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Eragon Cheats for PC
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Hidden Egg bonuses 95%
Collect the listed number of hidden Eggs found throughout the game to unlock the listed bonus:

1 Egg: Ad for the Eragon and Eldest books
2 Eggs: Edward John Speleers commentary
3 Eggs: Design commentary
4 Eggs: Art direction commentary
5 Eggs: Birth Of A Game commentary
6 Eggs: Concept art
7 Eggs: Orchestra commentary
8 Eggs: Saphira commentary
9 Eggs: Sienna Guillory commentary
10 Eggs: Character concept art
11 Eggs: Concept art
12 Eggs: Concept art
13 Eggs: Robert Carlyle commentary
14 Eggs: Sound Effects commentary
15 Eggs: Garrett Hedlund commentary
16 Eggs: Evolution Of Games commentary
17 Eggs: Concept art
18 Eggs: Throne Room bonus level
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How to Catch he Doves in Ra'zac Chase 50%
You have to fly into them,but there's a trick.If you fly Saphira's head into them,you WILL MISS.You have to fly ERAGON into them,NOT SAPHIRA'S HEAD!
And here's the kicker,IT ACTUALLY WORKS!
By: Pokemaniac700(259)
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