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Wii System Cheats for WII
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Wii System WII Cheats

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Wii System

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Shoot fireballs 98%
How to: When you see Mario or Luigi run across the screen in their Fire Flower costume/outfit while downloading a game in the Shop channel, you need to press B to shoot fireballs.
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192 piece puzzle 98%
Description: You need to hold 1 to reveal a hidden 192 piece puzzle option when you are at the puzzle piece selection screen.
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Photo Channel hints 96%
While at the photo viewer menu, use the Wii-mote to select the cat that you see on the top title bar before it runs away. He will give you several hints about the system.

If you do a mood change to a movie file, it will also change the sound.

Press D-pad Down and select the eraser while doodling and it will undo some of your changes.

During a slide show,to adjust the volume you need to press Plus or Minus. You have more volume options with MP3 files than you do with the default music.

Aim the pointer at a photo and press D-pad Up or Down and something will happen around the pointer.

If you want to move from a close-up of one photo to a close-up of the next, you need to press D-pad Left or Right.

After you have alot of photos on your SD Card, you can press D-pad Up or Down to scroll through them.

If you want to create composite photos, 1st use the scissors to cut a piece out of one photo, then move to the photo you want to paste that piece onto.

You can do more than just cut with the scissors in Doodle. Press 1 while you cut or after you have cut.

You may be able to scroll faster if you hold down some buttons.
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To Move Wii Channels around 94%
How to: When you move the Wii Pointer over a Wii Channel, hold A + B to move it to the left, right, or the bottom. *** You can not move the channel you are playing games on.
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Foto channel 67%
In the photo channel press the 1 button to blur an image
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Mantness mode 56%
Hold + and - win you start you wii and press at the black screen while holding + and -
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How to make a mii 47%
When your on the mii channel you will see a circle with a+ sign click it to make a mii
By: treys(150)
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2)Around every 2-6 Weeks go onto the wii shop channel and check for any channels updates or any new channel you should allways get the channel 1 becouse there free (for a wile if you wait to long you have to pay like when the internet channel 1st came out that was free now its not) AND THAT SHOULD KEEP YOUR NINTENDO WII UP TO DATE
By: scrawnyboi(43)
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Clapping cursor! 38%
To have a clone of the cursor clap with the real one, complete a puzzle & look carefully at the cursor(s). By Xaliax:The Master
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Select 10%
Press a on a channel
By: pokemaster10101(1313)
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Wii System 238825How do you get different channels on your wii Answers: 3
Wii System 263544Can someone please tell me how to make a mii parade on the mii channel? Questio from: CheattopiaBen Answers: 4
Wii System 465739Can you get add ons for the mii channel? Answers: 1
Wii System 813415How do you make a wii person holding a skateboard on wii channel Answers: 0
Wii System 894425How do you get the games you can download to get free Answers: 0
Wii System 987713I have all 100 miis in the mii plaza and all 10,000 miis in the parade and I don't have the mii cash channel. I have tried holding the buttons A, B and down button, but I don't have it. I even tried pressing the A then the B then 1 and then holding 2, and still I don't have it. So if you can get the mii cash channel, how do you REALLY get it? Answers: 0
Wii System 261346How do you make mario/lugi wear thier flower costumes while in the wii shop channel Answers: 1
Wii System 171272I was wondering can you play a dvd I dont wanna try or it might mess my wii up Answers: 6
Wii System 171325Where do you get a puzzle? Answers: 5
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