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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats for WII
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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
WII Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

Night To Day 100%
Go to lake hylia (once u have the cannon there) shoot into the city in the sky once there shoot back and it will be daytime
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Walking upside down without Iron Boots 100%
*** You can do this where there is a magnetic ceiling:
First, hook the Iron Boots to the D-pad but do not put them on. Head under the magnetic field and equip the Iron Boots. As you are heading up to the ceiling, press Minus and put an item where the iron boots were on the D-pad but also the Iron Boots can not be anywhere on the D-pad. Now unpause the game and finish going to the ceiling, you will be on the ceiling without the Iron Boots equipped and will stay there plus you will be able to walk around faster. If you want to get back down, you can walk off the magnetic part of the ceiling or equip and then unequip the Iron Boots.
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Heavily Armored Opponents 100%
Description: Your 1st fight with this is as a mini-Boss in the Temple Of Time. You will see him other times as regular monsters. Use the same strategy each time. First, if you are having trouble timing the dodge to attack him multiple times, you can just wait and use the Mortal Draw ability when he gets close enough. *** This does not work on the mini-Boss version, but works on every other one. He will lose one piece of armor every time you hit him with the Mortal Draw. When he throws his sword away he will begin wielding a smaller sword. Get close to him and roll behind him. Now use the Rising attack where you roll around him and rise up spinning. He will block the Rising Attack but you can use regular attacks immediately afterwards. You can defeat him by doing this 3 times.
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Easy Lantern Oil & Red Potion 100%
Description: After you get an Empty Bottle you can get as much Lantern Oil and Red Potions for as cheap as 0 Rupees.

Unsafe Method: Go to the small shop near the Forest Temple that is ran by a talking bird. You can take any item you want but then you need to haul but and get out if you do not want to pay. If you are not fast enough the bird will attack you time after time, then after you return he will call you a thief and may attack you again.

Safe Method: Grab as much as you desire and then walk over to the box besides the bird. Only pay 1 Rupee regardless of the price. The bird will make a comment about how cheap you are getting it for, but he will not attack you.
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All Temple Bosses 100%
Here is how to defeat all of the bosses.
Forest Temple: Target the bomb bug with your boomerang, then target one of the flowers.
It will blow up. Do the same with the other one. Then they will come back with a bigger
flower. Repeat the sequence with the normal flowers. Do the same with the bigger flower.
Then start whacking its eye. It depends, it could be 2 or 3 times. It depends on how many
hits you get on the first try.
Goron Mines: Shoot his glowing eye with the bow and arrow. Then grab one of his chains.
Pull back on it with the iron boots on. Then he will trip and fall. Unequip the boots and let
go of the chain. Run over to his eye and start hitting it. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Depends on how many hits on the first try.
Lakebed Temple: Wait for its eye to appear on a close tentacle. Lock on with z, and use
the clawshot to pull it out. Hit the eye. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Depends. Then he will come
up as an eel thing. Swim above it and lock on with z. Use the clawshot to get pulled down
onto its back. Start hitting its eye. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Depends.
Arbiters Grounds: Use the spinner and spin around until you get a good view of his back.
Press B to go off into the sand. Once near his back, press B again to break part of his back.
Do that again 2 more times. Then he will become a giant floating head. Use the spinner to
get up to where he is. Jump to the next one with B just as he shoots the fireball. Once you
get close to him, hit B to jump into his mouth before he shoots another fireball. Then jump
off your spinner and whack the machete in his head. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Depends.
Snowpeak Ruins: Wait until she gets close, and use your ball and chain to break down the
ice. Repeat until it almost breaks completely. Then avoid the ice spears until they close in
around you. You have to take a hit the first time when new spears appear. Repeat until they close in around you again. Find the open spot and leave. Then quickly turn around and
get your ball and chain out to whack some ice off. Repeat until she is defeated.
Temple of Time: Wait for his eye to appear. You might have to defeat mini spiders before
his eye shows up. Then shoot his eye with your bow and arrow. Then use the dominion
rod. Find the statue that is by the spider. Use the rod to bring it to life, then press B to whack the spider. Repeat 2 more times. Then his eye is just there. Z-target the eye and use your clawshot to bring it to you. It might take a while. Then hit its eye.
City in the Sky: Avoid his hits until the clawshot looking think on his tail appears. Target
that with the clawshot and put on your iron boots. This will knock his armor off. Repeat
again. Then use the double clawshot to get up to the flying things. Keep going left or right
until he stops breathing fire. Get all the way behind him. Then Z-target his eye and start
hitting it. He will fall to the ground after a while. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Depends.
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Lots of bomb bags and where to get them 100%
1.Barnes the goron in underwater(zoras domain).3.canoe when you're helping liza.4.when you blow up 25 gold things in the canoe mini game.hope this helps.
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What not to drink and what to drink 100%
Don't drink the stuff from the purple chuchu jelly,and don't drink the stuff that the guy in farron woods that sells lantern oil says you can have,or else you lose one heart.You can drink everything else you find. Hope this helps.
By: zelda master(70)
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How To Beat temple Minibosses 1-7 100%
1.Monkey-Wait ti'll he dances on the pole and dodgeroll into it(do this multiple times)
2.Goron- Use iron boots and wait ti'll he rolls at you then grab him with A and throw him into the lava try to get close to the lava when he rolls(do this multiple times)
3.Toad-Wait ti'll he uses bellyflop on you and void it with dodgeroll then when he's stunned hit him(do this multiple times)
4.Ghost skeliton- Change into wolf and wait ti'll he attacks then you attack(do this multiple times)
5.Armer- Use clawshots and go to the other side of the room And then wait ti'll he throws the ball and chain at you and avoid it and while he's stunned hit him(do this multiple times)
6.Knight-Do backslice on him and while he's stunned hit him(do this multiple times)
7.Mini Dragon-Use clawshots when he has his shield in front of him to pull him down and use backslice(do this multiple times)
I hope this helps,and please vote.
By: zelda master(70)
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Playing fire fighter with fire keese 100%
If you use the gale boomerang on a fire keese, they will actually (get this!) extinguish the fire coming out of their bodies! they will take on a new appearance looking like a normal keese with first degree burns on it's body. ironically, you can do the same thing to an ice keese. I AM NOT SURE IF THIS WORKS ON BUBBLES (bubbles are those skull bats)
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Easy Rupees $$$ 98%
How to: Method #1: The 1st method takes you to Kakariko Village. You need to be able to change into a wolf whenever you want and can make bomb arrows. Turn into a wolf and jump on top of the big building with the giant bell on top. You can shoot the bell with a Bomb Arrow to get a Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees.

