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NFL Street 3 Cheats for PS2
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NFL Street 3 PS2 Cheats

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NFL Street 3

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Aerial Moves 96%
How to: Jump onto the wall and hold D-pad Up as you are doing a wall move. While doing your wall run, press X and jump out into the air. Immediately press the Right Analog-stick in any direction to make your player do an aerial move . This will give you more yards.
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NFL Legends 94%
How to unlock: Defeat the Trio.
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All-Star teams 94%
Description: If you want to unlock the listed AFC or NFC All-Star team you need to defeat the listed set of teams in Respect The Street mode:
AFC East Patriots, Jets, Bills, and Dolphins
AFC North Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, and Browns
AFC South Colts, Jaguars, Titans, and Texans
AFC West Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders
NFC East Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins
NFC North Bears, Vikings, Packers, and Lions
NFC South Saints, Panthers, Falcons, and Buccaneers
NFC West Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals
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AFC East 94%
How to unlock: Beat Patriots, Jets, Bills, and Dolphins.
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Unlock NFL Players 93%
When you get to the point that you can select what game you play & how long it is or how many points you can spot the other team in the Respect the Street Challenge, choose the playbook elimination for 28 plays & spot the computer 100 points. If you are able to win under these circumstances, you will earn anywhere from 95-120 respect points. This will allow you to unlock more NFL players rapidly. Keep in mind that this is a real challenge, however.
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NFL Legends team 92%
If you want to unlock the NFL Legends team just finish Respect The Street mode.
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Areil 36%
Jump into the air and click the right D pad analog
By: Jaylon(6)
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NFL Street 3 800208Can you go over drills 2 times and get Dev points? Answers: 1
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NFL Street 3 14736How Can you get your players attributes up in respect mode? Answers: 6
NFL Street 3 29128In NFL street 2 there was a way to get virtually unlimited attribute points, does anyone know if there is a way to get more attribute points than what is given for the drills? Are there any glitches that will allow you to keep getting attribute points in the same drills? Answers: 0
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