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Drag Racer V3 Cheats for PC
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Super Cheat video 88%
This is a video for a cheat that gives lots of money, and unlocks everything.
Drag Racer V3 cheat video Cheat Video
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Awesome Yellow/Red:
Red: 5000
Green: 255
Blue: 50

Awesome Green/Yellow:
Red: 255
Green: 1055
Blue: (nothing)


RED: 567
GREEN: 208
BLUE: 50

For a wicked purple:
RED: 123
BLUE: 123


RED: 60
BLUE: (nothing) BUT if you want a dark grey make blue 60 as well

For girls: pink:
Red: 654
Green: 123
Blue: 987

Red: 000
Green: (nothing) BUT if you want black put 000 in green box/slot
Blue: 000

For that dark-aqua colour:
Red: 12
Green: 77
Blue: 77


RED: 1
BLUE: 50 (to adjust its darkness/brightness lower or higher the number in the blue box )
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Dark Blue hope this helps :) 75%
By: notyourtaco(19)
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Awesome Color Dark blue and purple 75%
By: notyourtaco(19)
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Win the game 72%
Fist go to start a new tuner game type unclepeanuts but do NOT copy and paste then hold enter then whilst holdin enter press easy you will start the game with a load of cash all tounery completed all cars unlocked so if your bord try it
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Cool combo colour 71%
5000=typed in red space
1e+15=typed in green space
50000000=typed in blue space

hope us like it :)
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Cool Colors 71%

On Red - 675
On Green - 142
On Blue - 345


On Red - 142
On Green - 345
On Blue - 675


On Red - 743
On Green - 54
On Blue - 123
By: CheatGenius0476(19)
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Dream 71%
Fist go to start a new tuner game type unclepeanuts but do NOT copy and paste then hold enter then whilst holdin enter press easy you will start the game with a load of cash all tounery completed all cars unlocked so if your bord try it
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Awsome yellow with red trim colour 69%
500 red,255 green and 500000 blue.(Note you have to click on the number to write the number)
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Tuner mode name 69%
On tuner mode your name should be excactly like this: unclepeanuts
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Yellowish greenish body paint 67%
Red-255 green-500 blue-50
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Car colour 67%
For an awesome blue colour type in this...
Red= 1

Hope it works
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Blue/grey 67%
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New colors 67%
This is an awsome color combo that I found, for red put in 10, for green put in 1e+15
and for blue put inn nan. do this for the body, bumpers and skirts, for the rims paint them black, for calipers red, and for the windows and neon red 75 blue 1e+15 and green 10000.
hope you enjoy this color scheme.
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How To Get A Good Upgraded Class C Vehicle In Tuner Mode...... 63%
To get a Class C car fully upgraded you must go to "ARCADE MODE."

~In ARCADE MODE you can buy the fastest car of each class, choose any you like. I chose the 'Nissan 240SX'. Once you have your car go buy a 'McLaren F1' to help aid you, ill explain later.

~Go to race on the menu. Click and drag the meters bar to the farthest meter eg."1500m". Then click and drag the difficulty bar till you see the words ricer appear. Now click Race...........Race with the McLaren car and win about 12 times, just enough to upgrade your Performance. Go to performance after your 12th win and add one point to each item so its even throughout. Now with the McLaren upgraded you can now race people for two points a race istead of one, so to do that go back to race and drag the meter bar as far as it can go and then o the same to the difficulty bar EXCEPT stop when it says "Pro Tuner".

~ Now race over and over till you get about 36 performance points(*keep checking how many you have by going to performance after a couple races*). Do all of this with the McLaren. Once you've gotten 36 or more performance points, head to your garage, drive you CLASS 'C' vehicle(whatever it may be), and go to performance then upgrade it completely till all items contain 3 performance points each.

~ Heres the hard part, take that car, and go to an easy race, so basically go in and race right away, dont change anything. When the race starts, you will see the crowd, if you roll your mouse over the crowd sitting in the bleachers nearest to the wall, the mouse will change from an arrow to a hand at some point(*meaning a clickable button is here*). Click that area of the crowd and "Wala!" there you have it, it takes you straight to "TUNER MODE" in the touney's section, all you have to do is click Garage and everything is still the same.