Method #2: You need plenty of Bombs and Lantern Oil. Head to the Howling Stone high up on the cliff by Lake Hylia after you have filled your 3rd Vessel Of Light and are in human form. You can not reach it as a wolf. In back of it is a bombable wall leading into a cave. Bomb the wall and go in. Bomb the walls all around the cave to find enough Rupees to fill your wallet.
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Frog Lure 98%
Location: The best lure for catching Bass is the Frog Lure. To get it you must complete all 8 levels of the RoalGoal mini-game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, just look at it in 1st person using C. The game requires 5 Rupees per play and you win 10 Rupees for each round completed, and the Frog Lure for the eighth. *** If you run out of Rupees before getting the lure, you can mow the tall grass just outside near the fishing hole for around 60 Rupees.
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Restoring Health 98%
Description: Low on health ? We have 3 options to restore it easy:

How to:
Option #1: Head to Southeast Hyrule Castle Town. If you haven't already, finish the STAR mini-game. You will find the STAR mini-game inside the large purple circus tent. Afterwards, chat to the 3 girls directly outside and they will "freak out" about you plus 3 hearts will appear. This option to restore your health is repeatable.

Option #2: If you have low health and you see a fairy then your in luck. Just take out a bottle and run into the fairy. Use your bottle to catch the fairy when it is circling. The fairy will heal you plus be caught in the bottle.

Option #3: Go fishing!
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Control Cucco 98%
The easiest way to do this is just after you get the Iron Boots. Go outside the building and find a Cucco. Wear the boots and roll into it 8 times and you can move it around.
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Easy Kills 98%
Description: We have 2 ways to deal a lot of damage or to kill an opponent easy with one hit!

Ball and Chain Option: Throw the Ball and Chain behind your enemies. If it hits them on the way back it should kill them in one hit.

Shield Bash and Helm Splitter Option : When you have the Shield Bash and Helm Splitter, do a Shield Bash and press A afterwards to do a Helm Splitter. Now, do a spin move. This is a good tactic when facing only one enemy and health is low.
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Larger Quivers 98%
Location: Enter the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town and play the "STAR" mini-game. You will find the STAR mini-game inside the large purple circus tent.

If you have the Clawshot, it will unlock the Big Quiver if you win level 1. Big Quiver will hold 60 arrows.

