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Sonic The Hedgehog Cheats for PS3
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Sonic The Hedgehog PS3 Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
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Sonic The Hedgehog

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Free mode characters 91%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified character in Free mode:
Amy Rose Complete all Soleana mystery missions with an "S" rank.
Blaze the Cat Complete all Soleana mystery missions.
E-123 Omega Complete all GUN Commander missions with an "S" rank.
Knuckles the Echidna Complete all Town Stage missions with an "S" rank.
Miles "Tails" Prowler Complete all Town Stage missions.
Rouge the Bat Complete all GUN Commander missions.
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SUPER Fast Sonic 87%
Description: In Multiplayer mode in any level or match, equip the Red Gem on Sonic, activate it and hold it, then die. While still holding the activation button, wait until you respawn. When you respawn, deactivate the gem. You will now run much faster than normal and the time will automatically be slow. Kinda SUPER Fast now!
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Quicker way how to pass Rouge secton in Kingdom Valley as Shadow and get 2 Shadow 86%
Ok when your on Section 2 (Rouge part) DON'T go to Rouge and be her avoid Rouge go next to that black big castle door go to the left corner of the castle door and pause the game.
Resume the game and press X quickly then pause the game again if you done it right a bit of shadow's shoes will go of the ground resume the game again and press X quickly again if done correctly Shadow will go threw the wall and if you go right you will see a next Shadow and also this makes you get a S rank quicker!

PS:this move is kind of hard to perform but it will work when you get the hang of it!
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Shadow chaos spear 86%
In multi-player mode play as Shadow and when there are 2 switches use chaos spear at the 2nd switch and it should glow yellow as if someone were standing there. Then touch the other switch and the lasers should go away and you won't have to wait for the other person. I only know if it works on PS3, I don't know about Xbox.

Hope it helps!
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Shadow The Hedgehog 84%
How to unlock: Complete Crisis City with Sonic to unlock Shadow's episode.
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Silver The Hedgehog 84%
How to unlock: Complete the Silver The Hedgehog Boss battle with Sonic to unlock Silver's episode.
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Silver 81%
Description: Fight Silver with Sonic, 1st do a slide move into him as he is falling from the sky. Now, collect a ring and run around until you hear "How bout this?", then do a homing attack on him. Run away again until you hear "How bout this?" again. then do a homing attack again. Repeat this until he is defeated.
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The detour 80%
Omega's hovering sucks. but by tapping x you can hover as long as you want. Using this technique you can use omega to visit all sorts of places omega isn't supposed to go to.When you are exploring finish the game(only usable in wave ocean)
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Hint - Get a better rank with sonic. 78%
If You play with sonic in some stages you can use the red gem(red shoes) power to slow time as long as you want,use it the whole stage and you may get a better rank(if you dont waste your time).I tried it and I got from B rank to S.
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Free mode 78%
How to unlock: Get an "S" rank on all of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's levels, Bosses, and town missions to unlock Free mode.
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Last episode 78%
How to unlock: Complete Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's episode to unlock the Last episode.
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Completion bonuses 77%
How to unlock: Get a 100% completion for Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's episode to unlock the Audio and Theater room under the Extras menu.
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Win easily at 2 player aquatic base! 77%
When you beat the bubble part,beat some stuff and then when you're at the part where you hit switches to power-down the lasers,u don't have 2!See at the 1st switch,hit it,then DO NOT repeat:DO NOT go through,u should see the Goal ring,that laser,go to the far right of it all the way RIGHT,then there's a gap between the wall and the laser,.........GO THROUGH and you'll be at the Goal Ring.ITS SO AWESOME!


I hope it helped.
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How to defeat solaris's 2nd form 73%
This is a hard form to defeat so listen carfully,when solaris is shooting his laser be any hegehog and avoid the laser and counter attack,keep reapeting this and you will defeat solaris.WARING:some times when you attack solaris the attack might not work so be carefull.
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How to defeat Silver The Hedgehog 72%
First stay away from Silver and when he is about to throw something (he say how about this ) do a homing attack on him
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Quicker way how to pass the Final ball room as Silver in dusty Desert 71%
This move works on hard and normal mode im not sure of very hard yet but let me tell you first reach the final ball room go pass the ball hold R1 to use psychokinesis on those metal boxes that you can't break when you see that dusty big door on the right (make sure your still holding R1) realase R1 now heres the hard part STACK the metal boxes like this


then jump on the metal box at the top use psychokinesis on the top of the box make sure your head is actually going threw the wall at the top of the dusty big door keep on holding R1 if done correctly you will go threw the dusty big door automatically and you will get a S rank
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Time bounes 71%
Use the purple gem (buy from the shop for £14000) to skip places so if your stuck on flame core use the purple gem and you will most of the time get an s rank