~THERES ONE BUG THOUGH, YOU MONEY IS UNDERFINED, SO LETS FIX THAT...........................If you save the game in the upper right hand corner and reload the page, or go back a page and re-select the game, when it loads up you can choose either "ARCADE MODE", "TURNER MODE", or "ONLINE MODE", WELL DONT CHOOSE ANY OF THOSE, AS A MATTER OF FACT LOOK DIRECTLY UNDER THOSE, THERE IS A CLICKABLE TEXT THAT SAY CONTINUE IN BIG LETTERS, CLICK IT NOW! and it will load your game and you should have all your info in the cars you had and also the word undefined should be gone now, MEANING YOU CAN NOW BUY UPGRADES FOR ANY OTHER CAR CAUSE NOW YOUR MONEY'S AT INFINITE, MWWWHHAHAHAHAH!

*Thank you very much, and have a good day. I also want you to know that I actually discovered this glitch or malfunction in the game about 4 years ago, so I didnt get it from anyone else, lol, see ya.

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Big money 63%
Heres what you do. first you need to get a car that has 1000+ hp and 10000+ torque and race the mclaren f1 and then you make the cr 60000 and he will accept and after 6-7 races you will be mad with money. :D
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Hint 63%
1>write (unclepeanuts) and buy Murcielago
2>buy engine (All Aluminum Flat-6 Twin Turbo)
3>buy all parts with name (SVA)
4>and the following in tuning


Boost I...........................
Air Intake ......................I
cam adjusment .....................I...........

Write By Sami
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Cheat mode 63%
Use "Unclepeanuts" as a user name for Tuner mode and you will get $5 million beginning cash and all tournaments completed.
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Super fast 63%
You buy the best nitro you can and when you want to race reapeativley hit the nos button {n} while shifting and gas youl go really fast........ just make sure u do break the engine by shifting to slow good luck!
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By: Akiraq(11)
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Unclepeanuts 63%
I have this cheat where you go into tuner mode and were it said enter name you type in unclepeanuts with no space or capitals and click on easy and instead of 50 grand you get 5 million dollars
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AA Play Drag Racer V3 Here on 62%
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Cool rim colors 62%
Click red and put 9999
click green and put nothing
click blue and put nothing
click green and put 9999
click red and put nothing
click blue and put nothing

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$$$$$$$Drag $$ Racer $$ V3 $$$$$$$ 61%
Put unclepeanuts as your user name then click easy it will give you $5000000
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Go fast 61%
If you want to go fast then you have to press nitrous at the start and release it when you shift gear do that each time
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Pitch PINK Paint Job! 60%
Once you buy a car, choose the paint option. When you are at the paint section in the garage, backspace red and set type in 5000. (You have to type it, because the lil bar doesn't go to 5000. However, if typed, it will go over the limit.) Then, set green to 26. And, last, but not least, backspace the number in the blue section and type 1080. You will then have a pitch PINK paint job. Enjoy the Pitch PINK paint job!
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Unlimited Nitrous 60%
If you want to have unlimited nitrous just follow these simple steps.

When you are racing just waste all your nitrous as soon as you can.
Once your nitrous is wasted just press the nitrous button and your nitrous will be unlimited!
By: CheatGenius0476(19)
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Cool Colors 60%

On Red - 675
On Green - 142
On Blue - 345


On Red - 142
On Green - 345
On Blue - 675


On Red - 743
On Green - 54
On Blue - 123
By: CheatGenius0476(19)
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SICK COLOR FOR ANY CAR! Dark and light blue 60%
By: notyourtaco(19)
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Midnight Purple Paint!!! 60%
Go To Paint and click on the numbers for the colour should be like this

