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Stronghold Legends Cheats for PC
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Stronghold Legends PC Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

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Trainer 1.2 CH by: Caliber Aug 28,2007

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Stronghold Legends

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Untouchable AND Cheating 80%
If you were playing on a small area like the snake map, on Stronghold legends, you could easily make yourself untouchable! It would be nice if you were on the ice team. Now here's what you do. 1: Build tall towers on the side where your enemy is going to attack you. ( I don't recommend you do this on the missions or trails) Anyway, the tall towers is the impassable blockage, so nobody can hurt you on the GROUND, AIR UNITS can hurt you. The solution for air assaults, ice queen , crossbowmen, and archers. Another question is how am I going to get on the other side? Well, this where the ice units can help. Build 2 ice tunnels, one on your side and one on the other side where you can't get there. Only Air and ground units can pass through these,  no ICE Giants.  IF YOU PLAY RIGHT YOU CAN GET AN AWARD FOR KILLING 500 Units!          

Be Careful of Trebs and remember never build walls when doing this mission!
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Helping your ally 80%
Once your up and running, you should be helpful enough to help your ally. If you help them, you will be awarded. Put special troops with your ally, if he has nothing. This game is based on teamwork and success. I played the other night online, My name is King Legend if anyone wanted to know, and this player saw me build faster than he did, that he started to destroy my stuff. I had to stop him and I would've died if my ally, who's name was Sir Stronghold, wouldnt of helped. Lucky Break!
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Oh no my troops were just turned into the other guys troops! This is Evil Again! The smartest thing to do is if your towers are full of archers and crossbowmen, put at least 3 units protecting each tower. For example: 3 macemen, 3 swordsmen, 3 pikemen. There tough when they are not taking over your troops. They are extremely weak when they are taking over your troops.
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Avoiding dragons 75%
Those land dragons, like on dragon island, are those dragons whom im talking about...
An easy way to avoid them is put your troops on seige towers and then then pass by the dragons,

Second on is Kill them with catapults or trebs... easiest way.... they don't attack seige equipment! Heads up!
By: King Legend(729)
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An Easy way to live against Vlad! 75%
Again, the evil team. Vlad, being the next worst player in stronghold legends is by far the hardiest player in stronghold legends. But you can defeat him, if you get your army going. Cheat #1: Whenever he is building a dragon, destroy his sorcerer's tower.
Cheat #2: Never build a castle with alot of walls shown, because his creepers and his fire creatures climb those.
Cheat #3: Build your stockpile near iron and stone for alot of moooney
Cheat #4: Never use one unit, meaning just don't send only archers to attack him.
Cheat #5: Never leave your archers or crossbowmen alone, because you never know when a vampire creeper comes in, and turns your men into his men. I recommend swordsmen, pikeman, and alot of macemen.

Cheat #6: Use special units, I recommend Ice Queen. But you know, it's your choice.

Good Luck! King Legend signs off!
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Siefried and Dietrch haters 75%
Ice is one of the easiest campiagns to defeat because of there ground attacks and slow speed. The biggest threat to them is airael attck, but becarful of there ballistas because they can shoot your dragons, ice withces, and bats. Using the fastest units and the toughest units, you should be able to trample on them. Ice mirrors and trebs, be careful!
I wrote about the weakness of trebs, you should check it out, if you have probelms!
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Mordred Haters 75%
As a fan of this stronghold game, Mordred is the worst player ever. I mean really, those bats that wipe out your people, uhh it makes me mad, but once you built dragon harpoons ( Alot) Archers and crossbowmen, you should be procted from aieral attack. If you were playing on the good team, you can have that guy from the round table, protection from aieral attack guy, and he can stop them before they can hurt your troops. Now Mordered isn't that tough if you think about it, it seems tough in the beginning because you have no weapons against, but when you get mooooney and honor, you should beat him!
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How to win the last mission on stronghold Legends 74%
The Last mission is the most difficult mission ever. After I won that mission, I did'nt play for 3 days. Its that intense! First destroy your church.
Second, this may seem wierd, but save your game, and then play on a skimrish game. Have Lancelot on your team. Watch him build his castle. Then when he builds his castle completely, save that game, then load the game you were previously playing.
Third, copy lancelots castle. Build lots of stone and iron. Money is the biggest thing in this mission.
Fourth, be willing to sacirfice everything you got, I mean everything. Hint: Population is the least imporant thing, Tax your people all the way.
Fifth- You will have to multitask. Of all the dangerous people on that mission, is vlad. Build dragon harppons, I used 3.

