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Wildlife Zoo Cheats for PC
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Wildlife Zoo PC Cheats

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Wildlife Zoo

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Free strange animals 75%
If an animal dies a minute or two later a vulture will appear to eat the meat. I often put it in his own pen. And if you put out no garbage bins your visitors will throw there trash on the ground, and then rats will come. And on the Marine game pack if you buy seafood a minute or two later a school of free fish will appear! thanks for reading. I hope you try it out.
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Buying Prehistoric Animals. 45%
Click the "Research" button in the Gene Lab menu. The, click the "Build Animal" button on your main toolbar. Where the normal animals normally appear, prehistoric animals will pop up. They cost a lot of money. For example, the Basilos will cost $10 million.
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Money making 43%
Ok This will work for any Staff building but the Gene lab is the the best for the job ok what you do is you buy a building then you undo buying it then you redo buying it and continue doing that and it gives you money. Ps: the gene lab gives you $500,000 each time.
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Getting mor money 24%
If you want 2 get more money click on chang ticket then click on write button every time you click you get more points
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Wildlife Zoo 449649What animals can be albino I know the crocodiles,camels,and horses anything else? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 414177How do you get people to come to your zoo? Answers: 3
Wildlife Zoo 524732I made an underwater tunnel but my people keep going out the bottom and swimming with my sharks and giant squid. How do I use the tunnel properly so this no longer happens? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 911799How do you get the animals to be albino? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 309263My animal keeps asking me for a fellow...whats that? Answers: 3
Wildlife Zoo 319715How do I train animals? Answers: 2
Wildlife Zoo 321503How do you get visitors in your park in the level where your dad has been arrested? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 553170I am stuck on the mission where you have flamingos, elephants, lions, ostriches & giraffes. The "staff" section can't be accessed. There's no water tower. You have to plant tree's & bushes for the food. I can't get past it. I see the water a little away from the animals pens. You also can't build fences. I tried moving the animals all down to the water. But, then they all feel threatened? Help? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 580197How do you play this game? I need help on it Answers: 0
Wildlife Zoo 597614My animal keeper will not feed my whales. He turns his back to them and stares at his house. Sometimes he goes into the water and swims. My whales are starving. Help Answers: 3
Wildlife Zoo 895817I finished allt he scenerios. now what? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 302295For some reason the pier food for water animals isn't working. How do I get my animals to eat? Answers: 3
Wildlife Zoo 375037Where's the bred, smilodon that has escaped out of the hole in the fence in the mission where they bred a primitive animal? I can't find him. Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 378302How do you get white Tigers? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 406028I am on the 3rd to last mission, how are you supposed to make money, while researching the prehistoric animals, Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 434228What is the training facility they talk about in capturing Gustav mission? I can't beat the scenario because it tells me I need this? I can't find. Any suggestions? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 506231Wheres the gene lab? Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 517986Heyy everyone so how do I train sea animals?! I know someone asked how do you train animals and I figured that out... but I cant train my sea animals! its driving me CRAZYYYY :( thanks for your help :D Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 519375How do I make a pool Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 544562How do I make a a exhibit for underwater animals Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 628462How do you feed underwater animals? Answers: 2
Wildlife Zoo 686733How do you get free wildlife points Answers: 0
Wildlife Zoo 730506Everytime I try and download wildlife zoo, it starts, then halfways through is says I dont have the right video card..but I just got this computer. and it says it on every single computer Answers: 1
Wildlife Zoo 747831How do you get water for the animals? my sister and I were playing and we had absolutely no idea what to do.. Answers: 3
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