Xbox 360) Answers: 0
Call Of Duty 3 65914When you are looking for the Marquis Soldier in the house, you can see somebody behind a closed door upstairs in the house (presuming he is the Marquis Soldier I am looking for) but I dont know how to get to him!! Answers: 4
Call Of Duty 3 173792My friend told me you cat get a pistiol how? Answers: 1
Call Of Duty 3 128692Ok when you are in that house and all of the nazies are throwing grenades at you!!how do u destroy the ceiling?? I cant figure it out........ Answers: 1
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