Red: 70
Green: 0
Blue: 100

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Super speed and time halfer 60%
While the lights are counting down hold gas and nos buttons at the same time,and when the lights hit green tap the up gear 2(two) times.(must have the Subaru® Impreza WRX STI™ )
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Cool ass coloer hopes it helps 60%
Red 1234 green 4321 blue 2341
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The NOS cheat 59%
Unclepeanuts is nothing compared to continual free NOS, I went 408 mph with a mclaren F1. don't by a NOS kit and save the weight, before the light turns green start pressing "N" and don't stop till the race is over (you will NEED to modify the gear ratios, some times you have to go back and fix 6th a couple times before it actually works
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Best engine for any car (not available for most c class cars) 58%
Buy the all aluminum flat 6 turbo. it is under 25000 and has 700 starting hp,550 torque
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Actual colour of Bam Margera Lamborghini Murcielago 58%
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Fast maclarn (expert tuners only!) 58%
Type uncle peanuts and then go to engin buy all aluminom flat-6 twin turbo go to parts buy all sva tuning parts (NO INTERIER PARTS OR DECOR PARTS!) now you have a 2222 horsepower,555 mile per our car
By: you sooo cool(8)
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Midnight blue 57%
Red-60, Green-60, Blue-78
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Colors 57%
start green and blue at 1 then just start adding zero's to them. will get a few different color combos
By: orik23(5)
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Cool Color Paint Jobs BOYS GIRLS 57%
Pink and white blending
BODY:[red 255/green 219/blue 255]
Body kit:Front[red 255/green 219/blue255]
Side[red 255/green 219/blue 255]

Gold paint
[red 255/green 216/blue 0]

cool blue with black trim
put everything except rims and decal[red 1/ green 5/blue 1e+15]

glowing blue color
everything except windows[red 255/green500/blue2500]
By: KarmaSGE(6)
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Wicked colours!!!! 56%
For the most coolest colour ever, click on paint and at the bottom put into RED=40888
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Intence pinky red colour 56%
R: 600
G: 255
B: 300= (yes, an equal sign. I made a typo, but it made a really sweet colour)
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C Beats R (classes) 56%
Buy a sentra and get the engine 6-Cylinder 15° V 250 HP 200 TQ and buy a turbo and turbo upgrade (SVA Tuning).race the F50 stock with the distance 2000 Meters
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Extra Money 55%
Type in unclepeanuts as your user name and you get 50,0000 and all the tourneys are completed!
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Even better white paint job. 54%
In the red put: 052244 (yes the 0 must go in front) ,in the green 1000 and the blue put 1000
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Cheats 54%
Go to tuner mode then type in unclepeanuts as your user name... it will unlock every thing and give you 5million dollars. and this is not fake
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Lemon tinted car! 54%
1 set green at 1000
2 set red at 500
3 set blue at 255
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Cool look for any car! 54%
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Awsum blue and light blue 54%
Red 255 green 500 blue 2500
By: fluxx(9)
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Unlimited nos 54%
Have any car and buy a nos tank and reserve tank 1 fill up the nos tank and do a rag race use the nos in that race once it is used up keep on holding "N" then every other race you do just hold n as well and you will have unlimited nos
By: tackyboy(8)
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By: liam11(50)
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How to get 500,000 billy williams age9 53%
Go on tuner mode type in unclepeanuts and you can get all tornys complete and all type of cars.
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Wow colours 53%
On red put 1 and on green put 5 then on blue slide put 1e+15
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$5 000 000 in Tuner Mode 53%
$5 000 000 in Tuner Mode, select easy
go 2 tuner mode and enter unclepeanuts as your username (all in 1 word and no spaces)
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Infinity miles 52%
When in race screen type in distance as any letter and you will race forever
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Sunset car 52%
1 set red at 500
2 set green at 255
3 set blue at 25
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Mist blue car 52%
1 set blue at 1000
2 set green at 500
3 set red at 255
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Free mclaren!!!! 52%
Go to the tourney part and select the gt tourney and you will racing 20 races without oponent and you will win $40400 and a mclaren
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Easy 652 MPH car 50%
First buy a Ferrari® F50™ then what you want to do is get it the engine: All Aluminum flat-6 twin turbo then get all the performance parts (Impulse only!) then go to tuning the put the first tab at 0 the second tab a little further and so on but at number 6 you want to turn it all the way up and with just a little focus look at the screen and make sure it just barley moves and then you look at the analyzer and you will have a car that goes 652 MPH if you did it right but when your racing you MUST USE THE NOS GLITCH OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GO YOU FULL 652 SPEED!

