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Medal Of Honor: Heroes Cheats for PSP
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Medal Of Honor: Heroes PSP Cheats

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Medal Of Honor: Heroes

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Glitches 90%
Here is another glitch for medal of honor heroes
Just follow the vid and it will help very helpful.
Medal Of Honor: Heroes cheat video Cheat Video
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Belgium ranch glitch 90%
Description: Here is a glitch how to get out of belgium ranch and is quite easy for me here the vid
Medal Of Honor: Heroes cheat video Cheat Video
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Alternate Costumes/Outfits 84%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the listed costume:

Kriegsmarine Achieve the "Specialist" rank
Navy Crewman Achieve the "Corporal" rank
Navy Gunner Kill 50 enemies in Campaign mode
Secret Police Kill 150 enemies in Campaign mode
Special Forces Kill 100 enemies in Campaign mode
US Pilot Kill 75 enemies in Campaign mode
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Own Everyone Skirmish Mode 41%
If you want to own skirmish mode (i mean always win first), you must always reload your weapon every time you kill someone. Unless there are multiple enemies, you might want to keep shooting.
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Roof top glich 41%
In beglum ranch go to the big house with a fire place.Go up stairs and the windo to the left jump out of it (half way) and walk to the left or right. If you want to get out of the map go to the back and jump over the fence.You can also jump on top of the chimny.
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Special SS general to kill 40%
On the battle of the bulge when you have to capture the three flags go into a room and theres a secret passage with three germans guarding shoot them and go inside youll see a secret conference room and a German in an officers uniform carrying a lugar kill him and you've killed the SS General and you get a special rank, but im not tellimg you what it is!
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Go up fast 40%
There's a way not to walk slow in the stairs but this is easy you run in the stairs and press the select botton but if you run down stairs you'll get damage I don't have any thing that I know.
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God mode 32%
Go on belgum ranch and chose your favorect player and reemember him go to the hous with the fire place take your grinade out and then go playeroptions and random chose then press resum and get on your knees and when your life ponts go to a sligde of red take your pin of your grinade.U shode die from the fire and the grinade and see your person that you random chose gust stannding there then you quit and then find that game and go on it and chose the sam player that died nere the fire and you shoded be on god mode
By: R3ns12(17)
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How to freeze ur self in thin air (online) 29%
First you need to find a really high place then I jump of it ,before you hit the ground press start and admin and there you go Ur stuck in thin air
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Flying tiger 28%
In multiplayer mode, on the bridge mission at dusk, you will fight a charecter with glasses and bags and dresses like a pilot,take away the glasses and he is the Flying Tiger from "In search of yamashitas gold" from "Medal of honor:Rising Sun"
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Never die 27%
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Medel of honor new finding 27%
When I was on my brothers game medal of honor I found something very useful that wasn't meant 2 be there.
climb onto the stacks then go on to the wall the jump onto the house now you xcan see all the enemies and they can't get you because this is not meant to be in the game!

please can some one help me on a game called up!
By: Gamemaster22(17)
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Free Guns 25%
Up , Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, X, O
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How 2 disconnect a game in MOHH1! 25%
First you get voted and vote yes, then you quit the game and refresh the lobby 2 times and if the vote was succsessfull you will be able 2 create a game or what ever
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NaN hp 21%
Press up up down down up up down down up up down left
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Medal Of Honor: Heroes 299513How do I use the health packs which is near the health bar? Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 455604How do I get through the tunnel faster without getting killed everytime Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 741692How do you go up the windmill? Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 362371Where is the last objective on out of the trenches &how do you get there? Answers: 3
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 401737How do you get into the windmill on first mission in belgium Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 472556Can you tell me what the 0/100 is for in the level where I have to hold the village till reinforcements come what do in need to do Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 487044Are there any glithes in any of the maps, or any goos tips on maps? Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 721852How to get 100 accuracy Answers: 3
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 262611Hi I am stuck how can I bypass to next level. is there levels I can download? Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 369841How do you beat the level out from the trenches? Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 485504On the psp which button do you press when it says press USE? Answers: 6
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 488227How do you beat the bridge mission? Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 572996Hey I have played moh for 2 yrs lost it bought a new one.Does any one have any tip on how to get a higher rank I am 80% on 1st LIEUTENTANT and I have got gold on Level 1 (Air field), Level 2 (Mnt Village Day),Level 4 (Mnt Village Night), and (Netherlands Streets).Can anyone giv me some easy levels to get gold on I am only 11yrs old so I mean EASY. Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 582104How do you sprint on medal of honor and da use button is da top arrow button Answers: 2
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 721282How do you get your rank up online I try plzz helo :C Answers: 4
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 723717Where are the 3 flags on mission station raid? Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 724065How to escape from the airfield Answers: 4
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 773074When it comes up use which button do you press Answers: 0
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 775580How to do the flash on medal of honor heroes 2 Answers: 0
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 787521When it ask in first mission to press the use botton were is it Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 800621Could you tell me one of your best cheats Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 825988For medal of honor 1 and 2 do you need internet connection for multiplayer mode? Answers: 1
Medal Of Honor: Heroes 845102Is there heath cheats Answers: 0
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