If you have the Double Clawshot, win level 2 of the mini-game to unlock the Giant Quiver. Giant Quiver will hold 100 arrows.
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Always daytime 98%
After you gain access to the City in the Sky, go there and leave. This will make it daytime.
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Talking to Epona 98%
Description: After you are able to become both human and wolf, go to a patch of "Horse Calls" as a wolf. Press A to howl. Howl the song as listed with blue lines, and Epona will come to you. While you are still as a wolf, go up to Epona and chat to her. She will tell you to quickly turn back into a human.
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Golden Bug locations 98%
You can get the Giant wallet if you find all 24!
The locations of all 24 Golden Bugs are as follows:

AntKakariko Village Male: on a tree to the right of the hole in the back of the Kakariko graveyard. You can find the female in the house just before the bomb shop on the west side of the village.
Beetle Faron Province, Hyrule Field Male: located on a tree in the southern portion of Hyrule Field. The tree is positioned between 2 raised land masses. Female: on a tree on the western side of the field. It is just south of the giant dirt patch.
Butterfly Hyrule Field east of Castle Town Male: just south of the east entrance of Castle Town is a small flower patch containing the male. Female: on a vine-covered ledge just northeast of the east castle town exit.
DayflyGerudo Desert Male: found in the southern part of the desert, almost dead center, north of the barricades. Female: found in the trenches at the southeast end of the desert (near the chunk of bridge). It is recommended that you do this at nightfall.
DragonflyZora's Domain Male: on top of the hill at the southwest end of the domain. Female: right in front of the boating game shack.
GrasshopperEldin Province, Hyrule Field Male: at the entrance to Kakariko Village. Female: at the northeastern part of the map. This is best done at night.
LadybugSouth of Castle Town Male: on the vine covered pillar southwest of the gate. Female: near the 3 trees of the left side of the balcony.
MantisGreat Hylian Bridge Male: on the wall of the northern half of the bridge. Female: on a rock just south of the bridge. It is easier to find her by looking at the bridge.
PhasmidEldin Bridge Male: on the arch on the south end of the bridge. Female: on a cliff to the north of the bridge. You will need the Clawshot.
Pill BugKakariko Gorge Male: on the southern end of the bridge. Female: found by some flowers on the southwest corner, north of the bridge.
SnailSacred Grove Male: on the inside of the southwestern alcove. Female: inside the Temple Of Time, on west side of the staircase.
Stag BeetleHyrule Field north of Castle Town Male: near a tree on the east side of the bridge. Female: on the northern side of the field, above a bombable entrance to an icy cave.
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Sword moves 98%
Ending Blow When an enemy is on the ground, stab them.
Shield Attack This attack lowers an enemies guard and lets you attack freely. It is useful against armored foes.
Back Slice This move is rather difficult to perform. Lock on and jump around your enemy until you roll, then you swing your sword.
Helm Splitter After successfully using a shield attack you can jump above an enemy's head and attack in mid-air, landing behind them.
Mortal Draw As an enemy approaches you, press A. This will almost always kill the enemy.
Jump Strike Lock on with Z and hold A to perform a powerful version of the jump attack. It hits multiple foes.
Great Spin Upgrade your spin attack to have a longer range and to do more damage. However, you must have full health to use it.
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Finding Worms 98%
How to: Go to the Fishing Hole. Behind the sign at the entrance, you will find 3 little mounds of dirt. Turn yourself into a Wolf and dig these up to find Worms. Put the worms in an empty bottle and use them as bait to make fishing easier.
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Donation discount 98%
How to: Move past the 3rd dungeon, then donate 1,000 Rupees to Goron inside the Malo Mart. It is in Kakariko Village. Chat to the old Goron outside the shop and finish the quest he offers. If you complete this, the 2nd donation amount will be reduced from 2,000 to 200 Rupees.
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How to get the Sinking Lure 98%
If you want to get the Sinking Lure, use the Lure Rod to catch a Hylain Pike, Hyrule Bass, and a Ordon Catfish in the Fishing Hole area. After catching one of each, go to the south east corner of the water closest to the house. Use the Fishing Rod (bobber) to catch the Sinking Lure. *** Don't let Hena see you use it or she will take it away.
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Bottle in Fishing Hole 98%
Description: Go to the Fishing Hole and find the sign that says "No Littering!" You can get a bottle if you fish on the left side of the bridge near that sign. The water is darker than normal.
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Bigger Bomb Bags 98%
Description: While playing Iza's boat game Score 25 points by shooting jars on the way down to Lake Hylia.
Yellow jars : 1 point
Red jars : 2 points
Effect: Once you have scored 25 points, Iza's helper allows your Bomb Bags to carry double. Total bombs per bag depends on the bomb type.