This works for me all the time so it will work for you if you did it right my best time was 2.15 seconds please rate this decent.
By: CheaterBeater(24)
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How to get a Class R vehicle in TUNER MODE Quickley 50%
Ok check this out, if you read the other one I post about the "How To Get A Class C Vehicl In Tuner Mode....." then its basically the same thing, just read that and come back and read this

~Choose your Class R Car in ARCADE MODE, go race, and while racing roll your mouse over the crowd, but make sure you roll it around the crowd closest to the wall seperating the crowd from the race itself, you mouse will change from a arrow to a hand, meaning you can click, so click that area of the crowd, and you will then be transported immediately to TUNER MODE with your Class R car in your garage, and yes you can use it and races, but no you cant use it in the TOURNEYS until you unlock Class R Tourneys. SO I SUGGEST THAT YOU GET A CAR OF EACH CLASS BEFORE PERFORMING THIS GLITCHY THINGY, LOL!

*Thank you, and enjoy!

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Money and everything unlocked! 50%
First click "Tuner Mode". Enter "unclepeanuts" no caps. And there you have it 5 000 000 Dollars and everything unlocked. But you have to buy the stuff yourself.!
By: lololololol123(17)
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Cool glowing white paint job 50%
Enter 255 for red 500 for green amd 1000000 for blue
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Get 40400 cash and a Mclaren F1 50%
First of all get in a car

then go to tourneys and scroll across till you find GT international championships click on that and you do 20 races against no 1 this may take a while if your car is slow but easy way to get cash and fastest car in game
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How to make an almost identical version to bam margeras lamorghini mucielago:

First goto Paint in customization:
now you have to copy and paste these numbers into the boxes.

red: 140
green: 10
blue: 100
Do this for all parts of he car except rims, calipers, Window, Neons.
just the main body kits.

then head to the customize function again
select exterior.
6 to the left on the rims.
I know these are not the rims on the car but there my choice you can decide what you want.
Then goto edit and decide how low you want your car and the dimensions etc.

Submitted By: NsaneMetalHead
By: nsanemetalhead(9)
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Cool yellow color 50%
1) go to the garage
2) go to paint
3) at the bottom there are three boxes
4) click in the box with red numbers and put in 500
5) the box with the green and put in 255
6) and in the blue put in 2
it should be a yellow orange two tone.
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All tournements and 500000 cash and all cars 50%
Type in unclepeanuts as username and get wat is says on title =}
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Weird paint job 50%
1: red: 052244
2:green: 0
3: blue: 1000000000000000
By: tracey95(11)
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Lots of money 50%
First go to tuner mode and put down unclepeanuts as your name and you will get 50 million dallars!
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Cool windows 50%
Go to customize thenm click windowz for red typ 1234 then for blue type 12149029
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Completely white no details paint job!!! 50%
Go 2 paint and enter 1234 in red green and blue.... this is pretty kool!
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Cool colour 4 girls !! 50%
Red 500

green 56

blue 566756767777676
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How to get second hand cars with lots of money 50%
To get lots of money and cars first go to tuner button (lower button on arcade mode) and write 'unclepeanuts' then buy R class cars then go to store and buy a engine (buy the one that have full bar engine).Then go to parts and press Parts Source and buy DRacer GT and SLAM sound parts.If you done go to race and fight the McLaren F1 (if you buy McLaren F1 its ok) go to pink slip and write the number $20000.And if you win you have a McLaren F1 but its second hand if thats ok to you by Vince Cabisidan
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Car colours for a shelby mustang 50%
Here is my car colours

For Windows:
(I used the same for underglow and my interior)

For the bodykit, hood, spoiler, calipers and body

Rims and decal

Ryan P
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Colours for Mclaren F1 50%
Body = red 4 green 1e+15 blue 4
Front = red 1e+15 green 1 blue 1
Back = red 1e+15 green 1 blue 1
side = red 1e+15 green 1 blue 1
Rims = red 1 green 1e+15 blue 1e+15
Windows = red 95 green 562 blue 4568
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Cheat for money 50%
Make your name as unclepeanuts
By: huntsman2010(11)
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Beutiful green color!! 50%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Neon Blue! Hope it helps 50%
By: notyourtaco(19)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

By: notyourtaco(19)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sick Green Color 50%
By: notyourtaco(19)
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Glitch to see how fast your car is!!!! 50%
If you want to see how fast your car actual is go to race and pick the any car to race put the dificulty to hard and cange the 400 to 40--and towards the middle youl stop movin put the tires still spin and your still accelerating
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Military green 50%
Go to paint, click an the boxes and type this in...

