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Killzone: Liberation Cheats for PSP
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Killzone: Liberation PSP Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
Killzone: Liberation Cheats

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Killzone: Liberation

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Taking out enemy's radio 86%
To take out enemy radios, sneak up from behind them and hold R. While holding R and L then shoot. This will take out the enemy radio to stop them from calling their friends for help. So it is just you and him now.
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Cobar Hints 83%
Description: The 1st thing you need to do is run & grab the missile launcher. It is in the supply depot (bottom left). Hide behind the concrete block next to the depot & throw grenades at the machine gun. If you want to lock on to one weapon at a time, hold L + R while you fire or throw grenades. This will let you lock on to his missile launchers. It will cause the most damage to them. After you do enough damage with the grenades, he will turn his missile launchers so you can see the holes. Lock onto them and shoot the left one first. Fire 2 rockets as fast as you can and do not miss. If you do miss you need to restart. When the 2 rockets hit the left missile launcher,run around some. Be sure to reload after the 1st 2 shots. While he is shooting rockets at you, shoot 2 shots at his right missile launcher. Do this from the small cement block on the right or the tall cement pillar. These will not break down from damage. Just make sure you destroy the 2nd missile launcher. Stay behind one of the cement barriers and he shouldn't't be able to hit you. Grab the sniper rifle or the crossbow if you have over 10 shots left. Go to the left supply depot to the cement barrier. Hold L + R, and hide behind the barrier. Try to destroy the mine thrower on the top of the machine or the machine gun that is shooting at you. Shoot at him when he is reloading and hide when he shoots at you. As soon as you see the Spider Mines climbing out, run to the supply depot & get the assault rifle and quickly lock on to the Spider Mines. There is usually 5 at a time. You need to kill them while they are close to the Boss or they may blow up close to you. If they are about to explode near you just tap L(2) & you will roll out of the way. Before more come out,try to kill the Spider Mine hatch. After you kill the left side,run to the other side. More Spider Mines will also come out of there. Do this again then kill off this side as well. Return to the left cement barrier and refill any life that you may have lost. Be sure you get directly behind the barrier if you are hiding from the machine gun. If you are hiding from the mine thrower, get to the back right corner of the barrier, but close to it. Be sure & avoid the explosions or bullets. Shoot between his shots & take out the rest of the guns.
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General Metrac 79%
How to unlock: Win the game in campaign mode on all difficulties, and get gold medals on all challenge games.
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Cobar 78%
How to unlock: Beat Hard mode.
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Easy kills 72%
Wat till they reload then flank em if your really close hit em they stop realoeading then shoot em.
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Ability List 72%
How to unlock: If you want to unlock the listed ability you need to get the listed number of points by completing challenges. , You need to press Square at the weapon selection screen to choose an ability.

Carry 3 grenades 20 points
Carry 3 syringes 60 points
Placement C4 twice as fast 100 points
Carry 3 smoke grenades 140 points
Trip mines disarmed twice as fast 180 points
Carry 4 pressure mines 220 points
Close combat damage doubled 260 points
50% more health 300 points
Your partner has 50% more health 340 points
Infinite ammunition 480 points
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Killzone cheat 67%
Boomer never die mode: double tap l triple tap triangle and boomer burst
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Tackle mode 65%
Throw a smoke bomb to an enemy, get closer to him, and he cant shoot you, so all you can do is to find him and wait that you can see a fist icon rapidly press X . (great if you are out of ammo.
By: expertgamer(188)
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Shoot a spider mine (dont be to close) near a soldier nd it will attack him
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Metrac easy kill 63%
This cheat is easier if you have the unlimited ammo bonus and is really only usefull to get the bonus content from playing the game in hard mode!

start the level off with the crossbow and whenever the final battle comes DONT change it...

When you fire a crossbow bolt at metrac and it hits he will simply roll away and shake the bolt off so you might think that the final battle with a crossbow would be a bad idea but if you had noticed...when you hit him and he rolls he isnt shooting at you!

so all you have to do is fire off shot after shot after shot at him and you will lower his hitpoints in two ways...

1. The amount of health taken off when you hit him with the bolt

2. The vast amount of bolts that DONT hit him will explode near him and take off health

this is mainly good because you will be hitting him so much that he wont be able to fire at you as often as he normally would.

