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Wii Sports Cheats for WII
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Wii Sports WII Cheats

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Wii Sports Cheats

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Wii Sports

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

91 pin stage in Training mode in Bowling 89%
At the 91 pin stage in Training mode, press A, then press the D-pad Right 2 times. Press A again and move all the way to the right until you reach the barrier. Swing the ball up onto the barrier. Make sure it does not fall off . If the ball goes off the barrier it will not work. If done correctly, you will hear a sound of a rock that is falling. All the pins will fall down. *** This may require a few attempts.
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Silver gloves in Boxing 88%
Defeat Matt, the Grand Champion, in a boxing match to unlock the silver gloves. To use them, hold 1 when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.
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Super Serve in Tennis 87%
How to: Right when the ball is at its highest point when you are serving, quickly flick your wrist. You will see white smoke from the ball and it will be difficult to hit.
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Pitch underhand in Baseball 87%
How to: While pitching, press 2 before throwing. To return to a normal delivery, press 1.
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Enter the crowd in Tennis 86%
When your opponent hits the ball on either side that will be an out, flick your wrist. Your Mii will jump for it and end up where the fans are.
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Picking up spares gold medal in Training mode in Bowling 86%
How to: Knock down the pins with a single throw. Twist your wrist to curve the ball. If you knock down all the pins on seventeen lanes you will earn a gold medal.
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Powerful serve for tennis 85%
When the ball goes to the highest point shoot the ballit will be powerful !
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Character Hits ball automatically in Tennis 85%
Instead of throwing the ball in the normal way by A or jiggling the Wii-mote, flip the Wii-mote in the air and catch it. This requires some practice. Your character will hit the ball all by his or herself. This does not always happen, but with practice you can do this every time you hit the ball.
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Alternate ball color in Bowling 85%
How to: When beginning a game of Bowling, hold the D-pad in one of the following directions to change the color of your bowling ball. Press Up for blue (default color), Left for pink/red, Down for green, or Right for gold.
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Training Power Throws in Bowling 85%
How to: When on the "final lane" of Power Throws, move all the way to the right (or left, depending on which hand you use). Turn toward the wall 2 to 4 notches then release the ball on top of the wall. If done correctly, the bowling ball will travel down the top of the wall past the pins, and all 92 pins will fall down at once.
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Perfect shot on Beginner course hole 3 in Golf 84%
How to: At the 3rd hole on the Beginner course, look on the map and you will notice a small island that is far off on the left side of the fairway. Hit the ball there and you will have a perfect shot at the green.
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Alternate court color in Tennis 84%
How to: When beginning a game of Tennis (or immediately after choosing "Start Over" on the "Position Select" screen), hold 2 and the tennis court will become blue.
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Picking up spares platinum medal in Training mode in Bowling 84%
How to: Knock down the pins with a single throw. Twist your wrist to curve the ball. If you knock down all the pins on all twenty lanes you will earn a platinum medal.
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Extra pins in Bowling 83%
Description: When aiming for the pins in the 1st aiming thing, move all the way to the far right or left. Now, depending on which direction you aimed the 1st one, aim the 2nd one as far as you can go in the same direction and your target will be in another lane.
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Wii Sports Bowling Ball Color Change 83%
Description: You can select your bowling ball color before you bowl by using the directional pad. When you reach the screen warning, 'Make sure nothing is around you', hit the A button and hold the D-pad (until the alley UI appears) to choose your color:

UP = blue
LEFT = red
DOWN = green
RIGHT = yellow
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Reading the green in Golf 83%
How to: While on the green, press 1. You can see a detailed view of the green from where the level of the green changes.
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Hitting easier homeruns 82%
All you got to do is get the wii control and put it vertical and when the pitcher is going to throw just swing at it really hard and you get it
*** This might take a couple of times and the pitch has to be down the middle or close to it
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Easy strikes in Bowling 82%
While holding the Wii-mote up and behind (as if you are getting ready to release the ball), hold B for about 3 seconds. Release the ball when it reaches slightly past your leg and your Mii character is at the line. He or she will probably take about 3 steps. You should usually knock down most or all of the pins.

Go to the 3rd dot to your right (or left depending on which way you bowl). Throw it hard to get a strike most of the time.