I won't tell you how to build your army because I had my way and maybe you have your way. But Use all of your special units. Risk Everything!

As intense as it seems, it will get alot better. The first 30 minutes are like impossible, but the next 30, you should be OK. By the 40 minute mark, you should have everything running. Army, economy, ect. SAVE YOUR GAME EVERY TIME SOMETHING SEEMS IMPORANT! Good Luck and Never give up!
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Dragon v.s Dragon 73%
Did you know that dragons can attack other dragons? I did not know that until I tried. It's pretty awesome. But you have to be brave enough to play someone like Vlad or Arthur to expierence the awesome attack.
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Trebs weaknesses 73%
Trebs are worst seige equipment in Stronghold Legends, Am I right? It has 3 weakness. #1: Ice witches
#2: Dragons
#3: Evil Bats
i meant four weaknesses- Very, very fast units. Ex. KNIGHTS, MACEMAN, GIANTS, WEREWOLVES TAKE OUT TREBS!
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King Arthurs Special troops are weak! 72%
Okay, if your on the Good team, enchanted orbs would do the job. 5 enchanted orbs would do the job. These special troops do not fly away, they just take heavy damage from these orbs. Thats what makes these troopes very easy to kill. Every team has a weakness.
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King Legends Castle 72%
Here's my castle. My castle is squarish. I put my gatehouse in front of castle. I then put tall towers on each corner of my castle. Then I put 4 engine towers ( 2 on each side of my castle). and that's it. The thing is about stronghold Legends, you got to keep your castle simple. Now if you want to know how I begin playing stronghold legends, send me a question or questions, and I hope I can answer them!
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Who is better 70%
Ice Queen, merlin, or the dark sorecor? The ice queen is the best. Here's an example why she is the best, If you have swordsmen, she can stop the enemy from getting them. The Winter spell she has, will give your troops enough time to get away and your ice queen to escape. The point is the ice queen is for somebody who likes to keep their troops safe. Merlin is for somebody who likes to damage alot of people. The soceroer likes to burn, but doesn't like to give alot of damage. You choose who's better!
By: King Legend(729)
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-_-_-_NEW MONEY MAKER GUIDE-_-_-_ 68%
Okay this is my updated one, due to the upgrade server you are unable to do the stock pile thing... Now here is what you do!

Step one to making the money:

The first step is to gather as much wood as possible!

Step two to make the money:

Once you gather the wood, build as much iron mines as possible!

Step three to make the money:

Once you have all the iron, make ARMOR SHOPS ONLY! Because armor sells 100 gold more than iron itself. Then sell the armor, do the math.

500 armor
1 armor=355


This can happen within 10-15 minutes depending on your speed connection to internet or actual single player gameplay ^_^
By: Yurie32(77)
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A long List of Cheats and unbelievable defense and offense 66%
King Arthur
Strengths- fast economy, armor, and army
Weakness- Crossbowmen, ice towers, log rollers.

Strengh- Swordsmen
Weakness- mystical creatures, ice towers, bad archery range, log rollers.

Strength-mystical creatures
Weakness-ice towers, crossbowmen, lookout towers, archery range, strong towers, a strong army, log rollers, fire drakes.

Siefild- Same as Dietrich

Strength-Dark magic, seige equipment, army
Weakness-Knights,swordsmen, crossbowmen, dragon harpoons, ice towers, log rollers.

Place your stockile near stone/iron deposits to increase production and cash

When you feel like your castle is secure, you don't need those army unit protecting the king anymore.

Whe you summon a dragon, always go for the dragon harpoon and crossbowmen first.

Did you know if you sell 40 iron you get at least $1000

Did you know if you feed your estates, their production goes faster

You should place your granary behind your castle.

A great place to put your castle is on a mountain. you have the greatest advantage at ranged attack and defense.

Keep your buildings a distance, just incase a fire breaks out.

You can get a drunks award if you produce 200 barrels of wine.

You could get a priests award if 200 people are blessed.

An award for building no castle pieces.