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Defeat silver as sonic ! 69%
While sivers not levetating objects stay away from him.when silvers levetating objects use the slide attack or the homing attack or when silver says take this attack him quickly.repeat this and win!
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Sonic bouncing on water 68%
First choose multiplayer choose sonic and silver.first make sonic jump over silver when sonic is half way over use phycokenisis and throw him if sonc is not in a high altitude you done it and watch sonic bounce away.EXTRA HINT: you can do this glitch with shadow also and the glitch can only work in wave ocean.
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How to get inside buildings 68%
How to get inside buildings in the new city:if you have the sky gem go up to a building and look up at the building pull out the sky gem wait until its fully charged then let go and you will fly move above the building and you will fall into it.AWESOME HUH!

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Leavate on water as silver 66%
When your in kingdom valley jump DO NOT levate in midair when your near the water press square button if done correctly silver will bounce on the water
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3) 66%
When you are play 2 player at wave ocean when you're almost done with the level there are some lasers blocking you and you have to wait for sonic or silver if you're sonic just run then press square to slide under it

I hope that was helpful
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Awsome cheat 65%
In aquatic base when you have to jump on the plat forms near the end of the level with all of the lasers the switch is behind one (this is the episode with silver) just try to jump high enough then when your at your highest try to levatate over the laser then if you done it correctly you will be over the laser and then you can activate the switch!
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Spinning to death O_O 65%
In end of the world (knuckles part when your near that dark blue DON'T go in press X then square and you done it right!
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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1up on kigdom valley 65%
At the beginning of the level, wait for the eagle to come around the wooden boxes then home-attack his legs and let him get to ring pack and then home-attack it and home-attack the next one then home attack the 1-up.there you go.This hint is for PS3 and X-box.
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Going out the battle as Sonic 61%
When your VS Silver and you have the sky gem go backwards or forwards (if you only have the sky gem) then when you can't get out hold R1 (make sure your on the sky gem) point you left analog stick up (still holding R1) now heres the great part let go of R1 if done correctly you will be in the air point your analog stick up if you did it right you will be out of the arena and Silver can't get you! XD!
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Stop missiles 58%
With silver you can use hypnosis to stop incoming missiles
By: MADDEVIL1(2109)
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Defeat silver 57%
By pressing the L2 button to tornado silver
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Sonic in Silvers part of Kingdom Valley 56%
In kingdom valley part 2 in Sonic's story there is 2 ways of doing this glitch first I will tell you method 1 when your on part 2 silver part in Kingdom Valley when your of the eagle DON'T go near Silver instead use the sky gem or purple gem go across silver left not near him make it on the other platform and you done.
now method 2 this one is a bit harder to do than method 1 when the first eagle brings you into part 2 jump off it right at the starting and land on the ledge at the front of you jump on each ledge till you make it to silver.

have fun wit the glitch ^_^
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Sonic not rideing the whale in wave ocean 55%
When your in wave ocean as Sonic this move only work if you have the purple gem when you hit the 4 checkpoint jump activate the purple then keep on pressing X reapeatly do that until you see the whale now heres the easy part DO NOT go on the peak of the whale avoid that jump on the whale mouth or anywhere BUT NOT his peak and then sonic not rideing the whale!
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Defeat silver 55%
First slide kick him when he falls then when he says take this and holds the stuff do a homing attack do this repedeatly
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Levitating up using obsticals 53%
Find a box and hit R1 and hold it down and you will make the object levitate.
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Audio room 50%
Beat all the storylines to unlock it
By: MADDEVIL1(2109)
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How to get all super sonic,super shadow,and super silver 48%
Complete all of their episodes 100% and you get to play as then in the final story.