*** Refer to the cheat Bomb Bags to obtain bigger ones
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Easy Lantern Oil 98%
How to: Kill a Yellow Chu and then instantly take out your lantern and scoop up the jelly to fill it to the brim.
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Alternate Sword sheathing method 97%
The method is to press A to put away your sword as soon as you kill a monster. This does the same sheathing move as when you kill a Boss or learn a new Hidden Skill.
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Ganondorf 97%
Take out the fishing rod as you are fighting Ganondorf. This will make him drop his guard because he will watch the bobber. Now take out your sword and hit him while his guard is down. Just repeat this steps until you defeat him.
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Another one of my found gliches 96%
If you've read one of my earlier cheats you can go through the wall at lake hylia. If you do not know how you put on zora armor take out your clawshot(s) and put the iron boots on the D pad. Go to the peir by the irritating bird and jump into the water. Take out the clawshot and press z so you can shoot while swimming. go to the wall where the ground comes up. Go back and forth until you go through the wall. And now the glitch. Sink for a while with the boots and swim toward the spitits cave. Try to remember the layout of the bottom of the lake because its invisible if your not in the area your not supposed to be in. Swim up under the cave and swim in as if your not in the water. You will enter the cave but up on ground.
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Infinite Rupees 96%
Bring 60 Poe Souls to Jiovani to get unlimited Rupees.
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Twilight Monsters 96%
The best way to defeat Twilight Monsters is to kill the one that is not near you, then use the force field to kill the rest.
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How to return the kitten to the shopkeeper 96%
You need to have a Fishing Rod to get the kitten in the Prologue. Catch a fish behind the locked house. Now press B not A. Link will throw the fish at the cat and the cat will take the fish back to the shop. To collect your reward just chat to the shopkeeper.
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Gold chuchu 96%
Here is a trick G chuchu.After u have the clawshot. Go to Death mountain keep going till you see some vines clawshot them. Go into the cave and there is a G chuchu
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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask reference [Easter Egg] 96%
There is a Skull Kid that will lead you to the Sacred Grove. It is a reference to the Skull Kid in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time reference 96%
The 3 spirits that watch over Hyrule are a reference to the goddesses in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. They have similar names.

You will see pictures on the wall in the house in the Fishing Hole. The one on the far left is that of the fisherman from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
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Getting Magic Armor 96%
Give the Goron 1000 ruppes. Then give the goron 2000 ruppes. Go to the castle town and there will be a new Malo Mart and Malo will sell the armor to you for 598 ruppes.
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Catching the Hyilian Loach 96%
How to: If you want to catch the Hyilian Loach, you need to go to the northern-most cove during the summer. Cast the Sinking Lure or Frog into the lily pads. The Hyilian Loach is hard to reel-in after you get him to bite. Good Luck!
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How to find Heart Pieces 96%
How to: Go to Fanadi's Palace in Hyrule Castle Town and pay her 10 Rupees for a Love fortune. She will show you an area in the game that contains a Heart Piece around it. Repeat this and she will show you other locations, but she will sometimes repeat the same location.
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Easy Hearts 96%
How to: When you defeat the Boss of the Yeti's place, the 2 Yetis will hug. Nearly 300 Hearts will appear. Every time you chat to them another one should come out.
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New Malo Mart with Magic Armor 96%
Donate 1,000 Rupees and finish the Hot Springwater side quest.
Donate 2,000 Rupees to Malo Mart.
A new Malo Mart will now open in Castle Town with Magic Armor to buy.
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Howling Stone locations 96%
Right before you enter the Forest Temple you automatically learn one move.
Death Mt. In the place with a lot of geysers.
North Zora's River Northeast of boat shop.
North Faron Woods At the beginning of the Sacred Grove maze.
Lake Hylia On a cliff at the south end. Climb up the ladder to get there.
Snowpeak Climb up the mountain; near the secret underground cave entrance.
Forgotten Village Jump through a window in the western building.
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Defeating the Twilight Dragon 96%
How to: First use the Double Clawshots and grab onto its tail when it is not attacking you. After you grab its tail, use the Iron Boots to bring it down and its armor will break. After doing this several more times, he will take off the rest of the armor and it will start to rain. The rain will bring floating plants from the ground. Use the Clawshot on the plants and circle around the dragon while avoiding his flame attacks. Get behind him, use the Clawshot on his back and attack the jewel with your sword. After one or 2 more times, he will be defeated and you will get the last shard of the Twilight Mirror.
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Giant puzzle solution in Sacred Grove 96%
Description: Lead 2 Giant to their sentry post by jumping on blocks in a particular pattern to can access to the Master Sword.