Dragon summoner award for summoning 3 dragons in one game.

You could get an for summoning all Arthurian units.

Tax Award

An award for winning a Deathmatch game.

I have more, but I need to go. See ya next week!
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Avoiding vampire creepers 64%
To avoid vampire creepers all you have to do is build wall made out of towers with no gaps. that way they can't climb the towers or your gatehouse and then your archers are safe. I am not sure if it works with imps
By: tcoop80(26)
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Legends trail ice: dragon killing 63%
If you are at the level where dietrich and hildebrand have to kill four dragons, do not wait for the giants. immediately go with dietrich and hildebrand and kill the dragons. if the dragons start turning around send them to the other side of the dragon, to make sure they keep their horses! do not mind about giants destroying your buildings, just kill the dragons.
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Free Troops 61%
Whenever Lancelot attacks, and he comes toward your castle, but he has to run a long way, this is where you can get your free troops. First, get 3 vampire creepers. Then when his troops are far away from your castle, send your troops. Next, one creeper should go for the archers, other, the men at arms. The other, makes sure that he can get the archers or men at arms who escape your spell. Be careful of Swordsmen!
By: King Legend(729)
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Capture the gates 60%
In the some trails you see the enemy castale has a wall and gate and the trail Make this Walls you can get your troops on the gate with laderman or etc then the enemy will stop behind their walls because they can not destroy it and ... I think it's good strategy.
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OK you know how all kings have the power to make special guys you can use the special guys for permanent troops or workers for unemployed buildings.For that you can go over the city limit by building the maximum amount of hovels for this do the following(use the ability and then box the troops then push button that makes them citizens),then you can use them for permanent troops or citizens
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How to win an ice level 58%
In one of the levels in ice campaign you have to kill a giant. the first thing to do is build up your defences then buy some witches and send them to the top corner and then send them behind the enemy keep[make sure they don't get attacked] then get them to shoot the giant from behind the keep[the keep protects them from archers]. while this is happening defend yourself from any attacks and then before you know it he is dead and you didn't have to launch a big siege on his castle
By: tcoop80(26)
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Money $$$ Money 56%
How to: At the beginning of a scenario you must build a stockpile that has no cost. After you build the required granary you can delete the stockpile for gold and then just build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money.

You can use this trick to get your buildings up fast. Set up a market & buy raw materials needed to purchase buildings and units.

*** Materials in the stockpile disappear if you delete the building. Take advantage of pausing the game.
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Dragon killer; ice level 56%
So on an ice level you have to kill dragons to win dont worry bout the giants just go and kill the dragons,you dont have to worry about the giants because they are after detriche and that other guy so the will go after them they just destory the buildings in their path GOOD LUCK
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Evil; knight 54%
Here whats going on in the evil campain where the knights are attacking your castle build a second wall on your border line so when they try to get over your second wall your archers will destory them have fun
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"How to protect your Dragon" (Ice or Evil) 52%
After you have your Dragon Ready (PLEASE DO NOT HATCH IT YET)
Recruit all your flying unite until your out of money,or Honor. Bats and Witches if your not sure. After that hatch your Dragon and head towards the enemy castle, make all of your units in open formation, if in line formation you'd be rained until your dead, when you reach the castle spread out all of your units for an effective attack. After the Dragon Dies leave the rest of your units at the enemy castle. NOTE: This will not hurt the lord alot but affects the castle deeply! Easy to rely on!
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Got Problems with Siege Weapons? 52%
If you have huge Problems with Siege Weapons (At least if your Enemy PC player has them), what you need to do is don't enclose your keep. You just need to leave a gap in one place and concentrate all you Archers, Crossbows and all the other Soldiers at that spot. build towers and Walls around the rest of your Castle and Town and build Dragen Harpoons on them. But do not fill that gap in the Wall...It just encourages the enemy to use his Siege weapons.
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Quick Cash 51%
When you first begin, always sell your iron, wheat and the hops. Quick cash right there!
Build your Stockpile near Iron and Stone deposits. When you have enough resources, you can sell them. Not only you can sell them, it makes transportation easier and faster!
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Dragon island (please read helpfull) 50%
On the dragon island leave the dragons and build up or you will get owned make walls or men always be ice the giants are the best xD.
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Ultimate tower glitch 48%

Make as many archers or crossbowmen as you can. Group them all into teams of 18 units each. then make all of the groupd you were able to make go ontop of the tower, they should all fit on. if you have a wall/tower blaizer (or whatever its called) on the tower then you need your groups with 17 units in each. this is will work with any unit type.

