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Cricket 07 Cheats for PC
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Cricket 07 PC Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
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Cricket 07

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Making batsman dive 74%
While running when the batsman came near to the crease press w he will dive for sure
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Win the toss 68%
In the starting of the match press the "s" button fast for five o six times you will win the toss
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Diving 67%
While running when the batsman came near to the crease press w he will dive
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To bowled the batsman 65%
Take fast outswinging bowler pitch the bowl at legs of batsman bowl full outswing batsman will try to play straight drive and will bowled 98% it works
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Cancel run 64%
If you press D to run and press A while running to cancel run
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Magic balls 63%
Take a off spin bowler and place the marker back of your stumps and make a full turn.surely the batsman cant hit the ball and if he tried to hit the stumps will be will surely work for 98%.
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Easy Wicket 61%
In a wet pitch, bowl short to the wicket and spin. The batsman will leave the ball and it will hit his pads and will be lbw or bowled
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Test cricket 61%
Take team which you want..
#Bowling trick in test cricket : take fast bowler or midium fast bowler..keep mark on short delivery,(imagine that tha bowl goes bouncer and hit directly to the helmate near the nose). Batsman hit bowl and give easy catch to the short leg fielder..(place one fielder short leg another on fine leg). I tried it even I take U.S.A team and all out australia just 30 runs..
#batting trick for test cricket :1st make a littlebit rum, when bowler throw good length delivery ball than press shift+D with direction key].. If bowler throw yorker,or full length than press only ' D ' key..without any direction key,u get easily 1 run.
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Fairly Easy Wicket 59%
This is more of a tip than a cheat.
If you pitch a ball near the batsman's feet, they are inclined to hit it towards the fine leg area. Insert a fielder at leg gully or any position around that area and the batsmen Is nearly almost always going hit it towards the fielder and lose his wicket depending on the quality of the bowler. This will work for basically every batsman and bowler in Cricket 07 if executed properly.
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The sweep and reverse sweep 59%
For right handed bats man if you press shift+s+up down and right arrow in same time......the bats man will hit sweep
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Do a Uppercut 59%
When an Off-spinner bowls short, then press shift+w+down left(right hand batsman) and shift+w+down right(left hand batsman). The ball will hit the edge and it will go behind for a boundary.
Note:Do this in early timing.
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How to sweep and reverse sweep 59%
For a regular sweep:


For a reverse sweep:

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If you wanna take quick wickets , then just set d field in open category 5 or 6 . make sure dat der r max fielders on d batsman's legside in d circle. now aim d ball right on d batsman's foot . he will surely give a catch 2 one of d fielders der. try it for 3 or 4 star games.
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How to take wicket using spinner in test match 58%
Choose any spin bowler now set the field to aggresssive 1 to 6 then turn the bowl keeping slightly away from bat the batsmen be forced to play bowl and will out
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To take 6 wikets on 6 balls. 58%
Take a fast bolwer. Set "Over The Wicket" for Right Hand Batsman and "Round The Wicket" for Left Hand Batsman. Now Press "Alt" button and set the point for a short picth or near to your side, the point automatically set as Yorker Point. When bowler reached on crease press the Right Arrow for 3 to 4 seconds and the batsman would try to hit above the bolwers head but due to yorker, he would bowled out. You can also use on this cheat on rest five bowls.
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Get easy wicket 57%
Bowl near the batsman's front leg an in swinger .Place the ball just before his front leg and bowl a full in swinger ball and he will be bowled
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Spinner to take wicket 56%
First of all you aim in leg and little bit spin and batsman will be lbw use medium power this will work for sure 99% naveen
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Get easy wickets in cricket07 55%
Take a medium fast or fast bowler,place the circle on or just outside the
off stump he will be bowled or caught out by the fielder
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Easy wickets 55%
Take shoaib akhter and bowl every ball yorker or reverse swing the btsman will play straight drive and be bowled
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How to take an easy catch 55%
For right handed batsmen,bowl toward their right side exactly on the crease(the ball's speed should be medium).In case of left handed batsmen,bowl towards their left side exactly on the crease(The ball's speed should be a bit low than medium).
By: ujjwal tiwari(42)
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Strategies 54%
Get batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery).

With fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do.