red: 12
green: 77
blue: 7

this is a sweet color for any car! hope you like it!
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Sick Turquoise 50%
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Swords and sandles 2 50%
The (,,) cheat for swords and sandles 2 or for example shameless,, but delete the comer after or lag out
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Headstart 50%
First shift to three in a race then slowly shift to six then you will be going fast.
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Color tires 50%
Put tire treads as low as possible thin change color and look for rims
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Super speed mode 0-200kmh or mph in max 7 secs 49%
If using unmodified c class cars... when starting keep on and on pressing the nitro button "n" and dont let go space button. It will be like using nitro but you arent using... its a fair cheat :) >:c ) lets rockon! oh yea. a tip ( dont buy nitro ull hate it it just shakes your screen and just add speed like the cheat -.- ) tanks for seeing this xD.
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At turner mode type in the name unclepeanuts (not in capital letters)and you have 5 million bucks and all cars unlock.
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Unlimited track 47%
Where it says track distance,type in o "not 0" the letter o
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Here are some cartoon car options
-red=nothing green=nothing





there are a couple more but I dont feel like typing the rest
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Sweet purple car 47%
Have 500 for blue 255 for red and 2 for green
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Drag racer v3 pc 47%
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5,000,000 credits 45%
Type in as name unclepeanuts and you will 5000000 credits all the cars the engine upgrade and all of the tourneys won
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Great cheat get it!!! 45%
First go to tuner mode go easy and write: unclepeanuts get 5,000,00 all torments all cars unlocked sooooooooooo cool HAVE TO DO IT!
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After buying a car get it all it's parts(all vector parts)
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The best paint job for any car 45%
Red-2 yellow-2 blue-1000000000000000
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Light Blue Paint Job! 44%
Start up drag racer v3 and buy a car.After go to garage and go to paint job.Look at the bottom where the coloured bars are.Look underneath the bars take out the numbers in all the boxes.Take the numbers in each box.Leave the red box with nothing and type in 1000 in the green and blue boxes and look at your bright car.
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Hint for easy money 43%
Type you username as unclepeanuts on tuner mode as easy buy the saleen s7 do all the tuning as sva tuning keep doing pink slips with any car as long as you win it when you win loads of cars sell the and then you can easily buy a mclaren or a murcielago
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Money 43%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

AWESOME GOLD!!!!!!!! 43%
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Unlimited Nitrous 43%
If you want to have unlimited nitrous just follow these simple steps.

When you are racing just waste all your nitrous as soon as you can.
Once your nitrous is wasted just press the nitrous button and your nitrous will be unlimited!
By: CheatGenius0476(19)
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Drag Racer V3 516656What is the best engine for 's' class cars Answers: 3
Drag Racer V3 640801Have the different brands any influence? Fx. If I pick reddy for a supercharger and vector for cool air intake. That would be better than Tpr for superch. and reddy for air? would be nice with that feature :) Answers: 3
Drag Racer V3 510170How do you race different cars in race mode i'm still on lvl 2 Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 734199How do I sell my cars. and how can I switch cars in my garage to race them? Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 471091What is the best tunning and engin for bmw m5 Answers: 6
Drag Racer V3 507440Whats the best way to do up a volkswagen Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 553132How to make your car go faster Answers: 5
Drag Racer V3 542724What parts are best for saleen s7 sva tuning , impulse or dracer gt Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 566258How do you play to win Answers: 3
Drag Racer V3 722756What is the best s class car ? Answers: 3
Drag Racer V3 742019How do vehicles use nitrous to fo faster Answers: 3
Drag Racer V3 743629I pink slipped against a mcflaren f1 and I won so how do I go to my garage and get it? Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 771914Which is better S2000 or volkwagon jetta? Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 781260When I go to the garage it shows I don't have any cars but in the stats it shows I have 11...How is that and how do I find the cars? Answers: 2
Drag Racer V3 787800What are sva tuning parts Cos I have read it off of a cheat site it says Then buy all sva-tuning parts. Then, change oils and refill nitrous. Answers: 1
Drag Racer V3 788741How can I get sound Answers: 1
Drag Racer V3 790550How to get all parts on Drag Racer v3 Answers: 0
Drag Racer V3 791389What is the best gear ratio Answers: 0
Drag Racer V3 793072How to unlock nitrous kit tuner mode Answers: 0
Drag Racer V3 797182Can you change sound Answers: 0
Drag Racer V3 807184How do I switch between my cars ? Answers: 1
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