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Call Of Duty 3

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Kar98k Scoped 100%
On the level "The Island" when you have to kill all bad guys the in the bunker as the last part of the mission take the path on the left to go to the smaller bunker. kill all the bad guys in that bunker. go to the very back of that bunker and see a little corner. in that corner is the Kar98k Scoped. you can use this to take out the Machine Gunners in the other bunker. please use this.
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Hold Extra Grenades 95%
Normally, you are only supposed to hold 6 grenades but when you have a grenade thrown at you you can pick it up and throw it again. Instead of throwing it you can keep it for later by pressing the minus button a 2nd time after picking up a grenade. There's no limitation of grenades when doing this.
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All Levels Unlocked 92%
First you must go to chapter selection.Now,while holding the + button,press right,right,left,left,2,2 and all the levels will be unlocked.
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Falaise Road cheat 80%
On the level "Falaise Road" when you have to take out the tank with the Panzershrek you don't actually have only one rocket left until you take out the tank, so usally I just ave a little fun with the panzershrek before I take out the tank D
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More snipers ammo 71%
On the level laison river they give you a lee enfiled scoped but little ammo. when you rn out DONT TRADE THIS WEAPON. instead, if any of your other peolple die trade the other weapon for their lee enfield NOT scoped. once you traded you will you might notice that the normal lee enfield and the scoped one share the same ammo. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS!
By: gamer guy 101(18)
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Unlock all Extras 70%
At the chapter select screen, hold +, and press Right, Right, Left, Left, 2, 2.

NOTE: Imput code quickly.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Mp44 70%
On the corridor of death after you escape the mg42 you go past some houses soon you will see a mg42 set up on some boxes shoot all the men around that area and go behind the boxes andtrade your weapon for the mp44
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Sneak attack 70%
On the corridor of death neer the end of the level when you are in the tavern you get ambushed before you can go to the top floor and go to the other end of the catwalkand there is a hole in the catwalk when the germens go in the window nearest to it you can jump down ad shoot them without them knowing(warning this trick does NOT work after they throw down smokes)
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Mp44 2 70%
On the level Chambois,in the beginning the germans are advancing against you and you have to hold back against.them eventually they will throw smoke all around after the smoke dies a panzer will show up RIGHT AWAY,forcing you to fall back.then, notice there is a hole in the wall of a house on the right the first person to come out off that hole will be carrying a mp44.kill him and trade your wepon for the mp44 please use this cheat. THANX!
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Enemy spot 64%
Look at the ceiling and you can see a shadow of enemys and weapons
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Hint for chapter 5 57%
When you get outa jeep at begining and its says go left for flaks or right to take mansion. tip take right because if you take left when you get around to taken the mansion it paked full of gerrys with mg42s kat93ks and mp40s and the demolish you. warning when keith gives you a boost up a gerry knockes gun outa hands and wrestls with ya but on hit and hes down so easy but if youv compeleted it before go left its way more vetren
By: gamerwolf(99)
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How to get ammo even if the weapon you used has run out 47%
You have to use the same weapon (example:You have a Sten and you've run out of ammo.Then you found another Sten)You swap the weapon for another and get the same weapon by killing enemies,allies or stashed weapons.Then you return to the depleted weapon. Now you got extra ammo even if the weapon doesn't have it.
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Get 10 weapons to carry an use in a mission and infinity ammo 39%
Hold + and then press in campaign menu right up left up down right b
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Get more ammo 37%
A - 2 1 B
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Drive a jet 34%
Press up down down up left right
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Moshi monsters 15%
Too get chop chop get three dragen fruit
By: 42158(9)
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