Play straight and hit the 6 hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or you see your stump flying towards the keeper.
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How to get lbw's 54%
Pitch it near there foot and hold down b before you let go of the ball:).
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Fooling the batsmen 54%
When you r setting marker press A where you want and then D as a fake marker batsmen could see marker D and the ball will go on A 100% work
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Hi, I play EA cricket 07 for 2 months regularly and have found out these bowling tricks. I tried these on 3 or less stars. works fine.
select a fast bowler(round the wicket for RHB and vice versa) and bowl at batsman feet with 2 fielders on short leg side. you get wicket on most occasions in last 10 overs.

for wet/Damp pitch, use leg spinner and bowl at short length with minimum speed.
for hard/dry pitch, use fast bowler and bowl a short pitch delivery with just full speed having two fielders at behind each others just near the circle (set fielders in custom field). top 6 batsmen will give catch to those fielders.
and for last 4-5 batsman, use medium bowler and set a fielder at short leg bowl inswing delivery at good length with low speed. or use leg spin bowler with close fielders across the batsman and bowl the delivery in front of batsman with minimum speed.

but if you can't bowl those deliveries then do this.
autoplay for 15-20 overs so that batsman cross 25 runs, then use a fast bowler and do the trick mention for ONE days.

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Hint 52%
Dont play too aggressive in the early stage of the game.always start attacking the bowlers in their second spell
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How to get rid of the batsman ? 52%
1) For right handed batsmen-
take a right arm legspinner and bowl on the batsmen's frontfoot like a yorker, with full speed under the no-ball line and give the ball maximum turn and the batsman will try to defend and he 'll get "lb's" , "lbw", otherwise he'll get bowled.

2)For left handed batsmen-
take a left arm leg spinner or a left arm chinaman bowler and bowl on the batsmen's frontfoot like a yorker, with full speed under the no-ball line and give the ball maximum turn and the batsman will try to defend and he 'll get "lb's" , "lbw", otherwise he'll get bowled.
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How to take wickets easly 52%
First place the ball in the front of the batsmen leg than place your
bowler in the batsmen direction ( right/ left ) and throw it at max speed.

thanks for reading,
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Easy way to take wickets 52%
Set the field open 1 and then ball a normal delivery by pressing "s" with any speed and the batsmen will be forced to play and will be caught at the sweeper
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How to hit six 50%
Shift+s and any direction you want
By: cool45(197)
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Hint 50%
While placing a foot over noball suddenly press shift key the umpire wont give noball.

by deepak
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Taking quick wickets in a test match 50%
Take a fast bowler and pitch the ball on off stump at good length and outswing will work best.speed should be almost full and you will get him caught at the back