NOTE: No it is not impossible to get 100% because I didnt even do good in shadows mission in his final boss and I still got 100% ok? thats how I know.

hope that helps!
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How to unlock silver's episode 48%
To unlock silver's episode you must beat silver in sonic's episode
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The spring that gets to the hill that leads you to the whale but before that do not jump on the spring there is surface and on the surface there is a 1 up. And a sping to get you up. BUT ONLY WORKS AT WAVE OCEAN
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Defeat solris 47%
Frist swith to siver when you break solris arm then you swith to shadow break solris then you must swith sonic keep attcking
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How to unlock shadow's episode 46%
To unlock shadow's episode you have to beat crisis city in sonic's episode
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Super Sonic Super Shadow and Super Silver 45%
Get 100% on all character then last something will appear go on that do end of the world then you will be able to play as Super Sonic
Super Shadow and Super Silver
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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Defeat silver 45%
By pressing L1 to create a tornado to help sonic
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Upgrades 41%
Get enough rings so you can buy upgrades to help you in levels or to access new ones
By: MADDEVIL1(2109)
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Best cheat 40%
Turn supersonic by x x x x x triangle then again x
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Shadic the hedeghog 40%
To make shadic you must beat tag mode then go to battle mode ( you can go to any stage) then both die and tada you shadic it's more of a glitch
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Shadic the hedeghog 40%
To get shadic on the game yo have to go to two player mode on battle not tag go to any place and yo both dieat the same time then ta da yor shadic!
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Werid starting O_o 36%
A wave ocean when the game load finishes press X then X as fast as you can if done correctly sonic will be at the starting O_o

BTW:if you did not done it don't it right don't worry start over and press X then X as fast as you can
By: SuperSonic07(267)
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35 Trophies
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic Episode: Cleared Sonic Episode: Cleared
Clear Sonic Episode!
Sonic The Hedgehog - Shadow Episode: Cleared Shadow Episode: Cleared
Clear Shadow Episode!
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver Episode: Cleared Silver Episode: Cleared
Clear Silver Episode!
Sonic The Hedgehog - One to reach the end One to reach the end
End the last hidden story.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic Episode: Completed Sonic Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Sonic difficult level mission.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Shadow Episode: Completed Shadow Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Shadow difficult level mission.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver Episode: Completed Silver Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Silver difficult level mission.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Shadow Episode: Mastered Shadow Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic Episode: Mastered Sonic Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Sonic ACT Missions with Rank S.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver Episode: Mastered Silver Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Silver ACT Missions with Rank S.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Nights of Kronos Nights of Kronos
Unlock the complete ending to the last hidden story.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Legend of Soleanna Legend of Soleanna
Overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver Medalist Silver Medalist
When you collect all the Silver Medals scattered around Soleanna…
Sonic The Hedgehog - Gold Medalist Gold Medalist
When you collect all the Soleanna legendary Gold Medals…
Sonic The Hedgehog - Blue Phantom Blue Phantom
Super Sonic Obtain the all moves.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Ultimate Life Form Ultimate Life Form
Resurrect the ultimate power from the lost memory
Sonic The Hedgehog - Psychic Soldier Psychic Soldier
Obtain all the power to save the future world
Sonic The Hedgehog - Soleanna's Hero Soleanna's Hero
Solve all Soleannans' problems
Sonic The Hedgehog - Elite Agent Elite Agent
Complete all the tasks given as agent
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver The Liberator Silver The Liberator
Solve all the mystery in Soleanna
Sonic The Hedgehog - Soleanna's blue wind Soleanna's blue wind
Solve all the problems swiftly.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Dark Hero Dark Hero
Meet all the requests with magnificent skill.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Silver The Savior. Silver The Savior.
Reveal all the secrets with your ultimate power.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Fast Marble Fast Marble
Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Win Win
Beat the game.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Star Light Zone Star Light Zone
Get to the Star Light Zone.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone Labyrinth Zone
Get to the Labyrinth Zone.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Chaos Master Chaos Master
Get all the Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Spring Yard Zone Spring Yard Zone
Get to the Spring Yard Zone.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Fast Green Fast Green
Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Chaos Emerald Chaos Emerald
Get one Chaos Emerald.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Clear Green Clear Green
Clear the Green Hill Zone.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Centurion Centurion
Get 100 or more rings.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Perfect Win Perfect Win
Beat the game without dying.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Fast Win Fast Win
Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

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