Additional infomation:
It is possible to get over 180 units on the tower. just get all the groups on the tower then selct the excess units (18 maximum) and move them to the tower. If you are wuick enough you can get over 200!
By: cleancookie97(38)
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Get more peasants 48%
If you want to have more unemployed people, but have a maximum amount of hovels? You make sure you are Good aligment, and then use the spell that's makes mounted knights. Then, disband the knights. The will now become peasants.
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Best Defence 48%
In this defence you will need to be ice. Make walls around your entrance of your land and place a engine tower at both side of the wall, put dragon harpoon at those engine tower and fill the whole wall and towers and even the gate with archers. Put the ice queen on the gate and as much ice mirror as you can so when enemies come they will be freeze and damage to be easy target for the archers, fill the outside as much killing pit as you can and put some frost giants out there, but you can put other units but frost giants are way better. Then make another wall behind your wall and the stairs are only behind, you just need put a ice tunnel between the walls and one behind the second wall, just in case your combat units are all dead and you see creepy vampires coming you can get some of them to retreat so they don't have to control most of them. And that will be the best defence if you have everything, even all the knights from King Arther can not invade but of course they will do some series damage. XD XD XD
By: 102938(13)
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Best way to boost your economy 46%
First build a stockpile nearer to your quarries
then build as much quarries as possible
then after emptying your wood in stockpile create 1 wood camp for free and then 1 ox-tether for free.
keep only limited amount of hovels at begining coz more the no of ideal peasants = more faster your food in granary is emptied.....
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Iron Castle Defence 44%
After you have a strong economy, (It has to be good) Recruit Merlin and alot of Archers... Put them on the lookout tower. After doing so, build an engine tower. Build a Dragon Harpoon. Built another Lookout Tower right next to the Engine Tower. Recruit many crossbowmen, about 40. Put 30 on the engine tower, put 10 on the lookout, lastly. Recruit 10 macemen, put them and one end of the castle or the main castle, then patrol the whole castle by patrolling, one flag at a time. Then send out all of your men at arms at the gate along with King Arthur. When the enemy comes, send out your men at arms (or spearmen) and summon Knights, retreat Arthur behind the castle. Send out your pikemen and destroy the forces while all of your enemies are being fired at with archers and crossbow men!
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Easily win trials glitch 42%
Unfortunately, you have to beat the first trial by skill... But after that you can beat all the others with nothing to loose. What you have to do is...

Use both chickens then quit the game. Open the game again and you will have 1 chicken back. Use the extra chicken then close the game again and reopen it. you will yet again get another chicken. Keep doing that until you have completed the trial.

if that did not work, follow the second set of instructions:

Use both chickens and click on the next trial and start game. play for abit then quit to trial menu. then quit the game. Go back and do the same thing over and over again till you have completed it.
By: cleancookie97(38)
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The perfect combo 40%
The Good have the best powers. The special units each have an a ability that makes them all special. Heres the combo: The yellow guy, orange guy, pink guy, and blue guy (who makes all your units stronger).

And I have one more tip or cheat: When you use their ability, its gone for a while, but if you "destroy them", and get new ones, its less of a wait. Its like 5 min. instead of 15 min.
By: King Legend(729)
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The perfect combo 40%
The Good have the best powers. The special units each have an a ability that makes them all special. Heres the combo: The yellow guy, orange guy, pink guy, and blue guy (who makes all your units stronger).

And I have one more tip or cheat: When you use their ability, its gone for a while, but if you "destroy them", and get new ones, its less of a wait. Its like 5 min. instead of 15 min.
By: King Legend(729)
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WIN!!!!!!!!!!! 37%
This only works if you are playing as king arthur.first raise 1000 gold and 500 honour.the create the round table.
then create percival(yellow)then,if there are walls,bedivere(dark blue).
then,use bediveres special power to knock down the walls,if there are any. after this point
you wont need bedivere unless there are more walls.if not make them all go in and get percival and arthur up to the enemy lord.
then use arthurs special power and summon up the magical knights and make them
all attack the enemy lord.then,after the enemy lord has summoned his own majical knights or whatever and then use percivals power and knock them all off the keep.
you will win.