At the entrance to the Sacred Grove, you will howl from a symbol on the ground that looks like the Triforce. This will make 2 stone giants come to life. They will ask you to lead them to their sentry post by hopping on the blocks.
Jump in the following pattern:
left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, right, up
When done properly, the giants will congratulate you and then allow you to pass to the Master Sword.
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Flight-By-Fowl mini-game wins 96%
How to unlock: Unlock Falbi's Flight-By-Fowl mini-game on Lake Hylia and save after you enter his hut.Pay for the mini-game and try to land on the top tier platform. If you fail just reload to start again inside his hut. Do this as many times as you want so you do not have to pay 10 Rupees to get launched from Fryers attraction each time.
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Bomb Bags 96%
Bomb Bag 1 Buy it from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after the 2nd temple
Bomb Bag 2 Free the Goron from the giant lava rock that is located underwater in Zora's Domain
Bomb Bag 3 You must destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner
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Fairies 96%
Description: You will need to locate the Gerudo Mesa and Cave Of Ordeals in the Gerudo desert to unlock Fairies, and then Great Fairies, at each spring around Hyrule.
Smaller fairies can be bottled and used to restore up to 8 hearts.
Great Fairies give you a bottle full of Great Fairy Tears, which fully heal Link and temporarily boost his attack as long as you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Once unlocked both kinds of Fairies have an unlimited supply.

Fairies in the Eldin Spring Complete 30 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Faron Spring Complete 20 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Lanayru Spring Complete 40 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Ordon Spring Complete 10 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Great Fairies in all Springs Complete 50 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
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Playing Fetch in Castle Town 96%
How to: After you enter Castle Town from the east gate, go south as if going to Agitha's house. There is a brown and white dog laying by a tree near a bone. Pick up the bone and throw it and the dog will run after it. You can do this over.
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Blue Chu Jelly 96%
You will find Blue Chu Jelly in the 1st actual room of Lakebed Temple. You can collect this over and over, but you must leave the temple each time before you get it again.
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Bottle with Fairy Tears 96%
You need to bring 20 Poe Souls to Jiovani to get a Bottle with Fairy Tears.
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Catching Fish 96%
You need to catch 2 fish at the start of the game. When you see a cat begin fishing from the dock. Throw the line into the water and wait. When the colored bobber sinks below the screen, this means a fish has bitten. Quickly lift the Wii-mote up and hold it there. If you do it right, a "Fish on" message will appear. You can yell "Fish on" like the Pro's if you want. Continue holding the Wii-mote up until Link reels in the fish. The cat takes the 2nd fish so throw it away for it.
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How to Resume game in dungeons 96%
Description: Quick way to return to a room in a dungeon from a save game instead of having to go through the entire dungeon again.

How To: Normally while you are in a dungeon and save and turn off the game, when the game is resumed you have to go through the entire dungeon again just to get back to the room where you died. The following is a trick to keep from doing this: Before you save just use your Ooccoo and warp out. Now, save and turn off the game. When you turn it back on, use your Ooccoo again to resume in the room where you left off. That should save you some time ;)
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Big Wallet - Adult Wallet 95%
Description: You can get the Adult Wallet after defeating the giant Twilight Bug at Lake Hylia.

How to: Head to Hyrule Castle Town as a human, then head to the southeast alleyway. Look for a door there. Get yourself inside and give Agatha the Golden Bug(s) you have caught. Agatha will give you an Adult Wallet (aka: Big Wallet holds 600 Rupees).

One Golden Bug is outside the south entrance of Castle Town. It is located on the top of a large vine covered column. Do get it you will need to blow up the rocks with a bomb a Golden Ladybug will come out. The Golden Ladybug will look like a point of light. Hit it with your boomerang and grab it.

Want the Giant Wallet? To get it you have to give Agatha all 24 Golden Bugs. We have all 24 locations on this page. Search for Golden Bug locations !
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To change from wolf to human whenever 95%
You have to be quite far (got 3 of the fused shadows) when Midna is turned into a light version. Take her to hyrule then zelda will heal her and tell you where to get the masters sword follow her instructions. Now you get the sword which allows you to change
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Fyrus 94%
Description: Shoot the crystal on his head which will stun him. Now go around and pull on either of the chains that are hooked to his feet to trip him. Go up to his head and start slashing until he gets back up. Repeat this until you defeat him. There are pots around the room if you are running low on arrows or health.
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Move small statues in Temple Of Time before getting Fishing Rod 94%
How to: You can move small statues before you have the Fishing Rod by using the following trick. Take out your mace and chain and throw it behind the statue. It will slowly drag it. You can use this to get past the force field at the beginning to get the heart piece.
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Safe fall 94%
How to: While in Ordon, pick up a chicken and run off a hill or something high. The chicken will flap its wings and you will be able to coast to the ground for a safe fall.
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Invincibility 93%
Description: This cheat well show you how to get Magic Armor that sorta makes you immortal but it reduces Rupees instead of health. However There is also a way to get unlimited Rupees!
Where: Castle Town & Malo Mart in the Kakariko village

Unlimited Rupees: Collect all sixty Poe Souls and take them to Jovani. You will find Jovani in a house in the southeast corner of Castle Town. Turn into a wolf and dig your way inside. You need to use your senses to find out where to dig. After you give him 60 Poe Souls he will give you will give you a Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees each time you chat to him.

