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Project IGI Cheats for PC
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Project IGI PC Cheats

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Project IGI

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unimitedammo 58%
1.) Go to your mail file of project igi
2.) Right click on igi application
3.) Select send to- Desktop
4.) The shortcut will created on desktop
5.) Right click on this and select properties
6.) On target box Do not erase anything just click it and press spacebar and type unlimitedammo
7.) Click on apply
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Cheat Codes (demo version) 52%
From MAIN MENU, type "nada" to enable cheat mode. Then while playing a game, enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function:
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God mode for player and team - allgod
Infinite ammunition - allammo
Easy mode - easy
Kill enemies - ewww
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Easy Mode :easy
God Mode for Player and Team : allgod
Kill Enemies : ewww
Unlimited Ammo :allammo
All Weapons :hutid
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Cheatcoads 50%
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How to easily cross out the "DEFEND PRIBOI" misson in igi. 50%
U no that the 1st part is very easy
but when the trucks laded with enemies and the dangerous tank enter the mission starts.
the easy way is to remain in a hidden area like the houses and after finishing the enemies just have the LAW 80 and blow the tank.
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To get rid of grenades 48%
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Unlimitedd health 46%
Go to main menu and press ctrl+shift+f12
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Some cheats 45%
Type pad while playing the game this will give all kind of weapons
press f11 and f12 and getunlimited healthand unlimited ammo.
type pioneer for speed. type roadrage for cars to fall while playing
be invisble by typing allinvisible
To enable cheats, type 'Nada' at the Main Menu.
God mode for player and team - allgod
Infinite ammunition - allammo
Easy mode - easy
Kill enemies - ewww
By: poketrainer(408)
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Wooden walls arent strong 43%
Wooden walls are not enough to protect you from grenades.... I found this out the hard way.
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Amma 42%
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