Line up your character so they are pointing at the space between the #1 and #2 pins (press D-pad Up). While swinging through, do not release B. Instead, hold it through the top of your swing then pull it back again and swing through again. Do this as fast as possible. Upon completion of your 2nd swing, make sure to release the ball with little to no spin. You should get a strike most of the time.
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Easier homerun 81%
Just put the control vertical and swing it down as hard as you can and you will get a homerun
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Striking out your enemy 81%
If your still a rookie not a pro then do this just press left (if the batter is righty)and throw a curve ball all the time then press right (if the batter is lefty) and throw a curve ball again you may walk them a couple a times but you will strike them out
THIS IS IF YOUR A PRO: when you pitching just do the same thing what a wrote above but instead of a curve ball throw a fast ball WARNING ONLY THROW A FAST BALL AND IF YOU TRHOW SOMETHING ELES THEY WILL HIT IT if you dont get a strikout mostly then it is a ground out . they will do hits but not that much if you pratcies this alot
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Alternate ball design in Bowling 81%
How to unlock: Achieve the Pro level to unlock a bowling ball with diamond designs.
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Hard fastball in Baseball 81%
How to: Flick your wrist while pitching as if you were throwing a curve ball and you will throw a hard fastball.
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Scare spectators in Bowling 81%
How to: When beginning your throw, release the ball while you are on the back swing to toss the ball backwards and scare the spectators.
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Homerun training session gold medal in Baseball 81%
To get a gold medal, hit a homerun with all 10 balls pitched to you.
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Perfect throw in Baseball 80%
How to: Flick your wrist while pitching to get a perfect throw.
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No maps or meters on screen in Golf 80%
How to: When making a choice at the course selection screen, hold 2. The power meter, map, and wind speed indicator will no longer appear.
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Secret area in golf 80%
On hole 3 there is a secret area to the left but dont hit it to hard
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Pitching combos in Baseball 78%
How to: While pitching, hold A for a screw ball, hold B for a curve ball, or hold A + B for a splitter.
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Blue tennis court 75%
You go into tennis and when the screen goes blank, hit the number 2 and it will be a blue tennis court
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Why do you get balls? 75%
If you pitch to the left, the right or pitch a splitter, if your opponent doesn't swing, you get a Ball. If you get four Balls, the batter will go on first base.

This works both ways - if your opponent pitches to the left, right or does a splitter, DON'T SWING!
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Some Cheats To Make The Game More Fun !!!!!!! 74%

Ball Color:
Regular Ball:


Pro Ball:


Training: Power Throws:

When on 78 or 91 Pins:

With some curve, ride the rail and try to fall off and hit the yellow button. It will cause an ...


With minimum curve, ride the rail and without falling off, hit the yellow button. It will cause an...


Press and hold 2 while the screen turns BLACK after choosing your character. The tennis court will be BLUE. To do this after you hit Play Again, hold 2 right when you hit Play Again.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Easy Fast Serve's 73%
First flick your wrist up,then when it is at it's highest point hold A and flick your wrist down.
By: Bimpy(22)
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Curving your ball (bowling) 73%
If you can never get that last pin in bowling here's a tip if you are right handed it curves to the left, if you're left handed it curves to the right so for example if you need to get pin no. 5 if you're right handed move your aim to the right, if you're left handed move your aim to the left.
By: dillonmunks(14)
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Re: boxing or tennis 73%
Pro Tennis or Boxing
Get to pro status (1000 points) in Tennis or Boxing, and you'll get a bigger audience with all the Mii's you've created in it!

Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves
Beat the Champion, Matt, and press and hold 1 when the screen is black before a match to use the Silver Boxing Gloves.

You can change the tennis court to a blue practice court by holding "2" at the warning screen after you select characters.
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Easy boxing 72%
To get easy and hard punches hold up your guard and sway side to side this will dodge the opponents punches causing you to have a slow motion blur as soon as it blurrs you swing a punch . this punch will hit and be very powerful.
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Amuse Crowd in Bowling 72%
Amuse Crowd in Bowling

To make the crowd laugh in bowling, move to either of the gutters in your lane, turn into opposite lane, and bowl so the ball goes over the barrier between the lanes. The ball will go into the gutter in the opposite lane and the crowd will laugh.