Magic Armor: Head to Malo Mart in the Kakariko village. You must donate enough money to lower the prices at the Town Castle's Malo Mart. Now you can buy a Magic Armor there for 598 Rupees. The Magic Armor sorta makes you immortal but it reduces your Rupees until you have none. So you will need to repeat the 1st part about talking to Jovani to stay immortal with the easy rupee supply trick.
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Rupee Tree 93%
In ordon village a if you throw pumpkins a man will tell you not to waste food. climb up the vines there and summon the eagle to hit the brown thing it is a bee nest then go to the tree and climb up the vines at the top there is a blue rupee and a yellow one
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Hylian Shield 93%
Location: Head to Hyrule Town after you finish the Goron Temple and free Hyrule from the Twilight. Head to the southwest side of the town square and enter the building. As soon as you enter, you will see a Goron. Chat to him and he will thank you for saving their mines. He will then ask if you want to buy the Hylian Shield. Price will be around 210 Rupees.
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Infinite rupees 92%
At castle town near the hospital there is a dog and a bone get the bone and throw it to the grass and instead of the bong he gives you rupees you can keep repeating the process until you have enough rupees.
By: playereddie1(13)
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How to get into the title screen version of Hyrule Field 90%
First, go to the Arbiter Grounds. Roll down the stairs and into the first sand pit. I suggest you save when you get to the Arbiter Grounds. This will take a lot of patience and practice to do. When link's finger tips are going in the sand, press the Home Button on the Wii-mote. Go reset the game. If done properly, you should end up in the Title Screen version of Hyrule Field.Don't press any buttons, or the game will freeze but you can move around. Jump off the bridge and you can do lots of stuff from here.
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How get fast health container piece 100%
Climb up to tallest house in kakariko village. talk to talo who is on the house.
By: okei(32)
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Lose rupees:( gain health:) 100%
Get magic armor.when enemy will smash you you lose rupees not health
By: okei(32)
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How do get all the wallets 100%
300rupees:wallet from your childhood
600 rupoees:gave princess aghita 1 bug
1000rupees gave princess aghita 24 bugs
By: okei(32)
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Steal from barnes bombs 100%
Go to barnes bomb shop.go to first floor and there is a door.that door makes your way behind barnes.grab a bomb and run out of this shop fast as you can.WARNING:when you go back to barnes shop barnes will not let you buy his bombs unitl you pay him 300 rupees!
By: okei(32)
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Make iza mad 100%
Go to izas shop, you need bomb arrows to shoot down the big golden vase. whats next?suprise!
By: okei(32)
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Free the the underwater?! 100%
Go to zoraz domain change into human and put iron boots go to underwater domain middle of domain you caqn see the big rock blow it up with a water bomb and free the goron goron gives you free bomb bag!
By: okei(32)
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Shop locations 100%
1.ordon province where all the houses are.2.Karoko malos shop.3.Karoko only at night goron shop across from Barnes Bombs.4.castle town in the plaza.hope this helps.
By: zelda master(70)
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How to catch the hylian loach 100%
First you'll need the sinking lure or the frog lure.Then go all the way to the other side of the pond where the lillypads are wich you can only do when you pay in the fishing hole.Then choose the sinking lure or frog lure.Then cast and wait(you gotta be ready for a real fight).
By: zelda master(70)
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How to beat Zant 100%
First of all he'll do stages,and the stages will be in the temples so whatever item you got in that temple is what you use to deafeat him.
1.Forest temple-Use the boomerang and aim at him then when he's bouncing like crazy smack him.
2.Lava temple(mini boss place)-Use iron boots so you don't fall off then when he's tired smack.
3.Lakebed temple-Use zora suit and clawshots.Use the clawshots to grab him when the mouth opens in the giant head then smack.Then there is a second stage do the same thing but there will be multiple heads.
4.Forest temple(mini boss place)-roll into the pole he is on when he's trying to shoot at you.Watch out for the spikes on his helmet.
5.Ice temple-Use ball and chain and he'll be giant so watch out when he tries to jump on you.Then use the ball and chain to smack his feet and then hit him when he shrinks.
6.Right outside of Hyrule Castle-Hit him once then he'll telaport you can do this four times then he'll do a spin attack he'll get dizzy then smack.He will die.
Reapeat every one two times except the last you reatpeat more.
By: zelda master(70)
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Baby Hylian Loach location. 83%
The baby Hylian Loach is located in a hole on the way to Auru's tower near lake Hylia.You will see some grass forming a circle.Dig inside that circle and you will find yourself in some kind of hole.In the water you will find two or three baby Hylian Loaches along with some greengills.You will also find a bee nest and some pots.

