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Magical Starsign Cheats for NDS
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Magical Starsign NDS Cheats

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Magical Starsign

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

How to stop exploding gummy frogs 75%
Use the earth persons symbol and then all but exploding gummy frogs flip over pick up the ones on their back
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Losing Less Life 65%
Okay so well to lose less life in a fight with a robot all you have to do is click on yourself before the bullet hits you at just the right time
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Totem Bombs 61%
To kill the totem bombs, don't waste your MP. You don't have to waste time for them to totally self-destruct, either. Just make all your characters use their physical attacks (kick, tackle, etc.) to knock off all the segments of each pole.
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How to defeat theTotem Bombs? 26%
If you attack the Totem Bomb,he will get 1damage if you use Mokka or Lassi's attacks.

You have to let them use Self destruck on you until he booms all hiself than you will win
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Magical Starsign 708328How do I defeat Securitron 3 in Glissini Caves? He has level 70, at least and I'm at level 66. Please help meeee! Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 796567How do you beat the holy sapling Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 811452Okay, so i'm on the planet gren right? So, I already found the...uh fire dude, but he said he's going to go find the water girl by himself, no what? What do I do know? I keep getting myself lost. Please someone tell me! Do you go to the big tree? and if so, how? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 828078How do you defeat master chard in ice planet? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 828519On puffoon you have to fight this police he has a star on his back sorry I forgot his name anyway I CANT BEAT HIM HE KEEPS KILLING ME can someone tell me how to beat him REALLY REALLY easy! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP SOMEONE hELP me IS THERE A CHEAT THAN CAN JUST KILL HIM OR SOMETHING? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 343951How to get passed the dwarf who blocks the cave, after getting the fake beard? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 590421How to go to Razen the fire planet Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 741654How to get passed the dwarf who blocks the cave, after getting the fake beard? Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 750644How do I beat the Holy tree sapling. Ive tried a million times. What level is it, whos the best person 2 fight it, I NEED answers. Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 760272Where is the glissini cave? please help me! Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 782569Where can you find the eggs that hatch into little creatures? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 795993How do you defeat the gummy gaint with kale? Answers: 3
Magical Starsign 815487In magical starsign I got durum banned from the village and I went to sleep at the place where you and thr fee is 25 brim...Farina disdpeered and now Semolia is asleep how do I get passed the salamander? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 824803After I get the salamander dude where do I go?,what do I do?= Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 979038Where do I go after Sorbet jumps on the pirate ship? What do I do? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 305134How do you find Chard and the Pirates in Cassia The water Planet? Because if I go to the Cassia Town then turn left, Billy says that I cant go past here, and everywhere else seems to be blocked. Answers: 3
Magical Starsign 305677How do you defeat the cheif police? Answers: 4
Magical Starsign 316719What do I do for the Starfall Festival to start in paella, they town says it's going to start soon but they don't know when. I have the gift for the dwarf guy...but they keep telling me he went for a walk and he'll be back soon. Plzzz Help : ) Answers: 3
Magical Starsign 329549How do I show the dwarf the fake beard? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 509968What level is master kale and how do you beat him? Answers: 3
Magical Starsign 512688How do you show the dwarf on Razen that you have the beard? Answers: 1
Magical Starsign 514039I have find the fire gummy but I dont know what I sould do whid it PLz help! Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 555554How do you find the teacher after you see her on the fire plant? PLZ HELP! Answers: 2
Magical Starsign 586268Dude, how do you defeat Master Chard to first time you face him?DETAILS! Answers: 3
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