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Cricket 07 Cheats for PS2
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Cricket 07 PS2 Cheats

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Cricket 07

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

General Tips 79%
You can get batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery).

With a faster bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do.

Play straight and hit the 6 hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or you see your stump flying towards the keeper.
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Hitting sixes easily 69%
If you want to hit many sixes, go to new zealand's stadiums (aukland especially) as the boundaries are closer compared to any other stadiums.
By: cheatcoder123(57)
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Stop batsmen from making runs 67%
Take a spin bowler(anyone-leg spin,off spin or left arm)

now bowl a normal delivery by pressing X button which must be high full toss(for that you have to keep bowling cursor at its last)

now dont control the bowling step meter,let it be what it is

and thats it

i gurantees that batsmen wont even hit a bowl

and it might take wickets many times when a set batsman is playing

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L1 L1 R1 R2 X
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Hit Sixes 50%
To hit a six push the L1 button and the right analoge stick the way you want the ball to go.
And do the same to the left analoge stick at the same time. Do this when the bowler lets go of the ball.
If you are facing a spiner do the same thing but walk out you do this by pushing the R1 button and do it to bouncers aswell.
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A topspin ball 44%
Press start and take any spin bowler press R1,R2,L2,L1 ,X,S,C,T, he will take 6 wickets in an over. enjoy
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Top TIPS 41%
1. It's best to take Pakistan as a team.

2. It's best to give at least 5 overs to a spinner.

3. Also we should throw perfect bouncers per over once.

4. We should also throw some balls which will go directly above the batsmans head.

5. Do not show or tell how to do what to do how to do?
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Enter in the main menu 'sixsixsix' and each ball the batsman will hit six. 41%
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Boundary on back 39%
Play the hip glance in late timing you will get boundary on back 7times out of 10
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Various Cheat Codes 37%
Code Effect

AKHTER - Max speed for bowlers
ASIF - Max stamina for bowlers
GUL - Good deliveries for bowlers
HAIER - No ball for umpire
INZAMAM - Max stamina for batsmen
KARTHIK - Unlocks fast fielding
MALIK - Unlock Fly Mode
RAZZAQ - Players run quickly
SAQLAIN - Special move for bowlers
YUVRAJ - Fast running between wickets
ZAHEER - Unlocks fast bowling
By: gokuvegetta(147)
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Get batsmen out quickly 36%
Create a player and put all of there stats to 99. Then bowl and inswinger, pitching it in the rough closest to the batsmen and swing as much as it can go. You will at least have one wicket an over.
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The best batsman 33%
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You dont want 2 know 28%
Ok so all you have 2 do is change any domestic team(i chose South Aus) and put all the worst keepers in and play a 50 overmatch and just leave the wide ones on leg and off side and you should get over 100 extras or sundries wich ever you prefer to call it
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Super feilding 25%
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