I think that hole is something called grotto.
By: Nooby(152)
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100 free rupees 83%
When you go to ordon go to the left behind russel's house and you will many vines, past those vines you will see something shiny and orange,that is 100 ruppees and in order to get it you need the gale boomerang then just aim your gale bommerang at the ruppee and SHAZAM! you have 100 ruppees
By: phantom101(1153)
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Fast Ruppees 80%
If you want to get fast rupees then you have to go to ordon and slash some stuff. and you can also go to the Kakariko graveyard there is a movable stone,when you remove the stone 10 ruppees will come out, just keep exiting the graveyard and go back. This is how I got my Magic Armor
By: phantom101(1153)
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Use oocoo to get out of the first dungeon and go to the bird with the afro,get anything you want and then use oocoo jr. to get back to the dungeon, then when you get back, the bird will say HEY, THIEF, STOP!, as if you were getting out without paying, but the bird will never peck your head if you repeat this process,but if you accedently go out yourself without paying then quickly go in there and pay 1 rupee :D
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Free arrows 75%
Where ever there is a twilight archer circle him and wait for him to fire arrows at you
and when there is a burning arrow on the floor walk over it and you should get it but be quick or the arrow will go
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Easy Rupees *more than 70 a visit* 75%
When you have the iron boots and the zora armor, go buy water bombs then warp to Zora's Domain. After you are there, go behind the wall thats around Ralis's throne and transform back into a human. Put the iron boots and zora armor on, then sink to the bottom within the circle of water. There will be a blowable rock located almost under the princes throne. Blow it up and you should get rocks at the bottom. Move them all to come up with a sum of 40 rupees. Then to the upper right there should be a ledge with one rock on it. get the rupee from there and swim up to the right again. There should be a larger place with one side with one rock and the other side, two rocks. One larger. Get the rupees from beneath these then swim to the zora on the other side . There will be rocks next to her on the right side. Recieve the rupees from there and now swim around looking for yellow rupees on the dented parts of the walls. There should be at least a few. And if you want extra, light the torches near the exit. A box will appear with rupees inside. You can get the rupees underneath the water every time you warp to the same exact place.
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Restock room! 75%
If you have the power to turn into a wolf then try this. go to Ordon village and up to Ordon ranch. turn into a wolf and run into the stable (where goats are kept) then go all the way in and you should see the mail man. turn on your senses and there should be a dig spot. dig to get into a secret cave! there is grass to cut, monsters to fight, jars to break, lanterns to light and then a treasure chest once you light all the lanterns.
hope this helps!

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Sure fire way to make easy rupees 75%
I have three basic setups to build rupees quickly.

1. in Zoras domain after warp sink with iron boots and lift every stone down there. you earn 85 rupees every time. keep re-teleporting back and they respawn.

2. In the graveyard after pushing the tombs and gaining the single yellow rupee head to the top of the stairs and defeat the flock of crows near the tree. this earns another 20-30 and the crows respawn every time you leave.

3. after completing the poe hunting quest go speak with the man in the house with cats outside. every time you speak to him he will give a silver rupee wich is worth 200.

Great way to get magic armor or to pay for heart piece in hyrule castel town.