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Hit a six on every ball 48%
To hit a six on every ball just hit w and the shift button when the bowler is about to rlease his bowl and the ball will sail over the fence and
By: dangerous(904)
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How to take 6 wickets in an over 48%
To take 6 wickets in an over you need choose a fast bowler in your team . Then you have to put the marker of the bowl infront of the leg of the batsman and swing the bowl . For right handed batsman you need to swing the bowl left and for the left handed batsman swing the bowl right . The ball should be very fast . Do this repeatedly in an over and you will see that you will not miss a single wicket in an over
By: Sadman Sakib(36)
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Six hitting 47%
Hey u wanna hit sixes!!!??? move the batsman past the off stump!!! hold the leg side direction key!!! press six button when the bowler raises his arm to bowl!!!!! now u c the batsman hiitting a eg side sixer!!!!! try it in all balls!!!!! it needs a few times to master this tecnique!!!!
By: kart777(91)
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Easy wickets in ODI 47%
When using a seamer press 'alt' and throw a full toss in front of wicket with max speed.
Note: Speed should not reach above the white line.
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Most sixes 47%
Most sixes will go in the lesgside and far also and you will not be caught shift+s+right arrow
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Easy wicket taking 46%
To take easy wickets just bowl a full lenghth delivery right outside off stump the batsman will try to hit a six but will give a catch to the fielder at deep ectra cover but you should not forget to place a fielder there...
By: dangerous(904)
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Hit fours on every ball 45%
If you want to hi fours just look where the fielder is not standing and then just direct your shot and hit with w and the bowl will touch the fence
By: dangerous(904)
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Hit every bowl four & six 45%
U can hit every four in leg side........& six just see that
there is no fielder in that side....i mean only up to
some extent...if there is a fielder then you can hit
a square cut down+right+shist+d
accor to batsman...
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Bowling the batsman 44%
While bowling to a right handed batsman just bowl with a right handed fast medium/fast bowler and press the (w) key make sure that you place the bowling marker,near the batsmans ankle and bowl half volley length. the batsman mostly tries to drive the ball but due to swing the ball will hit the stumps and he will get bowled.
while bowling to a left handed batsman do the same thing but use a left handed bowler instead .
By: mg claw(33)
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Cheats for cricket 7 44%
Bigbat-highest score
(type in the main menu)
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Stole a run in test 44%
When take a run if direct hit take the bell on air take a run imidiatly and you able to take it without getting out.
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STOP THE CLOCK in test match 43%
It’s not a cheat its trick.first you have to save your test match at lunch or start of the day or end of the day. for example you save game at 4.00 pm. Play one over then save and quit then reload the saved game check the time its 4 o’clock the time is not ticking. Use this trick every over and play many over
By: JAGTAR(79)
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Cheat List 43%
AKHTERMax speed for bowlers
ASIFMax stamina for bowlers
GULGood deliveries for bowlers
HAIERNo ball for umpire
INZAMAMMax stamina for batsmen
KARTHIKUnlocks fast fielding
MALIKUnlock Fly Mode
RAZZAQPlayers run quickly
SAQLAINSpecial move for bowlers
YUVRAJFast running between wickets
ZAHEERUnlocks fast bowling
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Get lbw easily 43%
Take a fast baller like M Nitni bowl over the wicket then he will be given lbw
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Six every time 43%
Press shift+s+right) button for the (right hand batsman). press shift+s+left button for the (left hand batsman).
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Get more runs 42%
This trick works only with the copy right version to do this trick you will have to play a five day test (be sure that you bat first) in the first day you must score0 runs without the loss of any wicket it will take some time be sure you dont lose temper and when you come the next day surprize surprize there are five hundred runs on the the board just score 3 more runs only three because if you score more it will not work and the declare and when there batsmen come bowl just one over and the autoplay to end of innings the will declare at the score you gave them in the first over in this way you can beat easily all teams
By: dangerous(904)
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Get more spin 42%
To get more spin you just need to get a good or a ba spinner like yuvvraj and on a dry pitch bowl ath the batsmens feet a leg breaker and stumps will be shattered around
By: dangerous(904)
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Get more runs 42%
Win with india 2 times in knock out cup on the 3 match write get runs you wiil directly get 400 runs
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Super wickets 41%
Take a off spinnner n pitch the ball out side the off stump(in middle of wide line and off stump)take bowlers who have good spin....this works in 3 ,2 ,4 stars
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To unlock teams 41%
To unlock teams first change the cricket option to extra teams and then select team like one day11 or test 11 beat tournament with them and you will open the ipl teams
By: dangerous(904)
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Getting easy runs 41%
To get easy runs pick ateam from these (Pakistan,Australia,South Africa)and selict the openibg pair like,if australia pick up gilchrist and hayden if pakistan pick up afridi and butt and if africa kallis and de villiers and on the third number ponting inzamam and smith select to bat first now at the first bowl leat your batsmen be bowled out and the when the captain comes in hit the bowl where ever you want becaus their side will start dropping catches and wont even take a simple catch and you can enjoy you game(being bowled or stumped does not count)..
By: dangerous(904)
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Hit 6 6's in an over 41%
Press shift+s+left arrow{for right handers} right arrow {for left}
do this in a fast bowler's over for the 6balls
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Bowling out a batsman 40%
When the mental meter of the batsmen is low,you can place the ball marker full and ahead the off stump & then deliver an out swinger by a fast bowler
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6 sixes 40%
Select australia team against zimba
put M.Haden on non strick
2nd over hit sixes with the help of shift+ sdf+right or left side
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Always go on scoring sixes (on spin balls too) 40%
First go to the right side of the batsman only if right hand batsman when the bowler releases the bowl from his hands press shift and d by pressing the batsmans left side arow
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Horrible Bowling 40%
In Test Match,
Take Any Fast/Medium Fast bowler and keep one or two slip then bowl full toss around off.The batsman try to defend but it takes edge use pace variation and bowl short of length deliveries when it doesn't work
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Contains as well as wickets! 38%
Have a wet pitch, and an overcast weather. Have three or four spinners in your team(including batsmen and all rounders, basically any one who is said to be able to spin)maintain speed at 0 and keep Open 1 fielding setup. Now keep bowling a ball which is usually easy for batsman (outside off good length) and he will keep hitting it towards the close fielders. Occasionally, he will strike it very hard and Bingo! it will fall right into the hands of (deep covers, I think which is there in open 1). And suddenly bowl a full toss at the stumps, and he will mostly be gone. Rarely, shoot a very fast ball in front of his pads swinging in and he will be gone.