*the last part of the structure he runs to with the MG gun is harder because you have to destroy the generators but when you get him off the big gun he will be just as easy to kill
By: twoguntex(53)
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The easiest challenge 63%
The challenge of chapter 5 "Defend the base"

is the easiest cuz' your buddy is luger with her crossbow.
By: expertgamer(188)
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Robotic Mounted Gun...... GET WILD!!! 59%
Take out that Robotic mounted gun's Sensor by object lock it and shoot, and look at it going wild and shoots everywhere.
By: expertgamer(188)
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Snipers tower 59%
Destroy his tower by object lock it then shoot and watch him fly away.
By: expertgamer(188)
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When a soldier has a rao on his back press l hold then fire and he will go into flames
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Have 2 buddys 57%
Shoot rico on a new threat then run to the grunt way at the back of the stage and then should stop so will the grunt {this will happen to all stages leaving cheat on
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Important Tips 56%
No one wants it so it may be better here

1. Helghast scouts = Destroy it by object lock then shoot and he will be electtricified and die.
2. Robotic Mounted gun = Object lock and take out its sensor and watch the fun if their are helghast soldiers around.
3. Mines = you can destroy the mine by throwing a grenade at it.
4. Trip mines = you can destroy it by object lock then Shoot.
5. Dogs = Dont ever EVER try to punch the dog, or your gonna get bitten if your not fast.
6. Kung fu = if your out of ammo punch them, if they fall down..HIDE, when he get up run behind him and punch him again until he died. if he dont fall down, crouch because he will punch you then get up again and punch him again till he died.
7. Instant kill = When you have a close range gun...face him face-to-face..wait for him to shoot then tap L 2 times to him and shoot.

Access MATRIX = have a Buddy (Rico, Luger, or General Stratson). make him/her shoot an enemy then press up again while hiding. Watch the killzone Matrix.
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Crossbow Tip 50%
If you get hit by a crossbow do the dodge roll (tap L 2 times) then the bolt is shaken away.
Reallt try it.
By: expertgamer(188)
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Madevile 50%
Try to kill spider mines with rocket it so easy to kill it
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Hints Chapter 5 Tank Battle 43%
Chapter 5 Tank Battle

When you get to the bombed highway use the machine gun to kill all the foot soldiers and as soon as you hear them say "send in heavy armour" run as fast as you can and get the remote detonator mines from the ammo box on the right and plant them on the right of the line with the car hanging dangerously off the edge of the road.

when the tank comes through detonate it.

this will take a chunk off its health and make the final battle easier.
By: twoguntex(53)
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Big damage 43%
If you have a shotgun try to get closer if ter is a nohter halghast try to find his weaknis like the graneter has a low live or sniper is always up if you come closer is the big damege done
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When fighting cobar in his tank grab a missile launcher in the right side supply box
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Final Box of Vektan in Chapter 5 Tank level 41%
Have you downloaded chapter five and found it impossible to get the last box of vektan

well at the last Tank battle with Rico all you have to do is run south and go to the cates in the other building! but its easier said than done as you can only do it when the tank is firing at you and not when the foot soldiers are attacking and when you get there you will be poorly equiped to take on the tank as the ammo box only supplys gass grenades a small amount of frag grenades a remote detonator bomb 1 health and a machine gun.

hard task but it can be done -)
By: twoguntex(53)
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Chapter 5 part 2, spidermine pipe 41%
At the part 2 when theres a part when you have to put a C4 to blow up the gate first destroy the pipe, to destroy the 3 pipes where svery 2 sec theirs a spidermine going out destroy the mine while its still near the pipe because it will destroy the pipe too and you can go on planting the C4.
By: expertgamer(188)
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God, jump and noclip. Hint Radio 39%
God:Press L,R
Jump: Press L
Noclip:Press R To on\off

Hint to radio: Complete Chapter 1/3
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Unlimited Helghast 38%
Chapter 5 part 3

destroy the manholes but dont destry the other one where theres a road behind it. put your buddy near to it and also you there will be always a helghast climbing to get out and kill you so..... you can destroy the manhole or kill the helghast , but destroying the manhole will stop the unlimited helghast so just kill the helghast and 2second there will be another on and so on and so forth but remember check you ammo if you dont have the unlimited ammo ability.
By: expertgamer(188)
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When you do those challenge missions do enough to earn points to get things like more ammo or health
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Donwload the Chapter 5 with flame thrower and rocket launcher 38%
First at the main menu go to the downloads then first download the patch (your psp must be 3.93 version, to download the 3.93 version go to network updates) when you have downloaded the patch install it then exit when you go back to the main menu the download is flashing go to the downloads then you can now download the chapter 5 with a weapon of flame thrower and rocket launcher.
By: expertgamer(188)
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The chapter 3 assalt chalange 38%
Keep to the right of the AA gun
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Killzone liberation 38%
Tap l 2 times wen a helghast is shooting at you.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to defeat stratson fast! (chapter 5) 37%
Just die 20 times there will be a tank coming out get it
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Secret chapter 5 37%
To get this chaptergo online to its website and go to the e3 section to download this chapter
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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Cheats 35%
Infinite health
gode mode
infinite ammo rop 700 grenedas
By: don san(43)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Killzone liberation 32%
Unlock all the guns prees up down up down
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Dont get killed!!!!! 26%
When fighting cobar quickly take out the missile launcher in one of the supply boxes and hide under the cement blockades so u dont get shot
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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