Good Luck And Have Fun
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Back flip in boxing 71%
Hit someone really hard in boxing in the face and they do a backflip.
Their head kinda hits the ground, but for a full flip, punch them in the gut by thrusting the remote or nunchuck upwards. I havent done the second way yet, but some guy did it to me.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Get the 182 point strike !!! 71%
On wii sports on the training section go to the power throws game and on the last throw with 91 pins you must do the following for an easy strike:

Press the A button so that when you try to move side to side you actually tilt

Tilt your ball 2 TIMES to the right

Then press the A button again and move your mii down to the far right end of the alley

If you do this throw correctly the ball should travel all the way down the right hand barrier and cause an earthquake that gets you a strike !

If you want to see it in action go to youtube with the following link and check it out

By: Saltpot(1120)
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Change the color of your bowling balls 71%
In bowling, when the screen is loading, hold in the up, down, left or right arrow on the D-pad. depening on which button you pressed, your ball changes color!
By: Mii2(132)
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Boxing 70%
When you get knocked down shake the controllas fast and you should get up on the count 6
By: Shakster(342)
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Easy Home Runs or out of the park. 69%
All you have to do is hold the left button and swing normally and 99.99 percent of the time you will get a home run or out of the park. unless it is a foul ball.
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Bowling:Look in crowd 68%
To see the crowd in bowling, start throwing the ball. Once the ball is behind the mii, let go of the b button. then you will hear the crowd cheer, and see the crowd jump and spin thier heads all the way around. (lol.)
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How To Do The 78 Pin Strike In Wii Sports 67%
Go all the way to the left,go to the right 3 times,left 3 times,aim for the barrier in the next area(the end of it) then move the arrow 3 times to left,move your self 1 time to left and boom it will hit the wall and 77 will fall then the 78's will fall by its self hope I helped
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Strike for 91 pins 67%
Go to practice then power throws. when you come to 91 pins come to the blue sport some how you put it on it throw the ball. make sure its on the middle or it will not be a strike
By: sonic192(3)
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Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves 65%
When you have defeated the Grand Champion (Matt) in a boxing match you'll be able to unlock the silver boxing gloves by holding '1' when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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How to pass Wii Fitness tests 65%
Bowling: If your'e a good bowler, go with your gut, because there's a good chance your gut is right. If you're having trouble with the one that you have to get spares, I used to until I found out this. If you have a really big trouble with curving (when it's not suppost to), then loft the ball really high and it won't curve as much.

Boxing: In boxing, it looks a lot harder than it is. I have a really high score now. Want to know how? I just don't work too hard and really punch hard, or else I won't do so good at the end. If you need a break, just push the home butting in the middle of a match to get a drink or take a bath or whatever.

Baseball: Baseball is pretty much the same as baseball. All you do is not work too hard and you'll probably do well.

Golf: In golf, there is a lot of ways to help win. Just swing and watch. But if the wind is blowing, then look which way it's blowing and then aim the other way!

Tennis: I have a cheat called the Flippatron 3000. All you need to do is swing your wrist rapidly without looking at what you're doing, and you can hit the ball pretty much every time. It's a great trick to do with young ones. If they don't know when to swing, then use the Flippatron 3000!

I hope this helps!
By: coolness1800(493)
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Better hits in baseball 65%
Swing the wiimote like you are golfing and if done correctly  you can hit a double a triple or even a HOME RUN!
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More powerful punches in boxing 64%
Press a , b , c , and z for more powerful punches
trust me , it's a KO every time
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The secret Triple 63%
If you look at the outfield fence you will see that there is a red bar that says 'Hit it here'. If you do hit it there you will actually get a triple.
By: patty701(216)
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WII Golf 63%
WII Golf