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How to take more wickets in an over 37%
This is for out the left handed bat man

Give an over to Leg spinner,
When the leg spinner bowling the blue circle of ball cursor move to behind the wicket.

This is for out the right handed bat man

Give an over to Left arm chinman bowler,

When the bowler bowling the blue circle of ball cursor move to behind the wicket.

It must be wicket.

By: nilupulkawinda(31)
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Cheats 37%
Full stamina -full stamina to play
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Cheats for Cricket 07 PC 37%
ASIF Max stamina for bowlers
GUL Good deliveries for bowlers
HAIER No ball for umpire
INZAMAM Max stamina for batsmen
KARTHIK Unlocks fast fielding
MALIK Unlock Fly Mode
RAZZAQ Players run quickly
SAQLAIN Special move for bowlers
YUVRAJ Fast running between wickets
ZAHEER Unlocks fast bowling
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Halloween 37%
Big bat=longbat
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To get easy wicket 37%
It is applicable to all level I usually play at level 5 get a fast bowler bowl a out-swinger in front of his front foot and just bowl with full swing and full fast batsman tries to play straight and you will pickup wickets
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Get easy wicket in test match 37%
Take a fast bowler give a bounce ball in front of his leg and take defend 2 position
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Sixer off every ball!!!!! 36%
When you are batting, never worry about the type of the pitch, the bowler or even the team! just take your batsman, whether right handed or left handed, and move him so that he places his bat straight on the leg stump (possible only during the bowler's run-up). next, as soon as the bowler releases the ball, or is just going to release the ball, press 'd' and 'shift' and the direction to where you want the ball to go (standard configuration), all together. you will see that the batsman will hit a six off a ball, every time you follow this formula.

note: do not try to hit sixes off very wide balls and yorkers (unless you are a master in playing cricket 07)!

also note: do not try this formula in 5-star matches! works very effectively in 1-star matches!

if you follow all guidelines above, i guarantee you a six off every ball!

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Bastman 36%
You can get a big bat and you can smack the ball
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Best bowlin lines 36%
The best lines to bowl to a fast bowler is a short pitched slower dilevery(Alt) and with max power the batsmen will try to play a pull shot but his stumps will be shattered...

The best way to bowl by a spinner is on dry pitch first ged a good spinner like warne or afridi and bowl a leg spinner by pitching the bowl right at the batsmen foot the batsmen will either be bowled out or will give a catch to the keeper or a slip if it is in place...

The best way to bowl by a slow left arm is first get a godd slow left arm spinner and the bowll a dileverypitched at the good length and the batsmen will try to sweep but will give a catch to the keeper....
By: dangerous(904)
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Out the batsman by easy 36%
You put the circle on the batsman, if he was right batsman put the circle on the off side Yorker ball he was out by wicket keeper or by slips, if he was left batsman put the circle on the leg side Yorker ball he was out by wicket keeper or by slips
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How to auto play in cricket 2007 36%
If you play in odi test or an over match
go to the game and press esc and go to autoplay option fall of wicket fall of innings fall of over
and click on that option
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Dry out Runs and Pick Wickets 36%
This technique if for 5 Star game players. Bowling near the batsman's legs and bowling yorkers so that he either gets bowled or gives a catch to the fielder at short fine leg are techniques known to all. The real fun is to play with strategy, there is no thrill in the game when you can bowl an entire team out for 30 runs! I can do it Against Australia 10 times straight but where is the fun in that?
The REAL way to bowl in cricket 07 in the limited over fixtures is this.
- First dry out runs, place the fielding tight, do not place a fielder where the batsman does not hit the ball but place the fielders where they do hit it. Covers, point, short third man, mid off, mid on and a man at square leg. DO NOT place a fielder at short fine leg because it will make it very easy for you and will kill the purpose. Set the filed by Custom and not by the given template.
- After setting the field, bowl according to the field set. DO NOT bowl full at all and do not bowl too short. Bowl good length out swingers so that the ball gets fielded in the covers. Place one long on fielder too.
- When you notice that you have bowled more than half the overs, you will see that the batting side has not lost a wicket but they will also have not scored anything. You will find the batsman starting to take risk now. Take the pace of the ball but bowl with a fast or a medium bowler, not a spinner, place fielders on the boundary at straight, 2 at long off, and one on mid wicket. Batsmen will give you catches if you bowl fuller balls with slow speed, do not bowl full length near the leg or straight, bowl it outside the off stump.