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Gold 34%
When playing trials at any time sell of all in the stock pile and del the stockpile, place another stckpile and del, for every time you do this you will gain 250gold. Not sure if this works for campaign aswell.
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The legend army 32%
If you want a invnsabl army here is how. cheat... ctrl shift &del [5x] in game
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Easy trial - level 2 - easy win 31%
At the start create a stockpile and granary anywhere. and then use all you troops to attack the enemy lord, that includes your lord. Make sure your lord does not get hit by the archer or loose the horse. before you reach the enemy lord make shield maidens.
By: cleancookie97(38)
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Easy Money 31%
At the start of a scenario you are required to build a stockpile
with no cost.
After you build the required granary you can delete the stockpile
for gold, then build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money.
You can use this trick to get your buildings up early.
Just use the trick, set up a market, and just buy raw materials needed
to purchase buildings and units. Note: Materials in the stockpile
disappear if you delete the building. Take advantage of pausing the game.
Defenses and units will be waiting long before the enemy has a chance
to blink.
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"Ultimate Weapon'' 29%
During map editor select from good,evil,and ice start your keep and build the "ice pit" the delete keep then do a other one like "soccer tower",then delete the keep and do the "round table" an keep that keep.When finished editing your map select from custom or user map , start the game and select evil soccer, ice queen,and merlin. Then summon the knight called "Sir Galahad" he has the power to reavive health and place them all in the seige tower from the seige camp and let them rome when enemys come close the ice queen will freeze them in there tracks and merlin will attack with one of his spells , during thitime the evil soccer will raise flames on your enemy.When your seige tower is weakening or wizards use Galahad special ability and replenish your mens health.
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Stronghold 2 deluxe water cheat 29%
Place a gate house near the sea then place water around the bridge were it opens.

then place it on the peace of wood and lift it up THERE YOU GO
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Ali 29%
Enter the cheat or hints here!add
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How to complete story mode with alot of money. 26%
Okay first, build your free stockpile, or if it is already on. then delete it until you have 10,000 or 10k gold. Buy any weapons your allowed to buy, or armor, recruit all the soilders you need, place them around whatever you want. Easy!
By: Yurie32(77)
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FullFill Heck! Infinite Resources 24%
During a game...!
p to pause then press enter and type the following:

Was this cheat Rexanic or Troublehific
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Cheat 23%
Ctrl + P
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Level 2 easy win ( easy trail) 22%
On the begining bulid your stockpile and granary anyvere. use all of your trops ( including lord )then attack and make sure that your lord doesnt lose his horse. before you rech the enemy lord use the lord ability to sumon battle maydens. good luck.
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Unlimited food,wood,stone,iron,unlimited houses,army,and honour 21%
"LPC" Entering "LPC" on screen after Starting game will give you unlimited food,wood,stone,iron,unlimited houses,army,and honour TRY THIS ITS COOL BY ALI SARGANA
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Ice 21%
Never use the witches there a waste of money giants cost a lot but effective :)
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Xxx 13%
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Xxx 9%
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Stronghold Legends 414968Can you mack bigger gattehouses and get moat to make a bridge? Answers: 2
Stronghold Legends 450958How in the ... do I beat the part (the four knight level w/ sir gareth) when I get to the red Knight? I can beat the rerst of the knights but run out of men at the last!? Answers: 1
Stronghold Legends 456791I can't figure out how to beat of the saxen invasion in easy campaign the chapter called victory. I can't buy weapons so I have to create them and the saxens attack in waves to quickly for me to build my army up in time.. How do I complete this task? Answers: 3
Stronghold Legends 466395How do I get into multiplayer on Stronghold legend! I haves internet really well st up but it says I cn't get on! :-[ Answers: 1
Stronghold Legends 471789Stronghold legends 1 (good) mission 6 my soldiers all died,when will the reinferoment from the allies arrive 1st batch of them arrived when will the 2nd arrive? Answers: 1
Stronghold Legends 484452Where is the trophy cabinet? I can figure out how to get the trophies, but I can't find the actual cabinet. Answers: 2
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