Note: to get malo mart to move so you can get the magic armor you have to pay 3000 rupes. however if you speak with the old goron outside malo mart after the first 100 he'll give a challenge that when completed lowers the cost from 2000 to 200 rupees. Thought this might help ^.^
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Make Agitha Mad 75%
You can make Agitha mad by keeping two or more bugs. If you have 4 to give her, give her two and leave. Before you go out the door, she'll stop you and say, "I know you have
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Black Knights 75%
Are you stuck on the 3 black knights in Hero's Cave? Here is easy ways to defeat them.
You can use bombs. It knocks some armor off them.
Wait for them to attack, dodge them of course, then start hitting them.
Run to the far end of the room, then once they get close and they are bunched up,
use the back slice on all 3 of them.
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Black Knights 75%
Are you stuck on the 3 black knights in Hero's Cave? Here is easy ways to defeat them.
You can use bombs. It knocks some armor off them.
Wait for them to attack, dodge them of course, then start hitting them.
Run to the far end of the room, then once they get close and they are bunched up,
use the back slice on all 3 of them.
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Worm poop 71%
Ok if you ever seen 3 littel brown stuff in a area (it looks like poop) then turn into a wolf and dig them up and youll get some worms
By: nu1o(8)
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Legend of zelda ocarina of time song refrence 67%
When you one of those times that call your horse if you lisson closely its epona's song form ocarina of time
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The Master...Fishing rod??? 67%
All games have a funny little secret at some point in the game.This game's secret is also the best way to beat Ganondorf(Swordfight).Take out rod.Ganon should start looking at the fishing rod with a ? expression.This is the best chance to hit him so just start slashing and stabing him until he kicks the bucket.
By: Nooby(152)
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Giant bomb bags 67%
To get bomb bags that hold twice the normal amount of bombs, you need to have already bombed the barriers for the canoe mini-game. After this, you can play the mini-game. you must arrow-bomb at least 25 of the target things (green ones are worth 1 pt, red are worth 2 and if you hit the walls you lose 1 pt each time). After you finish and have at least 25 points, you will be given the giant bomb bag, which allows you to hold twice the amount of bombs you can usually hold in each of your bomb bags (30 instead of 15 water bombs, 60 instead of 30 normal ones).
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Hint: The control over the Cucco 67%
If you hit a Cucco with your sword enough times, you gain the control over the Cucco for like 10 secs.
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Water fall and heart peiece 67%
In fishing hole there are about 3 water falls and if you fish there are lot of fish and the heart peiece you can find on the rock with a big hole if you swim to it use your chain claw.
By: Aymon(17)
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How to get horse on day off 67%
Alright,so you know how you cant get to ride your horse on your day off?well first go to the lake and pick up a catail ,now blow,your horse will appear by you,now get on,the boy will not yell at you
By: link19(81)
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How to get life back quikly 67%
Go to one of the the springs in Karoko,or just smash up some bad guys nearby.
By: zelda master(70)
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How to beat aragoma 67%
First he'll be climbing on the sealing so when he uses the laser attack wait till he circals it around you then shoot him with an arrow he'll fall down and then use the dominion rod on the statue he's beside and press the attack button do this three times then you'll think he's dead but then he just gets small and makes a lot of babys hit him with the spin attack one time and he should die.Hope this helps.
By: zelda master(70)
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What to do when you get the book with the sky language in it 67%
First go to the sancuary in Karoko villige and show it to the guy in the basement. Then find all the statues marked on your map move them ,and go to the glowing part of it where the statue was and you will find a letter for the missing word. Do it to all the statues and go back to the basement in the sancuary. Then you will be able to progress the story wich will lead you to the city in the sky in case you are wondering about the night to day cheat.Hope this helps.
By: zelda master(70)
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Unlimited bomb arrows 64%
1. Go and play the birds game in lake hylia and fall down as soon as you start. say no to play again.
2. Turn into a human then put on zora armor put clawshots on B and iron boots on the D pad. jump of the peir and take out your clawshots and press Z so you swim while with the clawshots and go to the wall where the ground comes up and push back and forth untill you go through the wall
3. use the iron boots to sink for a while. then swim forward and you should fall. when you get up tell the bird you want to play again and fall of again you should end up at the end of the canoe ride. turn into a wolf and jump into the water
4.youll end op on the canoe deformed. tell the zora youll play again. youll end up in the canoe building and the canoe will leave without you. warp somewhere then turn into a human and youll have unlimited bomb arrows.
By: lilmouse(452)
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Cool Swinging 63%
You may already know this but after using a hidden skill from the glowing wolf (the enemy has to be killed) hit the A Button with good timing and Link will swing his sword in a cool way like he does after you learn a hidden skill.
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Good stuff 63%
When you have the double claw shot you can go back to lake hylia and go to the room where you get thething to get the tears of light there should be hooks to grab onto then you keek going up and walla your treasure
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Bird Slair 60%
Thier are severl Places in Highrule That have crows That will attack you if you kill all the birds in one area sever rubbeys will apper (use the bow And the Z target to kill them quickly.)
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The jump attack and the spin attack together 60%
Go to any place like hyrule field,or kakariko village and use the jump attack.while its doing the attack,quickly swing the nunchuck and it will do it together

cheat created by christian
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Golden Bug Notice 60%
If you are the sort of gamer who likes to collect everything, get the golden bugs because you'll need them for inthe future you give them to this girl, who gives you rupees (50 & 100) and a big wallet for them. It's a great money making collecting quest!
By: LordDominico(1478)
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What to do when you beat the therd boss 60%
If you went to the meor of twilight for first time and you dont know what to do. in the desert thers some white thing.go to it.minda says what do we do with this. press wrap. then go to the berig. then you put the piece back. in konkero village. remember where you got that zora suit go ther you se a zora talk to the got a new scent.follow the go to snowpeakmountain
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Poe soul( room at lake hylia) 60%
Go to lake hylia there is a tower you will see a poe an then turn around with your sense on and the you will see a huge dig spot then dig and there have it
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Distract ganondorf in his final form 55%
Take out your fishing pole and push b ganondorf should look at it when he does attack.
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Another BombBag 54%
When you have the zora armor go to the zora throneroom with some water bombs and blast the larg rock at the bottom of the water you'll free a trapt goron wholo give you another bomb bag in return.
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