STILL, this is not going to be easy, you miss your line and length slightly, and you will be smashed into the next week by the batsman, you try to hurry up while batting, you will get all out in 5 minutes. You have to play very very wisely and with a plan, use the above given tips and you will have a very tight match even if you are playing with USA against South Africa. It will be a thriller and will go down to the last over!
Try it sometime
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Easy Wickets 35%
Using a fast/fast-medium bowler bowl a little bit out of the crease. Bowl to their off stump (bat side) and use varying swing and cutter balls. If you get the right spot, the batsman will swing every time and generally miss or edge.
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Wic 35%
Umpire says always out
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Umpire goes mad 34%
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Cricket 07 Hints By:DESMAN 34%


1. Utilise the full range of your bowlers.

2. Vary the pace of the bowling.

3. Vary the spin of the bowling.

4. Medium-Fast and Fast bowlers are good on green pitches.

5. Vary the bowling side between over and around the wicket.

6. When bowling, frequently vary your field setup to defend against
your opposition's shots.

7. When bowling with Medium-Fast and Fast bowlers in a test match, it
is good to have three or four slip fielders to catch edges.

8. Patience is a virtue in a test match.

9. Slower bowlers (Spin bowlers) are more effective on dry, dusty, damp and wet

10. Overcast conditions are more condusive to swing movement through the air.


1. Keep an eye on the opponent's fielding positions to exploit the

2. Use practice nets to learn the shots and perfect your timing.

3. In the practice nets, learn every shot so that you can vary your
shot selection and direction in the game.

4. Remember, patience is a virtue in a test match.

5. Use the Six Hit button early on in One Day Games as the fielders
have restrictions placed on them during the first 30% of the game.

6. Missing the shot results in a drop in the batsman's confidence

7. Being hit by the ball results in a significant drop in the batsman's
confidence level.

8. When first batting, use the run assist function to help judge
running between the wickets.

9. Utilising the all new 'Analog Batting' system on a supported controller
is highly recommended for this title.
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The ball will go like a rocket 33%
Rocket ball
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Who is the best team in this game 32%
The fastest bowler in this game is B.Lee of Australia . He can take wickets fast . This team also has the bestest opening batsman like mathew hadden and gilchrist . So choose Australia and win matches easily
By: Sadman Sakib(36)
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Bat To Victory 30%
When you r batting,
place the batsman in front of stumps
if ball pitches there
try to hit straight only
timing is also an important factor
while playing type rdsfast
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Easy wicket taking 29%
To get easy wickets just bowl with a good fast bowlere like lee or macgrath and a yorker length delivery right at the block hole and stumps will be shattered around
By: dangerous(904)
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Easy 6 and Easy Wickets/No Runs 28%
The best way to hit a six in a match is when the bowler bowls the ball right at you feet. If he does that just press the six button and swing in the direction that you want the ball to go. Just remember that if you hit the ball to early the ball will travell strait up in the air and you will get cought.

Also if you are bowling and want easy wickets just bowl the ball a bit out of the batsmans bat. eg. Bowl more left if you are bowling at a left handed batsman.
If u get this correctly the batter will either have a big swing and miss it or the ball will just come off the side of the bat so you wicket keeper can catch it.

Dont bowl to wide or else it will be a no ball

Submitted by ME.R.N
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A and D 27%
To hit sixers
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(Hit a Six) From Harry Class VI Manav Mangal Smart School 26%
When a bowler is standing and is going to bowl then type Shift+s
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YUVI to hit six sixes but only against england
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Easy Wins 24%
To win easily all you have to do is be on both teams... say India vs Pakistan bat with the team you like the most then wen you are happy with your runs make your team go all out.

Then when you are bowling go onto the other team and pherpasly leave the ball and make it hit the stumps!
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For 6 23%
For hit 6
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SIXES?? 23%
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For cricket lovers ! 22%
If you guys wanna play it coolly then hit the ball when the ball falls in the circle made by the bowler in the pitch ! :D
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Charanjyot 22%
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Not out 19%
Not out
By: sanarana(18)
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Don bradman 18%
Go to cricket cricketer and set everything to 35 and set him as openingbatsmen then play 5 games with him opening or number 3 then go back and set im to 100 so he is really good.
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Don bradman 15%
The don bradman cheat works for ps2 to
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Gohain 15%
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