On hole seven the green can be reached in one shot by aiming directly at the green and hitting the ball through the trees. This works better at lower wind speeds.
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Getting a fastball in tennis 63%
When you are about to serve the ball hold A button down and swing your arm as hard as possible ( but this does'nt always work + you need to practice and practice over and over again).
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Fast serve on tennis 63%
As you trow the ball up in the air by pressing A then as the ball is at its highest point swing wii remote and then the raquet will hit the ball and if your skill level is low and so is your oppents then they are most likely to miss it or hit it out.(it doesn't work all of the time)
By: awsomefella(155)
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How to get a curveball in baseball 63%
You hold B and pitch normally let go of B when let go of the ball
By: UNIT626(100)
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Pro 62%
To get pro fast on tennis choice single match and just win your serve and skill level will go up
By: galin(286)
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Pitching a Fastball 62%
To throw a Fastball hold the 2 button and flick your wrists. The harder you flick the faster it goes making it harder for your opponent to to hit the ball anf get a homerun.
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Warning 62%
If you think in tennis you can get eay points by put yourself on 2 teams your wrong if you win you get 000 points just to warn you
By: dragoge(1158)
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Big bang 61%
In traning mode pick power shooting then play play it. when you reach 91pins [Last ball] push the A botton then click 2 times on the d-pad then go almost all the way to the wall on the left then LOB! it in the air make sure you roll it strait on the wall you\\\'ll hear a nosie that makes all the pins fall.
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In BASEBALL, when hitting, press and hold A-B,for a super slam!
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Never Lose Skill Points 61%
This is a little gem of a trick which will prevent you from losing your Skill level in a game of Tennis, Boxing or Baseball you've just lost. What you have to do is just as you lose the game press the 'Home' button before the 'You Lose' display appears on the screen and then exit the Wii menu. If your timing was correct your Skill level in that sport will not have decreased when you reenter it.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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No hud in golf 61%
Hold 2 as you select a course to disable the power meter,map and wind speed meter.Please use this code only if pro
By: bambam1234(93)
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Chip in hole on golf on training 60%
On hole four when your in the sand pit you go to your driver and you swing as hard as you can and it will hit the flag and go in but it doesn't always work
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Do good at bowling 60%
Tap these buttons in order

2,1,left arrow,4 too the right,a button then throw
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Easy Strike 58%
To get a strike you need to aim the ball between pin
no.1 and 3
By: Shakster(342)
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How to win without doing it 57%
Play tennis and press a and b 12 times in a row
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How To Do The 78 Pin Strike In Wii Sports 57%
Go all the way to the left,go to the right 3 times,left 3 times,aim for the barrier in the next area(the end of it) then move the arrow 3 times to left,move your self 1 time to left and boom it will hit the wall and 77 will fall then the 78's will fall by its self hope I helped
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Easy strike 56%
When you play base ball click up bown left right a couple of times and you feel it vibrate then hold A, B and throght the ball goes the way you clicked the arrows

