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Sonic Rivals Cheats for PSP
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Sonic Rivals PSP Cheats

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE
Sonic Rivals Cheats

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Sonic Rivals

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Skins 89%
Complete the listed task to unlock the listed character skin:
Knuckles: Complete Story mode with Knuckles.
Metal Sonic: Complete Story mode with Metal Sonic.
Shadow: Complete Story mode with Shadow.
Silver: Complete Story mode with Silver.
Sonic: Complete Story mode with Sonic.
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Sonic's Leather costume/outfit 86%
To unlock get the Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 cards. To unlock the gloves, get the Cream The Rabbit, Cheese, and Cream and Cheese cards. To unlock the shoes, get the Sonic and Amy, Amy Rose 2004, and Amy Rose 2005 cards.
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Metal Sonic Unlock 86%
Win the game with Sonic, Knuckles, Silver, and Shadow to unlock Metal Sonic.
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Metal Sonic 59%
There are two ways to unlock Metal Sonic.

The Harder way is to beat Story Mode with all default characters.

The easier way is to get Neo Metal Sonic, Metal Overlord, and Metal Madness. Neo Metal Sonic and Metal Madness are unlocked by completing Story Mode with Sonic. Metal Overlord is unlocked by Shadow near the 4th zone.
By: Metallic(175)
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Power up info 59%
Ice: freezes enemy for a short while
fire: can create a shield over you or could be thrown at rival]
electricity: may leave rings for your foes to touch and be electrocuted or can send a jolt of electricity from the sky to your rival
magnets: help collect rings
super power up: sonic it's super speed, knuckles its stunning his rival, shadow it's slow down his rival, and silvers is to mess with your rivals controls
hypnotise: messes your rivals screen so they can not see
to activate any of  these hit the triangle button
By: atlantis(367)
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Boosts 58%
For those of you doing challenge mode and are frustrated with the boosts you should listen up. boost can be activated when you jump over those logs on the ground and a little thing pops up and says to click X or O it will count as a boost. as well as when you are in those rings that float in the sky.
By: atlantis(367)
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Skins 54%
You can unlock skins by finishing all of the story modes on single player. and people who say you have to play metal sonic to unlock the metal sonic skin are  absolutely wrong because you can't play metal sonic in story mode only in cup challenges or challenge mode. you get the metal sonic skin when you finish all the story modes it single player mode.
By: atlantis(367)
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Secret forms 53%
Tikal - get all of Knuckles clothes, beat all of the colleseum highway zone challenges, and complete Knuckles story line.

Metal Sonic (2nd form) - Complete Metal Sonic's storyline, and get the Metal Madness, Metal Overlord, and Neo Metal Sonic cards.

Super Shadow - Unlock all of Shadow's suits, complete his storyline, and beat all of the challenges as Shadow.

Super Silver - Unlock all of Silver's suits, complete his storyline, and beat all of the challenges as Silver.

Super Sonic - Unlock all of Sonic's suits, complete his storyline, and beat all of the challenges as Sonic.

Note: you have to have all of the Chaos Emeralds
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How to unlock metal sonic 53%
Win the game with sonic silver knuckles and shadow to unlock metal sonic
By: lucasdw(67)
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Clothing 47%
If you collect certain card then you can get clothes but if you collect the three types of master emerald card you get super sonic in story mode
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Trophy races 45%
Beat every challenge in hard medium and easy then you can do a trophy race for each zone.
By: cheatperson(269)
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Unlock secret character 41%
Beat story mode with all the characters to unlock metal sonic.

by:Barrett LaRoda
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How to finish a race before 2:15 with sonic v.s metal sonic 33%
First pick sonic or metal sonic and if your sonic pick metal sonic as a rival but if you are metal sonic pick sonic as a rival then just keep running and do not let anybody get in your way and if have your the star power up use it every time when ever you get it.
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