(clicking up is mostly a stick the others might be a ball)
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Getting Gold in Bowling 56%
To get a gold metal on the second game under the bowling in training, get 600 pins.
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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Automaic 91-pin strike 55%
In training, go to the second bowling and at the last level, go all the way right and hold up the ball. Drop the ball and you will get a strike!
By: Mii2(132)
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Pro 52%
Get too about 325 in tennis,and you will face pros
By: rjn(96)
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Your team 52%
In tennis, press A on your opponent's guy. you will turn him into you! you also get to control them!
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Resin your rivals in base ball 52%
To make your rivals resin press a while your pitch is going you get a home run and you get 5 and your rivals get -10
By: thricecream100(28)
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Tennis 50%
When someone hits the ball and its heading for a corner and its going to be second bounce when you try 2 get it flick your wrist then your mii will jump over and get it
By: foxyroxy(33)
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Get homeruns all the time 50%
Swing the bat make sure you hit the ball make someone catch and then shake the wii remote very fast
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Geting a strike in bowling 50%
To get a strike push the forword button and it will bring you close up. then, go to the 3 arrow on the left or right then you just bowl.
By: Gamer71(110)
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Easy Spares 50%
This is my way of getting strikes every time in bowling. So throw the ball up. While throwing twist your hand in towards your body. Release the ball when the A and + buttons on your Wii controler. This spins the the ball and if done right hits the ball between the first 2 pins. Or just try to hit the side of the first pin so that it hits the in on the side.
By: Theguy(97)
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No hud(golf) 50%
Hold 2 as you select a court to disable the power meter,map,and wind speed
By: ncaafan67(79)
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How To Get A Perfect Strike In Bowling 50%
Press up to zoom in.make the arrow in the edge of the 3rd arrow,hold the wii remote in90 degrees then hit 1,2 let go it will work :)
By: daniej(560)
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Always win a boxing match 50%
When you are versing the wii knockout the player.After you do that press the a button continuosly when the k.o timer is running.
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Easy points in tennis 50%
To make a lot of points in tennis put 2 of you on the same team then play a best of 5 game and win but only let the opponents score a total of 5 times and you should make 100 to 230 points
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EZ bowling! 49%
On bowling, you might see the ball curving, to prevent that, twist your wii controller to curve the other way.
By: Anemone(159)
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Homerun easy cheat 47%
Swing very soft and a little late
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O.K first of all don't move the position of the red bar,Then GO TO THE RIGHT Till you get to the FIRST BAR. AFTER that MAKE SURE the red bar is ALMOST EXACTLY in the middle of the BAR...THROW IT HARD when your hand get up CURVE your wrist to the RIGHT and there you go one SHOT one STRIKE.....USE IT WHENEVER YOU WANT...............
By: jamee(390)
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Hint 47%
Go to mane menu and press on it a and 1
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Read this it will help you in Wii sports 47%
1. When starting a game of tennis hold down the 2 button and the court will turn blue
2. when playing boxing keep your head tilted, it's harder for them to punch you and you can punch the easyer
3. Tiered of having a plan ball in bowling, get a 1,000 mark or higher you get a star ball
4. if you press A and B at the same time on your WII remote in base ball you'll give them spliter
5. If the person throwing the ball gives you a spliter, don't swing it'll be a ball 3 balls and you get a singel
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BaseBall Error 46%
I think this works. But when you are hitting in Baseball hold A+B down. Now after the hit keep holding it down. Right before someone catches the ball release the two buttons. This doesn't always work, but I've done it before and it is awesome!
By: Theguy(97)
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Tennis 46%
To do a power shot you must hold the a button and snap your wrist
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Easy strikes in bowling 45%
First you hold the wii remote then you pull it back slightly then go back to where you were before then keep it at this postition untill the mii character is at the line then you do what you usually do in bowling but try get it high good luck players ash9
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Easy strike (with spin) in bowling 45%
To spin and strike all you need to do is move far right or left if you are left or right handed then ROLL the ball like real bowling and it will swearv to the middle side for a strike

you will need kinda good acuracy

plz leave a comment

hamzah tariq
By: hamzah(351)
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How to Become a Pro at Every Sport! 44%
Play a game of tennis Best of 5 and win. Now go on to Baseball win by a Mercy Rule (5-0) Next do bowling 2 player. Have player 1 play good and win. Have player 2's ball go into the other lane. Now play Expert on golf and get a good score. From 5 to 0 is good. Lastly go on boxing and win a game. Now do any game once (Do it the same way as you did above) and win you will be a pro at everything!
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Funny glitch 44%
Okaythis is a glitch that I found out when I got bored. when you are doing practice bowling on the one when you need to get as many strikes as you can position the aimer at the barrier and throw the ball just right the ball should land on the barrier and might roll all the way down on the barrier to the end of lane.
By: super cheater(246)
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Bowling 44%
If you Press B it wont curve! Hope it works!
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Get a gold medal in tennis target on training 43%
To get a gold medal you must hit 20 targets
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How to make the ball fling back on bowling 42%
When playing bowling,Hold down B,like you are going to bowl,but when your hand is at the back,let go of B, and the ball will go flie back, and the people will jump up and spin.I hope this helps!

P.S.Please,NO editing
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A Special Code 41%
A,B= Buttons
1,2= Buttons 2

This Code is a 89.72% chance of giving you a strike in the throw you're throwing. Use this code once every throw. If you mess up your throw or the code, enter the 2nd code.

Code 1:

UP, -, -, +, +, A, B, A, B,(
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Easy home run 40%
Put your Wii remote over your shoulder and swing hard
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Easy home runs 40%
When you go to swing the bat swing down if don right you will get a home run
By: zekrom(1747)
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Unlock golden gloves for boxing ! 39%
Beat matt to unlock it !
By: atat96(640)
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